Four Christian universities in Oklahoma challenge federal contraceptive coverage requirement | The Oklahoman

Oklahoma universities file lawsuit against the abortion pill mandate | Live Action News

Annual See You at the Pole Event Champions Students’ Freedom to Pray | Caffeinated Thoughts

‘We Must Obey God’: Oklahoma Christian Universities Challenge Obamacare’s Abortion Pill Mandate | Christian Post

Louisiana lawmaker plans Common Core repeal bill for 2014 legislative session

Catholic Business Loses Contraception Mandate Appeal | CBN

KS: Board votes unanimously to allow student-led prayer

Prayer Banner Quietly Replaced With Secular Mural at RI High School 2 years After Teen Atheist Won Lawsuit

Annual ‘See You at the Pole’ event champions students’ freedom to pray | Alliance Defending Freedom

4 Okla. Universities Challenge Obama’s Birth Control Mandate | Christian Post

Louisiana School Voucher Dispute May Be Ending

Pa. Board Nixes Transgender Homecoming King Entry

Will Transgender Professor Be Fired From Christian College After Stunning Reveal?

German homeschooling family reunited – as long as they promise to attend state schools

4 Oklahoma Christian Colleges Join To Challenge The Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate | Global Dispatch

Free Speaking Students Under Attack |

Oklahoma colleges file lawsuit against Obama administration over federal healthcare law |

Christian Universities File Lawsuit To Fight Federal Healthcare Law |

Christian Universities Sue Challenging Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

Prop. 8 Players Join Bid To Repeal Transgender Law

Students gathering on Wednesday to pray at flagpole

Poll: Louisiana Voters Strongly Oppose Dept. Of Justice’s Attempt To Block Quality Education

Public schools bans students from handing out Constitutions on Constitution Day | Video

Secular Student Group Invited to Department of Education “Interfaith” Meeting

Prosecutor Wants Jail For Homeschooling Parents | WND

“Univ. of St. Thomas-Minnesota President Welcomes Employees in Same-Sex Marriages”

Does ‘Pledge’ have a place in schools?

‘Secular safe zones’ offer campus shelter to atheist students

    Religion News Service: The Secular Safe Zone program kicked off this fall after two years of planning by the Secular Student Alliance, a national organization for nontheistic students. The program enlists “allies” like Schmidt among faculty, administrators, counselors and others on college and high school campuses who are trained in the needs of nonreligious — or “secular” — students. So far, there are Secular Safe Zone allies at 26 college and high school campuses in 14 states, including California, Nevada, Ohio, Utah, Illinois, Florida and New York.

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ACLU accuses Pinellas school district of discriminating against transgender student

State-Sponsored Kidnapping and Jail for Homeschoolers in Germany | HSLDA

Two organizations providing California teachers with info about dumping unions, getting rebates on dues

School Takes Kids to Mosque, Gives them Copies of Koran

School will allow mother to pray on campus | One News Now

Woman says she was fired by Rutgers because she is lesbian

Wisconsin, NYU, and Yale are Servicing Authoritarian Regimes

    History News Network: But the American Academy worries rightly about the humanities’ prospects in the United States itself, more than in societies where they’ve never taken root. Buffeted by market, political and social pressures, liberal educators whose own public funding is dwindling and whose students’ resources and aspirations are narrowing have set sail for lavish subsidies and burgeoning new student markets. But they’ve forgotten that whoever pays the piper ultimately calls the tune.

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TN: Student told not to write about God in ‘regrettable misunderstanding’ |

Pledge’s ‘under God’ phrase faces Mass. court scrutiny |

Pledge’s ‘under God’ phrase faces Massachusetts court scrutiny | Christian Examiner (BP)

Undermining Christian Legal Society v. Martinez

Christian Mother Regains Right to Pray for NH School’s Safety After Legal Group’s Intervention | Christian Post

British college drops Muslim veil ban amid outcry

Lexington-Richland 5 board seeks to preserve prayer at meetings

Campus Feminist Vs. First Amendment | Rod Dreher at The American Conservative

Atheists fail to beat 1-woman prayer vigil | WND

10-Year-Old Banned From Writing About God By Memphis Teacher, Told to Remove Paper From School Property

MN: 2nd “gay teacher” leaves Totino-Grace Catholic School

Ontario tribunal bans Bible distribution unless school board also gives out atheist texts

German court rules Muslim girls must join swim classes

TN: School Tells Child She Can’t Write About God

Mother Banned From Giving Sermons On Public School Steps, Returns To Do It Silently

Free to Pray | World Magazine

Praying mom back at Concord High School | NH Union Leader

    NH Union Leader: On the other side, the Alliance Defending Freedom will continue to stand by Urena, who has been represented by the Scottsdale, Ariz., group since it learned of Urena’s ban. “This is definitely progress and is really what we’ve sought all along — to allow Liza to continue to pray for the students and the school,” said Matt Sharp, legal counsel for the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based alliance. “The fact that she’s able to be there and pray is the most important thing. We really applaud the district for this step.” . . . Sharp said whether it’s out loud or silent, Urena feels she is getting her message out without disrupting anything or attempting to influence students in their own religious beliefs. “All she wanted to do was to be able to continue to do that,” Sharp said. “If somebody doesn’t like Liza praying, they can just keep walking right into the school.”

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NH High School Affirms Parent’s Freedom to Pray

SC: Atheists Challenge Elementary School Graduation In Chapel With Christian Prayers

    Religion Clause Blog: The complaint (full text) in American Humanist Association v. Greenville County School District, (D SC, filed 9/11/2013), claims that the graduation ceremony in the chapel also included two student-led Christian prayers that had been reviewed and approved by school staff.

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  • Hawaii Planned Parenthood awash in sex education funding

    Mother Barred From Praying on Steps of New Hampshire School Now Praying Silently on Campus

    Praying mother back at N.H. school, praying silently | Boston Globe (AP)

    N.H. school affirms parent’s freedom to pray | Alliance Defending Freedom

    NY: Ministerial Exception Defense Rejected In Suit By “Transgender Catholic School Teacher”

    French Muslim leaders pan ‘secularism charter’, warn of ‘stigma’ boost

    Arizona’s New Frontier for Education | Lindsey Burke at Heritage Foundation

    Cheerleaders Spark State-Wide Debate With Religious Football Signs

    Praying mom back at NH school, praying silently

    Mother now praying silently on Concord High campus | Concord Monitor

    French Schools Will Post New Secularism Charter

    Why Not Two or Three Years of Law School | Ed Whalen at NRO

    Campus displays obvious viewpoint discrimination | One News Now

    U. Arizona seeks to boost transgender studies program

    AL: Madison County Commission expecting lawsuit from Freedom From Religion over prayer at meetings

    ACLU joins fight against Kountze cheerleaders’ scripture banners

    Pledge Of Allegiance’s “Under God” Defended By Evangelicals — But Guess Who Wrote it | PolicyMic

    TN: Freedom From Religion Foundation targets prayers in South Pittsburg pre-game practice