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Yale holds 1st annual pro-life conference, ‘Vita et Veritas’ on campus

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10-Year-Old’s ‘God Is My Idol’ Assignment Now Accepted By Tenn. School; Given 100 Percent After Rejection Backlash

No prayer allowed at Veterans Day ceremony at Wallenpaupack High: American Legion threatens not to show up

Freedom of speech | Brainerd Dispatch

    Brainerd Dispatch: Alan Sears, president of Alliance Defending Freedom said, “The level of hostility to Christianity on many of America’s tax-supported campuses — the ones you are paying for where seven out of 10 students attend — has reached a crisis point. He also told about his own family’s brush with anti-Christian hostility on campus when one of his daughters chose to attend a state university. “While our daughter quietly stood with other women who were standing for marriage as the unon of one man and one woman — she saw the vicious response almost immediately. She heard not only name calling from passing students, but also witnessed a physical attack, as some threw wooden stakes at her Christian sister.” . . . For more information on discrimination against Christian beliefs, go online to

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Hawaii Atheists Lei It on the Line in Lawsuit | FRC Washington Update

    FRC Washington Update: During the debate in the Hawaii legislature, some of these same churches have been outspoken proponents of marriage. Could it be that they’ve been targeted for exercising those rights from the pulpit? Alliance Defending Freedom’s (ADF) Erik Stanley, who’s helping to defend the congregations, is stunned that the atheists would attack such a primary source of Oahu’s public service and charity. “Churches who serve the neediest in their communities should be welcomed, not driven out by false accusations. The claims in the lawsuits are false and are driven by an atheistic agenda that is hostile to churches. The undeniable fact is that these churches were at all times truthful, and they have paid all the required rent to the schools. These churches have not only faithfully paid all of their rent, they’ve sacrificially given much more in service and funding to the schools and communities they love.”

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NYC proliferation of school holidays raises debate

Public Outcry Restores Censored Christmas Carols | Charisma News

Exclusive: Mexican archbishop defends school that refused admission to child with ‘two fathers’

Court refuses to question students’ constitutional rights | One News Now

Come Out and Celebrate? At Notre Dame | Michael Bradley at Public Discourse

Scotland: School allows boy to dress as a girl – against mum’s wishes

500 employees oppose end of abortion coverage at California Jesuit college

Christmas Victory for Wis. High School Choir | CBN

Court approval remains behind student prayers | One News Now

9th Circuit Considers Calif. School’s May 5 U.S. Flag Ban

School Choir’s Right to Sing Christmas Carols Restored in Wisconsin | Christian Post

Wisconsin school district regains its Christmas spirit | World Magazine

High School Music Director’s Battle Over His District’s Crackdown On Religious-themed Music Takes A Turn | The Blaze

Faith and (Dorm) Life | Gerard Bradley at Public Discourse

Louisiana Education Voucher Program Brings Greater Integration

Public Outcry Restores Christmas Carols at Holiday Concerts | Gateway Pundit

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In The Future, Law School Tuition Will Be Absolutely Terrifying

WA: Students suspended for wearing Confederate flags to protest gay rainbow flag

Pro-life campus display defaced at Northern Kentucky University – again

Neb. Principal Stops Pledge of Allegiance to Remind Kids of Gov’t Shutdown

Troy responds to Freedom From Religion Foundation’s claim of illegal dorm

Religion in school could be hot topic in Utah Legislature

School Choir’s Right to Sing Christmas Carols Restored in Wisconsin | Christian Post

Conservative student paper wins final legal battle with college | World Magazine

Under pressure school district restores censored Christmas carols

New Blog Airs Law Schools’ Laundry: Deans aim for tough look at legal education.

Student solidarity with silenced babies on firm legal ground | Alliance Defending Freedom

Public outcry restores censored Christmas carols | Alliance Defending Freedom

Atheists Sling False Accusations Against Hawaii Church | Charisma News

Christian Legal Group Tackles ACLU’s Criticism of Student-Led Prayers at School Football Games |

Defending Hawaiian churches against atheists’ accusations | One News Now

Churches seek to dismiss state school fees suit | Honolulu Star Advertiser (AP)

Tens of Thousands of Students Turn Out for ‘Fields of Faith’ Events Nationwide

Wisconsin School Board Backs Away From Sacred Music Rule After Outcry | Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

Hawaii churches target suit on school rental fees | Education Week

Pro-separation, pro-religious freedom groups lobby School Board | Wausau Daily Herald

Churches sued for paying rent to schools | WorldNetDaily

Churches seek to dismiss state school fees suit | Honolulu Star Advertiser (AP)

Hawaii churches ask court to dismiss atheists’ baseless lawsuit | Hawaii Reporter

Wausau School District threatened with lawsuit over music policy | WSAU

Letter: Tenn. student-led game-day prayers constitutional

Parents Rise Up for New York’s Charter Schools

OH: ACLU showed little regard for kids in Jackson

Tenn. GOP urges school districts to ignore ACLU letter on prayer

Hawaii churches ask court to dismiss atheists’ baseless lawsuit | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Diversity Officer Sues Gallaudet U. Over Gay Marriage Petition Suspension”

Advocacy groups weigh in on Wausau Schools music issues Rory Gray from the Alliance Defending Freedom says they support defend religious liberty, right to life, and marriage and family issues. Gray says a Wausau parent contacted them. “We were actually contacted by a mother who’s opposed to the new policy, and we were also called by the Family Policy Council in Wisconsin about this issue to get some legal advice, and so we decided to send a letter to the school board why the new practice is really not a good idea and is completely unnecessary.” He says schools across America play religious music in their curriculum, because it’s part of culture and history, and because many great works of music had religious themes. “Courts have uniformly approved having those in public schools, so we were rather concerned and confused as to why the district thought that was an issue.”

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