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On the liberal marriage hypothesis

    The New York Times: The theory that the falling divorce rate (among other indicators) among college-educated Americans is evidence that marriage has been successfully reinvented in the wake of the sexual revolution; that progressive ideas — the acceptance of premarital sex and cohabitation, an egalitarian vision of gender roles in parenting and breadwinning, a stronger emphasis on romantic compatibility and personal fulfillment — have basically been responsible for that reinvention; and that the main cultural force (setting aside economics) preventing working class Americans from embracing this successful reinvention is the unfortunate persistence of traditionalist norms and attitudes about sex and gender roles.

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Sex and divorce: What’s the connection?

Do people really understand the causes of their own divorces?

Same-sex ‘divorce’ another weapon in marriage battle

Divorce rates may not be as high as you think

Time to challenge no-fault divorce

    First Things: Like the increase in abortions after Roe v. Wade, divorce rates increased significantly with the onset of the policy. As with Roe, there were other contributing factors, especially the sexual revolution, which multiplied the “liberating” effects of the new legal regime. The clear losers in both were children—aborted in ever increasing numbers after Roe, and wounded socially, economically, andspiritually in the wake of no-fault divorce.

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The divorce surge is over, but the myth lives on

Missouri man denied same-sex divorce appeals

Are the financial pressures of illness contributing to elder divorce?

    Family Studies: Discussions about divorce, family stability, and the like typically focus on individuals and families in their normal childbearing and child-rearing years, and for good reason. Unstable or single-parent families have it tougher in all sorts of ways, and to the degree that their struggles affect future generations, solving their associated problems is all the more important. Indeed, it certainly is not uncommon to hear in conversation, even among those who think poorly of divorce in general, an almost audible relief when divorce occurs without children being involved, either because the couple has not had children or the children are grown and gone.

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Study: Children suffer negative effects of divorce

An important religious freedom ruling in Germany

A Biblical vision of marriage

Children’s lives ‘marred’ by same-sex parents’ legal fight

Damnatio Memoria? The Council of Trent and Catholic teaching on divorce

Opposition group turns to stealth and sexism to oppose shared parenting in North Dakota

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Wisconsin couple to Catholic bishops: The church is failing to address marital issues

Facing the Music with Jennifer Knapp

Help, I married the wrong person

Acknowledging the ones who stay: A new approach to studying divorce

The unseen pain behind same-sex marriage

Difficult marriage in a modern age

Divorce law out of sync with same-sex marriage

Is divorce equivalent to homosexuality?

    Russell Moore: This week my denomination, through its executive committee, voted to “disfellowship” a congregation in California that has acted to affirm same-sex sexual relationships. This sad but necessary move is hardly surprising, since this network of churches shares a Christian sexual ethic with all orthodox Christians of every denomination for 2,000 years. One of the arguments made by some, though, is that this is hypocritical since so many ministers in our tradition marry people who have been previously divorced.

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ACLU wants to file brief in Mississippi same-sex divorce case

Marriage redefinition and a lifelong commitment

Breaking the silence: Redefining marriage hurts women like me – and our children

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Making marriage-minded decisions

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Restoring our faith in marriage

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Same-sex divorce allowed only in Douglas County

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Italy’s Catholic bishops try to put brakes on speedy divorce law

Court hears arguments in same-sex divorce case

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“Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce” and other myths

Retreating from marriage is not the answer to our economic problems

Catholic school principal apologizes for comments about divorce, homosexuality made by guest speaker

Penn. legislator introduces legislation to allow divorce of out-of-state same-sex “marriages”

Same-sex divorce filings challenge Indiana’s marriage laws

Same-sex couple married in Mass. will argue for a divorce in Florida

Same-sex couple “married” in Iowa asks Nebraska court to allow divorce

Study: Divorce has risen to record highs

WA: Appeals court upholds religious restrictions as to children in divorce case

The Church and civil marriage

Alabama same-sex couple denied divorce will pursue court fight

Lawyer in common law divorce suit challenges SC marriage amendment

    WYFF: “A lawsuit filed in Greenville this week could challenge the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Cathy Swicegood, of Mauldin, is seeking a divorce from her female partner of 13 years. But because Swicegood was never legally married, she has no legal protections under South Carolina law . . . ‘We are seeking the courts to issue an order that says both South Carolina laws that ban same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, not only under the South Carolina constitution, but more importantly under the United States constitution,’ he said.”

    South Carolina Amendment 1

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