Pakistani gets death penalty for blasphemy

USCIRF: Blasphemy law use on rise, led by Pakistan

Northern Ireland council lifts ban on “blasphemous” play

Christian Woman Sentenced to Hang for Blasphemy Writes Pope: ‘Only God Will be Able to Free Me’

Death Penalty Order Deepens Hard-line Islamist Trend in Pakistan, Critics Say

Pakistani Christian, once sentenced to death for blasphemy, released from prison

Irish Constitutional Convention Recommends Replacing Blasphemy Offense With Ban On Inciting Religious Hatred

Police, Islamic Extremists in Pakistan Hunt for Christian Accused of ‘Blasphemy’

Religion and the UN: Visions of a new world

Pakistani Muslim Cites ‘Blasphemy’ in Slaughter of Christian Rival in Business

Bangladesh court indicts 4 bloggers for allegedly posting derogatory comments about Islam

Imam in Pakistan Acquitted of Desecrating Koran, Framing Christian Girl for ‘Blasphemy’

Harsh ‘Blasphemy’ Sentence as Saudi Arabia Continues to Evade US Religious Freedom Sanctions

Saudi blogger sentenced to jail term and 600 lashes for insulting Islam

Pakistan: Christian couple charged with blasphemy in Gojra

Pakistani Christian Accused Of Blasphemy In Canada

Egyptian Muslim cleric burns Bible, sentenced to 11 years in prison

Egyptian Courts Continue To Convict for Insulting Religion

Report: Syrian rebels executed a 14-year-old boy for insulting Islam

Anti-blasphemy law creates a tinderbox in Pakistan

Arab Israeli Legislator Proposes Ban on Insults to Mohammed (and Possibly All Cartoons of Mohammed)

Turkish Blogger Sentenced to 13 Months in Prison for Criticizing Mohammed

Catholic Cardinal Calls for End to Blasphemy Laws

In Bangladesh, 3 Killed In Demonstration Demanding Blasphemy Law With Death Penalty

Renowned Turkish Pianist Given Suspended Sentence For Blasphemous Tweets

Turkish Pianist Sentenced for Twitter Postings

Hundreds of Thousands of Bangladeshis Demonstrate For Blasphemy Law

Don’t Be Blasé About Blasphemy

Pakistani appeals court lifts death sentence against Christian in blasphemy case

Pakistan’s Ambassador To U.S. Faces Blasphemy Investigation At Home

UK: Peers to vote on ‘insult’ law this week

Turkey Fines TV Station For Insulting Religious Beliefs Through Broadcast of Simpsons Episode

American Islamic group repudiates death sentence on Gainesville pastor

Egypt Court Sentences 8 to Death Over Prophet Film

Dutch To Scrap Blasphemy Law On Insulting God

Greek Prosecutor Charges Blasphemy Over Jesus Play

UN General Assembly to condemn blasphemy as hate speech?

10,000 Muslims gather at Google UK headquarters demand YouTube video removal

West’s free speech stand bars blasphemy ban: OIC

Egypt: 9 & 10 yr old Coptic boys released, but still under investigation, threats

Egypt: 2 Coptic Boys Are Held as Contempt-of-Religion Cases Rise

Why we must oppose global blasphemy law | British Pakistani Christian Association

Islamic Conference Head “Call[s] for a Global Ban on Offending the Character of the Prophet Muhammad”

Muslims Torch at least 10 Buddhist Temples, 40 homes in Bangladesh over Facebook posting

Russian City Halts Ticket Sales For Musical To Consider Religious Offense Complaint

Pakistan: In Twist, Muslims Accused Of Blasphemy

Islami Protesters rush U.S. Embassy in Bangkok

Egypt: Coptic Christian sentenced to 6 years for insulting Islam on Facebook

Arab League calls for criminalization of blasphemy

Turkey to block access to anti-Islam film

Libya president: Anti-Islam film trailer had nothing to do with attack on US Consulate

Egypt: Christian faces blasphemy trial in face of double standards

Greece: Arrest over Facebook Page Blasphemy Against Greek Orthodox Monk

Obama Urges UN To Confront Roots Of Muslim Rage

The Tip of the Iceberg of Christian Persecution

Muslim-led nations seek global ban on insults of Muhammad

Pakistani Foreign Minister: ‘Maybe We Do Need to Rethink How Much Freedom is Okay’

U.N. Secretary General: Free speech OK only if it doesn’t provoke or humiliate

    Eugene Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy quoting the UN Secretary General: All human beings have the inalienable right to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly. These are very fundamental rights. But, at the same time, this freedom of expression should not be abused by individuals. Freedom of expression should be and must be guaranteed and protected, when they are used for common justice, common purpose. When some people use this freedom of expression to provoke or humiliate some others’ values and beliefs, then this cannot be protected in such a way. So, my position is that freedom of expression, while it is a fundamental right and privilege, should not be abused by such people, by such a disgraceful and shameful act.

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Pakistani Girl Exonerated Of Blasphemy By Police; Case Referred To Juvenile Court

Outrage over anti-Islam video threatens to reignite blasphemy debate at U.N.

U.N. chief says anti-Islam filmmaker abused freedom of expression

U.S. Embassy in Pakistan Targeted By Angry Demonstrators

Egyptian Copt jailed for ‘insulting Islam, Morsi’ on Facebook

Muslim Riots Reach Europe: Free Speech Under Threat

    Gatestone Institute: Protests over an American-made anti-Islamic YouTube film, Innocence of Muslims, have spread to Europe. Muslim rioters have clashed with police in several European cities, and more demonstrations are being planned. The protests are part of widespread anger across the Muslim world about the amateur film, which ridicules Islam and depicts the Muslim Prophet Mohammed as a fraud, a madman and a sexual deviant. Muslims in many European countries are calling on governments to outlaw the controversial film. They are also pressing elected officials to enact anti-blasphemy laws that would criminalize the criticism of Islam. As most European countries lack American-like First Amendment protections, the momentum is building for the imposition of legal curbs on free speech when such speech is perceived to be offensive to Islam.

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Muslim violence at U.S. Embassy in Indonesia

Obama’s DOJ Can’t Say Criticizing Religion Will Remain Legal | Congressional Testimony Video

Egyptian President Calls Blasphemy a ‘Red Line,’ As Clinton Invokes ‘Free Expression’

Carney: Protests not directed at the United States

Change Of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Unlikely

Thousands In Kashmir Protest Anti-islam Film

Expert laments ‘toxic attitude’ that ‘anyone offending Islam must be punished’