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Women offered £500 for their eggs to create 3-parent babies

UK to become first country to allow GM babies

In a world of hurt, ADF International is working to protect life

Peer warns GM babies could pass on disease to their kids

UK becomes first country in world to approve creation of ‘three parent babies’

Freeze your eggs, freeze your career?

    ERLC: Instead of being bound by their (God-designed) biological clock, women can delay having children until their 40s without the worry of having to produce healthy eggs. The basic idea is that you freeze your strong eggs when you’re in your 20s, and then use them when you’re in your 40s. The article went on to state, “If a 25-year-old banks her eggs and, at 35, is up for a [career] promotion, she can go for it wholeheartedly without worrying about missing out on having a baby.”

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Three-parent embryos: Harming women to save lives

Bioethics expert: GM babies are a ‘monstrous mistake’

Infertility treatment with stem cells is unlikely

‘UK breaching EU law over GM babies legislation’

ADF to European Parliament: UK “three-parent embryo” legislation illegal

ADF to European Parliament: UK ‘three-parent embryo’ legislation illegal

Embryos with three parents? The risks are yet to come, critics warn

UK Parliament okays ‘three-parent babies.’ Is US next?

Three-parent babies: an ethical boundary is being crossed

MPs vote in favour of ‘three-person embryo’ law

UK House of Commons OKs making babies from DNA of 3 people

MPs back GM babies despite safety and ethical concerns

Three-parent baby technique no more sinister than blood transfusion, says Robert Winston

Thousands ‘need three-person babies’

’3-parent baby’ law moves forward in Britain

Churches oppose three-person baby plan

What we don’t know just might kill you

Leading scientists call on MPs to support ‘three parent babies’ legislation

‘Prepare for designer babies’ – leading scientists warn the UK

New DNA editing technique makes designer babies a possibility

GM babies rules ‘legally flawed’, warns senior lawyer

Couple refuses to destroy embryos and places them up for adoption; helps give children to two families

Genetic engineering: Three-parent embryo technique is more like cloning

Don’t make human three-parent children

GM babies raise serious safety concerns, US expert warns

Sperm bank children are ‘social experimentation’

Pope Francis’ first visit to US to include discussion on homosexuality, infertility, celibacy at World Meeting of Families

Children’s rights, or rights to children?

Scientists tell British government: Don’t allow three-parent embryos

Obama OKs IVF industry to sell US citizenship

Health minister: UK could offer GM baby ‘tourism’

The surrogate who changed her mind

Apple and Facebook offer coverage for egg freezing. Is it a sign of progress for women?

Ladies: Give us your most productive years, we’ll hold your eggs for you

Facebook and Apple now pay for women to freeze eggs

Surrogacy: The twenty-first century’s new baby-making

The happy surrogate families

Infertility and incomprehension at Slate

New Scientist: Three-parent babies are ‘ethically troubling’

Surrogacy: Children of dreams, parents of means

MPs debate “Three-person IVF” (again)

Journey to Baby Gammy: How we justify a market in children

Babies are children, not ‘carbon legacies’

Fathers irreplaceable, says Bishop Nazir-Ali

Illegal surrogacy shouldn’t block adoption by same-sex spouse, NY court determines

IVF mix-up leaves woman pregnant with couple’s twins

Jennifer Lahl and Christopher White: Why gestational surrogacy is wrong

    National Review Online: “The current political landscape surrounding surrogacy indicates that as a nation we have failed to reconcile the undeniable realities of both motherhood and childbirth with our laws surrounding how these technologies enable collaborative reproduction and the building of modern families. Those who argue that this reflects merely a misunderstanding of surrogacy and a bias in favor of certain family models have yet to account for the medical and moral consequences of paying women to gestate babies for others. Until we have a serious public debate over commercial surrogacy, women and children remain exposed to exploitation at the hands of those entrusted with their protection.”

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Joe Carter: The global war on baby girls