Two Cases Illustrate The Discriminations Facing People Of Faith Today | Alan Sears

Tennessee Bill Would Allow College Counselors to Refuse to Treat LGBT Students

Eastern Michigan U. sued over exhibit funding | 9and10news (AP)

Correcting false claim re: what’s constitutional for public schools

EMU sued over denial of funds for anti-abortion display | Desert Sun

Charter Schools: What a Recent Labor-Relations Decision Teaches Us About the Meaning of “Public” and “Private”

    Alexander Volokh at Reason Foundation: Contracting with a private corporation to deliver an activity may alter the labor-management relations regime and the ADA regime but not the RLUIPA regime. The constitutional state-action regime may be unchanged with respect to the population served, but may be radically different with respect to hiring and firing decisions. What other regimes are altered may also depend on what conditions the contractor committed to fulfill in its contract. How, then, do we define “public” vs. “private,” “government” vs. “private sector,” “instrumentality of government” vs. “mere contractor”, “state actor” vs. “private actor”? We don’t. Each of these terms is a shorthand designating a broad set of attributes, and contracting out is all about exploring the limits of these concepts. For any given statute or constitutional provision, different rules might be appropriate in different contexts.

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Plaintiffs May Move Ahead On Some of Their Claims Charging Anti-Semitic Bullying

University Calls Pro-Life Display Too Controversial, Faces Lawsuit | LifeNews

Pro-life display too ‘controversial’ for EMU | Alliance Defending Freedom

UK: Teachers get ‘sexting’ curb guide

New Marquette Poll: Majority Supports Major School Choice Expansion

The Romeikes’ Fight for Individual Liberty | Jillian Kay Melchior at NRO

Hesperia, CA: “Local School Accused of Anti-Gay Discrimination”

NC: Americans United sends school board another letter, records request

Arizona Leads Nation in School Choice

Indiana Civil Rights Commission Seeks Jurisdiction Over Small Informal Groups

Scotland: Attempt to ‘edge out’ school chaplains over ‘gay marriage’

Pro Abortion Movement in a Quandary Over Shortage of Abortion Doctors

School District Moves Jesus Portrait To Another School, Presumably Strengthening Their Defense

“Dispute on Transgender Rights Unfolds at a Colorado School” | NYT

Ill., Wis. school districts OK to use church-run camp | Alliance Defending Freedom

Louisiana Voucher Plan Forces Taxpayers To Subsidize Religious Instruction, Says Americans United

A student has rights, no matter how small | One News Now

A ‘Religious Right’ to Not Counsel Gays? | Care2

ACLU gives Chambersburg until Wednesday to permit Gay-Straight Alliance at high school; no board meeting scheduled

“GLAD Files Appeal on Behalf of Maine Transgender Student”

ACLU could sue over Mississippi’s new school prayer law

Ohio School Moves Jesus Portrait At Center Of Suit

Mississippi Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Student-Led Prayer in Schools

Oklahoma: Bill Would Allow Prayer at Public Schools Assemblies

Yukon Education Minister orders Catholic bishop to remove policy on same-sex attracted students

Families Win Legal Victory In Alabama Supreme Court School Choice Case

Tennessee Counseling Bill Would Let Student Psychologists Reject Gay Clients Without Punishment | Huffington Post

Federal Court Recognizes Elementary Students’ Free Speech Rights | Citizen Link

Court Rules Fifth Grader Can Invite Classmates to Church Party | Christian Post

Fifth Grader’s Right to Distribute Christmas Invitations at School Upheld | Christian Post

“Federal minister: bill mandating gay clubs in Manitoba schools is ‘unconstitutional’”

Sixty-four Percent of Schoolchildren Fed on Federal Subsidies

    CNSNews: etween 1969 and 2012, when there were 49,485,000 students in elementary and high school, the percentage of students eating any category of federally subsidized lunch increased from about 40 percent to about 64 percent. At the same time, the percentage eating “free” lunches increased from about 6 percent to about 38 percent — a more than sixfold increase.

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Law School Rankings Don’t Matter. Or Do They?

Comparing U.S. News Faculty Reputation Rank with “Scholarly Impact”

OH: School Revises Student Demonstration Rules In Settlement of Case

US appeals court OKs church invites at Barrett Elementary School | Pocono Record

US appeals court OKs church invites at Pa. school | (AP)

Fifth-grader can hand out Christmas party invitations in public school, court rules | The Morning Call

Church Invites OK at Pa. Public School: Court | MSNBC

Appeals Court tells PA school district that its policies are unconstitutional

Cross-dressing student sues Baptist university after being expelled for lying about his sex

Study: Homeschoolers get more sleep, may be better prepared to learn

3rd Circuit rules in favor of student prohibited from handing out Christmas party fliers | Alliance Defending Freedom

Ireland: New laws to ‘protect’ gay and lesbian teachers

Federal Court refuses to dismiss teacher’s suit versus diocese over firing for IVF pregnancy

Law Schools Starting Small Firm Incubators – Good Idea?

    Findlaw: Beyond that, most law schools just don’t prepare students for running a firm. Some would argue that schools don’t prepare them for practicing law, though that particular concern is slowly eroding as more schools add practice-based education and clinical opportunities. The New York Times highlights a few of these efforts, such as Hastings’ Lawyers for America initiative and trend of academic credit for externships. They also point out another more promising trend: the small firm incubator.

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Legal scholarship highlight: A clinic’s place in the Supreme Court bar

Top Law School Cuts Admissions

Homosexual activists in Minnesota move to ban unsupportive speech in schools

3,000 Hawaii faculty flee the National Education Association

TN bill would let graduate-student counselors reject clients on religious grounds

Yes, civil procedure will be on the bar exam

Two law schools offer a money-back guarantee — with strings attached

Northwestern Creates Mandatory Diversity Program

    Ed News: Northwestern University students will be expected to complete a quarter-long course in the “Social Inequalities and Diversities Curriculum” as a graduation-requirement. According to a report released on February 26, they will also be subject to a vaguely defined “Co-Curricular Requirement,” or a weekly discussion outside of class on the topic of social inequality. Students will be expected to complete both within their first two years at the school.

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“Gay Activists Bully Tebow, Christian University” | Todd Starnes at Townhall

To Place Graduates, Law Schools Are Opening Firms

    NY Times: When Douglas J. Sylvester, dean of the law school at Arizona State University, was visiting the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota a couple of years ago he mentioned the shifting job market for his students — far fewer offers and a new demand for graduates already able to draft documents and interact with clients. The Mayo dean responded that his medical students and graduates gained clinical experience in hospital rounds closely supervised by attending physicians.

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GA: Freedom From Religion Foundation targets Lakeview Middle

Kansas casts eye on teachers unions

Days after losing state Supreme Court case, Republicans seek to lay off justices

Mississippi Legislature Adopts Student Religious Liberties Act

Court stuns educators with approval of vouchers | World Net Daily

Mississippi House votes 108-6 to send school prayer bill to Gov. Phil Bryant

Bill will put Utah marriage commission into statute

Atheist Nick Clegg will send son Antonio to Catholic secondary London Oratory in Fulham

Florida: School prayer question hits Pinellas officials