Senate Roll Vote: Vote On Bipartisan Budget Bill

Several GOP Senators To Back A Vote On Budget Bill

    AP: Announcements Monday by Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah and Georgia Sens. Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss, as well as a strong hint by Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., that they would back that step appeared to seal enough GOP support to advance the measure . . . Others, like Arizona Republicans John McCain and Jeff Flake, said last week they would help advance the bill.

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Sessions: Ryan-Murray Budget ‘Undermines’ Ability Of Senators To ‘Block Tax Increases’

Zero Senate Republicans support House budget plan?

Boehner lashes at conservative groups: ‘They’ve lost all credibility’

Boehner slams conservative groups

Should the Supreme Court Have Unpaid Interns?

Heritage Action targets Yellen vote

Marriage and families undercut by cohabitation and debt, Cardinal O’Malley says

Divided Senate panel approves Yellen for Fed chief

The Incredible Shrinking Workforce

CMS Spent More Than $1T in Less Than 1 Yr; More Than Entire Gov’t Spent When Medicaid-Medicare Enacted

Sen. Paul threatens to hold Yellen nomination: Source

Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov’t Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers

Ted Cruz receives 8 min. standing ovation at Texas return

The ‘We Can’t Win’ Wimps Caucus | Patrick J. Buchanan at Human Events

House Republicans may sue over Kasich’s Medicaid expansion

GOP’s McConnell promises no more shutdowns over ObamaCare

Why China Wants to Dump the Dollar

    Chriss W. Street at Breitbart: Having benefited for twenty years from their under-valued currency, importing manufacturing jobs, and exporting lower priced products, China’s comparative advantage is being destroyed by America’s oil and natural gas fracking boom. The Chinese communist authorities are terrified their loss of competitiveness will cause unemployment and the social consequences that flow from it. But with the terms of trade now substantially against China, convincing the world to dump the U.S. dollar as reserve currency and switch to the Chinese “renminbi” is their best hope to try to save tens of millions of manufacturing jobs.

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Group accuses McConnell of putting ‘Kentucky Kickback’ in bill (Video)

Shutdown ends; Obama signs deal

Heritage Foundation ‘In Danger of Losing Its Clout,’ Sen. Hatch Says | CNSNews Video

Cruz: ‘Had Senate Republicans United,’ Outcome Would Be ‘Very Different’

The Sequester: The Hammer Republicans Hold | George F. Will at Human Events

Boehner to allow House vote on emerging Senate debt-ceiling deal

In The Future, Law School Tuition Will Be Absolutely Terrifying

Time For GOP To Quit Kicking The Can Down The Road | David Limbaugh at Human Events

Justice’s Wheels Slowed As Shutdown Hits Courts

    AP: The government shutdown is slowing the wheels of justice in federal courts by delaying civil cases, forcing prosecutors to operate with skeleton staffs and raising uncertainty about the system’s immediate future if the stalemate continues past Thursday.

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Ted Cruz confronts President Obama at White House

Senate approves bill for military chaplains to conduct services during slimdown

Senate Republicans Look to Jam Boehner

Reid pans six-week debt deal

Senate GOP rallies around rival plan on debt ceiling, shutdown

Boehner Will Lift Debt Limit Now–If Obama Will Talk Later

Hatch Scorches Lew: ‘Not True, ‘Simply False’ ‘Four Pinocchios’

James Madison Anticipates the Possibility of Government Shutdown–and Predicts that the House of Representatives Can and Should Prevail

Moody’s offers different view on debt limit

    Washington Post: In a memo being circulated on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Moody’s Investors Service offers “answers to frequently asked questions” about the government shutdown, now in its second week, and the federal debt limit. President Obama has said that, unless Congress acts to raise the $16.7 trillion limit by next Thursday, the nation will be at risk of default. Not so, Moody’s says in the memo dated Oct. 7.

