Covenant v. traditional marriage in Arkansas

Chart of the Week: Marriage Guards Children Against Poverty | Heritage Foundation

Marriage May Calm a Criminal Impulse in Men

Firing woman to avoid extramarital affair is unfair, but not gender bias, Iowa Supreme court rules

UK: Most babies born out of marriage by 2016, trend suggests

Oklahoma marriage challenge drags on into ninth year

Same-Sex Parenting: Child Abuse?

After granting foreign same-sex ‘marriage,’ Canadian Senate now approves gay divorce bill

Israeli appeal court upholds Christian marriage in unusual divorce case

Is Forced Fatherhood Fair? | Laurie Shrage at NYT

We Should Reform Child Support | Phyllis Schlafly at Townhall

    Phyllis Schlafly at Townhall: Child support formulas are based on the ridiculous notion that a father would make those same sacrifices for an ex-wife who is living with her new husband or boyfriend and for children he never or seldom sees. Many fathers would happily do more to support their children if they got to see their kids more and were more engaged in their lives. But current child support laws have reverse incentives: The more the mother prevents such contact, the more child support she receives. Child support is not even really child support, because the mother has no obligation to spend the money on the kids, and faithful payment of child support does not buy the father time with his kids. The purpose of child support is to allow the mother to maintain a household and standard of living comparable to the father’s.

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How to Live in a World Where Marriage Is in Decline | Philip Cohen at the Atlantic

TX: Lesbian couple can’t cohabitate: Why not?

Marriage Primer | John Stonestreet interviews Ryan Anderson on YouTube

The Feminist, Pro-Father, and Pro-Child Case against No-Fault Divorce

Cohabitation Nation: Sliding v. Deciding for Marriage

“As Gender Equity Rises, More Ugandan Women Divorce” | AP

Could Pregnancy be a Reason NOT to Get Married? | David Lapp at Family Scholars

Female Education Has Completely Changed Marriage In America

Is Gay Marriage a Moral Issue or a Civil Liberties Issue? – Pt. 3 | Os Hillman at Christian Post

Three important perspectives on same-sex marriage | Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture

Cohabitation’s Transaction Costs

“Why we are losing the gay ‘marriage’ debate (and how we can win)” | John Jalsevac at LifeSiteNews

A ‘gray divorce’ boom | Susan L. Brown at LA Times

AZ: Transgender Man To Comment On Denial Of Divorce

When Our Principles Don’t Survive Contact with Pain | David French at NRO

    David French at NRO: For the Christian, marriage should be a covenant relationship, between a man and woman, that is designed to last for life — with the only scriptural grounds for divorce being adultery or abandonment by an unbelieving spouse. Yet our pews are full of divorced Christians, and many of these are not people who’ve divorced, repented of the sin of divorce, then sought forgiveness and redemption (though some are). Instead, they are people who’ve divorced wrongly, sought acceptance of their choice, salve for their emotional pain, and now seek to remain in fellowship — on their terms.

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Boys Hardest Hit: But the decline of marriage is no bargain for women either.

We Need New Methods in the Fight for Marriage | Greg Forster

    Defenders of marriage need some entrepreneurial thinking. America has been governed by no-fault divorce, illegitimacy, and disordered desires of every kind for two generations; there are fewer and fewer people around who even remember living in a world where the Christian position was the default. We need to stop imagining real marriage is like the Apple of 2013—assuming we are the dominant entity and our opponents are upstarts trying to displace us from our position at the top.

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West Virginia Bill Updates When a Marriage Can be Voided

Iowa House Bill Prevents No-Fault Divorce Between Parents

Does Shacking Up Lead to More Divorce?

“Why Conservatives Are Losing The Marriage Battle” | Rod Dreher at the American Conservative

Sister in open marriage takes sharing too far

    Chicago Sun Times: Dear Abby: My daughters are attractive young women, both doing well in their professional careers. “Melanie,” who is 27, is married to “Sam,” an extremely attractive and successful man. My 30-year-old daughter, “Alicia,” has been divorced for a year. Her marriage failed two years ago because she and her husband had an appetite for sex outside their marriage. While I was disturbed about that, I was horrified to learn that Melanie allows her sister to occasionally have sex with Sam . . .

