Calif. Porn Actress-turned Teacher Loses Appeal

America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution

Canadian law professor calls for legal changes to bring about ‘queering’ of Catholic schools

Court: Ariz. education spending must account for inflation

Anti-religious Groups Not Done With West Point | One News Now

A Survey of Law School Teaching Materials On Religious Liberty, Law and Religion

West Point Prayer Battle Sparks Church Vs. State Debate Over U.S. Military ‘religious Coercion | The Blaze

Liberty Institute Investigates Demand to Remove School’s More Than 65-Year-Old Display Containing Jesus Portrait

Stanford Law School Launches Nation’s Only Religious Liberty Clinic

High School Teacher Sues Over Directive To Remove Religious Materials From Classroom

Exposing Avenues of Campus Indoctrination | Travis C. Barham

GOP lawmaker slams federal grant to ‘introduce Muslim cultures to Americans’

ACLU and Americans United Challenge New Hampshire State Funding of Religious Schools

Prayer at West Point under fire | Alliance Defending Freedom

Atheists still not gleeful about Christmas | Alliance Defending Freedom

NY: “Catholic-school teacher was branded ‘worse than gay’ for being transgender: suit” | NY Post

Chemerinsky Urges Compulsory Public Schooling and the Elimination (and Unconstitutionality?) of Private Schooling

PA: Community rallies behind ‘Song of Christmas’

OH: Group Asks District To Remove Jesus Christ Portrai

School voucher case moves to Louisiana Supreme Court

TX: AG’s Input Sought Re: Benefits For ‘Gay’ Partners | One News Now

“Study: Catholic, Protestant Support for In-School Prayer Falls: Evangelical Support of the Practice Remains Strong” | U.S. News and World Report

SC: Nat’l. organization complains about Upstate prayer

The Julea Ward Settlement: A Win for Religious Liberty | Jeremy Tedesco at Townhall

Indiana bill would allow public schools to require Lord’s Prayer

Humanist groups back OH school board in Bible case

NC: Church rallies for prayer in public schools

Belgian Court Orders 2 Boys Admitted To Orthodox Jewish Girls’ School

UK: “Extremism unchecked in Muslim schools, secret briefing reveals”

2012 in Review: Prayer at School Board Meetings | Georgetown Times

Schools Already Experience (Un)intended Consequences of Attempts to Redefine Marriage

Hijab Ban Takes UK School to Court

We Must Break the Law School Cartels

Home Schooling is Growing Ever Faster

    Education News: Today the ranks of home-schoolers are overwhelmingly Christian, and 78% of parents attend church frequently. According to the National Household Education Survey in 2007, the main motivation for home schooling was for religious or moral instruction (36%), followed by school environment (21%) and the quality of instruction available (17%). After this comes concerns about special education, the distance of travel and even nut allergies.

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Russia passes mandatory religion course in schools

Supreme Court Asked To Decide On Holding Of Public School Commencements In Churches

Worcester, Mass., synagogue, day school building seized by IRS

ACLU Ignoring Educational Suitability | One News Now

‘Rally Cry’ For Return To God | One News Now

    One News Now: Alliance Defending Freedom’s Matt Sharp points out that God is being left out as a solution in the debates about what to do to protect children in schools from another massacre like the one in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th. But that, he says, is exactly the opposite of what this country needs. “We really need to call out for everyone to kind of return to God in times like this, to realize that He is the true source of our strength, our source that descends through so many scriptures — from the psalmist about God is our refuge and the cleft in the rock that hides us in times like this Psalm 18:2; 46:1),” the legal counsel cites.

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Signs and Wonders: Airbrushing Jesus out of Christmas, Chinese doomsdayers detained …

Americans U. for Sep. of Church and States says West Point prayer policy is unconstitutional

Sweden: Court terminates parental rights in homeschool case

6 of 10 universities can’t figure out 1st Amendment

Male Church of England school teacher to return next year as a woman

‘Concerned parents’ label elementary school’s holiday concert a form of bullying

Yes, Virginia, There is Christmas Censorship | Jordan Lorence at Townhall

The Carol of the Bullies | Alliance Defending Freedom

‘Joy to the World’ is not Bullying, Attorney Says | Todd Starnes at Fox News

All Many Christian Students Want For Christmas This Year Is Their Freedom | Alan Sears

A resounding, and lasting, victory for religious liberty on college campuses | Jeremy Tedesco at Speak Up Movement

UC Berkeley group protests proposed ban of Salvation Army bins

UC Berkeley bans Salvation Army bell ringers

Vatican accord with Taiwan on Catholic education

Kids from mum and dad families do better at school Research showing problems with homosexual parenting continues to grow with the release of a study showing that the children of heterosexual couples are more likely to progress in primary school than children from a same-sex household. The study, “Nontraditional Families and Childhood Progress Through School: A Comment on Rosenfeld”, is a re-examination of a study by Michael J. Rosenfeld of Stanford University’s Department of Sociologypublished in 2010. The new study, led by Douglas W Allen, and published by the academic journal Demography, found that the children from a heterosexual household are “35 percent more likely to make typical school progress”.

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MT: “Chief Charlo Elementary parents to MCPS: Holiday program too religious”

“Gay students increasingly vocal at evangelical colleges” | Inside Higher Ed

Texas School Board Bans Confederate Battle Flag

Canada: Forcing Catholic school to teach “secular” religion course is ‘totalitarian,’ critics say

Faith schools account for six out of 10 top-scoring primaries

School Yoga Tries To Avoid Religious Controversy

Tinkering with Inconsistency: First Amendment Student Speech

    The First Amendment’s protection of freedom of speech applies to the states through its incorporation into the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Students in schools retain First Amendment rights; however, school officials, acting as parens patriae, have latitude to discipline students for their speech in some instances. This analysis will focus on the First Amendment rights of students, with particular emphasis on off-campus speech. Part one will discuss the Supreme Court precedent on the issue of student speech on and off the school campus. Part II will analyze the inconsistencies among the lower courts when addressing student speech cases. Part III will summarize the current state of student speech litigation, and Part IV will examine the New York City Department of Education’s policies related to student speech.

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5 Things You Should Know About Religious Freedom On Campus

Let there be light: UC drops its new, much-reviled logo

UK: Debate on Islam and evolution has to be called off after revolt by student societies

Quebec’s ‘totalitarian’ take on religious education in high school | Barbara Kay at the National Post

Student expelled over beliefs wins settlement | Baptist Press

Lawyer Hasn’t Given Up On Suing The ‘Cash Cow’ Law School Industry

UVA Forces Students To Remove Dorm-area Christmas Trees (video)

Berkeley Students Attempt to Ban Salvation Army Bell Ringers from Campus | Heather Hacker

“Married lesbian named Academic Dean at UC Hastings”

Obama administration investigating sergeant who said the Bible condemns homosexuality