UK: Muslim Council attacks Gove’s proposed history curriculum

Which Law Schools Had the Most Clerkship Placements?

    Above the Law: An obvious point to make here is that these rankings don’t seem to distinguish between prestige of clerkship. Were these feeder judges or non-feeder judges, circuit courts or district courts, Article III courts or non-Article III courts? In the land of law, these things are very important. Considering how coveted clerkships are and how closely we hold U.S. News rankings to our hearts, this is information we’d love to see.

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Teacher fired over Bible files complaint against Phillipsburg School District

ACLU, AU attacks on NH school choice program rebutted | Alliance Defending Freedom

Kentucky county removing Ten Commandments from schools

ACLU petitions Colorado Supreme Court to overturn Douglas County school voucher decision

Clerkship Hiring Is Getting Earlier and Earlier

TX: Kountze ISD takes action on Scripture banner case

Kentucky ACLU targets Gideons distributing Bibles at schools

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson withdraws as John Hopkins commencement speaker

Campus political leaders sign statement for marriage redefinition

Climate change included in US science teaching guidelines for the first time

Pro-Life student group at John Hopkins will be fully recognized

NE: School board removes prayer from meetings

Justice Thomas talks at Duquesne University, offers surprises about life journey

A question of balance: Intellectual diversity in law school?

    Harvard Gazette: James Lindgren, a law professor at Northwestern University, began with numbers, citing a study in which only 13.2 percent of faculty at the country’s 100 largest law schools reported being “Republican or Republican leaning.” Of law school faculty that have donated more than $200 to a political party, 81 percent have donated to Democrats (91 percent at HLS), according to the study. “My opinion is that there is some discrimination in law school hiring,” Lindgren said.

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Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor | Logan Daily

Maryland lawmakers pass bill forcing teachers to pay union fees, bucking right to work trend

Catholic Colleges Tell Obama Administration: HHS Mandate Continues to Violate Religious Freedom | Cardinal Newman Society

10th Circuit: School Did Not Violate Constitution In Preventing Religious Group From Distributing Fetus Dolls

Ave Maria university vows not to comply with HHS mandate despite court setback

The Sound of Tyranny for German Home School Family | Robert Knight at Townhall

Johns Hopkins’s and Planned Parenthood’s troubling extremism | George F. Will at Washington Post

ACLU Seeks to Ban Bible Distribution in Kentucky Schools

Students seek priest’s ouster from George Washington U. for stance on homosexuality

Focus on the Family Executive: Homeschool Asylum Case ‘Critical’

ACLU to KY Schools: Stop Letting Groups Hand Out Bibles to Students

ACLU says Texas school reverses course: sexually confused boy can dress like girl for the prom

Jackson schools unhappy about loss of Jesus painting

Proposal would allow state religion in North Carolina

Now, let’s get straight on marriage | David Blankenhorn and Jonathan Rauch at NY Daily News

AFLC Files Opposition to New York School District’s Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit Challenging Censorship of Christian Teacher

Ohio School Says Jesus Portrait Down

The Most Overrated and Underrated Law Schools: Religious Discrimination a Factor?

The Ongoing Fight For Schoolchildren’s Religious Freedom | Alan Sears

Should Public Money Be Used for Private Schools? | PBS

Law school graduates aren’t finding much on the employment docket

University Compares Pro-Life Students to White Supremacists

Johns Hopkins Denies Pro-Life Club, Equates Them to White Supremacists

Parents sue over state’s refusal to provide tuition assistance | HutchNews (AP)

UNCW professor “looking forward” to having his day in court |

OR: Math Teacher Escorted Out By Police, Set To Be Fired For Opposing Planned Parenthood In The Classroom

Letter: Ala. school district should resurrect Easter | Alliance Defending Freedom

Student Government denies group funds: Students for Life exhibit ‘too controversial’ to support; lawsuit filed | The Eastern Echo

Poll: Failing to Read Bible Related to Declining Morals in US Society

Goldwater Institute jumps into fight between Arizona Board of Regents, student group

Alabama School Bans Word ‘Easter’

Columbus parents sue over state tuition assistance | KFBB (AP)

Court moves forward with pledge case | Sentinel and Enterprise

Massachusetts family suing over “One nation under god”.

Indiana voucher victory: Unions lose another challenge to school reform for the poor.

Boston College Threatens Action In Condom Giveaway

Anti-Israel Group at Brooklyn College Orders Police to Remove Jewish Students from “BDS” Event | Jordan Lorence at Speak Up Movement

The First Amendment Protects What Comes Out Of The Mouth Of Babes | Matt Sharp

Austin schools to offer insurance benefits to domestic partners

4th Circuit: court upholds school’s decision to ban Confederate clothing in class

Montana wrongly discriminating against disabled children of faith | Alliance Defending Freedom

Revealing What States Are Hiding About the Real Costs of Public Education

Mike Adams Wins His Day in Court | Travis C. Barham at Speak Up Movement

Court moves forward with atheist family’s suit against Acton schools over ‘God’ in Pledge

Are Pro-Abortion People Anti-Science? | Baptist Press on Opposing Views

“California Dept. of Education adds dozens of gay, transgender titles to recommended reading list”

Real Bullies: The Homosexuality Is Normal Movement | Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker

Teachers May Proceed With Free Exercise Challenge To Board’s Ending of Sick Leave Use For Religious Holidays

Eastern Michigan University sued after student government denies funding for display comparing abortion to Holocaust | Ypsilanti Carrier

NJ: Are they really bullies?

Chicago GOP Proposes Vouchers, Parent Takeover Of Closing Public Schools

College Student Reportedly Suspended After Refusing to Step on ‘Jesus’

Yukon Education Minister forbids Catholic schools to teach Catholic doctrine on homosexuality

Eastern Michigan University sued for refusing to equally fund pro-life students

University Says Pro-Life Display is ‘Too Controversial’ | Fox News