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Embryos genetically modified in controversial world first

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Surrogacy industry sees boom in US

The Unregulated Sperm Industry

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Beautiful Women Sell Their Eggs to the Highest Bidder, No Uglies Allowed

High Stakes for Hybrids: OH law would ban animal-human hybrids

The mind of a killer: A pattern in the killer’s brain

A Poor Rationale for Banning Organ Markets | Ilya Somin at Volokh Conspiracy

Former IVF baby warns of “three parent” IVF dangers

Modern Families and the Messes We Make | Jennifer Lahl at Public Discourse

A Human Right To Eugenics: Publication Of A Study On The Echr Case Of Costa And Pavan V. Italy

Stop ‘eugenic’ creation of 3-parent embryos: Council of Europe Members to Britain

Ilya’s Sensationalized “Designer Babies”

The Case for Designer Babies | Ilya Somin at Volokh Conspiracy

Canada Supreme Court: Doctors Can’t Remove Patient’s Life Support Without Consent

Donor Egg Pregnancies On The Rise, Us Study Finds

Surrogate mother can argue for parental rights, Nevada Supreme Court rules

The Brave New World of Three-Parent Babies

Top science journal prints criticism of GM babies plan

Boulder Colorado to Pass “Nature Rights Law” Giving Flowers a “Right to Life”

Stem cells: Living adult tissue transformed back into embryo state

Oregon: Woman Gives Birth From Human Embryo Frozen for 19 Years

Researcher remotely controls colleague’s body with brain

40 men sue hospital after accidental thaw destroyed sperm

Via Surrogacy, Some Men Opt To Become Single Dads

40 sperm donors sue Northwestern over destroyed specimens

The ‘Therapeutic Cloning’ of Human Embryos | Samuel Aquila at NRO

Experiment Brings Human Cloning One Step Closer

The Meaning of the Gosnell Trial | Leon Kass at WSJ

    Leon Kass at WSJ: Consider abortion. After years of calling for abortions that are “safe, legal and rare,” the Democratic Party in its 2012 platform dropped such language altogether in an attempt to appeal to its feminist base. But viewing childbearing solely as a matter of personal reproductive choice, Dr. Kass says, “means we no longer see a child as a gift but as a product of our will to be had by choice only. That makes human choice the basis of all value”—at the price of the child, for “he or she comes from the hands of nature.”

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