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President, Dems split on strategy

GOP Senators Shrug Off Debt-Limit Deadline

Catholic religious services suspended at some US military bases during government shutdown

Growing Number of Democrats Voting With House GOP to Fund Non-Obamacare Parts of Gov’t

Shutdown Monday brings DNC biggest fundraising haul since election

PA: Lehigh County same-sex benefits in limbo

Monuments and memorials remained open during previous shutdown

    Daily Caller: Although President Obama claims that he can’t avoid shutting down public sites and monuments, war memorials were in fact kept open during the 1995/1996 government shutdowns. The administration’s decision to barricade the Lincoln Memorial marks the first time in its history the memorial has been totally off limits to visitors during a shutdown.

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US government shutdown: Barack Obama is presiding over the end of America’s superpower status

Cruz: If House GOP Stands Its Ground, Reid Cannot Fund Obamacare

House Republicans shift focus back to government funding bill

Reid sets up Friday cloture vote on stopgap spending bill

The Fed’s ‘hidden agenda’ behind money-printing

    CNBC: Thanks to the Fed, the interest rate paid on our national debt is at an historic low of 2.4 percent, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Given the U.S.’s huge accumulated deficit, this low interest rate is important to keep debt servicing costs down. But isn’t it fair to ask what the interest cost of our debt would be if interest rates returned to a more normal level? What’s a normal level? How about the average interest rate the Treasury paid on U.S. debt over the last 20 years?

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Public employee pensions and the Contract Clause

Treasury: We’ve Kept Debt Exactly $16,699,396,000,000 For 4 Months

Boehner: No Debt Limit Increase Without Cuts

Here’s The Truth: The Government Doesn’t Shut Down

House cancels recess, returning Sept. 25

Households on Food Stamps Now Outnumber All Households in Northeast U.S.

Obama Admin. Starts Preparations For Shutdown

Millennials and Marriage | Rachel Lu at Public Discourse

    Rachel Lu at Public Discourse: Marriage has given structure and purpose to the lives of an incredibly diverse array of people, across millennia of human history. It can work for young Americans today. And the consolations of family life could help to compensate for the other disappointments and challenges that these over-optimistic youth are likely to encounter once they move beyond the classroom. Millennials want to hear this, and they need to know. If their elders want to atone for the mistakes of yesteryear, now is the time to start talking about marriage.

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Obama to ask business leaders to push Congress to raise debt limit

Judiciary sends Obama budget plea

Tea Party group demands CR cut spending below 2013

U. of Cal. Professor Pegs National Debt At Nearly $90 Trillion Dollars

Yes, We Do Have a Debt Problem: 75.1% of GDP and rising

McConnell tries to tamp Senate GOP revolt over spending levels

Survey: Do Americans Believe Capitalism and Government are Working?

Detroit files for largest municipal bankruptcy in US history

Emboldened McCain eyes lead role in showdown over debt and deficit

Treasury: Debt Has Been Exactly $16,699,396,000,000.00 for 56 Days

Lew: Debt limit increase not up for negotiation

Dreams delayed or denied, young adults put off parenthood

Social Security Faces $9.6T in Unfunded Liabilities–$83,894 Per Household

Is college worth it?

    Wall Street Journal: Despite the growing evidence that colleges and universities cost too much, deliver too little and push too many young people into a lifetime of debt, the idea of going to college remains a key part of the American Dream. Now William Bennett, a former secretary of education and the author of “The Book of Virtues” (1996)—along with his co-author, David Wilezol—takes on a question that parents and teens are starting to ask: Is college worth the ever-increasing price tag? The authors’ answer is a hesitant “yes,” but with plenty of provisos and warnings about bigger problems ahead.

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Student debt delays spending, saving – and marriage

House passes GOP bill to prioritize nation’s debt payments

    The Hill: The House on Thursday passed legislation that would allow the government to borrow money above the debt ceiling, but only to service U.S. bondholders and make payments related to the Social Security Trust Fund. The Full Faith and Credit Act, H.R. 807, was passed in a 221-207 vote that saw all but eight Republicans favor the bill, and every Democrat oppose it.

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