Christian School’s Lawsuit May Test Court Ruling

School Accommodates Muslim Students’ Prayer Needs If They Have High Grades

Appeal Blasts Judges’ ‘religious Phobia’ | WorldNetDaily

UK: Primary school bans six-year-old boy from wearing Christian band

Arizona Pledge Of Allegiance By Public School Students

It’s School Choice Week | Heritage Foundation

“John Roberts bankrupts law students” | Paul Campos at Salon

Are Colleges and Universities Rewriting American History? | Heather Gebelin Hacker

Supreme Court asked to toss ruling that treats church buildings like toxic dumps

‘Free Speech Wall’ at Canadian university torn down within hours by homosexual activist

Equality vs. Liberty | Eugene Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy

Suit Challenges NY Exclusion of Religious Schools From Child Protection Requirements

WI: Can students pray and tell their friends about Jesus at school?

FL: “To Combat Bullying, Middle School Student Wants Gay-Straight Alliance, But Officials Balk”

A Supreme Court Clinic’s Place in the Supreme Court Bar | Jeffrey L. Fisher at Stanford

Court Refuses To Dismiss Challenge To 10 Commandments Monument

TX: More school choice would save state billions

HSLDA Defends Homeschooling Family in Nebraska Supreme Court

“Georgia’s Education Contribution Tax Credit Becomes Controversial Because of Anti-Gay Policies of Schools”

School District Blocks Ministers’ Traditional Lunch Visits

Bible Classes Coming to Arkansas Public Schools?

“A Florida Teenager Fights Back Against Bible Distribution at His Public High School”

PA: Grassroots group keeping momentum going for Ten Commandment monument fight in Connellsville

At Stanford, Clinical Training for Defense of Religious Liberty

Italian teacher under fire after speaking out against homosexual agenda

Catholic Schools In Indonesian Municipality Agree To Give Koranic Education To Muslim Students

4th Circuit: Public Schools Not Required To Provide Rehabilitation Act Services To Students In Private Religious Schools

Canadian Law Deans Oppose New Christian Law School Because of Its Bar On Same-Sex Relationships

NH: Non-religious ‘opt-out’ for sex education proposed

South African Christian college under attack over ex-gay therapy

ACLU And Liberty Institute Line Up On Opposite Sides Of The Jesus Portrait Battle In Ohio

MS: Lincoln schools, ACLU in talks on prayer issue

NJ Teacher Suspended for Giving Student a Bible, Sharing Verse Read | Christian Post

“Gay-affirmative school-based interventions: Public health benefits and First Amendment concerns”

    Ilan H. Meyer at Balkinization: At the USCCR hearing I was taken by surprise when invitees of the Republican members of the Commission opposed such recommended interventions on behalf of LGBTQ youth. In particular, I was intrigued by concerns that efforts to improve the school environment for LGBTQ students, aimed at reducing stigma and prejudice, raised First Amendment concerns. I was particularly struck by Professor Eugene Volokh’s testimony, which singled out one of my statement to the committee, saying “[O]ne of the things that [Meyer noted] is that one of the dangers to the mental health of gay students is anti-gay stigma and prejudice. I think that’s probably right, but the consequence of that is that if you take that logic seriously, then again speech, whether on campus or off campus, that expresses and contributes to the stigma of prejudice would be punishable.” As a public health researcher I have never seen such concerns voiced.

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Larson’s Creationism in the Classroom: Cases, Statutes, and Commentary | New Book

    This casebook explores fundamental legal issues relating to how scientific and religious concepts of biological origins should be presented in public-school biology courses. Although numerous legal arguments are invoked, the Establishment Clause typically stands at or near the center of most disputes: Does teaching Darwinism or creationism, or disparaging them, in public schools promote or hinder religious belief in violation of the First Amendment? In grappling with this question in various forms as presented in differing fact situations over the past half century, American courts have examined the meaning of the Establishment Clause and sharpened their interpretation of it. This is the first and only casebook devoted to this topic, and it is ideal for use in education law programs, constitutional law seminars, and legal history courses.

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Queering Schools, GSAs and the Law: Taking on God | Legal Periodical

“Report shows Bible courses in Texas public schools are biased, lack strong curriculum standards”

Teacher Dismissed After Sharing Bible with Student

Calif. Porn Actress-turned Teacher Loses Appeal

America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution

Canadian law professor calls for legal changes to bring about ‘queering’ of Catholic schools

Court: Ariz. education spending must account for inflation

Anti-religious Groups Not Done With West Point | One News Now

A Survey of Law School Teaching Materials On Religious Liberty, Law and Religion

West Point Prayer Battle Sparks Church Vs. State Debate Over U.S. Military ‘religious Coercion | The Blaze

Liberty Institute Investigates Demand to Remove School’s More Than 65-Year-Old Display Containing Jesus Portrait

Stanford Law School Launches Nation’s Only Religious Liberty Clinic

High School Teacher Sues Over Directive To Remove Religious Materials From Classroom

Exposing Avenues of Campus Indoctrination | Travis C. Barham

GOP lawmaker slams federal grant to ‘introduce Muslim cultures to Americans’

ACLU and Americans United Challenge New Hampshire State Funding of Religious Schools

Prayer at West Point under fire | Alliance Defending Freedom

Atheists still not gleeful about Christmas | Alliance Defending Freedom

NY: “Catholic-school teacher was branded ‘worse than gay’ for being transgender: suit” | NY Post

Chemerinsky Urges Compulsory Public Schooling and the Elimination (and Unconstitutionality?) of Private Schooling

PA: Community rallies behind ‘Song of Christmas’

OH: Group Asks District To Remove Jesus Christ Portrai

School voucher case moves to Louisiana Supreme Court

TX: AG’s Input Sought Re: Benefits For ‘Gay’ Partners | One News Now

“Study: Catholic, Protestant Support for In-School Prayer Falls: Evangelical Support of the Practice Remains Strong” | U.S. News and World Report

SC: Nat’l. organization complains about Upstate prayer

The Julea Ward Settlement: A Win for Religious Liberty | Jeremy Tedesco at Townhall

Indiana bill would allow public schools to require Lord’s Prayer

Humanist groups back OH school board in Bible case

NC: Church rallies for prayer in public schools

Belgian Court Orders 2 Boys Admitted To Orthodox Jewish Girls’ School

UK: “Extremism unchecked in Muslim schools, secret briefing reveals”

2012 in Review: Prayer at School Board Meetings | Georgetown Times

Schools Already Experience (Un)intended Consequences of Attempts to Redefine Marriage

Hijab Ban Takes UK School to Court

We Must Break the Law School Cartels

Home Schooling is Growing Ever Faster

    Education News: Today the ranks of home-schoolers are overwhelmingly Christian, and 78% of parents attend church frequently. According to the National Household Education Survey in 2007, the main motivation for home schooling was for religious or moral instruction (36%), followed by school environment (21%) and the quality of instruction available (17%). After this comes concerns about special education, the distance of travel and even nut allergies.

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Russia passes mandatory religion course in schools