Many children of divorce are born ‘losers’ claims Irish bishop

TX: Custody Order Violates Establishment Clause

The Marginalization of Marriage in Middle America

    Andrew Cherlin and W. Bradford Wilcox at the Brookings Institution: This policy brief reviews the deepening marginalization of marriage and the growing instability of family life among moderately-educated Americans: those who hold high school degrees but not four-year college degrees and who constitute 51 percent of the young adult population (aged twenty-five to thirty-four). Written jointly by two family scholars, one of them a conservative (W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project) and the other a liberal (Andrew J. Cherlin, professor at Johns Hopkins University), it is an attempt to find common ground in the often bitter and counterproductive debates about family policy. We come to this brief with somewhat different perspectives. Wilcox would emphasize the primacy of promoting and supporting marriage. Cherlin argued in a recent book, The Marriage-Go-Round, that stable care arrangements for children, whether achieved through marriage or not, are what matter most. But both of us agree that children are more likely to thrive when they reside in stable, two-parent homes. We also agree that in America today cohabitation is still largely a short-term arrangement, while marriage remains the setting in which adults seek to maintain long-term bonds. Thus, we conclude by offering six policy ideas, some economic, some cultural, and some legal, designed to strengthen marriage and family life among moderately-educated Americans. Finally, unless otherwise noted, the findings detailed in this policy brief come from a new report by Wilcox, When Marriage Disappears: The New Middle America.

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Kansas High Court Rules On Relevance of Parent’s Religion In Custody Determination

Vicki Larson: Are Childless Couples Headed Toward Divorce?

Rebecca Hagelin: Marital Criticism and Pessimism

Gen X marriages: Divorce is out, monogamy’s in

America’s Marriage Debate Depends on Civil Society

IRS eases liability rule for spouse’s tax debt

Malta allows divorce after vote

NPR: “Gay Divorce A Higher Hurdle Than Marriage”

The New Battleground of Child Custody Reform: Shared Parenting

    Rachel Alexander at Townhall: Child custody and support laws have become more onerous over the last 50 years due to fewer parents staying together and women becoming equally as capable as men at earning a living outside the home. Instead of reflecting these changes, the laws have lagged behind, continuing to favor mothers over fathers.

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The Two-Biological-Parent Family and Economic Prosperity: What’s Gone Wrong

“Gay Marriage May End in Divorce at The Supreme Court”

A Generation of Divorce Testifies to the Importance of Marriage

New York Times article attacks natural family planning

Study: Children of divorced parents receive less financial help toward college costs

UK: “Gay ‘divorces’ up by 44%”

“When Same-Sex Marriages End in Divorce”: Americans are a roving sort

Legal Periodical: Untangling the Knot: Finding a Forum for Same-Sex Divorces in the State of Celebration

Argentina Sees Its 1st Lesbian Divorce – Cheating reportedly the cause

Sexually active teens more likely to divorce, study says

A Plan for Rebuilding Marriage and Family in America | The Heritage Foundation

UK: ‘Father’ ordered to pay £100k for children he never knew he had after ex-wife tricked IVF clinic into using his frozen sperm

Divorce ‘permanently harms learning and affects their ability to make friends’

Study: Marriage Key to Healthy Economy

Maltese voters opt for legal divorce in national referendum

Marriage: “There just wasn’t any rush”

Approving divorce will sever Malta from its culture and future: world’s largest pro-life group

TX: ‘Divorce’ debate taken to state’s high court

Jim Daly: “Why the Same-Sex Marriage Experiment Will Not Work”

Malta To Vote On Ending Divorce Ban; Church Is Strongly Opposed

MN: Divorced legislators supporting the marriage amendment have been targeted . . .

UK: Not suited to the way we live now: Senior judge in attack on ‘outdated’ marriage law

Liberty Institute Asks Texas High Court to Review Same-Sex Divorce Cases

UK: Judge demands review of damaging divorce laws

Schwarzenegger, Shriver separating after 25 years

Broken marriages draining tax coffers

Add This To Your List Of China Growth Trends: Divorce

Glenn T. Stanton: Premarital sex & divorce — is there a link?

The Abolition of Marriage

Aaron Goldstein: Thoughts on Marriage & Child Abuse

Joseph Lawler: Marriage and Child Abuse

W. Bradford Wilcox: “Suffer the Little Children: Cohabitation and the Abuse of America’s Children”

Against Divorce: David Hume Defends Traditional Marriage

    Russell Nieli at Public Discourse: While often hostile to the Calvinist Christianity in which he was reared, David Hume’s essay “Of Polygamy and Divorces” offers a vigorous and well-argued defense of marriage arrangements as they existed in England and many other parts of Europe from the early Middle Ages through most of the 18th century. His arguments have great relevance for us today as we struggle to cope with unprecedented rates of divorce and unprecedented ease of both entering into and exiting marriages and other intimate procreative relationships. His arguments against polygamy are also important as that practice seems to be undergoing something of a resurgence in parts of the southwest, with renewed interest in the popular culture.

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Oklahoma Data on Marriage

Operation Restore the Family – Phase 1 : Overview of TXPC-initiated Parental Divorce Reduction Act

UK: Half see parents divorced by age 16

Revealed: The 2million baby boomers who are facing a lonely old age

Divorce Rate For Women In Military Double That Of Men

Divorces rise as taboo falls in urbanizing India

Divorcing Hype From Reality in Facebook Stats

Christians question divorce rates of the faithful

Janice Shaw Crouse: Marriage Doesn’t Count in CDC tracking

The Secrets to Long Life: Worry, Work Hard and Marry Well (If You’re a Man)

Your country or mine? EU proposes rules on divvying up property of international marriages

Howard Stern: Divorcing first wife ‘blew my mind’

Legal Periodical: The Constitutional Obligation to Adjudicate Petitions for Same-Sex Divorce and the Dissolution of Civil Unions and Analogous Same-Sex Reliationships: Prolegomenon to a Brief

Study says parental divorce is strongest predictor of early death

More divorced couples say Facebook hurt their marriage

WY: Court rejects lawmakers’ brief in divorce case

WY: Court rejects lawmakers’ brief in divorce case

Australia: Couples say just in case before ‘I do’

The Vatican’s Marriage Quandary

WY: Lawmakers seek to intervene in same-sex divorce

WY: Lawmakers seek to intervene in same-sex divorce

Legislators want role in same-sex divorce case

Heritage Foundation: The Long Shadow of Marital Dissolution

    Heritage Foundation: “What may not be so well known is the fact that the ripple effects of family dissolution go beyond the impact on the immediate children of broken marriages. Current trends toward dissolving (or never forming) marriages have consequences for a third (and even fourth) generation, given that children’s life course of relationships tend to track that of their parents.”

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MA: State Could End Alimony For Life Law

Key to Happy Marriage: Mom Cooks, Dad Plays?

Girl with girl cheating OK, half of boyfriends say

ND Bill would require mandatory marriage counseling for those seeking a divorce

Canada: Giving new meaning to “nanny state”

e-divorces on rise in Australia

Dad: Ex-wife too religiously extreme for son