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Splitting? 79% of marital separations end in divorce

Maryland High Court recognizes same-sex “marriages” for purpose of divorce

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Md. high court poised to hear lesbian divorce case

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“Covenant marriage” bill up for debate in Ala.

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Children’s Immunizations, and Disputes Between Divorced Parents

Pope Addresses United States Bishops On Crisis Of Marriage And The Family

D.C. Council approves same-sex divorce bill

Unthinkable thoughts: How feminism deforms intellectual culture

Child support debts may leave some with no income

“Young Mothers Describe Marriage’s Fading Allure” | NYT

Canada: “Tories to close loophole in gay-divorce law”

Divorce and Children: New Study Confirms Irreparable Harm

    ZENIT: Each year in the United States over a million children are the innocent parties to the divorce of their parents. While divorce also hurts the parents it is the children who particularly suffer, according to recent research. The findings come in a study published in January by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, “The Effects of Divorce on Children,” by Patrick F. Fagan and Aaron Churchill. | Study

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Utah: Bills to strengthen marriage

“Poster couple for gay marriage in California is getting divorced” | NY Daily News

Nagging in Marriage Is More Common Than Adultery But Can Also Lead to Divorce

AZ Study: Divorce is not the key to a happy – or long – life

Wife’s lover ruined marriage, says husband who sues for $1.5 million

NJ: Church-State Barrier Held Violated by Judge Ordering Husband To Give a ‘Get’

The Marriage Economy: ‘I Couldn’t Afford To Get Divorced’ : NPR

Couples Avoid Marriage Because They Fear Divorce

Juan Williams: Poverty of children demands attention

    Juan Williams at The Census Bureau reports that 29 percent of white children are considered in or near poverty, along with 64 percent of black children and 65 percent of Hispanic children. There is a link between poverty and a rising number of out-of-wedlock babies born every year, with 24 percent, 38 percent and 42 percent of white, black and Hispanic woman-headed families, respectively, living in poverty. These harsh facts are an ugly consequence of American family breakdown and political inertia in a time of congressional fights for political advantage over budgets and tax breaks.

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Kay Hymowitz: The Truth About Marriage In America

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Northeast, Not Bible Belt, Has Lowest Divorce Rate In America

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Bible not linked to South’s divorce rate

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