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National Marriage Week Celebrates the #1 Antidote to Child Poverty

Study: kids of divorce more likely to do badly at school

SD: Committee keeps law allowing people to sue others for breaking up their marriage

Study: Children Of Divorce Less Likely To Practice Religion

Civil Court May Enforce Pre-Nup Penalizing Husband For Failing To Grant Wife A Jewish Divorce

Ariz. divorce case hits snag after marriage’s validity questioned because husband gave birth | AP on Cox News

Absentee Fathers and the Newtown School Shooting

Ariz. divorce case hits snag after marriage’s validity questioned because husband gave birth

Court Rejects Father’s Establishment Clause Challenge To Divorce Decree Provision On Religious Education of Children

Single Belles, Single All the Way: The marriage gap is a problem we can’t afford to ignore. | Mona Charen at NRO

Divorce: A Widely Ignored Self-Inflicted Tragedy

Israeli Civil Court Asserts Jurisdiction Over Same-Sex Couple’s Divorce

Till Death Do Us Part: Taking on the Care of Ex-Spouses You may know one of them, or even be one. They are divorced people, mainly women, who have taken on the care of their estranged spouse when he or she is facing serious illness or death. It is a surprising and, to some, a baffling development, but one that is significant enough for two researchers from the University of Missouri to look into. Alerted to their study by a recent feature article in The Australian (“The ex factor” by Kath Legge, November 3, 2012) MercatorNet asked Drs Teresa Cooney and Christine Proulx about their findings so far. Keep in mind as you read the interview that millions of baby boomers, who experienced record divorce rates in the wake of no-fault laws, are now ageing. Men in particular often end up alone and estranged from their children. A current spouse or partner (assuming there is one) friends or siblings may be unable or unwilling to commit themselves to a care-giving role. But for some “exes” their original marital commitment still means what it said.

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Oklahoma: Task force told out-of-wedlock births to blame for child poverty

Tenn. GOP Congressman’s Ex-wife Had 2 Abortions

Mass. among 23 states where adultery is a crime, but rarely prosecuted

Texas Supreme Court OKs Do-it-Yourself Divorce Forms

Marriage and Family as Dynamic Process | Amy Ziettlow at Family Scholars

    Amy Ziettlow at Family Scholars: More than a century and a half ago Alexis de Tocqueville made the striking observation that an individualistic society depends on a communitarian institution like the family for its continued existence. The family cannot be constituted like the liberal state, nor can it be governed entirely by that state’s principles. Yet the family serves as the seedbed for the virtues required by a liberal state. The family is responsible for teaching lessons of independence, self-restraint, responsibility, and right conduct, which are essential to a free, democratic society. If the family fails in these tasks, then the entire experiment in democratic self-rule is jeopardized.

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After Divorce, Many Women Lose Health Insurance

The prayer of a sex trafficked child: Escaping the abuse

Divorce causes children harm long into adulthood, says study

Ky. Voices: Hate-crime trial revealed deep dysfunction

UK: Court denies Dad who wanted his children raised as Muslims

Utah lawmakers take stand against unfaithful marriages with alimony proposals

Get a grip on family policy, says ex-minister as shocking report claims half of all children will see parents separate

Busting the myth: Christians and divorce

When Branches Tangle in a Stepfamily Tree

    Elissa Gootman at NY Times: Suddenly these step-relatives, unbound by biological or legal ties, are former step-relatives, left to puzzle over the sorts of questions that can require a whiteboard to explain. Do you invite your ex-stepsister to your wedding, given that you shared a bunk bed with her for seven formative years? How long should you continue texting your ex-stepson if he doesn’t text back? And what, if anything, do you call your ex-stepgrandmother?
    For thousands of people, such questions are not hypothetical.

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Growing up with married parents is as important as a good education to escaping poverty

Unrecorded Muslim Marriages, Bigamy, and Polygamy

CA: Religious Wedding Without License Is Not Remarriage That Terminates Spousal Support Order

Senate Approves Bill Altering Evaluation of Prenuptial Pacts (subscription)

More Americans over 50 live together, but don’t marry

Penna Dexter: The consequences of out-of-wedlock births

English law trumps Sharia, rules Appeal Court Judge

Divorcé’s Guide to Marriage: Study Reveals Five Common Themes Underlie Most Divorces

Two Classes in America Divided by “I Do”

Court Applies New York “Get” Law In Muslim Divorce

NY: First lesbian “married” couple to get “divorce”

Baby boomer divorce rates double

Convert from Islam in Sudan Loses Wife, Children

Marriage and family — a hidden casualty of war

Austin R. Nimocks: Baltimore Sun in Your Eyes?