In typical fashion, atheists ‘distort’ 1st Amendment

Atheists block voluntary anti-drug, anti-bullying programs due to ‘Christian ties’

Atheists sink voluntary anti-bullying, anti-drugs education program in Texas schools

Study: Youth More Likely To Be Bullied At Schools With Anti-Bullying Programs

Carney wears purple tie to promote anti-LGBT bullying effort

Are Anti-Bullying Programs Having An Opposite Effect?

Opposition Tories demand Manitoba define ‘bullying’ in new bill

A Pulpit for Bullies

Race, sex, religion argued by Orleans Parish School Board

“Civility, bullying and same-sex marriage” | Ryan T. Anderson at Kansas City Star

Department of Education To Collect Data On Religious and Sexual Orientation Bullying

MI: Removing High School Student from Class for Saying “I Don’t Accept Gays” Violates First Amendment

Inclusivity Week: different sexual orientations celebrated at Ontario Catholic school

School District Not Liable in Student Bullying, 3rd Circuit Court Rules

Teens Decide to Fight Back Against Anti-Christian Bullies

NJ suit questions the line between offensive speech and harassment

“For LGBT Youth, the UN Can Be MVP” | Huffington Post

Illinois House committee OKs state recognition of National Day of Silence

Conservative women’s group: Same-sex marriage advocates bullying us

Evangelicals: Manitoba’s ‘anti-bullying’ Bill 18 violates religious freedom

NJ: Are they really bullies?

Plaintiffs May Move Ahead On Some of Their Claims Charging Anti-Semitic Bullying

Hesperia, CA: “Local School Accused of Anti-Gay Discrimination”

First Canada Then America: Speaking Against Homosexuality is a Crime | Engage Family Minute

New Mexico Supreme Court hears appeal by photographer in gay bias case | LGBTQ Nation

“State Supreme Court hears gay bias case” | ABQ Journal

    ABQ Journal: Attorney Jordan Lorence’s theme in his oral argument Monday was that earlier courts’ decisions in favor of the couple who challenged Elane Photography’s refusal to photograph the ceremony amounted to “compelled speech” in violation of their First Amendment rights, or the government putting words in someone’s mouth. “The law cannot compel someone to stand on a soapbox,” he said, “in the same way that a court cannot compel someone to use his photographic skills to say something contrary to his beliefs.” . . . Lorence’s Washington, D.C.-based Alliance Defending Freedom represents the studio and has vowed to go to the U.S. Supreme Court if there is an adverse ruling from New Mexico’s highest court . . . Lorence said after the hearing he sensed “some clear division on the court,” including “some skepticism and some openness to what we were saying.” He emphasized the “unique, artistic skills” that he said photographer Elaine Huguenin brings to her work. “This was not just recording like a security video camera, and the other side downplays that considerably,” he said.

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Homosexual activists in Minnesota move to ban unsupportive speech in schools

“Appeal By Photographer In Gay Bias Case Is Heard” | AP

NM Supreme Court to hear appeal by photographer | (AP)

Minnesota Bill to Ban K-12 Speech That Denies Fellow Students a “Supportive Environment”

Manitoba anti-bullying Bill 18 may force gay-straight alliance clubs on independent religious school

Manitoba Christian school opposes anti-bullying law protecting homosexual clubs

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Violent Bullying | Tony Perkins at Townhall

FL: “To Combat Bullying, Middle School Student Wants Gay-Straight Alliance, But Officials Balk”

“Gay-affirmative school-based interventions: Public health benefits and First Amendment concerns”

    Ilan H. Meyer at Balkinization: At the USCCR hearing I was taken by surprise when invitees of the Republican members of the Commission opposed such recommended interventions on behalf of LGBTQ youth. In particular, I was intrigued by concerns that efforts to improve the school environment for LGBTQ students, aimed at reducing stigma and prejudice, raised First Amendment concerns. I was particularly struck by Professor Eugene Volokh’s testimony, which singled out one of my statement to the committee, saying “[O]ne of the things that [Meyer noted] is that one of the dangers to the mental health of gay students is anti-gay stigma and prejudice. I think that’s probably right, but the consequence of that is that if you take that logic seriously, then again speech, whether on campus or off campus, that expresses and contributes to the stigma of prejudice would be punishable.” As a public health researcher I have never seen such concerns voiced.

