Court questions Obama Admin lawyers on embryonic research funding appeal

Scotland: Disability group to protest against assisted suicide bill

Appeals court considers ban on stem cell research

Law Review: Science, Public Bioethics, and the Problem of Integration

    O. Carter Snead, Science, Public Bioethics, and the Problem of Integration (June 1, 2010). UC Davis Law Review, Vol. 43, No. 5, June 2010; Notre Dame Legal Studies Paper No. 10-27. Available at SSRN:

    “This Article examines the question of how scientific methods and principles can and should be integrated into the making and enforcement of laws in this domain without compromising the integrity of science, the democratic legitimacy of government, or both. It identifies, analyzes and critiques one prominent model of integration, namely, the proposal to delegate virtually all public bioethical questions to scientific experts for resolution solely using the tools of their respective disciplines. The Article argues that this model of integration raises serious prudential concerns relating to democratic accountability (and thus legitimacy). More deeply, it argues that the proposal is unsustainable in principle because of the fundamental conceptual incompatibility between the premises and methods of modern science and the ethical principles that comprise the currency of public bioethical deliberation. It concludes by offering a provisional way forward, arguing that integration should be a function of defining and policing the boundaries of scientific methods and ethical reasoning, according to their respective competencies for the particular public bioethical question at issue. The Article provides an analytic tool to facilitate this line drawing, and illustrates its application with reference to several contemporary debates within public bioethics (i.e., the recent FDA approval of Plan B emergency contraception, the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, and the impact of cognitive neuroscience on theories of criminal punishment).”

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Australian Greens press to legalize euthanasia

Scientists oppose CA Regents’ motion to intervene embryonic stem cell case

Cuts threat to Britain’s stem cell supremacy

Singapore: Bioethics Advisory Committee recommends setting up a body to monitor stem cell research

Law Review: Human Reproductive Cloning: Science, Jewish Law and Metaphysics

    Barbara P. Billauer, Human Reproductive Cloning: Science, Jewish Law and Metaphyics (September 20, 2010). Available at SSRN:

    “In this, Part II, of the paper I expand and annotate statements of the Ramban on the interrelationship of the reproductive faculties of an organism and its soul by examining the development of the spiritual states of plant, animal and human and noting the commensurate evolution with its reproductive facilities. Speculating that the reproductive mechanism of each species is indelibly related to its soul-state, I suggest that interfering with human sexual reproduction by HRC has the same effect the Ramban argues is the result of Kilayim (interbreeding), i.e., wrecking havoc with the Universe.”

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USCCB officials urge HHS not to require coverage of contraception and sterilization

Reprieve for US stem cell funding

NIH resumes stem cell funding after court lifts injunction

UK: Pair convicted of running illegal fertility company

New poll finds Americans continue to oppose tax funding embryonic stem cell research

Three-judge panel asks for oral arguments on stem cell ban

D.C. Circuit to hear stem cell case Sept. 27

Ottawa: Women sue over sperm mixup

Stacked panel to tell Congress to fund more embryonic stem cell research

Neuhaus Colloquium: Human embryos in the age of Obama

Mike Castle’s loss drops embryonic stem cell funding advocate from Congress

Plaintiffs lawyers urge court to keep injunction in stem cell case

EU: Fertility experts caution against IVF tourism

Court temporarily lifts ban on stem cell funding

Appeals court asked to reverse decision allowing embryonic research funding

Federal court of appeals asked to allow enjoinder of federally funded embryonic stem cell research

Australian TV bans pro-euthanasia advert

Senator Specter pushes bill legalizing stem cell research

“California sperm donor stalks lesbian mother”

Pope condemns same-sex “marriage,” warns on biotech before UK trip

The Obama Administration and the treatment of human embryos

US stem cell research potentially back on track

Federal funding of stem cell research continues

Obama wants to pay for stem cell research

Federal Appeals Court: Gov’t can fund stem cell research for now

NIH to resume stem-cell research, for now

NIH expedites grants for human embryo destroying research

NIH to resume funding stem cell research for now

Court delays ban on federal funds for US stem cell work

Federal stem cell funding is temporarily back on track

Scientists are optimistic as Appeals Court lifts injunction against stem-cell research

