Senate clears bill linking religious freedom, trade

ISIS finances are strong

Do religious leaders really focus on homosexuality and abortion more than poverty? Not exactly

Senate approves religious freedom measure for trade bill

Divorce can mean a trip down the economic ladder for women

Religious freedom is good for business

Decision time for Dems: Abortion rights or helping the poor?

How Hollywood can save our families

Men, money, and the marriage crisis

Why poor women with unintended pregnancies are less likely to get abortions

Blaming the poor: The cruel speech of conservatives who don’t see

    Aleteia: Writing in the English newspaper The Guardian, Lucy Mangan tells of people reacting to her raising money for a home for battered women by demanding, “Why don’t these women just leave?” The obvious answer is that when you’ve been beaten for a long time and psychologically broken down, and have no resources, and are scared for yourself and your children’s safety, and fear you’ll be killed, and most to the point have nowhere to go if you do leave, you can’t.

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The companies making daily life easier for parents

Family income more apt to impact kids’ well-being than marital status of parents

Marriage as a springboard to the middle class

    Ed Excellence: As I explain in Education Next, a more holistic approach would also take seriously what Isabel Sawhill and Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution call the “success sequence”: get at least a high school diploma, work full time, and wait till you are at least twenty-one and married before having children. They estimate that 98 percent of individuals who follow those three norms will not be poor, and almost three-quarters will be solidly middle class. On the flip side, three-quarters of young people who fail to follow any of those norms will be poor, and almost none will be middle class.

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Single mothers don’t always stay poor

Challenges facing low-income families today

Love, tax, and wedlock

How conservatives can support single mothers

Support family-friendly, economically-wise policies–Not transportation pork or dependency

How to revive the American dream in blue-collar America

Three views on David Leonhardt’s letter about liberals and marriage

To restore marriage, restore labor unions?

What Christianity contributes to China’s economic rise

Why family structure matters more in rich countries

Tim Scott: Why marriage matters for fighting poverty

It’s not just the economy devastating working-class families

Poverty, the rule of law, and human flourishing

Connecting religious and economic liberty

Religious freedom and business: A complicated relationship

Managing the costs of family elder care

Is there a link between childhood homelessness and single parenthood?

Marriage emerges as key to economic growth

Coolidge in 2016

If you care about the poor, care about marriage

How the decline in marriage is fueling inequality

“Murphy Brown” was wrong, new research suggests

The economic case for not giving up on marriage

Want to be happy for the rest of your life? Have a big, cheap wedding

It’s a child, not a toaster

I do? No thanks. The economics behind America’s marriage decline.

How the economy affects marriage rates

This chart proves it doesn’t have to cost $245,000 to raise a child

Marriage won’t end poverty. But it will help (a lot).

Religious liberty and economic freedom: intellectual and practical paradoxes

Do pro-homosexual policies promote economic growth? In a word — no.

Retreating from marriage is not the answer to our economic problems

Patrick J. Deneen: Corporatism and same-sex “marriage” are natural bedfellows

Strong Marriages and Economies | W. Bradford Wilcox at NYT

Confusing Cause and Effect for the Law School Bubble

Uncomfortable Truths about Family Breakdown

The Marriage Divide: We should address the cultural causes of income inequality. | Mona Charen

Wanting Marriage and Pursuit of Happiness | Natalie Angier at NYT

Broken Families Dragging Down Growth | Michael Barone at Human Events

    Michael Barone at Human Events: As Utah Senator Mike Lee noted in speeches at the Heritage Foundation, “the problem of poverty is linked to family breakdown and the erosion of marriage among low-income families and communities.” Lee is careful not to cast opprobrium on single or divorced parents. But he insists on pointing to the uncomfortable but undeniable fact that economic outcomes for their children have been far worse than those for children raised in two-parent families. That produces many personal tragedies. And in cold economic terms, it means that society is losing gross domestic product because of less than optimal development of human capital.

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“Gay & Lesbian Consumers Had $830 Billion to Spend in 2013″

Parents make good school choices, study says

What America Can Learn From China: In Politics, Competence Matters

    Yahoo Finance: In America, meanwhile, 29 members of Congress will meet this week as the latest, greatest ‘super-committee’ picks up the can that was kicked down the road last month. If the committee isn’t able to come up with a budget deal by Dec. 13, the world’s largest economy could suffer another government shutdown when the current continuing resolution expires Jan. 15, followed by another potential debt ceiling crisis a month later. In other words, China continues to plan years ahead while America is too consumed with partisan battles to successfully deal with issues of immediate importance, much less address long-term issues.

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Marriage: A Luxury Good Accessible to All

Sorry, Marriage is a Luxury Good

    The Atlantic: Marriage is for everyone; failed marriages are for the poor. Bleak stuff. But it’s getting bleaker . . . Here’s why this trend—not just the move towards divorce like Derek talked about, but the move from nuptials entirely—is so gloomy. Getting married, and staying married, is one of the surest ways of securing a middle class life. By choosing not to wed in the first place, the poor are abandoning that chance at stability.

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The Incredible Shrinking Workforce

Jindal: 41% of Louisiana Residents Would Be in an Expanded Medicaid Program

Gallup: Higher Marriage Rate Could Boost the Economy

Marriage and abortion are economic issues | Star Parker

A House Divided Cannot Stand: On Social and Economic Conservatism | Ryan T. Anderson at First Things

Why China Wants to Dump the Dollar

    Chriss W. Street at Breitbart: Having benefited for twenty years from their under-valued currency, importing manufacturing jobs, and exporting lower priced products, China’s comparative advantage is being destroyed by America’s oil and natural gas fracking boom. The Chinese communist authorities are terrified their loss of competitiveness will cause unemployment and the social consequences that flow from it. But with the terms of trade now substantially against China, convincing the world to dump the U.S. dollar as reserve currency and switch to the Chinese “renminbi” is their best hope to try to save tens of millions of manufacturing jobs.

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In The Future, Law School Tuition Will Be Absolutely Terrifying

“Anchorage Chamber wants business to support the city’s gay and lesbian community”

Not All Marriages Are Created Equal

“Illinois Needs Money, Legalize Gay Marriage”

Law firm incubators help both grads and needy clients, Fred Rooney says

    ABA Journal: Rooney used the position to start filling a gaping hole in the law–access for all to legal services–and created a program to train lawyers serving poor and moderate-income clients to become not just good advocates but smart businesspeople too. “We started a network where we had full-time staff to provide to graduates developing small and solo firms the kinds of services they’d get if they were at a large firm,” he says. “It was the beginning of a movement in the United States to support graduates.”

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Millennials and Marriage | Rachel Lu at Public Discourse

    Rachel Lu at Public Discourse: Marriage has given structure and purpose to the lives of an incredibly diverse array of people, across millennia of human history. It can work for young Americans today. And the consolations of family life could help to compensate for the other disappointments and challenges that these over-optimistic youth are likely to encounter once they move beyond the classroom. Millennials want to hear this, and they need to know. If their elders want to atone for the mistakes of yesteryear, now is the time to start talking about marriage.

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As the middle class dwindles, so do marriage rates

Scalia: Traditional Christian virtues essential to capitalism

Tea Party Catholic: Connecting Religious Liberty and Economic Freedom | Acton Institute

Practice-Ready Law School Graduates: A Millennialist Fantasy

“The Elite Project of Gay Marriage” | R.R. Reno at First Things