Why do secularists hate kids’ imaginations?

    The Federalist: Churchgoing kids thought the “religious” (Biblical) stories sounded realistic, while secular kids called them fiction. Perhaps most interesting were the reactions to “fantastical” stories. The secular kids roundly rejected these as fiction, while religious kids were less sure. Is magic possible? How about talking animals? Religious kids were divided on those points.

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Learning from young atheists: What turned them off Christianity

Did a study really show that Christian kids are more gullible?

Who is the bigot?

‘Pro-choicers’ are backing off of the label. Why?

ISIS destroys Jonah’s tomb in Mosul, Iraq, as militant violence continues

Marriage now gender-neutral in Chambers dictionary

Theologian says ‘love’ is the new cultural apologetic affirming immoral activities such as assisted suicide

Marco Rubio: Intolerance in the name of tolerance is hypocrisy

‘Stamp them out’: On Josh Barro and the new sexual moralism

What a difference six years can make

Porn is not manly, leaves men unhappy and bored, says XXXChurch.com blogger

Facebook and infidelity: Part cause, part symptom

Ronaldo’s mum says she wanted to abort him

How entrepreneurs practice their faith through companies

Is evangelical morality still acceptable in America?

Chase Bank refuses to confirm, deny employee “LGBT survey”

A sexual revolution for young evangelicals? No.

Summer Reading 2014, by Jordan Lorence

Flowers at the abortion clinic: ‘Obvious Child’ is no laughing matter

World Vision under internal reformation after support of homosexuality?

Five questions for Christians who believe the Bible supports same-sex marriage

Chinese red herring: Hobby Lobby and false charges of hypocrisy

Government involvement in un-naming the Redskins is ‘patently’ dangerous

Five reasons why abortion never empowers women

Without the media filter: Marriage marchers speak out

The bitter price of divorce

Planned Parenthood blasts NBC amid claims that network rejected ad for abortion comedy

Dostoyevsky the prophet: The trial of Dmitri Karamazov and the redefinition of family

Benham brothers: Christians can speak boldly if they are willing to lose it all

What’s wrong is right: A revolution in rationalization

    Public Discourse: Governor Rick Perry of Texas recently made waves when he was asked whether he thought homosexuality is a disorder. He replied that he was not professionally qualified to pronounce on a medical or mental health question, and then added, “Whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that . . . I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way.” As you might expect, this answer—which many millions of Americans might honestly have given—caused a bit of a ruckus.

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L.A. Kings coach Darryl Sutter is more proud of his son Chris than his Stanley Cup, here’s why

    Life News: When pro-life advocates hear stories like Chris’ they are often tempted to point at it and say, “See, Chris is happy so it’s a good thing he wasn’t aborted like so many other Down syndrome children are.” I think this is a mistake. It implies that the reason Chris shouldn’t have been aborted was because he would be happy later in life. But it would have been wrong to abort Chris even if he wasn’t happy. As my colleague Jay Watts at Life Training Institute says, “There is a difference between what’s wrong with abortion and why abortion is wrong.” Abortion is wrong because it kills an innocent human being without justification.

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Discrimination is healthy and normal – sex confusion is not

Polyamorists come out of the closet

Intolerance as illiberalism

    Public Discourse: We live in intolerant times. A former Secretary of State is disinvited from speaking on campus. Corporate leaders are forced to resign because of their views on marriage. People are forced by the courts to violate their consciences. A prominent Senate leader calls Tea Party activists “anarchists” and, in a speech reminiscent of McCarthyism, brands the businessmen-philanthropist Koch brothers “un-American.” The Internal Revenue Service—harking back to the Johnson and Nixon eras—is accused of targeting individuals and groups for their political views. And government leaders routinely ignore laws they are sworn to uphold.

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Feelings, nothing more than feelings (Conflict and confusion over identity)

You don’t have to be your dad: How to become your family’s transitional character

Government union wants Duck Dynasty fans fired

The lighter side of pregnancy termination

The New York Times sneers at religion. Again.

Here comes the ‘abortion comedy’

An interview with Emily Letts

    The Christian Post: Letts was the subject of many articles immediately following her award-winning video. Whatever you make of the reality of that video her views throughout this interview are telling: the individualistic nature of her worldview is on full display, from her statements that the video is “just” her story to her statement (repeated twice) that the “male was not involved in my decision.”

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Kirsten Powers gets it dangerously wrong on the Bible and homosexuality

Have we lost what it means to be human?

We are here: faith and fatherhood by Sho Baraka

Should we try to normalize abortion or offer a safe place to grieve?

Facebook introduces same-sex affirming emoji

You will join the freedom of religion witch hunt … or else

Toni Braxton joins ranks of other celebrities in revealing abortion

Same-sex marriage supporter under fire from same-sex marriage “speech police”

Relational apologetics: Another pro-choice friend becomes pro-life

Five fascinating facts about single parent families for church leaders

The truth about Post-Christian America

    The Christian Post: But fear not, dear Christian. Like an athlete out of shape in the off-season layoff, it may take awhile for American Christians to awaken from our ‘most-favored-religion-status’ we have come to assume in this great country of ours, but I believe we’re up to the task. We’re not the first Christians to live ‘behind enemy lines’ nor will we be the last.

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Is the internet killing religion?

Jennifer Knapp makes case for being ‘gay and Christian’ in book with evangelical publisher

Benham brothers speak out after both HGTV and SunTrust issues

Benham brothers thank Christians for standing with them during SunTrust debacle

“Unbreak My Heart”: Singer Toni Braxton faces immense guilt over abortion, feared “God’s payback”

SunTrust reverses decision on conservative Benham brothers

They just don’t get it

Attention all Christians: choose between your job and your convictions

Miami Dolphins fine and suspend safety Don Jones for tweet against same-sex kiss

Did the woman who videotaped her abortion not actually have an abortion?

The rise of anti-Christianity in the West

Can an abortion story be ‘positive’?

Gosnell movie raises $2.1 million to tell story of abortionist who killed babies born alive

What abortion selfies tell us about American communities

HGTV axes house-flipping reality show after liberals decry host for Christian beliefs

Monogamy Envy (Or, Why monogamy might actually still be viable)

“I feel super great about having an abortion” — The culture of death goes viral

Christian singles and practical atheism

What do you do when you are on the wrong side of history?