Toronto Catholic school officials tried to block GSA ban, claimed it broke law

Gallup: 72% of Americans Think the Country’s Moral Values Are ‘Getting Worse’

    CNSNews: A large majority of Americans hold a bleak outlook on the state of morality in the United States, as 72% said the nation’s moral values are “getting worse,” and only 20% said that moral values are “getting better,” according to a recent Gallup survey

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“Boy Scouts Receive 19,000 Signatures Supporting Gay Membership Ban as Vote Looms” | Christian Post

Boy Scout Leaders To Vote On Lifting Ban on Open Homosexuality

Eagle Scout urges BSA: Don’t abandon your values | One News Now

Conservative public interest law firm fires latest shot in culture war over Boy Scout membership policy. | Dallas Morning News

“Current, Past Boy Scouts Urge Group to Keep Gay Member Ban” | Charisma News

“Same-sex marriage could take decades to be legal in every state” | Guardian

Nearly 19,000 Americans to Boy Scouts: Uphold membership policy | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Church Of Scotland Takes Step To Allow Gay Clergy”

Gallup: “In U.S., Record-High Say Gay, Lesbian Relations Morally OK”

Kermit Gosnell: Epiphany for Birthers? | John B. Londegran at Public Discourse

UK: 1 in 10 under 25 now Muslim, rapid decline in Christianity

“EU Survey Reveals Many Gays Live In Fear” on International Day Against Homophobia | AP

Hollywood’s ‘Gay Culture’ Reshaping America

France struggles to fight radical Islam in its jails

The Forty-Year Fight: Ginsburg laments the course of abortion and ‘Feminism’

Catholic Statement on Proposed Change to Boy Scouts Membership Policy

KKK Lynched 3,446 Blacks in 86 Years – Abortion Claims That Many Black Babies in ‘Less Than Four Days’

Redefining Marriage Will Sever the Roots of Children’s Family Trees

Same-Sex “Marriage”: Why We Don’t Fight

    John Zmirak at Aleteia: Marriage is under assault, and in just the last month, we have seen some surprising, depressing concessions: Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi opined to the press that Christians could accept “civil unions” of same-sex couples. Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan told a town hall meeting in Wisconsin that while he still opposed homosexual “marriage,” he supported the “right” of same-sex couples to adopt children. Evangelical Christian pastors, afraid of alienating younger members of their churches, have begun to back away from this issue. Even Catholic and Evangelical leaders whose views are orthodox have become reluctant to “pick this hill to die on.” A gifted writer and Catholic priest confessed to me, “I have held off on commenting on the marriage issue. I’m just too frightened of the backlash.”

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Rocky Mountain Poll: Majority in Arizona support marriage redefinition

Boy Scouts Would Abandon Own Supreme Court Victory | Ed Whelan

90% of American’s agree on these 12 things

Gallup: “Same-Sex Marriage Support Solidifies Above 50% in U.S.”

Justice Ginsburg: Roe v. Wade provided ‘target’ for abortion-rights opponents

Carey: Govt paints marriage traditionalists as ‘dinosaurs’

“Goodell on gay players in NFL: It will be accepted, not just tolerated”

Gallup Poll: 58% of Americans Oppose All or Most Abortions

Mapping Unwed Motherhood

Gosnell, Law, and Modest First Steps | Christopher O. Tollefsen at Public Discourse

“Indian country torn over gay marriage”

    Miami Herald: With more Native Americans making similar demands, the Suquamish tribe is one of three that have signed off on marriage by same-sex couples, laws that apply only on their land. Legal analysts predict that more tribes will follow, giving new rights to what many Native Americans call “two-spirit” individuals, who carry both a feminine and masculine spirit. Still, the issue is far from settled in Indian country.

