In Hawaii, atheists “lei” in wait for churches meeting in public schools

Rhode Island to sponsor Day of Reason, coinciding with Day of Prayer

Governor Chafee declares May 1 “Day of Reason” in Rhode Island

Atheist group vows to scrutinize Hobby Lobby president’s public school Bible class

Atheist national conference aims at Mormon church

NJ woman’s rejected atheist license plate violates First Amendment, lawsuit argues

Mich.: Warren mayor says atheist can’t put up “reason station” inside city hall

Carroll County commissioners vote to halt sectarian prayers

Churches battle lawsuit over rental fees for using public school rooms | Maui News (AP)

SC elementary school fights for right to hold graduation at university chapel | OneNewsNow

American Humanist Association asks judge to fine officials for prayers at government meetings

An atheist’s case for religious liberty

    Robert Tracinski at The Federalist: “There is a crude majoritarian triumphalism to this argument. The attitude is: we won the culture war, our views are now the accepted norm, and so they must become the rule for everybody. You have no right to resist, no right even to retreat into your own private sphere and ask to be left alone. We must reach into that private sphere and require your active endorsement of the new social consensus. . . . The idea that you can be compelled to conform to the social consensus unleashes the basic principle of totalitarianism.”

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Why does Air Force Academy encourage atheism, prosecute Christianity?

Hawaii’s moral challenges prompt ministry | Baptist Press

Why are atheists up in arms over fifth-grade graduation? | Charisma News

Terry Eagleton: An unbelieving age

    Terry Eagleton at Commonweal: “In an age in which the concept of certainty smacks of the tyrant and technocrat, a certain agnosticism becomes a virtue. Indeterminacy and undecidability are accounted goods in themselves. Conviction suggests a consistency of self that does not sit easily with the volatile, adaptive subject of advanced capitalism. Besides, too much doctrine is bad for consumption. Beliefs are potentially contentious affairs, which is good neither for business nor for political stability. They are also commercially superfluous. The fervent ideological rhetoric needed to found the system thus fades as it unfolds. As long as its citizens roll into work, pay their taxes, and refrain from assaulting police officers, they can believe pretty much what they like.”

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David French: Attacks on memorial crosses multiply

    David French at National Review: “Unless, of course, you’re an offended atheist. Then, the same pop culture that mocks Christian sensibilities will treat seriously your utterly vile outrage at a mourning mother’s expression of love for her fallen son. Then, that means the same federal courts that have consistently held that outrage alone does not constitute a recognizable injury will grant ‘offended observers’ special status to challenge displays of perceived religious symbols on public land. In other words, an atheist’s subjective discomfort is sufficient grounds for a federal lawsuit.” | See the Alliance Alert’s “Monuments” for more.

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American Atheists work to keep WTC cross out of 9/11 museum

CPAC un-invites American Atheists

When school’s not in session, church is . . . and that’s a problem apparently | OneNewsNow

Hawaii church reaches settlement in atheist lawsuit over public school rentals | Christian News Network

Church to settle suit over Hawaii school rentals | AP

ADF will continue vigorous defense of Hawaii churches

Atheists vow to fight monument rejection in Levy County, Fla.

FFRF files 9th Circuit appeal over mountain Jesus statue

Afghan atheist given asylum in Britain

Hawaii church defeats atheists in suit that alleged gov’t fraud | Charisma

Hawaii court dismisses atheists’ lawsuit against two churches | Christian Post

Hawaii churches prevail against atheists’ baseless lawsuit | Alliance Defending Freedom

Atheist threats to Christian program unconstitutional | One News Now

Judge dismisses suit against Hawaii churches | The Garden Island

Secularists Still Trying To Bully Christmas From The Public Square | Alan Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom

Hawaii churches to argue against school fee suit | Hawaii News Now (AP)

Hawaii churches in court Thursday to seek dismissal of atheists’ baseless lawsuit | Alliance Defending Freedom

Wis. Church Files Motion Against Atheist Group Suing IRS Over Church Politicking

Atheists Take Aim At ‘keep Christ In Christmas’ Banner With A Holiday Message Of Their Own

Atheist Group Seeks to Deny Poor Children Christmas Gifts | Charisma News

Atheist group seeks to deny poor children Christmas gifts | Alliance Defending Freedom

WI: Christmas tree not the only display in Capitol

It’s That Time of Year: Atheists Rev Up to Attack Christmas Once Again

Christians have right to free speech

Atheists interrupt prayer vigil on Supreme Court steps

Atheist Student Leader OK at Ore. Christian School

Atheist ‘Megachurch’ Sells Out Los Angeles Opening; Launches ’40 Dates, 40 Nights’ Donations Tour

Atheist ‘Mega-Churches’ Becoming Global Phenomenon

Britain’s atheist megachurch going global – and it’s coming to Australia

Atheist Takes Over Evangelical Leader’s Twitter Account, Gives Ultimatum

Schlafly: War on Religious Freedom

Sunday Assembly founders launch ‘atheist church’ in Nashville

“Atheists ‘Have to Follow the Lead of the LGBT Community’” | CNSNews

Generation atheist! Millennials to religion — get out of politics | Salon

Here’s What We Know About The 2.4% Of Americans Who Are Atheists

Atheists use a popular Bible app to evangelize about unbelief

    RNS: Like lots of college students, Lauren has a smartphone loaded with some of the most popular apps around — Facebook, Twitter and eBay. And like a lot of unbelievers, she asked to not use her full name because her family doesn’t know about her closet atheism. One of the apps she uses most regularly is YouVersion, a free Bible app that puts a library’s worth of translations — more than 700 — in the palm of her hand. Close to 115 million people have downloaded YouVersion, making it among the most popular apps of all time.

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NI: Churches urge Guides to scrap ‘hurtful’ godless pledge

Pentagon manual: White, Christian heterosexual males have unfair advantages

Is atheism winning the culture war? | Herb Silverman of the Secular Coalition at WashPo

Is same-sex marriage battle behind attack on Hawaiian churches? | World Magazine

Hawaii Atheists Lei It on the Line in Lawsuit | FRC Washington Update

    FRC Washington Update: During the debate in the Hawaii legislature, some of these same churches have been outspoken proponents of marriage. Could it be that they’ve been targeted for exercising those rights from the pulpit? Alliance Defending Freedom’s (ADF) Erik Stanley, who’s helping to defend the congregations, is stunned that the atheists would attack such a primary source of Oahu’s public service and charity. “Churches who serve the neediest in their communities should be welcomed, not driven out by false accusations. The claims in the lawsuits are false and are driven by an atheistic agenda that is hostile to churches. The undeniable fact is that these churches were at all times truthful, and they have paid all the required rent to the schools. These churches have not only faithfully paid all of their rent, they’ve sacrificially given much more in service and funding to the schools and communities they love.”

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Atheists Sling False Accusations Against Hawaii Church | Charisma News

Defending Hawaiian churches against atheists’ accusations | One News Now

Churches seek to dismiss state school fees suit | Honolulu Star Advertiser (AP)

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Churches seek to dismiss state school fees suit | Honolulu Star Advertiser (AP)

Hawaii churches ask court to dismiss atheists’ baseless lawsuit | Hawaii Reporter

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Of Pledges And Proclamations: Protecting Public Expressions Of Faith | Alan Sears

TN Atheists: Merely inviting pastor to school should have been red flag

British Scouts Adopt Alternative Promise For Nonbelievers Omitting Reference To God

Square Circles, Atheist Chaplains | Caleb Dalton at Townhall