Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty to testify before Congress

Congress passes two bills on international religious freedom

Despite doctor suggesting abortion, Congresswoman’s miracle baby turns one

    The Daily Signal: Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash., told Fox and Friends Monday that “even well-meaning doctors don’t always know” best. After discovering her daughter had been diagnosed with a rare fetal syndrome, Beutler’s doctor told her that many women “would be scheduling a termination now,” Beutler told People. Doctors wrongly predicted Beutler’s daughter wouldn’t survive past pregnancy because of her lack of kidneys, but the now one-year-old “miracle” child proved them wrong.

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Video of Foreign Affairs Committee’s 3/26 hearing on religious persecution in Vietnam

Religious freedom in House budget

Nancy Pelosi receives Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award

Texas Judge Costa moves to full Senate vote

Boehner urges Supreme Court to reverse contraception mandate

Bart Stupak: The contraception mandate doublecross

Senate confirms Carolyn McHugh to 10th Circuit bench

John Boozman & J. Randy Forbes: The basic right of a free people

Congressmen ask DoD to issue stronger religious liberty instructions

Senate set to elevate Utah judge to 10th Circuit

Arizona senators still don’t back same-sex “marriage”

Muslim group to get own caucus on Capitol Hill

Bill to name special religious freedom envoy on hold

Senate Republicans mum on Arizona religious liberty bill

“Arizona senators want veto of bill allowing refusal of service to gays” | The Post-Standard

Uproar over McConnell challenger’s comments on legal implications of same-sex “marriage”

Judicial nominations debate looms after recess

Sens. Cruz and Lee introduce State Marriage Defense Act

Mike Lee: When Obama rewrites Obamacare, why doesn’t anyone sue him?

    Weekly Standard: “Republicans have denounced such actions as ‘lawless.’ But if what the president has done is illegal, then why haven’t Republicans, or anyone else, taken him to court to stop him? According to Senator Mike Lee of Utah, a conservative Republican with impeccable legal credentials, the main problem is finding someone who would have the standing to sue the president over his unilateral changes to the law.”

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Christians face increasing persecution, congressman says

House GOP fights effort to limit political groups

New legislation seeks to affirm religious freedom in military

Bill makes cemetery vandalism violation of religious liberty

Attacks on Christians in India continue to go unpunished

The IRS drive to silence the Right

Marco Rubio: U.N. overreaches, tramples religious liberty

Planned Parenthood to honor Pelosi at gala

Obamacare and religious liberty: Mandating carcinogens as “women’s preventive health”

Ilya Shapiro: Defending religious liberty against Obamacare

House passes bill to bar federal funds for abortion

Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to “moderate” Syrian rebels

Yuval Levin: An Obamacare replacement in the Senate

Sen. Alexander to file bill encouraging school choice

White House threatens veto of House bill banning federal funds for abortion

Robert P. George: Congress can defend religious freedom abroad

State victories create dilemma for pro-lifers

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn to retire

House Judiciary rejects D.C. exemption to abortion bill

Congress strengthens religious freedom for the military

Bishops’ official voices support for “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act”

GOP House Targets Health Care Law; 67 Dems Join In

‘Abortion Care Costs More than Their Monthly Rent,’ Professor Testifies

Cruz Calls President ‘Dangerous And Terrifying’: ‘Lawlessness On A Breathtaking Scale’

Reid’s Uncompromising Power Play in Senate Rankles Republicans

Congressional Leaders Continue To Show Support For Educational Choice

Increased IRS political role hits agency funding

Paul Clement Takes on Health Care Law Again

Johnson sues over ObamaCare subsidies

Two House Members Object To VA Hospital Christmas Celebration Policies

The President vs. The Senate: Supreme Court to weigh in on Obama’s nominations power play

    David Rivkin and Lee Casey at Wall Street Journal (via Google): Later this month the Supreme Court will hear a case that should resolve how much latitude presidents have to make recess appointments to federal offices that otherwise require Senate confirmation. The boundary of this power has never been decided by the high court. Yet the entire scheme of the U.S. Constitution—which is based on a separation of powers, enforced through checks and balances to safeguard individual liberty—is at stake. Noel Canning v. NLRB involves several recess appointments President Obama made to the National Labor Relations Board on Jan. 4, 2012.

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Dem calls on Uganda’s president to veto criminal sodomy bill

Five Senate races to watch

GOP poll: Cochran in trouble in Mississippi

Reid hospitalized for observation

Senate GOP to skip town, leave Dems working weekend shift

Is Congress Turning Off Your Televangelist?

America, We Have a Problem — It’s a Constitutional Crisis

    Fred J. Eckert at Townhall: America, we have a problem: We are in the midst of a serious constitutional crisis. Consider what has been happening in our nation’s capital: President Barack Obama has asserted and acted upon the notion that he can at whim and by decree make changes to law – and Speaker Boehner is complicit both by his continuing acceptance of the president’s unilaterally changing law and by his publicly urging the president to do so one more time.

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Budget bill clears key test vote in Senate

Zero Senate Republicans support House budget plan?

Boehner lashes at conservative groups: ‘They’ve lost all credibility’

Boehner slams conservative groups

Senate GOP Could Taste Sweet Revenge In Supreme Court Case

Senate Dems Push Obama Nominees, Gop Bides Time

Republicans tout campaign to blunt Obama’s executive powers

Senate Democrats to move quickly on nominations

Abortion Advocates Intimidate Witnesses and Cover Up Contraception Scandal

Abortion Coverage Lurks in Insurance Plans Including Congress’

“Congresswoman Speier Calls Again for End to LGBT Conversion Quackery”

Some Reid staffers exempt from Obamacare