Two-thirds favor Indiana Defense of Marriage Constitutional Amendment

The New Narcotic

Not All Marriages Are Created Equal

Christians, Pastors and Politics | Edwin Meese at Christian Post

UK: Christianity relegated as RE squeezed out of schools

Bakery Bullies: LGBT groups are leading a hateful intimidation campaign against Christian cakemakers.

British Scouts Adopt Alternative Promise For Nonbelievers Omitting Reference To God

“New Supreme Court session could include broad array of LGBT cases”

Divorce Attorneys Will Love ObamaCare

Russia will defend national identity, based on religious values – Putin

Christians Complain of Persecution for Defending Traditional Marriage

“Why Are You Folks Spending So Much Time On Marriage?” | ACLU

When the bizarre is commonplace | Robert Knight at Washington Times

“Mormons Pushing Church Stance On Homosexuality” | AP

A Married Mom and Dad Really Do Matter: New Evidence from Canada | Mark Regnerus at Public Discourse

US Adults Score Below Average On Worldwide Test

National Cathedral Leader: ‘Homophobia’ a Sin; Same-Sex Marriages Will Be Performed

Mormon Leader Defends Stance Vs. Same-sex Marriage

“Why same-sex marriage would be bad for Illinois”

McGuffey’s No. 1 School Text: Religion not merely a private affair, social order rests on it | Investor’s Business Daily

Panel Discussion: Religious Liberty and Freedom in America

Mom and Dad Together, as It Should Be | AWR Hawkins at American Thinker

Catholics in US less likely to divorce, study shows

Latinos move towards pope, church and Democrats

Religion and Public Life in America | R.R. Reno at Imprimis

    R.R. Reno in Imprimis: Religious liberty is being redefined in America, or at least many would like it to be. Our secular establishment wants to reduce the autonomy of religious institutions and limit the influence of faith in the public square. The reason is not hard to grasp. In America, “religion” largely means Christianity, and today our secular culture views orthodox Christian churches as troublesome, retrograde, and reactionary forces. They’re seen as anti-science, anti-gay, and anti-women—which is to say anti-progress as the Left defines progress. Not surprisingly, then, the Left believes society will be best served if Christians are limited in their influence on public life.

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Malaysian PM Najib Razak Warns of the Battle for Islam

7 illogical things pro-choicers said | Kristi Burton Brown at Live Action News

“Some Businesses Balk at Gay Weddings: Photographers, Bakers Face Legal Challenges After Rejecting Jobs on Religious Grounds” | WSJ

Can You Defend Traditional Marriage? These Arguments Will Stump You Unless You’re Prepared

Event today: What does ethics have to do with sexuality, marriage? | Alliance Defending Freedom

Former teen mom leads organization to support pregnant women | LifeSiteNews

Exxon To Offer Benefits To Same-Sex Couples In U.S.

The Christian response to abortion: choosing hope over despair, compassion over cold-heartedness, caring over violence

Taking Back City Hall: Christians Urged to Speak Up at City Council Meetings on ‘Duty to Obey God’

Should Washington Pay Parents to Raise Future Taxpayers?

Ted Cruz and the Power of Conviction | David French at NRO

11 things pro-choicers don’t get | LifeSiteNews

SBC Seminary Leader: Immorality, when celebrated, is ominous

Pa. Pastor Says He Was Fired For Same-Sex Wedding

“Are Gay-Rights Laws Trampling on Freedom of Religion?” | The Atlantic

Quarter Of Americans Using Social Media For News

Religious freedom denied by New Mexico Supreme Court | Washington Times

Vandals torch Ronald Reagan statue at California park

Religious freedom denied by New Mexico Supreme Court

Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew Speaks Out Strongly! No to Homosexual ‘Marriage’

“Gay Marriage Collides With Religious Liberty”

Religion Runs in the Family

    Christianity Today: For Vern Bengtson, a longtime scholar at the University of Southern California, this question has driven a career’s worth of research. Thirty-five years ago, Bengtson began examining the religious beliefs and practices of more than 3,500 grandparents, parents, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. These efforts have culminated with his forthcoming study, Families and Faith: How Religion is Passed Down across Generations (Oxford University Press). The book, co-authored with research assistants Norella Putney and Susan Harris, looks at how parents seek to reproduce religious faith in their children amid an increasingly individualistic society.

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57 percent believe in the devil, 72 percent for blacks, 61 percent for women

“Homophobia In Nigeria: The Dangers, The Law And The Reality [VIDEO]” | Int. Bus. Times

Atheists’ world tour to push godless church

Households on Food Stamps Now Outnumber All Households in Northeast U.S.

Millennials and Marriage | Rachel Lu at Public Discourse

    Rachel Lu at Public Discourse: Marriage has given structure and purpose to the lives of an incredibly diverse array of people, across millennia of human history. It can work for young Americans today. And the consolations of family life could help to compensate for the other disappointments and challenges that these over-optimistic youth are likely to encounter once they move beyond the classroom. Millennials want to hear this, and they need to know. If their elders want to atone for the mistakes of yesteryear, now is the time to start talking about marriage.

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The Nearlyweds: Couples cohabiting without marriage a growing trend — for blacks, too?

    The Grio (MSNBC): Enter the “nearlywed” couples, which a recent feature in Glamour magazine describes as “couples with all the trappings of marriage—the home, the in-laws, the shared Labradoodle, maybe even the kids—but no actual marriage certificate.” Declaring “nearlyweds” as the latest leaders in relationship trends, Glamour interviewed several (white) couples who extolled the virtues of this commitment-like, but not-all-the-way committed, phenomenon.

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Tiptoeing around Islam and a ban on Muslim women wearing the veil

“Polygamist Special ‘My Five Wives’ Explores Faith and Marriage: ‘It’s About Love and Commitment’”

Craig James Firing: A Rising Tide of Hostility Over Marriage | Janet Parshall

Twin Cities Catholic leader courts controversy claiming Satan to blame for gay marriage, condoms

New report shows continued rise in homeschool popularity

C.S. Lewis, From Atheist To Hot Christian Author

    Investors Business Daily: On Nov. 22, 1963, a week before his 65th birthday, Lewis died of kidney failure. His death received little attention, overshadowed by the assassination of President Kennedy. This fall, on the 50th anniversary of his death, Lewis will join some of Britain’s greatest writers when a memorial honoring him will be placed in the Poets’ Corner of Westminster Abbey in London.

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“Ex-NFL QB To Speak At Mormon Conference On Gays”

Christian Liberties, The Stepchild Of Today’s 1st Amendment | David Limbaugh at Human Events

“The new fight: Business asks, Do I have to serve a gay couple?” | MSNBC

Mormon Church Creates New Online Resources To Promote Religious Freedom

Traditional marriage plea heads to Court | SCOTUS Blog

Elane Photography | Jim Campbell on Dead Reckoning TV

Ugly and dangerous realities of the counterculture

“Gay Marriage Stirs Little Public Outcry in NM” | ABC (AP)

TN: Treating marriage like a car lease | Video

Man Who Shot Up Pro-Life Office “Wanted to Kill Conservative, Right-Wing Christians”

Marriage, Community, & Kinship | Andrew T. Walker at Public Discourse

No permit, but bikers plan D.C. ride to protest Muslim 9/11 march

Arkansas Family Council: Surprising Study on Same-Sex Marriage