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Iran Tries To Reverse A Slumping Birth Rate

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Record 87 Surgical Abortion Clinics Close in 2013 – Total Drops 73% from 1991 High

Planned Parenthood reports abortion decline; pro-lifers see hopeful signs for the unborn

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Jeremy Hunt calls for guidance on sex-selective abortion

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FBI report: 19% of hate crimes motivated by religious bias

UK population growing faster than any other EU country, 33% from immigration

Census Bureau Accused Of Falsifying Unemployment Numbers

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Baby girl targeted for gendercide is … a boy!

European Parliament condemns gendercide

Australian Doctor Investigated for Refusing to Do Sex-Selective Abortion

Only 1.1 per cent of Britons identify as homosexual

Abortions increase in Ohio in 2012 by about 3 percent over 2011

UN Abortion Groups Set Sights on African Women

Latinos move towards pope, church and Democrats

Global Study: World Not Ready For Aging Population

UN Secretary General and IPCC climate report: human impact is ‘unequivocal’

Gendercide in the Caucasus

“Putin Says No Discrimination Of Gays In Russia”

Millennials and Marriage | Rachel Lu at Public Discourse

    Rachel Lu at Public Discourse: Marriage has given structure and purpose to the lives of an incredibly diverse array of people, across millennia of human history. It can work for young Americans today. And the consolations of family life could help to compensate for the other disappointments and challenges that these over-optimistic youth are likely to encounter once they move beyond the classroom. Millennials want to hear this, and they need to know. If their elders want to atone for the mistakes of yesteryear, now is the time to start talking about marriage.

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India Gender Crisis: Mortality Rate for Girls 75% Higher Than Boys

Expert: 2% of Russia’s Population Aborted Every Year, Nation Falling Apart

Since When Did Abortion Trump the Rule of Law? | Peter Smith at Bell Towers

US lawmakers examine gender imbalance in India

Population Control Goes Out With A Whimper

    Stefano Gennarini at Turtle Bay and Beyond: After decades of population control programs to avert a seemingly inevitable population Armageddon, the people and institutions that are primarily responsible for the false alarmism are on their way out. While some at the United Nations, UNFPA, USAID and the Obama administration still cling to their condoms and bad science under the pseudonym “family planning program” or the oxymoron “reproductive rights” ( it never has to do with women choosing how many children to have and always with USAID telling women not to have any more children), economists and demographers are all agreed that the problem the world is facing is population aging and population decline – caused by human beings. Unfortunately, it will takes decades, and maybe centuries to re-trace the trail of misery and ignorance they have left.

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After Years Of Decline, Us Births Leveling Off?

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23 percent of German men say “zero” is the ideal family size.

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