C.S. Lewis, From Atheist To Hot Christian Author

    Investors Business Daily: On Nov. 22, 1963, a week before his 65th birthday, Lewis died of kidney failure. His death received little attention, overshadowed by the assassination of President Kennedy. This fall, on the 50th anniversary of his death, Lewis will join some of Britain’s greatest writers when a memorial honoring him will be placed in the Poets’ Corner of Westminster Abbey in London.

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“Ex-NFL QB To Speak At Mormon Conference On Gays”

Christian Liberties, The Stepchild Of Today’s 1st Amendment | David Limbaugh at Human Events

“The new fight: Business asks, Do I have to serve a gay couple?” | MSNBC

Mormon Church Creates New Online Resources To Promote Religious Freedom

Traditional marriage plea heads to Court | SCOTUS Blog

Elane Photography | Jim Campbell on Dead Reckoning TV

Ugly and dangerous realities of the counterculture

“Gay Marriage Stirs Little Public Outcry in NM” | ABC (AP)

TN: Treating marriage like a car lease | Video

Man Who Shot Up Pro-Life Office “Wanted to Kill Conservative, Right-Wing Christians”

Marriage, Community, & Kinship | Andrew T. Walker at Public Discourse

No permit, but bikers plan D.C. ride to protest Muslim 9/11 march

Arkansas Family Council: Surprising Study on Same-Sex Marriage

UK: Marriage ‘no longer the foundation stone of family life’

A Guide to Saving Marriage: Building a different kind of culture.

    National Review: Hilary Towers is a developmental psychologist and a mother of five whose work focuses on marriage and parenting. She recently co-authored a series for the National Catholic Register on how we can better support and protect marriage as a culture and in communities (see here and here). She talks about these things with National Review Online.

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‘Gay-Free’ Alternative to Boy Scouts Launches | TIME

“Same-Sex Marriage Ruling May Polarize the Marriage Equality Debate” | Jurist

America’s Christian Slaves

Scalia: Traditional Christian virtues essential to capitalism

“Same-sex marriage fuels debate over path to change”

The Social Costs of Abandoning the Meaning of Marriage | Ryan T. Anderson at Heritage Foundation

Os Hillman Got It Totally Wrong About the Christian-Owned Bakery in Oregon

Miley Cyrus and Ugly Sex | Victor David Hansen at NRO

Jack Nicholson on Abortion: ‘I’m Positively Against It’ — ‘I Never Would Have Gotten to Live’

California Bill Targeting Boy Scouts Illustrates Threats to Religious Freedom

Cohabiting mothers at greater risk financially, UVa research finds | Daily Progress

Bringing the Gospel to the Burgeoning Catholic Latino Population in the U.S. | NC Register

US bishops ask Friday prayers to combat pornography

Why Using Anti-Discrimination Laws Against Wedding Photographers Doesn’t Work

Abortion in America: A Passing Trend | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Epidemic of babies thrown into trash cans a revival of pagan custom of ‘exposure’: Catholic deacon

“Mainers’ acceptance of gay marriage up, according to new poll”

Poll: 47% support marriage redefinition in Ohio

North-South divide over abortion grows

“Christians for Gay Marriage Launch ‘Not All Like That’ Campaign”

Hey AP: Where is religious left on religious liberty issues? | Patheos

    Terry Mattingly at Patheos: Truth is, the old coalitions that used to support religious liberty have been shattered —. . . The Louisiana Baptist Convention is advising congregations to rewrite their bylaws to state they only allow heterosexual marriage ceremonies, and the Alliance Defending Freedom, a religious liberty group that opposes same-sex marriage, is advising the same. But legal experts across a spectrum of views on gay rights say it can’t happen given strong First Amendment protections for what happens inside the sanctuary.

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Hotels and the Pornography Plague: An Example of Moral Responsibility from Scandinavia | Robert P. George and Hamza Yusuf at Public Discourse

Catholic Bishop Warns Against Rise Of Anti-christian Bigotry In U.s.

How Christians Should Engage Modern Online Culture

Our Challenges: A symposium on the future of First Things.

    First Things: First things remain first things. The dignity of the human person, the joys and duties of the religious life, the harmony of faith and reason, the profound, indispensible contributions that theologically serious citizens can make to a demo­cratic, pluralistic society: All these and more remain unchanging truths. But the context in which we bear witness to these things has changed since Richard John Neuhaus began First Things nearly twenty-five years ago.

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UK: My daughter’s boyfriend put pressure on her to have an abortion

The ‘Human Rights’ Juggernaut: Does the First Amendment protect wedding ­photographers? | Weekly Standard

    Mark Hemingway at Weekly Standard: For one thing, it’s hard to argue that wedding photographers provide the same service to all customers, as is typical under public accommodation laws. “When you order public accommodation, you have to sell your hamburgers to everybody, you have to rent your hotel rooms to everybody. That’s just a uniform product being sold to everyone without discrimination,” Jordan Lorence, a lawyer for the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Christian legal group representing Elane Photography, told The Weekly Standard. “There are some commercial professions—like a videographer, a speechwriter, a website designer—where there’s no standard product. The product is inherently expressive. Then when you add to that a ceremony that’s expressing ideas, going to a wedding photographer and saying I want you to use your photojournalistic skills to tell the story of my event in the best way possible, you have this huge freedom of speech issue.” . . . Lorence’s use of the term “photojournalist” is also telling. Professional photojournalists sometimes moonlight as wedding photographers. It seems odd that First Amendment protections would apply to a person being paid to document events in some circumstances and not in others. “I think the New Mexico supreme court totally blew it, because they keep talking about photographers like they’re segregated lunch counters dispensing hamburgers,” said Lorence.

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US judge orders Christian photographers to shoot same sex ceremonies | Christian Concern

“Bottum’s Up on Same Sex Marriage” | Jennifer Roback Morse at Christian Post

Muslims paying Aborigines to convert to Islam, Rise Up candidate claims | Brisbane Times

“It is the price of citizenship”?—An elegy for religious liberty in America | Albert Mohler

Freedom: Another Casualty of the Gay Agenda | Frank Turek at Christian Post

UK Chief Rabbi links secularised society with breakdown of marriage

College debts delaying marriage for graduates

UK: “Young people think opposition to gay marriage is wicked, says archbishop”

Religious compromise as “the price of citizenship” | Patheos

US photographer must shoot lesbian ceremony, says judge | Christian Institute

“Hawaii churches gather to oppose a gay marriage special session”

“Over half of all employers offer benefits to same-sex spouses, domestic partners, survey shows”

How to lose the fight over gay ‘marriage’ in one easy step | John Jalsevac at LifeSiteNews

“Gay-marriage backers head to court”

“Court: Christian photographers cannot refuse gay ceremonies” | Catholic News Agency

NM High Court Rules Against Christian Photography Shop | MO FPC

“Christians Must Compromise Faith To Accommodate Others” Says NM Supreme Court

“The Elite Project of Gay Marriage” | R.R. Reno at First Things

Roped into prayer? Local chaplain offended by Christian content at Wild West show

What the Persecution will look like | Edward Mechmann at NY Catholic Archdiocese