World Christianity by the numbers

Judge OKs atheist’s ‘reason station’ in city hall

School board: Student OK to say ‘God Bless America’

Atheist activists seek to stop Bible distribution in Oklahoma schools

Young Brits reject religion, approve of atheist politicians

‘God Bless America’ morning announcement at Florida school deemed a ‘Constitutional violation’ by atheist group; student forced to drop phrase

Atheist group threatens to sue Florida school over student’s “God Bless America” comment

Dawkins among atheists urging Irish PM to hold blasphemy law referendum

How thousands of Icelanders suddenly started worshiping the Norse gods again

Vaccination, the nones, and Hobby Lobby

China’s Communist Party bans believers, doubles down on atheism

West Mich. towns riled by atheist’s crusade

Survey finds major gender divide in religious beliefs in UK: Most men in 40′s are atheists, but twice more women believe in God

Atheists seek to end ban on secularists holding public office in seven states

Atheists seek to dissuade Congress from taking oath on Bible

Atheist group erects 11 billboards across Chicago; argues that kindness ‘comes from altruism,’ not from ‘seeking divine reward’

Atheist who ‘prayed’ to Mother Earth, Satan denied request to open Palm Beach meeting

Atheists still technically banned from holding office in seven states

American Atheists’ ‘Skip Church’ This Christmas billboards aimed at non-believers in religious households, says AA president

Atheist Zombie Mohammed becomes Christian, complains about schoolteacher’s Star of David

Richard Dawkins retweeted my article, and what we can learn from that

Atheists prompt investigation into history teacher for ‘preaching’ Christianity in class

Atheist-Turned-Orthodox Christian parent removes child from school after teacher wears Star of David necklace

Atheists and Secular Humanists are protected by the First Amendment regardless of whether their belief systems are “religions” or not

Judge hearing lawsuit over Pledge of Allegiance’s “Under God”

Satanists seeking to distribute satanic coloring books results in school board banning Bibles

Florida school board blocks Bible distribution after satanists, atheists demand equal time

May’s proposals dangerous, say atheists and Christians

Federal court rules ‘secular humanism’ a religion, extends equal protection rights to atheists

Karen Armstrong’s new rule: Religion isn’t responsible for violence

A Christian apologist and an atheist thrive in an improbable bond

Nine things you should know about atheism

Atheist church Sunday Assembly opens in 35 more towns

Is it still atheism?

Atheist airman who refuses to swear ‘So Help Me God’ in reenlistment oath has until November to comply or leave

A response to Richard Dawkins: How is it immoral to give life?

Atheists may not pray, Brevard (Fla.) county commissioners say

Richard Dawkins exposes the immorality of his atheism

Richard Dawkins: ‘immoral’ not to abort if fetus has Down’s syndrome

Richard Dawkins is a moral disaster

Victoria Beeching and Plato’s third form of atheism

Atheists can now officiate weddings in Indiana

Why aren’t more Americans atheists?

What atheists have to offer the right

Learning from young atheists: What turned them off Christianity

Ohio legislature mulling bill to allow atheists to solemnize marriages

Chaplains commend Navy for decision on ‘atheist chaplain’ application

Atheists lose federal court battle against IRS

Churches meeting in public schools: A wise (and legal) decision

Freedom From Atheism Foundation, a new response to FFRF

In Hawaii, atheists “lei” in wait for churches meeting in public schools

Rhode Island to sponsor Day of Reason, coinciding with Day of Prayer

Governor Chafee declares May 1 “Day of Reason” in Rhode Island

Atheist group vows to scrutinize Hobby Lobby president’s public school Bible class

Atheist national conference aims at Mormon church

NJ woman’s rejected atheist license plate violates First Amendment, lawsuit argues

Mich.: Warren mayor says atheist can’t put up “reason station” inside city hall

Carroll County commissioners vote to halt sectarian prayers

Churches battle lawsuit over rental fees for using public school rooms | Maui News (AP)

SC elementary school fights for right to hold graduation at university chapel | OneNewsNow

American Humanist Association asks judge to fine officials for prayers at government meetings

An atheist’s case for religious liberty

    Robert Tracinski at The Federalist: “There is a crude majoritarian triumphalism to this argument. The attitude is: we won the culture war, our views are now the accepted norm, and so they must become the rule for everybody. You have no right to resist, no right even to retreat into your own private sphere and ask to be left alone. We must reach into that private sphere and require your active endorsement of the new social consensus. . . . The idea that you can be compelled to conform to the social consensus unleashes the basic principle of totalitarianism.”

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Why does Air Force Academy encourage atheism, prosecute Christianity?

Hawaii’s moral challenges prompt ministry | Baptist Press

Why are atheists up in arms over fifth-grade graduation? | Charisma News

Terry Eagleton: An unbelieving age

    Terry Eagleton at Commonweal: “In an age in which the concept of certainty smacks of the tyrant and technocrat, a certain agnosticism becomes a virtue. Indeterminacy and undecidability are accounted goods in themselves. Conviction suggests a consistency of self that does not sit easily with the volatile, adaptive subject of advanced capitalism. Besides, too much doctrine is bad for consumption. Beliefs are potentially contentious affairs, which is good neither for business nor for political stability. They are also commercially superfluous. The fervent ideological rhetoric needed to found the system thus fades as it unfolds. As long as its citizens roll into work, pay their taxes, and refrain from assaulting police officers, they can believe pretty much what they like.”

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David French: Attacks on memorial crosses multiply

    David French at National Review: “Unless, of course, you’re an offended atheist. Then, the same pop culture that mocks Christian sensibilities will treat seriously your utterly vile outrage at a mourning mother’s expression of love for her fallen son. Then, that means the same federal courts that have consistently held that outrage alone does not constitute a recognizable injury will grant ‘offended observers’ special status to challenge displays of perceived religious symbols on public land. In other words, an atheist’s subjective discomfort is sufficient grounds for a federal lawsuit.” | See the Alliance Alert’s “Monuments” for more.

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