More On Atheists And Clergy Housing Allowance

Pledge’s ‘under God’ phrase faces Mass. court scrutiny |

Pledge’s ‘under God’ phrase faces Massachusetts court scrutiny | Christian Examiner (BP)

Ontario tribunal bans Bible distribution unless school board also gives out atheist texts

SC: Atheists Challenge Elementary School Graduation In Chapel With Christian Prayers

    Religion Clause Blog: The complaint (full text) in American Humanist Association v. Greenville County School District, (D SC, filed 9/11/2013), claims that the graduation ceremony in the chapel also included two student-led Christian prayers that had been reviewed and approved by school staff.

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  • NY: Court Rejects Challenge To “In God We Trust” On Currency

    Discovery Institute Demands that Ball State University Investigate Class for Teaching that “Science Must Destroy Religion”

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    New Jersey allows “Atheist” vanity plate after public outcry over ban

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    Oregon: Attorney believes opponent of war memorial cross left IED in park

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    Freedom From Religion Foundation to expand

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    Bishop backs rebellion over Guides godless oath

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    Canada: Atheist wins case against Gideons in schools

    Arkansas: Atheist group protests football coach’s invite to religious service

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    Feds grant religion tax break to atheists

    Hemant Mehta on rising atheism among millenials: ‘It’s not that Christianity is unpopular, it’s that it’s untrue.’

    7th Circuit rules on prisoner’s atheism as religion claims

    Chaplain’s online essay restored … with a disclaimer | One News Now

    Major Reversal: Air Force Chaplain’s Expunged Essay About ‘atheists In Foxholes’ Has Been Republished On Base Website | The Blaze

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    Air Force Republishes Chaplain’s ‘No Atheists in Foxholes’ Article to Base Website | Christian Post

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    Chaplain’s ‘no atheists in foxholes’ essay returned to Air Force website | Alliance Defending Freedom

    Marines Corps Threatened With Lawsuit for Citing ‘Lack or Loss of Spiritual Faith’ as Suicide Risk

    “U.S. military thinks being an atheist is a warning sign for suicide” | Salon

    ‘Education, Not Indoctrination’: Atheists Protest Texas Homeschool Convention as Promised

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    Global Study: Atheists in Decline, Only 1.8% of World Population by 2020

    FFRF complains about constitution classes in Ohio

    Groups Say Religious Liberty in Military is in Danger

    Court Gives Montana Jesus Statue its Blessing | Becket Fund

    Judge: Jesus Statue Can Stay On Montana Mountain

    Atheists Lose One | Nate Kellum at American Thinker

    Oregon: Cross shaped Veterans memorial defaced again

    The New Axis in the Military | Ken Blackwell at CNS

    Island County commission kills prayer proposal

    UK: Atheists challenge churches’ free parking permits

    Air Force Says Painting that References Bible Verse Violates Rules

    Boy Scouts on Slippery Slope to Accepting Atheists

    Now the atheists go after the Boy Scouts

    Influx of Christian and Muslim immigrants changing Canada’s religious makeup

    Pentagon Began Relationship With Anti-christian Extremist In 2009

    U.S. military should put religious freedom at the front | Washington Post