Stunted by sexuality

Marriage isn’t going to divide our culture – It’s going to save it

I lost my daughter to suicide: A nurse’s response to Brittany Maynard’s campaign for assisted suicide

Abortion debated – Emerald City with Emily Heist Moss

    Soulation: I’ve become friends with this columnist over in Chicago. There’s a lot that separates us. Emily Heist Moss is liberal, shows up religiously for Pride Parades, and if she got pregnant right now, Emily believes she would probably have an abortion. But, there’s also a lot that unites us, we are both vocal feminists, writers, we both care about humanizing the debate across the aisle, and let’s not forget our penchant for handicrafts (cross-stitch for Emily, knitting for me).

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Advice for a declining culture from Archbishop Chaput

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‘God’s Not Dead’ writers spotlight religious liberty in upcoming movie

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Really, it’s okay to be single

Abortion activist: Everyone would love abortion if pro-lifers hadn’t “brainwashed” people

A pastoral failure

Liberal hypocrisy and the soft bigotry of low expectations

No, Democrats haven’t won the culture war

Marriage rates hit new, all-time low

America’s singleness problem

Jitney messiahs

Excuse me, my baby is the wrong color: The commodification of children

Why are so many middle aged men succumbing to sexual sin?

For abortion foes, a national strategy built at the state level

Ex-’gay’ credits God for lifestyle change

A pro-life “Doctor Who”?

How I became an evangelical voice for marriage quality

    First Things: Evangelicals are changing their minds on gay marriage. So argues the Log Cabin Republicans’ David Lampo in a recent op-ed in the Daily Caller. In defense of his thesis, Lampo trots out the examples of two prominent evolved evangelicals: David Blankenhorn and yours truly. The problem here is that Blankenhorn is not an Evangelical and I have not changed my mind on gay marriage. If David and I are the two best examples of an evangelical evolution, it ain’t happening.

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Marriage and society: Getting to the heart of the matter

Tennessee school board’s push for prayer may be met with lawsuits

The beauty of the country of marriage

Facing the Music with Jennifer Knapp

You can’t change anything from your living room

Traditional sexuality, radical community

Same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court: What now for the church?

A Christian apologist and an atheist thrive in an improbable bond

Catholic Church kicks off Respect Life Month: “Each of us is God’s masterpiece”

Former homosexual warns America of “unmitigated disaster” of marriage redefinition

    Nathan Cherry: Activists pushing for the legalization of same-sex “marriage” don’t want you to hear from former homosexuals. In their world there is no such thing. Anyone claiming to be a “former homosexual” is, in their opinion, either a liar suppressing their true identity, or they never were really a homosexual. I’m not sure how someone can claim to be a homosexual without ever really being one – it doesn’t seem like something you do as a recreational past time.

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