Bill of Rights “don’t exist on school’s campus”

Cameron Univ. official: University policy trumps First Amendment

Notre Dame uses cops to shut down students’ traditional marriage table

University reverses professor’s ban on thanking God at graduation

UGA faces accusation it is limiting free speech

Clemson: Freedom from Religion group misconstrued facts

Catholic group’s pro-marriage table removed from Notre Dame campus

Professor calls for destruction of student-run newspaper, University turns a blind eye

University of Hawaii students prevented from distributing copies of U.S. Constitution

Clemson football coach lives out faith, under scrutiny

Winthrop University students put wire hangers into lawn to ridicule pro-life efforts

ACLJ files lawsuit on behalf of student denied admission due to religious beliefs

Yale to open on-campus ministry center, will host Bible studies and prayer meetings

Pro-life display vandalized at George Washington University

The closing of the academic mind

    M.G. Oprea at The Federalist: “Unfortunately, this is already a reality in most universities across America, where academics and university administrators alike are trying, often successfully, to discredit and prohibit certain ideas and ways of thinking. Particularly in the humanities, many ideas are no longer considered legitimate, and debate over them is de facto non-existent. In order to delegitimize researchers who are out of line, academics brand them with one of several terms that have emerged from social science theory.”

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Choose Life at Yale denied Dwight Hall membership, funds

Va. community colleges relax speech restrictions

No legal recourse for Gallaudet University official demoted because she signed anti-same-sex-marriage petition

Va. college system eliminates “free speech zones”

Settlement sought in free speech case by Christian student at TNCC | Daily Press

Atheist group accuses Clemson football program of “Christian worship”

ACLU seeks to oppose diocese in birth control suit

Lawyers challenge B.C. approval of Trinity Western law school

Pro-life, pro-marriage advocates arrested at Canadian university

Ross Douthat: Diversity and dishonesty

Virginia Community College System suspends “free speech zones” | AP

Trinity Western law school approved in B.C. despite “gay rights” dispute

Professor incites destruction of student newspaper while university shrugs

Canada: Law society to debate Trinity Western University’s homosexual behavior ban

Brandeis University withdraws planned honorary degree for Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Once bastions of free speech, campuses now stifle students | Bakersfield Californian

Transgender student files complaint against Christian college after being told he can’t live in male dorms

Rule on campus preaching suspended after lawsuit | The Virginian-Pilot

Union Univ. sues over requirement for abortion-causing drugs

OSU pays $101k in settlement | ABC

Oregon State pays six-figure settlement after confiscating newspaper boxes | Student Press Law Center

OSU Pays $101,000 to settle campus paper lawsuit | OPB

The suppression of speech on American campuses: Dr. Ken Howell’s story | Cardinal Newman Society

Oregon State University pays $101,000 to settle First Amendment lawsuit over trashed student newspaper | The Oregonian

Cost of violating First Amendment for OSU: $101,000

Canadian court certifies class action against Anglican boarding school for abuse of students

Christian student files lawsuit against Va. college for barring him from preaching on campus | Christian Post

Lawsuit: Student talking about Jesus told to shut up | The College Fix

Christian student barred from preaching on community college campus files suit | Christian News

Newman Society, Catholic colleges challenge federal labor board in possible landmark case | Newman Society

Pro-life display allowed at Purdue after group protests

University of Michigan art show celebrates abortion

Eugene Volokh: UC Santa Barbara Vice Chancellor issues statement supporting free speech

After not being promoted, UNC-W professor wins lawsuit | The Daily Tar Heel

Fired college employee gets help from ADF before Supreme Court review | OneNewsNow

National Association of Scholars on Stanford’s “safe space”

Stanford marriage conference protested by LGBT students | Catholic San Francisco

Christian student sues TNCC, asserting college violated his rights | Daily Press

University of California-Santa Barbara professor charged in confrontation with pro-life teen

UNC professor wins lawsuit against school over denial of promotion | University Herald

Jury rules for Christian professor in case against university | The New American

Pete Spiliakos: When dissent is equated with violence

Greg Lukianoff: Free speech gets torn up and run over on college campuses

“Gay student says Missouri Baptist school denied readmission”

Stanford relents, lifts “free speech tax” on pro-marriage conference

Student sues Va. college system over preaching issue | Virginian-Pilot

TNCC student sues in freedom of speech case | AP

Planned Parenthood president to deliver commencement address at Barnard College

Rod Dreher: Stanford’s Jim Crow speech tax

California sisters fighting back after professor steals graphic pro-life sign; police report released

UT volunteers to change speech policy – after lawsuit filed | OneNewsNow

Campus pro-life group wins battle on campus | OneNewsNow

Stanford Anscombe Society demands tax on free speech be removed

Stanford, marriage, and abortion controversies, and the mission of a university

Notre Dame panel addresses Catholic marriage

    The Observer: “On Monday evening, the Tocqueville Program, the Institute for Church Life, the Gender Relations Center and the Center for Ethics and Culture sponsored a panel discussion entitled ‘Marriage, the Church, and the Common Good: Philosophical, Pastoral, and Social Reflections.’ The panel featured Sherif Girgis, Ryan Anderson, Ron Belgau and Jennifer Roback Morse, who discussed evolving views on sexuality and challenges people face in modern marriages.”

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Indiana lawmakers query Ball State on intelligent design