“Hagel, Obama Advisor Salute Gay, Lesbian Military Community” | U.S. Department of Defense

The real threat to marriage | Religion News Service

What’s Behind The US Decline In Marriage? Pragmatism | Forbes

    Trevor Butterworth at Forbes: A good marriage is unrealistic given the economic stresses haunting blue collar America and especially low-income black communities: the loss of earning power and status among low and unskilled men, and large numbers in prison or engaged in drug dealing. The simple fact behind the decline of marriage in the US is economic pragmatism. “Marriage is becoming a class privilege,” said Kefalas. All the talk of recession and culture and cohabitation and education is a way of avoiding talking about the economic collapse of an entire class of American male.

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The Same-Sex Marriage Lie | Ryan T. Anderson at the Christian Post

“Eric Fanning, Out Gay Man, Takes Over As Acting Secretary Of The Air Force”

When Christians become a ‘hated minority’

Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus discusses the potential consequences as the Supreme Court decides two landmark marriage cases

Prayer service for marriage redefinition at National Cathedral

Dissension And Fiscal Woes Beset The Girl Scouts: $347M unfunded pension liabilities

“Ryan Anderson’s uphill fight to change young minds on gay marriage” | Sarah Pulliam Bailey at Washington Post

Marriage Redefinition and Religious Freedom | Kim Daniels of USCCB at NRO

UK: Faithfulness not necessary in a marriage, says Govt

Disney’s Good Luck Charlie to Feature Family with Same-Sex Parents

Same-sex marriage isn’t ‘inevitable’ | Penna Dexter at Baptist Press

Cardinal Burke: Families Must Proclaim the Gospel of Life | C-FAM

Churches urged to prepare for marriage issues | Baptist Press

Should Christians “Legislate Morality” on the Nation? | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Catholics Fire Back At Obama Over School Comments: ‘anti-faith, Secular Agenda Shamelessly On Full Display’

Are Pastors Finally Waking Up and Ready to Address Biblical Moral Issues? | Nathan Cherry at Christian Post

GOP lawmaker: Teach grade-school classes on traditional gender roles

UK: Girl Guides drop “God” from promise

Obama: ‘If Catholics Have Their Schools and Buildings and Protestants Have Theirs … That Encourages Division’

“Is the momentum for gay marriage real, or just media hype?” | The Week

Latinos’ changing views of same-sex marriage | Pew Research

The Averaged American: Surveys, Citizens, and the Making of a Mass Public

“Pastors: Decriminalizing drug use is a good step” | Courier Post Online

57% Think Churches Essential to Healthy Communities | Rasmussen

Men on Strike: Why Men are Boycotting Marriage | WSJ Video

Gallup: Americans don’t believe in much of anything — and why that’s a terrible thing for politics

Can faith prevent teen pregnancy? | Sarah Brown at Washington Post

NJ Poll: 57 percent of Catholics surveyed support same-sex marriage

Half of “LGBT adults” have no religious affiliation

Lowest Marriage Rates in More Than a Century

We Should Reform Child Support | Phyllis Schlafly at Townhall

    Phyllis Schlafly at Townhall: Child support formulas are based on the ridiculous notion that a father would make those same sacrifices for an ex-wife who is living with her new husband or boyfriend and for children he never or seldom sees. Many fathers would happily do more to support their children if they got to see their kids more and were more engaged in their lives. But current child support laws have reverse incentives: The more the mother prevents such contact, the more child support she receives. Child support is not even really child support, because the mother has no obligation to spend the money on the kids, and faithful payment of child support does not buy the father time with his kids. The purpose of child support is to allow the mother to maintain a household and standard of living comparable to the father’s.

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Homosexuals Champion Sexual Perception Over Biology

“African-Americans And Gay Marriage: It’s Complicated” | NPR

Teens can’t find jobs: economy, poor work ethic to blame

All female roaring aside, children still need fathers | Kathleen Parker at USA Today

    Kathleen Parker at USA Today: My argument that men should be saved is that, despite certain imperfections, men are fundamentally good and are sort of pleasant to have around. Most women still like to fall in love with them; all children want a father no matter how often we try to persuade ourselves otherwise. If we continue to impose low expectations and negative messaging on men and boys, future women won’t have much to choose from. We are nearly there.

