Secularists: ‘Merry Christmas Charlie Brown’ Violates Constitution | Todd Starnes at Fox News

Forced unionism is rearing its ugly head in D.C.

UK: Teaching of Christianity ‘lacks intellectual development’

Indiana School Voucher Program On Trial

Court temporarily halts Texas school’s student RFID chip requirement

Good grief! Atheist group disgruntled with ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ | Alliance Defending Freedom

Are Charters Enough Choice? School Choice and the Future of Catholic Schools | Nicole Stelle Garnett, Notre Dame Legal Studies Paper

    Garnett, Nicole Stelle, Are Charters Enough Choice? School Choice and the Future of Catholic Schools (January 19, 2012). Notre Dame Law Review, 2012; Notre Dame Legal Studies Paper No. 12-50. Available at SSRN:

    This contribution to a Notre Dame Law Review symposium on “Law and Educational Innovation” critiques the oft-repeated assertion that private-school-choice programs, such as tuition vouchers or tax credits, are unnecessary because charter schools provide sufficient educational choices. Arguing that policy makers have failed to come to terms with the profound, unfortunate consequences of Catholic schools’ rapid disappearance from urban neighborhoods, the essay builds a case for a shift in education policy that embraces both charter schools and private-school-choice mechanisms.

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Indiana State Supreme Court Considers School Vouchers

Good News Clubs Challenge California’s Requirement That Schools Charge For Space Used For Religious Services

PA: New Kensington-Arnold responds to Ten Commandments monument lawsuit

PA: Elanco School District eliminates meeting prayer, but that doesn’t stop its residents

Atheist Group Backs Parents Who Are Upset School Wants To Take Kids To See ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ At Church

Sweden: Johansson Family Back in Court

TX: Student Expelled for Refusing Location Tracking RFID Badge

“Free Speech on Campus” Events | Speak Up Movement Blog

Two Law Schools Limiting Meetings By Federalist Society | Jordan Lorence at Speak Up Movement

Appeals court hears arguments over worship in NY public schools | Reuters

ADF Offering ‘fresh Look’ In NYC Church Case | One News Now

Fixing Law Reviews

Montana strips benefits from disabled preschooler | Alliance Defending Freedom

Catholic Fordham University Rejects Pro-Life Speaker, OKs Peter Singer

22% of Milwaukee Public Schools students no in charter schools

Stanford Starts Religious Liberty Clinic

Retiring Ron Paul to make his case for liberty on college campuses next year

How Free Speech Died on Campus | Greg Lukianoff at WSJ

The Problem with Speech Codes: The Video Version | Travis Barham at Speak Up Movement

Alberta School Board Association wants compulsory kindergarten, ‘LGBTT-inclusive policies’

Village Academic Curriculum: Man in Girls’ Locker Room Coming to the defense of these children and young people is the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF, formerly the Alliance Defense Fund), whose senior legal counsel David Hacker accurately noted, “Little girls should not be exposed to naked men, period. A college’s notions about ‘non-discrimination’ don’t change that.” Furthermore, in a letter to the college13, Hacker wrote, “Clearly, allowing a person who is biologically a man to undress and expose himself to young girls places those girls at risk for emotional distress and harm. Any reasonable person would view this as dangerous to the young girls involved.” Indeed! Unfortunately, Evergreen State College has subjugated reason to political correctness at the expense of innocent children.

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Top 10 reasons against Roe v. Wade | LiveAction News

    Rebecca Downs at Live Action News: Wednesday night, Students for Life of America’s group, Law Students for Life, and Harvard Right to Life held a debate, as part of the Law Students for Life tour. The debate was titled “Should Roe Survive Another 40 Years?” The event was broadcast live via USTREAM, and it is still up on the “Resources” section of the Law Students for Life website for those who are interested . . . Instead, the event first featured a presentation from Steve Aden, from Alliance Defending Freedom, followed by Professor Teresa Collett, of the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Now, I consider myself someone well-versed in the pro-life movement and the Roe v. Wade decision. However, there was much I learned from Aden’s carefully crafted presentation, which started off with the premise that Roe v. Wade is the single worst decision the Court has made and is a Supreme Court decision that the pro-choice side has never been able to get the other side to fully accept. The rest of his presentation involved the top-ten reasons to support his premise. The following portion of the article is my recounting of Aden’s reasons and explanations.

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UK: High Court bid to block Catholic schools fails

NYC churches helping Sandy victims still face eviction | Alliance Defending Freedom

The courts and public opinion: Klarman examines the legal fight for same-sex marriage

No more funding bias at Texas A&M | Alliance Defending Freedom

Florida ends funding discrimination against Christian college | Alliance Defending Freedom

Appeal Planned In Case Upholding Religious Instruction In Australian State’s Schools

WA: State schools chief may file suit against charter schools

MN: “Petition seeks ouster of anti-gay activist from Anoka-Hennepin task force on bullying”

Judge: Parents have no right to know what homosexual activist taught their children in school

Charter School Enrollment on the Rise

DeJohn Case Cited Once Again As Important Speech Code Precedent | David Hacker at Speak Up Movement Blog

Calif. School District Allows Equal Access to Religious Views

ACLU sues Davis School District over removal of book about family with same-sex parents

Pre-K, abortion among proposed Texas bills (includes video): A bill submitted by State Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) would create new crackdowns on abortion-inducing drugs, including requiring patients and doctors to sign a detailed contract. A bill similar to Patrick’s SB 97 failed to pass the legislature last session. State Rep. Lon Burnam (D-Fort Worth) filed HB 58, which would alter current law to remove language banning “entities that perform or promote elective abortions or affiliate with entities that perform or promote elective abortions” from participating in state programs which provide women’s health care, a change that would ostensibly allow Planned Parenthood to resume legal participation in the Women’s Health Program.

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Justices deny appeal over SC religious classes

SD: Evangelist files free speech lawsuit against Mines

WV: Court Continues Order For State To Home School Senior Who Objects To Immunizations

PA: Suit On Discrimination Against Charter School Moves Ahead In Part

PA: Court Requires Street Preacher To Stay Back From School Bus Stops

Leading Canadian newspaper calls for HPV vaccinations at Catholic schools

Bipartisan Victories Fuel Strong Election Night Performance For Arizona Educational Choice Champions

How Strong Are U.S. Teacher Unions? A State-By-State Comparison

Florida Voters Defeat Religious Freedom Amendment; Anti-Abortion Amendment

WH Undermining Successful Voucher Program

UK: Survey to make pre-school classes ‘gay friendly’

McGuinty weighs in on Catholic school trip controversy: ‘As a Catholic, I’m pro-choice’

Australia university blocks pro-life group: worried group would ‘target women’

Sweden and Germany: Parents shed tears over homeschool-crackdown horrors

The Coming Age of Austerity | Pat Buchanan at Townhall

College allows transgender student in women’s locker room | ABC30 (includes video)

“ADF: Transgender Issue Putting Youngsters At Risk” | One News Now

“Who You Are Is in the Mind, Not the Genitals” | Matt Driscoll at Seattle Weekly

4 Yrs at Private College = $130,468; Median-Priced Existing Home = $173,100; U.S. Debt Per American Under 18 = $218,676

No Florida Schools Have Used New Authority For Student-Led Inspirational Messages

Fight brewing over transgender person in Evergreen College locker room | MyNorthWest

Texas Pastors applaud Senator Patrick on AG opinion request over domestic partner benefits