US show ‘spreading the gospel of polyamory’

CNN: Rick Warren’s views on homosexuality

Culture wars: Holiday struggle over public spaces still very much alive (+video)

Rasmussen: Military Women in Combat? What Do Voters Think?

Rising Riches: 1 In 5 In Us Reaches Affluence

Cohabitation’s Mixed Effects on Long-Term Unions

More Signs That Us Births May Have Stopped Falling

“Colorado School Official Backs Transgender Remark” | AP

“The straight line from marriage equality to divorce equality”

“Gay Weddings 17 Percent Of Washington Marriages” | AP

Conservatives Love ‘merry Christmas.’ Liberals Don’t Care. | Washington Post

“Gay couple’s complaint against Colo. baker gets hearing: Becomes a cause celebre for activists” | Washington Times

‘Preferred’ pronouns gain traction at US colleges

Harvard poll: 57% of Millennials disapprove of Obamacare

Co-parenting children is new, upcoming trend | ABC WearTV

Prayer rooms for Muslim students are the big new thing at Christian colleges now

“Cardinal Dolan on Gay Marriage Movement: ‘We’ve Been Outmarketed’”

“Q. & A.: Evan Wolfson On Winning The Gay-marriage Fight” | The New Yorker

    Richard Socarides at The New Yorker: When do you think the Supreme Court might rule that there is a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage? Nobody can answer that precisely. There are now some forty-four cases in nineteen or twenty states moving forward. And one of them may be the case, or it may be some other case down the road. We can encourage the Court to take the right case at the right time and do the right thing—within a matter of years, not decades.
    A lot of people now say this is inevitable; it’s a done deal. What do you say to those people? You know, ten minutes ago many of those same people were saying it was impossible. Now they are saying it’s inevitable. The truth of the matter is: it was never either.

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“Only Gays Can Get Angry?” | Austin Ruse at the Catholic Thing

Democrats Face Battles in South to Hold the Senate

What Makes a Marriage? Love, Sex, or Comprehensive Union | Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George

    Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George at Public Discourse: Prof. Charles Reid thinks love makes a marriage. He claims we think sex makes a marriage. In truth, comprehensive union makes a marriage. And getting marriage right matters for everyone . . . Redefining marriage collapses the distinction between marriage and companionship in principle and in practice. It therefore undermines all the marital norms . . .

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Bishop Olmsted: key to New Evangelization is to trust the ‘tough truths’ on sexuality

    LifeSiteNews: Even “some of our clergy” have lost confidence in the truth about marriage, life and religious liberty, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix warned at a major meeting of Catholic leaders held in Mexico City November 16-19. This loss of confidence comes as a result of the relentless attack from secular culture, he said, adding that if Christians don’t maintain their confidence in these “tough truths” it will hurt the spread of the Gospel.

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The true meaning of tolerance | Cardinal Timothy Dolan at NY Daily News

“Gay men push to end 30 year blood donation ban”

25% Still Haven’t Heard of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius | Rasmussen

The Baby Boom for Gay Parents | Natalie Angier at NYT

Wanting Marriage and Pursuit of Happiness | Natalie Angier at NYT

The Changing American Family | Natalie Angier at NYT

Broken Families Dragging Down Growth | Michael Barone at Human Events

    Michael Barone at Human Events: As Utah Senator Mike Lee noted in speeches at the Heritage Foundation, “the problem of poverty is linked to family breakdown and the erosion of marriage among low-income families and communities.” Lee is careful not to cast opprobrium on single or divorced parents. But he insists on pointing to the uncomfortable but undeniable fact that economic outcomes for their children have been far worse than those for children raised in two-parent families. That produces many personal tragedies. And in cold economic terms, it means that society is losing gross domestic product because of less than optimal development of human capital.

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“Why Is the ACLU on the Wrong Side of the Wedding Photographer Case?” | Cato Institute

Marriage and families undercut by cohabitation and debt, Cardinal O’Malley says

JFK Wouldn’t Even Be Allowed To Speak At Today’s Democratic National Convention | Casey Mattox at Bell Towers

Female photographer sued for refusing to take pictures at lesbian couple’s commitment ceremony takes her battle for religious freedom to the Supreme Court | Daily Mail

Alliance Defending Freedom | Red State

Supremes asked to overturn “compelled” support of lesbian “marriage” | Northern Colo. Gazette

God and Gettysburg: “Under God” were Lincoln’s immortal words | Robert George at First Things

    Robert George at First Things: The omission of the words “under God” in a document characterized as a founding text by a liberal legal advocacy organization in the context of our contemporary debates over the role of religion in American public life and the meaning of the Constitution’s provisions pertaining to religion is just too convenient. We now have positive evidence that they know exactly what they are doing, and, to achieve the result they want, they are willing to violate scholarly consensus, common sense, and the memorization of generations
    of schoolchildren.