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Will same-sex marriage momentum influence the Supreme Court? | Lyle Denniston

Conservatives and the Non-Triumph of Capitalism | Samuel Gregg at Public Discourse

Three Spiritual Journeys of Millennials | The Barna Group

Loveless Marriage And The Spectre Of Engineered “Singularity”

Marriage Myth Busted: Women Not Looking for Sugar Daddies

“RI Bishop on Gay Marriage: We’ve Entered ‘Post-Christian Era’”

“Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards thriving amid controversy” | The Hill

The Feminist, Pro-Father, and Pro-Child Case against No-Fault Divorce

Boy Scouts of America Survey: 61% Support Current Policy of Excluding Homosexuals

UK: “‘First ever’ C of E service to affirm transsexual”

NFL to re-educate and counsel players on homophobia

ESPN Issues Language Guidelines to Promote the Homosexual Agenda

Why Is There a Campus Hookup Culture? Feminism, careerism, and secularism are to blame. | Dennis Prager at NRO

    Dennis Prager at NRO: In our dialogue, we agreed that her book’s subtitle was accurate, but we disagreed as to the cause. Freitas, who holds a Ph.D. in religious studies, blamed it on peer pressure, the sex-drenched social media of young people, and the ubiquity of pornography. I blamed three other culprits: feminism, careerism, and secularism.

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Cohabitation Nation: Sliding v. Deciding for Marriage

Law, Self Government, and Marriage | Benjamin L. Smith at First Things

    Benjamin L. Smith at First Things: Unfortunately the sentimentality surrounding this phrase can obscure the plain facts of the matter. New generations must replace old generations. There must be a never-ending supply of farmers, entrepreneurs, soldiers, voters, statesmen, taxpayers, intellectuals, and others for society to provide essential goods and services. Furthermore, there is overwhelming evidence of the sociological and economic benefits of traditional, heterosexual marriage. For all of these reasons the promulgation of heterosexual marriage contracts is justified by grave public necessity; the legal establishment of heterosexual marriage is justified by the common good.

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Tocqueville, Texas, Marriage, and Zombie Catholicism | Robert Zaretsky at NYT

“African-Americans, the Last Democratic Holdouts on Gay Marriage?”

Conservatives wanted: Colorado University seeks intellectual diversity at liberal bastion

Carnegie Mellon unsure if naked woman mocking pope violates ‘our community standards’

Prom dress code has New Jersey moms up in (bare) arms

WV: Principal reverses dress code decision

RGIII: Americans ‘Held Hostage By The Tyranny Of Political Correctness’

Miami Archbishop: ‘Gay Marriage,’ Moral Relativism – Society ‘On Its Way To Totalitarianism’

“Pushing the G.O.P. to Support Gay Rights” | NY Times

Poll: 42 percent of Americans unsure if Obamacare is still law

Something Rotten in the Boy Scouts

Anglican Bishops of W. Indies denounce Obama blackmail over homosexual agenda

Scarred By Polygamy, Victims Confront ‘sister Wives’

Marriage Rests on the Thin Reed of Its Prestige

Activists target National Day of Prayer leader for opposing marriage redefinition

NFL reminds teams of sexual orientation anti-discrimination policy

Media pulls out all stops to normalize homosexual behavior in sports

    Sports Illustrated: I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay. I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation. I wish I wasn’t the kid in the classroom raising his hand and saying, “I’m different.” If I had my way, someone else would have already done this. Nobody has, which is why I’m raising my hand.

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Portraits: New Numerology Of Hate Grows In Myanmar

Turkish minister to sue opposition deputy over polygamy remarks

ACLU Warns High School Principal Who Removed Transgender Pennsylvania Student From Prom King Ballot

How America Can Deal With Militant Islam | Patrick Buchanan at the American Conservative

More Than Half of Evangelicals View Islam as a Violent Religion

Be Cool: A New Guide for Culture, Politics and Policy | Alan Sears at Townhall

“Mormon church OK with ending Boy Scouts’ ban on gay youth”

Could Pregnancy be a Reason NOT to Get Married? | David Lapp at Family Scholars

    David Lapp at Family Scholars: In “Promises I Can Keep,” Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas find that among the poor single mothers they interviewed, “Nearly everyone has a morality tale to tell of two fools who rushed into marriage only to divorce.” And, “The harshest condemnation is reserved for those who marry because of pregnancy. Such marriages, they believe, are almost certain to end in divorce, and thus benefit neither the couple nor the child.”

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The Collapsing of the American Skull: The parameters in which we allow ourselves to think about vital issues shrink remorselessly. | Mark Steyn at NRO