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‘Right Side of History,’ or Primed to Say Yes? | Mark Regnerus at NRO

    Mark Regnerus at NRO: Here is what the Rice study’s authors say they discovered: First, they found less support for same-sex marriage than polls like Gallup and CNN tend to find. In fact, in 2012, 53 percent of those surveyed agreed that the only legal marriage should be between a man and a woman, while 13 percent sat on the fence, and 33 percent disagreed with the statement. Second, they detected no statistically significant change in overall sentiment on same-sex marriage over those six years.

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When servants behave as rulers | Ben Carson at Washington Times

“Civil Rights Includes Gays 50 Years After March” | AP on CNS

“Islam’s ability to empower is a magnet to black British youths” | The Guardian

Russian Minister: Homosexual relations like drug abuse, we want to protect our children

Hemant Mehta on rising atheism among millenials: ‘It’s not that Christianity is unpopular, it’s that it’s untrue.’

    Raw Story (carries CNN video): “Not all the millenials who are leaving church are necessarily flocking to atheism. But if you ask young people, if you ask millenials what comes to mind when they think of Christianity, when they think of the church, they will tell you it’s anti-gay, anti-doubt, anti-woman, anti-science, anti-sex education,” Mehta said. “We all know what the church is against, and we really don’t care what the church is for when you have that much baggage.”

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Multiple partner relationships could become norm, says BBC

The Longer Hispanics Experience U.S. Culture, The Less Socially Conservative they Become | Barna Group

Why Not Treat Marriage like a Test Drive? | Kellie Fiedorek at Townhall

To Oklahoma’s American Indian tribes, Veronica is a battle cry for cultures

“The Quiet Gay-Rights Revolution in America’s Churches” | The Atlantic

    Molly Ball at The Atlantic: Gradually, and largely below the radar, religious Americans have powered this momentous shift. In 2004, just 36 percent of Catholics, the Christian sect most supportive of gay marriage, favored it, along with 34 percent of mainline Protestants; today, it’s 57 percent of Catholics and 55 percent of mainline Protestants. Even among white evangelical Protestants, the most hostile group to gay marriage, support has more than doubled, from 11 percent in 2004 to 24 percent in 2013. “This debate has gone from a debate between nonreligious and religious Americans to a debate dividing religious Americans,” said Robert Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute, who has closely tracked the evolution in public opinion.

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Why Is It So Difficult to Discuss Marriage?

    Jean Bethke Elshtain at Public Discourse: Americans have lost ways of talking about their commitments and what gives their lives meaning, except in and through a subjective kind of rights-talk. Other “languages” central to the American political tradition—civic republicanism or a rich scripturally-inspired language (here all one need do is read Abraham Lincoln’s great speeches)—have faded as rights-talk has triumphed.

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