Attorney: Kansas Law On Sperm Donors Outdated

More Than Three Million Human Embryos Destroyed in UK IVF

Kansas Trying To Make Sperm Donor Pay Child Support

Kansas sperm donor to lesbian couple ordered to pay child support prepares for battle

“Reproduction without sex, a liberating future” | Aarathi Prasad at CNN (includes video)

Human cloning ‘within 50 years’

Euthanasia ‘trivialized’ in Belgium: report by bioethics institute

Stem-Cell Trial Without Embryo Destruction

Senate Moves Bill Covering Fertility Care For Vets

Egg and sperm without love and sex

Gene Patents Draw High Court Review in Biotechnology Test

Bioethics expert warns against GM babies plan

Germany: No Patenting Of Human Embryonic Stem Cells, If Obtained Through The Destruction Of Human Embryos

UK: Oppose GM babies, bioethics group says

Myriad Genetics calls on Scotus to reject petition from ruling finding DNA molecules patent-eligible

Clones and three parent babies: crossing an ethical line

Vegetative patient Scott Routley says ‘I’m not in pain’

TX: “Surrogate Fights Gay Couple for Child Custody” | Wesley Smith at National Review

Study: Stem cells from strangers can repair hearts

Oregon Scientists Make Embryos With 2 Women, 1 Man

Japan: Eggs created from stem cells in fertility breakthrough

Nigerian Catholic doctors association rejects USAID abortion, egg harvesting money

“New Strategy May Boost Fertility Clinic Success Rate” – Freeze then thaw the embryo

    Wall Street Journal: There is growing evidence suggesting that freezing an embryo after fertilization and thawing it for use in the woman’s next monthly cycle leads to higher pregnancy rates, compared with using the embryo immediately. A recent scientific review of three small randomized and controlled studies found that 50% of women got pregnant after receiving in vitro fertilization, or IVF, treatment using a recently frozen embryo. By contrast, women receiving fresh embryos had a 38% pregnancy rate.

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ACLU Asks Supreme Court to Invalidate Gene Patents

ACLU Files Cert Petition in Myriad Case Asking ‘Are Human Genes Patentable?’

Danish sperm donor passes genetic disorder to five children

UK: Scientists Moving Forward With Making Three-Parent Embryos

Deaf gerbils hear again with human embryonic stem cells | Reuters

Should Mitt Romney (or Others Who are Pro-Life) Support Rape and Incest Exceptions to Abortion Bans?

    Glenn Cohen at the Bill of Health Blog: As America’s attention focused on the Republican Convention and the Obama campaign tries to portray a “Republican War on Women” at the Democratic one, last week Mitt Romney tried to clarify his position on abortion, namely: while he is generally against abortion, he would make an exception for cases where the mother has been raped or is the victim of incest. While politically savvy, based on other beliefs Mitt Romney has, this position is hard to defend if not incoherent. Here is why . . .

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Surrogacy: Motherhood Now on Trial | Harold Cassidy

Both Pro Abortion and Animal Rights | Wesley J. Smith

British couples flying to US for banned baby sex selection

Comment on D.C. Circuit’s ruling on embryonic stem cell research funding

Scientists Successfully ‘Hack’ Brain To Obtain Private Data

Bioethics the Spearpoint of Attack on Religious Liberties | Wesley J. Smith

Getting Dignity Right

Genetically engineering ‘ethical’ babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor

China: Can Organ-Harvesters Be Number One? | George Weigel

    George Weigel at EPPC: Despite some hiccups caused by the sorry state of the world economy, China is still The Future for many global analysts. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has even suggested that Americans have a lot to learn politically from the economic successes of Chinese authoritarianism. That China is the rising world power seems taken for granted in many elite foreign policy circles. I’m not buying. I didn’t buy “Japan is Number One” when that was the mantra two decades ago, because Japan had severe demographic problems-as in, very few children; its lack of the most basic form of people power in the most elementary form, I thought, would soon become evident in economic weakness (as it has). China also has serious demographic problems. Thanks to a brutally enforced one-child policy

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‘Just being human doesn’t give you a right to live’: Peter Singer sums up pro-abortion philosophy

British NHS to Give Hospitals Money to Pressure Organ Donations

What Can We Learn from the Stem Cell Debates?

UK suggests ethically controversial strategies to increase organ donations

Genetically modified 3-parent children hitting their teens

Illegal Organ Markets in Europe

The Age of Genetically Optimized Sports: We are entering a brave new world of athletes-by-design.

Federal Circuit Weighs New Precedent in Human Gene Patentability Case

Entire genome of human sperm sequenced for the first time

Report: Stem Cell Research Debate Over, Embryonic Side Lost

“Major advancement” makes IVF more accessible – its easier to freeze babies

World’s First Genetically-Modified Babies Born, Or Were They?

    Rebecca Tayler at LIfeNews: Hanlon’s undated piece discusses a technique IVF doctors have used to “rejuvenate” an infertile woman’s eggs by injecting the cytoplasm of another woman’s healthy egg. Factors inside the cytoplasm help the infertile woman’s egg in fertilization. When doctors injected the cytoplasm of the healthy egg, it contained mitochondria from the donor egg. Those mitochondria have DNA from the woman who donated that egg. So the after that hybrid egg is fertilized, the resulting embryo has the DNA from 1 man, and 2 women.

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NBC: It’s ‘Pro-Science’ to Abort Children With Genetic Defects

UK group: Bioethics experts say use eggs from two women to produce human embryos

Babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic faults

UK: Consultation begins on three-parent children technique

New Method for Picking the ‘Right’ Egg in IVF

Unanimous SCOTUS: IVF children conceived after dad’s death not covered by Social Security

Extra Embryos? One Family Offers Them on Craigslist

In Sperm Banks, a Matrix of Untested Genetic Disease

    NY Times: The scale of the problem is only now becoming apparent with the advent of online communities like Ms. Kramer’s. “There needs to be oversight, and some regulation of the industry,” she said.It is not known how many children are born each year using sperm donors, because mothers of donor offspring are not required to report their births. By some estimates, there are more than a million children in this country conceived with donated sperm or eggs.

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“Chromosomal Screening Improves IVF Pregnancy Rates”

New England J. of Medicine: “In vitro fertilization off the hook for causing birth defects”

Bioethics and the 2012 election: Romney’s surrogate grandsons

Ken Connor: The Triumph of Ideology Over Law

Nonomom: Mexican Woman Pregnant With 9 Babies

In vitro procedure intended to expand family, couple says

IVF is Human Experimentation That Causes Health Problems

Executive orders and federal laws

Egg-Producing Human Ovarian Stem Cells Concern Ethicists

ADF attorney available to media at embryonic stem cell research hearing Monday

Sex selection ads are a recognition of Canada’s indifference to the baby industry

Reproductive Coercion and the New Eugenics

Study: Genetic Testing Not Good at Predicting Diseases

Pa. appeals court upholds awarding of frozen embryos to wife

Fertility treatment bans in Europe draw criticism | AP

Mother’s Helper: A Shocking Thing I Learned After Giving Up My Eggs