Yale to open on-campus ministry center, will host Bible studies and prayer meetings

Student told by teacher not to bring Bible to class; school district responds

Judge sides with Upper Arlington in Tree of Life lawsuit | ThisWeek

Wrestling shirt that quotes scripture subject of controversy

Public school teacher puts up religious message on school marquee; complaints abound

Catholic schools asked to be more inclusive of non-religious students

New Jersey lawsuit seeks to ban Pledge of Allegiance

Nazareth Area lawsuit over Valentine’s Day cards brings questions of free speech rights

Pro-life protests near schools concern Vancouver parents

Suit over sale of former public school to Orthodox Jewish schools is settled

ADF appeals decision against churches meeting in NYC public schools

Bible study after school ban overturned as NY Superintendent reverses decision | Christian Post

Delaware to decide on charter school applications

No legal recourse for Gallaudet University official demoted because she signed anti-same-sex-marriage petition

Okla. school district approves Hobby Lobby president’s Bible course

N.H. education tax credit challenge draws national interest | AP

Lawsuit filed after teacher throws away child’s Valentine’s Day message | Christian Today

The Romeike home-school conundrum

Ohio school board debates teacher sexual orientation rule

Orin Kerr: Legal scholarship in the lean years

    Orin Kerr at The Volokh Conspiracy: “In the last five years, legal education has witnessed a dramatic reduction in demand. Applications are down, forcing many schools to shrink class size and discount tuition to attract students through “merit” scholarships (and more recently, in rare cases, across-the-board tuition cuts). With income down, schools must cut expenses, the largest chunk of which are faculty salaries. Many schools have encouraged senior faculty to retire, and faculty hiring across the board has been sharply curtailed. As I see it, we’re seeing a return to the period before the boom decade of about 1999-2009. In that window, many law schools had lots of extra cash that they spent on new buildings, better amenities and more and better-salaried professors. The boom is over, and a lot of schools are trying to adjust.”

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NH Supreme Court to hear education tax case

Catholic school principal apologizes for comments about divorce, homosexuality made by guest speaker

Oregon City students protest Day of Silence with “Gay is not OK” T-shirts

Jerry Newcombe: What would the Framers think of evicting churches from NYC schools? | The Christian Post

Todd Starnes: Jesus card not welcome in Nazareth school | Christian Post

Florida: Christian student club accuses Lake County Schools of discrimination

Religious Calgary school threatens to expel “immoral” staff, students

School fails to silence pro-life message | OneNewsNow

Lawsuit filed: Jesus not welcome in Nazareth, Pa. school | Fox News

Students: Speak up for your faith today … before tomorrow’s silence | OneNewsNow

ADF: Mich. school district on solid ground to allow Easter egg hunt fliers

Nazareth area school district policy on Valentine’s Day cards needs to be revoked, attorney says | The Express-Times

What would the Framers think of evicting churches from NYC schools? | Jerry Newcombe at Townhall

Italian MPs introduce bill to protect parents’ rights against “gender ideology”

Ontario Catholic schools grapple with court’s no-religion ruling

Minnesota House sends “anti-bullying” bill to governor’s desk

Gay-straight alliance motion defeated in Alberta Legislature

Parents claim school banned son’s God-themed Valentine’s Day cards – and now they’re suing | The Blaze

Nazareth Area School District sued over religious notes removed from Valentine’s Day cards | The Express-Times

Appeals court ruling: ban on worship in NYC schools constitutional | The Jewish Voice

Nazareth rejects Jesus, gets sued | WND

Parents sue Nazareth Area School District over son’s Valentine’s Day card for classmates | WFMZ

Churches battle lawsuit over rental fees for using public school rooms | Maui News (AP)

Second Circuit keeps doors locked for NYC church | Patriot Post

No honor in his hometown: Jesus not welcome in Nazareth school

Norwood, MA voters approve measure to rename winter vacation as “Christmas vacation”

Censoring history of St. Valentine violated first-grader’s free speech rights | The Morning Call

Why is New York City bullying Christians? | Fox News

NYC churches again suffer court setback | Baptist Press

Catholic schools can’t force student to attend mass, Ontario court rules

Italian parents push back against “gender deconstruction” project in schools

Girl who said she was told not to pray identifies cafeteria staffer, lawyer says

Second Circuit rules against religious freedom of NYC churches | Heritage

Minnesota Senate approves “anti-bullying” bill

Georgia parents sue state over private school scholarship program

Federal appeals court bars NYC churches from meeting in public schools | Christian News

The Big Apple stands alone | OneNewsNow

Federal appeals court upholds NYC’s ban on worship services at public schools | Christian Post

Worship services can be banned from school venues, judge rules | Charisma News

NYC churches homeless again | WORLD

Federal court says NYC public schools can kick out religious services | Gothamist

The suppression of speech on American campuses: Dr. Ken Howell’s story | Cardinal Newman Society

SC elementary school fights for right to hold graduation at university chapel | OneNewsNow

New York can block religious services in schools, 2nd Circuit panel rules

Missouri House gives early OK to student religious liberty bill

Brooklyn Law School to cut tuition by 15%

ADF considering next steps after 2nd Cir. rules against weekend worship services at NYC public schools

PA: Central Bucks seeks changes to student speech policy | The Intelligencer

Some states seek to bless prayer in public schools

Canadian court certifies class action against Anglican boarding school for abuse of students

Pro-life groups face opposition in American high schools | National Catholic Register

Fla. 5-year-old told “it’s not good” to pray by school employee

Reihan Salaam: Tax the childless

    Reihan Salaam at Slate: “By shifting the tax burden from parents to nonparents, we will help give America’s children a better start in life, and we will help correct a simple injustice. We all benefit from the work of parents. Each new generation reinvigorates our society with its youthful vim and vigor. . . . The U.S. Department of Agriculture has found that raising a child born in 2012 will cost a middle-income family a cumulative total of $301,970 over 18 years.”

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ACLU-TN protects student’s right to read Bible at school