Utah bill would prevent “transgender” students from choosing bathroom

National Review: Save the charter schools

Montana Catholic school teacher fired over pregnancy pledges “legal action”

de Blasio: NYC public schools to close for Muslim holidays

GA Senate approves bill allowing religious holiday displays in schools

Religion teaching reform divides Finnish MPs

North Carolina football coach ordered to stop baptizing players

ADF to Ariz. schools: Giving Planned Parenthood access to children may violate state law

Indiana Supreme Court takes up home school discrimination case

Texas board approves textbook review rule changes

School targets Jesus tattoo | WND

Ed Whelan: The Maine Supreme Court’s bathroom mess

Canada: Pressure mounts on law societies to reject faith-based school’s graduates

Thomas More Society: Indiana Supreme Court to hear homeschoolers’ appeal

Maine Supreme Court rules in favor of transgender student in Orono school bathroom case

VA: Religious exemption for home schooling law won’t be studied

VA: “Bill banning gay conversion therapy fails in House”

“MA man files discrimination complaint, claims job offer rescinded over same-sex spouse”

Charter High Schools’ Effects on Educational Attainment and Earnings | Mathematica Policy Research

Appeal denied of school vaccination decision

Texas man sues school district for refusing to display ad of Jesus covered in tattoos | Christian Post

MA: Northboro, Southboro school boards debate change on religious holidays

Colorado kills bill to protect religious groups on campus | National Catholic Register

New details in “Tattooed Jesus” lawsuit against LISD | KCBD

NC: FFRF targets Mooresville coach for “religious endorsements”

“Jesus Tattoo” ad barred from school jumbotron

“Jesus Tattoo” sponsors suing Lubbock ISD for advertising space

Religious organization files suit against LISD

Damages Only $1, But Lawyers Prevail and Get $34,772

Ghana: MPs urge gov’t to return religious schools to religious bodies

“Jesus Tattoo” ad barred from jumbotron

European Court of Human Rights rules State liable for Irish girl’s abuse

AK: Amendment allowing public money for charter and religious schools draws supporters

Georgia: Rep. Hightower introduces student “religious liberties” bill

Israel keeps Arab teachers out of Jewish religious schools

CO: Lawmakers shoot down bill that could have allowed religious student groups state money

The dubious promise of universal preschool

    David J. Armor and Sonia Sousa at National Affairs: “The evidence suggests that we aren’t exactly sure what kind of program would succeed in leveling the playing field for low-income children. A review of the research on Head Start and other preschool programs, with a rigorous consideration of the benefits claimed by these programs and an informed cost-benefit analysis, must therefore be undertaken before the federal government spends billions of dollars on a new, untested program.”

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Sen. Alexander to file bill encouraging school choice

Scotland: Kirk plan for school “reflection time” is attacked

Ireland: Priests tell Minister of Education to stop undermining religion in schools

ADF attorney to testify in favor of Colo. student group religious freedom bill Monday

Catholic school CEO resigns over ousting “gay” administrator

OH Supreme Court reaffirms dismissal of teacher who had religious materials in classroom

Sabine school board responds to ACLU suit over proselytization of student

New Zealand: Second complaint laid over school’s religious classes

UK: Cornwall consults on scrapping free transport to religious schools

MI: Federal judge tosses Thomas More Law Center free speech suit against Muslim group

FIRE report finds very restrictive speech codes at American universities

ACLU sues Sabine Parish School Board for alleged proselytization of student

Indiana lawmaker seeks to protect Christmas spirit in public schools

Va. Senate passes school prayer bill

Bill giving public school credit for off-campus religious education passes Ohio House

Study: Charter schools raise nearby home values by thousands of dollars

Colorado group proposes ballot measure requiring pre-marriage education

Virginia lawmaker seeks to clarify education law on religious exemptions

Ala. school board recommends 11 textbooks after reviewing complaints over religion

Faculty members’ free speech rights put to test | OneNewsNow

The threat to NYC charter schools

PA: Ruling on student speech spurs policy review | Valley News Dispatch

UW-Extension boots Gideon Bibles from guest rooms after complaint

Parent: Los Alamitos school ceremony at church violates law

Ave Maria School of Law named best Catholic law school

The Common Coring of private schools

Some law schools cutting tuition amid dismal legal jobs market

ADF to Kansas Board of Regents: Rescind anti-social media policy | Caffeinated Thoughts

ADF to Kansas Board of Regents: Rescind anti-social media policy

New Zealand father seeks to end state schools’ religious classes

Hawaii church defeats atheists in suit that alleged gov’t fraud | Charisma

Employment discrimination claim on behalf of pro-life Portland school teacher

Don’t destroy the Romeike family

Scotland: “Catholic fury over schools’ gay marriage guide”

Iowa Supreme Court to weigh ditching bar exam

Canada: York University excuses student from group work with women over religious beliefs