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Illinois Cardinal on marriage: ‘The legal creation of what is naturally impossible is not inevitable’

Irish PM: Abortion activists send letters in blood

Church of England Archbishops to ask clergy: ‘Are you having gay sex?’

Attorneys at the Department Of Education: Zero Republicans, At Least 47 Democrats

Children Need Our Marriage Tradition | John M. Smoot at Public Discourse

Vive La France: It’s About the Children

Are Pastors Finally Waking Up and Ready to Address Biblical Moral Issues?

Caterpillar Drops Boy Scouts Support Over Homosexual Restrictions

A Survey of LGBT Americans: Attitudes, Experiences and Values in Changing Times| Pew Research

The Marriage Debate: The conjugal view of marriage leaves us just as free for companionship.

    Sherif Girgis , Ryan T. Anderson , Robert P. George at National Review: In What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense and in various follow-up pieces, we have argued for several ideas: Reducing marriage to the more general category of sexual domestic partnership is a deep mistake. Marriage — the human good that marriage law should foster — is rather a union of persons at every level (mind, heart, and body) and for the whole of life, inherently oriented to family life

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Data Wars: As GOP races to catch up with Dems before 2014, will social conservatives be left behind?

    LifeSiteNews: In 2008, a private tech company was quietly formed in Washington. Its purpose was simple: collect and store data on U.S. voters from across the issue spectrum and from all walks of life, and sort it into easy-to-use files that any left-leaning candidate or issue group could use to reach individuals with a message specifically tailored to their interests and lifestyle. The company was called Catalist, and it has proven to be the most powerful and effective weapon the Left has ever wielded in the battle to win the ultimate prize in the American political cycle: Getting out the vote.

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‘I Do’ and the A.C.L.U. | NYT

The New Axis in the Military | Ken Blackwell at CNS

Catholic Archbishop: Wake Up! Religious Liberty at Risk in USA

Study: 60 percent of Richmond families are single parent, 86% of black families are single parent

Suspicions Confirmed: Academia Shutting Out Conservative Professors | Rachel Alexander at Townhall

    Rachel Alexander at Townhall: Sociologist George Yancy asked professors if they would be more or less likely to hire someone if they were a Republican, evangelical or fundamentalist. Three-quarters said political affiliation would not affect their hiring decision. But the one-quarter that did say it would influence their decision virtually all said they would favor a Democrat over a Republican. Almost half of the sociology professors surveyed said they would look unfavorably upon evangelicals and fundamentalists trying to get a job in their department!

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Culture war creates perils for Supreme Court justices | Juan Williams at The Hill

Because the Bible Says So: The Impact of Roman Catholic Doctrines on LGBT Rights

Pulpit Freedom Sunday takes on controversial issues | Florida Today

Biblical Definition of Marriage, Same-Sex Unions to Top Sermon Notes This Sunday | Christian Post

“Biblical Marriage Not Defined Simply As One Man, One Woman: Iowa Religious Scholars’ Op-Ed” | Huffington Post

Marriage Is Seen in Poll as an Issue for the States | NYT

Yes, Marriage Will Change–and Here’s How | Mark Regnerus at Public Discourse

Biola U. Feuds With Pro-Life Student Over Graphic Abortion Display

Author tells personal story, seeks to help others leave polygamous lifestyle

On Marriage, Inevitability Is a Choice We Can Reject | Ryan Anderson at Heritage Foundation

Catholic Bishop criticizes Boy Scouts’ membership decision

Bible’s strong comeback surprises secular Norway

Another moral effect of pornography: a warped worldview | Albert Mohler, Jr. at BP

Anti-pornography initiative to begin national push at SBC; named ‘Join One Million Men’

Boy Scouts: Sending up the white flag

Families sacrifice to pay for religious schools

Church marriage culture to be aired at SBC

Why won’t my pastor preach against abortion? | RC Sproul, Jr.

    RC Sproul, Jr.: Here are the three reasons I hear most frequently, and two I suspect. First, I have heard from some pastors that the issue is a political one, and they think it necessary to avoid political issues. Some argue that they avoid political issues because they are divisive, others because the government forbids it. They are right on the first count, wrong on the second. Of course every truth divides.

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Religion analyst: Homosexual bishop will hurt ELCA even more