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Sotomayor Says Lack of Diversity is ‘Huge Danger’ for Judiciary

Church Of England Backs Women Bishop Proposals

“Gay marriage will be legal today; business owners may face dilemma” |

Christian Leaders Combat Epidemic of Fatherless Families With ‘Father-Shift’ Movement

    Christian Post: As proof of the epidemic nature of the problem, Father-Shift leaders point to data that includes the fact that, in America, 24.7 million children (33 percent) lived in a biological-father-absent home in 2010. More than 20 million lived with no father (biological, adoptive, or step) in the home. “This means that one out of every three children is growing up without a father present in the home,” Father-Shift states.

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“The Gayest Place”: 10% of D.C. is LGBT | NY Times

“Gay & Lesbian Consumers Had $830 Billion to Spend in 2013″

“United Methodist jury convicts Pa. pastor who performed son’s same-sex marriage”

UK: Christianity at risk of dying out in a generation, warns Lord Carey

Rasmussen: 55% see government as threat to rights

Bishop will lead prayers of exorcism as Illinois governor signs gay ‘marriage’ bill

“Gay Indians wed as more tribes give blessings to same-sex unions”

Public Prayer: High Court Parts the Curtain | Craig Parshall at Christian Post

“United Methodists Try Pa. Pastor Over Gay Marriage”

Pew Study: 27% of Jewish Children Live in Orthodox Homes

Weighing Free Speech in Refusal to Photograph Lesbian Couple’s Ceremony | Adam Liptak at NYT

“Photographers Ask High Court to Reverse Gay Discrimination Ruling” | Jacob Gershman at WSJ

Love and Unity: Sexual Ethics in the Modern World | Christopher Kaczor at Public Discourse

English Lessons: A defence of personal liberty and coming assault on the First Amendment | Paul Diamond at Christian Concern

Many Things Rotten in Denmark

Christianity Spreading at Remarkable Rate Among Middle, Upper Castes and Youth in Emerging ‘New India’

Attractions vs. actions: homosexuality and God’s story

    John Jonestreet at LifeSiteNews: Gay activists make much of allegedly “cured” individuals who relapse into homosexual lifestyles, and use these stories to strengthen their narrative: “We didn’t choose to be gay,” so many insist. “We’re born this way, and no amount of ‘reparative therapy’ can change that.” But it’s the argument within that argument that’s the most problematic: that unchanged dispositions automatically justify acting on those dispositions.

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City of Florence approves cemetery for unborn victims of abortion, attacked by leftists

U.S. Bishops plan letter to address ‘epidemic’ of pornography

Obama rallies faith leaders on immigration

Abortion Clinics: When Closing a Business Makes Sense | Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. at Christian Post

Atheist ‘Megachurch’ Sells Out Los Angeles Opening; Launches ’40 Dates, 40 Nights’ Donations Tour

Atheist ‘Mega-Churches’ Becoming Global Phenomenon

Britain’s atheist megachurch going global – and it’s coming to Australia

US: Legal group defends photographers who refused same-sex wedding on basis of ‘artistic freedom’ | Pink News

How People Lie About Gay Sex and Homophobia | Cass R. Sunstein at Bloomberg

    Cass R. Sunstein at Bloomberg: Recent research uncovers strong evidence of preference falsification in the U.S. When people are assured of anonymity, it turns out, a lot more of them will acknowledge that they have had same-sex experiences and that they don’t entirely identify as heterosexual. But it also turns out that when people are assured of anonymity, they will show significantly higher rates of anti-gay sentiment.

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Pair of Islamic converts joined ‘Muslim patrol’ to impose Sharia Law in London

Which of the 11 American nations do you live in?

Christian Photographer Who Refused Gay Wedding Gig Pays ‘Price of Citizenship’ | Charisma News