Adult stem cell scientists ask federal district judge for a summary declaratory judgment and a permanent injunction enjoining unlawful federal funding of research involving the destruction of living human embryos

Stem cell funding wins temporary reprieve

“Federal stem cell funding wins temporary reprieve”

Stem-cell funding reinstated . . . for now

US appeal court overturns embryonic stem cell ruling

Obama Administration scurries to fund embryo destruction after court ruling

Court suspends ban on stem cell research funding

NIH to resume funding stem cell research for now

FRC: Court of Appeals removes stay on taxpayer funding of unethical, unsuccessful embryonic stem cell research

ADF: Taxpayers should not foot bill for needless stem cell research while case is on appeal

Appeals Court Puts on Hold Ban on Stem Cell Research Funding

Piero Tozzi Italian interview on stem cell case

Federal judge denies Obama embryo research appeal

Attorneys in embryonic stem cell research case applaud judge’s decision

Commentary on Judge’s denial of stay on stem cell research injunction

    Russell Korobkin writing at The Volokh Conspiracy: “Following the August 23 preliminary injunction issued by federal District Court Judge Royce Lamberth to block NIH funding of embryonic stem cell research, the Justice Department filed a motion requesting that the injunction be stayed pending an appeal to the D.C. Circuit. In a very short, 2-page order this afternoon, Judge Lamberth denied the stay motion . . . For practical purposes, the most important point in today’s order — and the one that should be the lead in tomorrow’s newspapers — is Lamberth’s surprising statement that his injunction does not prohibit the NIH from continuing to fund embryonic stem cell research that was permitted by the Bush Administration under its restrictive rules.” Text of order in Sherley v. Sebelius | More information from Religion Clause.

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U.S. judge refuses to lift ban on govt stem cell funds again

Euthanasia hearings begin in Quebec

The President’s stem-cell dollars and the judge’s rebuke

Stem cell work in limbo awaiting court’s decision

    The Tech (MIT): “Many stem cell researchers have been left uncertain about their own future and the future of their field as they wait for a federal judge to decide whether to allow the NIH to fund human embryonic stem cell research, within and without of its walls . . . According to an article in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal, Sherley and Deisher were ‘recruited separately’ by lawyers looking to challenge the federal policy. They had never met until last week, the Journal said . . . Gibson & Dunn referred inquiries to the Alliance Defense Fund. The Alliance Defense Fund and Human Life Advocates have both not returned inquiries.”

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Adult stem cell scientists oppose government’s request to lift federal judge’s order enjoining unlawful federal funding of research involving the destruction of living human embryos

Law Review: Non-treatment Decisions on Grounds of “Medical Futility” and “Quality of Life”: Interviews with Fourteen Dutch Neonatologists

Law Review: Legislation on Human Embryos: From Status Theories to Value Theories

    Wibren Van der Burg, Legislation on Human Embryos: From Status Theories to Value Theories (August 30, 2010). Erasmus Working Paper Series on Jurisprudence and Socio-legal Studies No. 10-03. Available at SSRN:

    “In this paper I argue that we should separate the legal-political debate on embryos from the ethical debate, and focus on the functions of legislation rather than on the moral status of the embryo. The two major theoretical positions in the moral and legal debates are a rights theory and an interests theory. Each of these two theories may be connected to one of the two classical functions of the law: the protective function and the instrumental function. Each of these theories may shed light on some dimensions of embryo legislation; each, however, is also seriously inadequate in some respects. These inadequacies may, at first sight, be avoided in an intermediate position: the idea of a ‘growing protectability’ or growing status of the embryo. However, from a legal point of view, this is not an adequate solution at all, because the lack of theoretical foundation for this position makes it almost impossible to implement it and to elaborate it in an unambiguous legal theory.”

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Francis Collins, fervent Christian and director of the National Institutes of Health

Obama appeals against federal funds ban on embryo research

Federal stem cell ruling blocks Yale scientists

Obama Justice Dept seeks stay of order nixing NIH embryonic stem cell funding

Congress to Vote on Pro-Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill Later This Month

5 questions about the stem cell ruling

DOJ asks judge to stay injunction in stem cell case

An introduction to transhumanism: Attempting to make a new type of person

Congressmen seek to undermine embryonic stem cell ruling by changing law

Obama appeals stem cell ruling; some work to stop