The DeMint–McConnell Feud: A History

Polls Show Obamacare Wave Building Against Senate Democrats

Democrats Face Battles in South to Hold the Senate

Issa: FBI impeding inquiry into IRS targeting of conservative groups

White House, allies weigh nomination strategy under new Senate rules

Filibuster faces terminal decline

Is There a New Filibuster Rule? Will Baude at Volokh Conspiracy

Harkin calls for more rule changes

Partisan Fever in Senate Likely to Rise

Senate fights over appeals court key to Obama agenda

A Time to Go Nuclear? | Jonathan Adler at Volokh Conspiracy

Senator Reid to Invoke ‘Nuclear Option’: Conservatives See More Scalias in Their Future

Protect India’s religious minorities: U.S. House resolution

House approves automatic fines for filing frivolous lawsuits

Orrin Hatch: Power Grab In Judicial Nominations

In shift, GOP wants ObamaCare fix

Rep. Issa jolts IRS probe with subpoena

Kathleen Sebelius to Congress: Delay of health care law ‘not an option’

Harry Reid Opens Door To Nuking The Filibuster For Judges

Senate Nears ENDA Vote, Religious Liberty In Danger

Senate Adopts GOP Amendment on ENDA

Activists enlist big business in ENDA push

Senate Bill Bans Discrimination Against Cross-Dressers

Religious liberty for sale, some GOP Senators bow to ENDA big money

Nevada GOP Senator Backs ENDA, 60 vote threshold met

Graham readies 20-week abortion ban

Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks Heads to the Senate

Reportedly, GOP Senators join effort to undermine religious liberty, support ENDA

Collegiality, Court-Packing, and the D.C. Circuit

Sen. Ron Johnson prepared to sue over Congressional Obamacare exemptions

Reid promises ENDA vote before Thanksgiving, religious liberty at stake

GOP: Did Obamacare site hide prices?

GOP-Leadership-Backed CR Funds Reg Forcing Christians to Act Against Faith

GOP presses Sebelius to explain ObamaCare rollout

GOP’s McConnell promises no more shutdowns over ObamaCare

Group accuses McConnell of putting ‘Kentucky Kickback’ in bill (Video)

Shutdown ends; Obama signs deal

Booker wins New Jersey Senate race

Heritage Foundation ‘In Danger of Losing Its Clout,’ Sen. Hatch Says | CNSNews Video

Cruz: ‘Had Senate Republicans United,’ Outcome Would Be ‘Very Different’

The Sequester: The Hammer Republicans Hold | George F. Will at Human Events

78% Want To Throw Out Entire Congress and Start Over

White House stands by Sebelius amid ouster calls over ObamaCare rollout

Boehner to allow House vote on emerging Senate debt-ceiling deal

Boehner might allow House vote on Senate Bill

Reince Priebus To House Gop: Hold The Line In Fiscal Fight

Ted Cruz confronts President Obama at White House

Senate approves bill for military chaplains to conduct services during slimdown

Reid pans six-week debt deal

Establishment GOPers Assail Tea Party On Shutdown

NBC/WSJ poll: 60 percent say fire every member of Congress

Senate GOP rallies around rival plan on debt ceiling, shutdown

Moody’s offers different view on debt limit

    Washington Post: In a memo being circulated on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Moody’s Investors Service offers “answers to frequently asked questions” about the government shutdown, now in its second week, and the federal debt limit. President Obama has said that, unless Congress acts to raise the $16.7 trillion limit by next Thursday, the nation will be at risk of default. Not so, Moody’s says in the memo dated Oct. 7.

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President, Dems split on strategy

GOP Senators Shrug Off Debt-Limit Deadline

Senate Chaplain Shows His Disapproval During Morning Prayer

House votes on restoring full chaplain services

Did ObamaCare Wreck Washington? | WSJ video

Darrell Issa’s committee to investigate why open-air memorials were closed as part of shutdown

Growing Number of Democrats Voting With House GOP to Fund Non-Obamacare Parts of Gov’t

Kagan: Confirmation Process ‘Sort Of Broken’

Bipartisan House Group Offers Compromise to End Shutdown Impasse

House rejects GOP’s piecemeal spending bills (Video)

Gowdy: ‘Can We Not Last for a Week on Something as Important as Religious Liberty?’

Latest House CR Funds and Permits Obamacare’s Attack on Free Exercise of Catholicism

Planned Parenthood investigation receives little media attention | Citizens Voice

Senate Dems use birth control language to slam GOP

Cruz to House Conservatives: Oppose Boehner

Cruz: If House GOP Stands Its Ground, Reid Cannot Fund Obamacare

Rubio: Senators Will ‘Have to Explain to Their Constituents Why They Voted for This’

    CNSNews: “[T]he American people are more aware today than they were 24, 48 hours ago about why Obamacare is so bad and the dangers of it. And now everyone here will have to vote, and they’ll have to explain — if they vote against defunding Obamacare — when this thing goes through and it starts hurting people, like it already is — they’re going to have to explain to their constituents why they voted for this and why they keep funding it.”

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Senate party line vote restores Obamacare funding