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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge prompts a deeper look at stem cell research

Regarded as ‘intolerant haters’: What’s new?

Ray Rice, abortion, and being led about by the viscera

    RedState: But we humans are weird creatures. It is one thing to know, intellectually, that Ray Rice knocked a woman unconscious in a hotel elevator. It is another thing to actually see it happen. [...] This is, in essence, the reason our abortion policy has remained essentially static over the last 40 years in this country in spite of astonishing scientific advances in terms of understanding fetal development and our ability to move the viability window for premature children continually backwards.

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Reflections on same-sex marriage and religious liberty

Single, Christian, and a child of divorce

Naked consent: Why personal speech codes won’t curb a social problem like sexual assault

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Young people, sex, and relationships: The new norms

Give us this day our daily brew

Ice buckets: Does the end justify the means?

Pro-life group demands PBS cancel airing of pro-abortion ‘After Tiller’ film

Onward Christian soldiers? Not likely

Feds creating database to track hate speech on Twitter

Is ‘The Giver’ the most pro-life film ever made?

What the Emmy Awards could learn from ‘Full House’

    The Federalist: That is, in a sea of social liberalism dripping off televisions screens into Americans’ homes, how can Americans reclaim a strong sense of faith, fidelity, and family in pop culture? Where can we locate socially conservative principles—which used to be American principles, supported across ideological lines—in a deluge of cultural relativism?

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Linda and Richard Eyre: Basic assumptions about the family now under fire

From pro-choice to pro-abortion

    First Things: For decades, the never-ending abortion debate has been summarized by the dueling sound bites of pro-choice and pro-life. Very slowly, but lately more steadily, the fundamental premise of pro-life advocacy—that abortion not only stills a beating heart, but takes a human life—has resonated with the American public. Indeed, the New York Times itself reports that “one of the most enduring labels of modern politics—pro choice—has fallen from favor” as a means of furthering abortion rights policies.

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The loss of a human life is a tragedy, not a gimmick

Making marriage-minded decisions

Ohio diocese discourages ALS ice bucket challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge donation sponsor ALSA funds embryonic stem cell research

New research on why middle-aged women cheat on their husbands

Victoria Beeching and Plato’s third form of atheism

The Giver: The danger of removing emotion from life issues

Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fund embryonic stem cell research?

Let’s not talk about sex, please

What you do before you say “I do” matters for marriage happiness

“The Giver”: A new kind of dystopian young adult film

The cruel optimism of modern compassion

    The Federalist: St. Augustine called it cruel optimism: our desire to comfort ourselves with silver-lined happy thoughts about life. Francis Spufford had an excellent description of it in his book, “Unapologetic.” A few years ago, atheist organizations in the United Kingdom ran a bus advertisement campaign. The atheist bus read: “There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

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Finding God in secular Europe through film

    Aleteia: By any measure, Europe over the past forty years or so has become a vastly more secular place, certainly in comparison with the US. How strange, then, that just within the past decade, European filmmakers have produced some extraordinarily fine works with religious themes, works that make powerful statements about sanctity and martyrdom, sin and redemption, even about monasticism and pilgrimage.

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Journey to Baby Gammy: How we justify a market in children

Beyond Obamacare, it’s time to take on the great society

Yes, Katy Perry, babies need daddies

The Giver: We’re not as far off as you might think

‘Passion of the Christ’ star Jim Caviezel calls abortion ‘great sin’ in America

Against obsessive sexuality

Christians who support same-sex marriage more likely to support other types of sexual immorality, data shows

“Truth. Legislation. Love. And the greatest of these is love”

The word ‘sex’ isn’t what it used to be

Engaging culture on all fronts

Tracking Christian sexual morality in a same-sex marriage future

Tolerate or be stamped out

Contemporary Christian music’s sinking witness

    The Christian Post: Others have noted the “Jesus-is-your-boyfriend” style worship songs clogging the airwaves of contemporary Christian radio and Sunday morning worship sets lack depth and reverence to the Almighty. They’re right. But there’s an even bigger problem when contemporary Christian songs downplay, even scold Christian’s public witness for the sake of couch-potato Christianity.

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“Pro-choice” proponents turn on Planned Parenthood

Moral feelings and the moral world

Law and morality in public discourse: How Christians can rebuild our culture

    Public Discourse: It’s in seeking Jesus Christ with all our hearts that culture is built and society is renewed. It’s in prayer, the sacraments, changing diapers, balancing budgets, preaching homilies, loving a spouse, forgiving and seeking forgiveness—all in the spirit of charity—that, brick by brick, we bring about the kingdom of God. Adapted from an address delivered August 6th at the Archdiocese of Toronto’s “Faith in the Public Square” symposium.

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Why aren’t more Americans atheists?

Of course pro-choicers are trying to rebrand – they’re losing among young adults

Many modern Christians don’t fear God, they fear being labeled as haters or bigots

A time for heroism

What religious traditionalists can teach us about sex

Social justice includes defending religious liberty

God’s Not Dead: Now available on DVD and Blu-ray

Katy Perry is wrong: Dads aren’t so last century

Pro-life message in rap song: “Mommy am I in your womb or swimming in my grave?”

    Life News: Brandon Kagel was born into a Jewish family as a triplet with two sisters and an older brother. This Phoenix, Arizona native is now a devoted husband and father of two. Brandon is also a rapper who goes by “The Rep.” Brandon’s first project titled “Street Prophecy” was released in 2001. He toured across the U.S drawing fans from the gospel industry as well as the secular.

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Who deserves respect? Civility is due not to a person’s opinions, but to the person himself

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