Ohio Supreme Court upholds firing of teacher for religious symbols

South Carolina Parents Remove Children From School to Protest Common Core

“Americans United Warns Washington County Council Not To Give Tax Aid To Christian Fundamentalist Group”

Battle over 36 pages of Islam in Fla. textbook about to explode; Dems back CAIR

School Cancels Christmas Toy Drive After Humanists Threaten to Sue

Transgender Texas Student’s Tuxedo Photo Banned

Ohio: School board votes to remove Jesus painting

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Parents make good school choices, study says

Students rally for Rutgers University bus driver who says prayer led to his dismissal

Southern Alberta school board mulling decision to drop Lord’s Prayer

Ohio ACLU demands portrait of Jesus be removed from another public school

Attacks on school choice program rebutted at NH Supreme Court | Alliance Defending Freedom

Atheist Student Leader OK at Ore. Christian School

Christmas music returns to New Jersey school | One News Now

Expanded the Range of Respectable Opinion in Constitutional Discourse

Santa is coming to Bordentown schools; Jesus (and all other deities) still aren’t | Jeff Edelstein at the Trentonian

    Jeff Edelstein at the Trentonian: Then the Alliance Defending Freedom got involved. They’re an Arizona-based group that “directly litigates strategic cases to protect religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.” The group is for religious displays on public land, against gay couples adopting, opposes civil unions …basically, they are — in their words — a “legal ministry to help practicing attorneys successfully defend and reclaim religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.” Anyway, they fired off a press release.  Then two days later — last Friday — it appeared the Bordentown Regional School District braintrust pulled a 180 and decided to allow the songs back in the concert . . .  Religious controversies are always productive of more acrimony and irreconcilable hatreds than those which spring from any other cause,” wrote George Washington. So is this controversy over? Not by a long shot. Nov. 13 is a Bordentown Board of Education meeting. I expect more acrimony.

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Baylor retains ban on homosexual behavior

Scotland: New push to force sex ed on Christian schools

Religious songs reinstated for winter concert | Hamilton Observer

Colorado College lists five genders, including ‘queer,’ on applications

Former Faculty Members’ Suit Against Religious College Dismissed On Establishment Clause Grounds

Bordentown: Religious songs to be reinstated for winter concert | CentralJersey.com

    CentralJersey.com: Prior to the superintendent’s letter, Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit legal organization that deals primarily with religious freedom issues, sent a letter to district officials to lobby for the songs’ inclusion. ”We write to explain that every federal court to examine the issue has determined that including Christmas carols and other religious music in school choir programs fully complies with the First Amendment and to urge you to immediately rescind the new policy instituted by administrative officials,” the letter read. The letter, written by the organization’s legal counsel, further stated the district’s role as it pertains to the First Amendment is to remain neutral from religion and refrain “from demonstrating an unconstitutional hostility toward songs with religious origins.”

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Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District: Kelly Shackelford on symbolic speech

New Jersey School Lifts Controversial Ban on Christmas Carols | Christian Post

New Jersey School Bans Christian Christmas Music | Persecution.org

    Persecution.org: Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal firm specializing in religious liberty cases, fired off a letter to the New Jersey grinches – reminding them that it’s perfectly constitutional to sing “Joy to the World.” “Schools should not have to think twice about whether they can allow students to perform Christmas carols,” said Legal Counsel Matthew Sharp. “Courts have unanimously upheld their inclusion in school productions–even when songs deal with Christian themes that are naturally a part of the holiday.” The Alliance Defending Freedom letter explains that “every federal court to examine the issue has determined that including Christmas carols and other religious music in school choir programs fully complies with the First Amendment.”

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Bordentown school district will allow religious songs in winter program | NJ.com

Conservative parents, left wing children | Dennis Prager at Human Events

FL: Hundreds prepare protest against Islam chapter in Volusia Co. school textbook

Parents slam pro-Islam slant in Florida school textbook

Scotland: Bid to remove religious voice from education

MN: Pastor loses bus driving job for praying with students

Ohio student wins free-speech victory on college campus | One News Now

Catholic principal says Quebec rule prohibits teaching faith

Unconstitutional Ban on Christmas Carols Overturned at NJ School | Charisma

NJ school district withdraws ban on religious Christmas carols | Alliance Defending Freedom

2 Ind. colleges say they’ll oppose marriage amendment

Texas student suspended for ripping up Bible

Memo from Paul Ryan to Georgetown Faculty: Ever Heard of a Tea Party Catholic?

Christmas Music Ban? | O’Reilly Factor Video

For religious reasons, Christmas, Halloween take a hit in schools | Deseret News

New Jersey school bans religious Christmas music | Todd Starnes at Fox News

War On Christmas? N.J. School District Bans Religious Songs During Winter Concerts | The Blaze

Ban on religious songs is fair for all | Daily Targum

    Daily Targum: Among the people that the school district apparently [expletive] off is Alliance Defending Freedom, which describes itself as a “legal ministry” — the only one of its kind in the country. The ADF wrote a letter to the school district alleging that their ban is unconstitutional and a violation of First Amendment rights. The letter continued to cite the right of students to have Christmas songs in schools. The ADF’s press release is headlined “NJ school district bans religious Christmas carols.” This intentional omission of the ban on other religion’s religious songs and the excessive attention on the celebration of Christmas rather than on all holidays reflects the problem that the Bordentown Regional School District is right in trying to resolve.

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To Sing or Not to Sing in Church, That is the Question for the Gilroy High School Choir | Caffeinated Thoughts

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Sex Education Part 2: The Practical Implications of Explicit Sex Ed Absent Morality

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Case against teacher who viewed porn at school headed to WI Supreme Court

Pennsylvania bill would require schools to post ‘In God We Trust’ motto

Separation of Church and Choir for Gilroy High School | KION 46 (CBS)

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Graduate Students Scheduled to Attend UN Training Session

9th Circuit mulls high school’s ban on US flag T-shirts to avoid Cinco de Mayo trouble

Air Force Academy May Drop Religious Reference From Oath

ACLU’s Opposition To Pre-game Prayer Shows It Is No “Champion” Of Students’ Rights | Matt Sharp

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