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Queering Schools, GSAs and the Law: Taking on God | Legal Periodical

Protecting Student Religious Liberty at the West Virginia Legislature | Jeremy Dys at Engage Family Minute

MN: “Petition seeks ouster of anti-gay activist from Anoka-Hennepin task force on bullying”

Self-Appointed Bully Police Resort To Name-Calling In Critiquing Alliance Defending Freedom’s Policy Yardstick | Jeremy Tedesco

MO: Stricter Bullying Legislation Pushed by Rep. Sue Allen, Again

The tangled web of conflicting rights | George Will at the Washington Post

GLSEN National School Climate Survey 2011 of LGBT Students’ Experiences | Huffington Post

Christian organizations’ ‘Yardstick’ evaluates anti-bullying policies for pro-LGBT bias

7th Circuit Revives Teacher’s Free-Speech Lawsuit Over Student Threats

Christian organizations’ ‘Yardstick’ evaluates anti-bullying policies for pro-LGBT bias

“Christian Groups Measure Gay Factor at Schools With ‘Anti-Bullying Policy Yardstick’”

Christians Devise New Anti-bullying Idea

    WorldNetDaily: Noting that sometimes school proposals or policies “protect … only a select few favored by activist groups advancing a homosexual agenda,” the Alliance Defending Freedom announced today it has worked with Focus on the Family in order to come up with an “Anti-Bullying Policy Yardstick . . . “All students deserve to be protected from bullying, not just ones favored by certain political activist groups,” said Jeremy Tedesco, legal counsel for the ADF. “And all schools need help to ensure that their policies comport with their students’ First Amendment freedoms and other legal protections. This tool is designed to provide that help.” In short, a good anti-bullying policy, if a district wants one, “provides a precise definition of ‘bullying’ that regulates bullying conduct” and “focuses on the acts or words said by the alleged bully rather than the intent or motives behind the actions,” the ADF said.

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ADF: New ‘yardstick’ sizes up anti-bullying policies

New Obama anti-bullying campaign targets parents

Is our obsession with bullying limiting freedom of speech?

OH: School District admits no wrongdoing agrees to pay ACLU $35,000 in “gay bullying” case

House to back anti-bullying grants

Canada: “McGuinty’s gay clubs bill puts the bishops’ call for heroism to the test”

Canada: McGuinty ‘anti-bullying’ gay rights Bill 13 passes 65-36

Canada: “Church can’t be bullied into accepting homosexuality”

Catholics blindsided by Ontario government over gay-straight alliances: sources

Education and Religious Groups Release Guidelines Regarding Bullying and Freedom of Expression in Public School

Illinois: Bullying legislation prompts opposition from conservative groups

Ontario: Bullying bill and religious freedom focus of forum

MA church sign sparks bullying and threats: “Two men are friends not spouses”

Ontario gay ‘rights’ bill heads to committee after 66-33 vote

Protests erupt across Ontario against Liberal gvmt ‘anti-bullying’ Bill 13

Kevin Theriot: Savage Speech Reveals Double Standard

    Kevin Theriot at Townhall: In addition to pushing to redefine marriage in different states around the country, homosexual activists have spent the last year or two pushing for censorship of free speech under the guise of “anti-bullying” campaigns. There is a serious problem with the very idea of “anti-bullying” campaigns which often culminate in legislation or policies geared specifically toward protecting those who say they are homosexual from criticism or offense. These laws routinely violate the First Amendment because they not only restrict some free speech but create a double standard which allows offensive and demeaning criticism of groups that aren’t protected by the “anti-bullying” statutes or policies

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“Obama specifically for protecting LGBT students”

Anti-bullying bills & sexual politics some insights from Louisiana

ACLU: “Obama Administration Endorses Student Non-Discrimination Act”

Unioto, ACLU near deal to avert bullying lawsuit

Michael Brown: The Day of Silencing

“Anti-Bullying Laws are Pro Gay: Christian Groups”

Ontario faces ‘years of litigation’ if McGuinty’s anti-bullying bill passes: Evangelicals