“Gay Activists Bully Tebow, Christian University” | Todd Starnes at Townhall

To Place Graduates, Law Schools Are Opening Firms

    NY Times: When Douglas J. Sylvester, dean of the law school at Arizona State University, was visiting the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota a couple of years ago he mentioned the shifting job market for his students — far fewer offers and a new demand for graduates already able to draft documents and interact with clients. The Mayo dean responded that his medical students and graduates gained clinical experience in hospital rounds closely supervised by attending physicians.

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GA: Freedom From Religion Foundation targets Lakeview Middle

Kansas casts eye on teachers unions

Days after losing state Supreme Court case, Republicans seek to lay off justices

Mississippi Legislature Adopts Student Religious Liberties Act

Court stuns educators with approval of vouchers | World Net Daily

Mississippi House votes 108-6 to send school prayer bill to Gov. Phil Bryant

Bill will put Utah marriage commission into statute

Atheist Nick Clegg will send son Antonio to Catholic secondary London Oratory in Fulham

Florida: School prayer question hits Pinellas officials

Obama Admin Wants to Deport Christian Homeschoolers

Homeschooling as a fundamental right of parents

When Even Members of the T14 Don’t Comply With ABA Standards, Will Law Schools Ever Be Truly Transparent?

Sentences for Teaching Sentences | Ben Bull at Townhall

Minnesota Bill to Ban K-12 Speech That Denies Fellow Students a “Supportive Environment”

Witherspoon Institute Law Seminar

“Pepperdine University announces LGBT scholarship”

Manitoba anti-bullying Bill 18 may force gay-straight alliance clubs on independent religious school

TX: School Board Seeks Feedback on Faith Banner Ban

Georgia Baseball Coach Resigns Following Complaint Over Bible Citation on Team Ball Caps

College Says Christian Student Groups Must Accept Non-Christian Leaders

Wrestling ref’s penalty for prayer a 1st Amendment violation, says legal group | One News Now

American Federation For Children Congratulates Alabama For Passing School Choice Bill

Attack on Colo. county’s voucher program thwarted | Alliance Defending Freedom

Santa Rosa Diocese requires its teachers to reject ‘modern errors’

Sky Fall: Gender Ideology Comes to the Schoolhouse

MS: Students protest over transgender student’s ‘special treatment’

CO: School’s transgender ruling: fairness or discrimination? | CNN

Major Victory for School Choice in Colorado

Civil Rights Commission Solicits Comments on Religious Liberty

Personal Liability for College Administrators Violating Student Rights | Heather Gebelin Hacker at Speak Up Movement

In Many States, Opponents Are Ramping Up The Legal Assault On Children | Alan Sears

Nat’l momentum a plus for school choice in Louisiana | One News Now

Ohio High Court Hears Oral Arguments On Fired Science Teacher’s Rights

Private School Choice: Options for Texas Children

Fla: Lambda Legal sues DeSoto Co. schools for prohibiting participation in Day of Silence

Harvard Law Debate Stresses Meaning and Purpose of Marriage

Va. OKs bill protecting campus religious groups

“Colorado parents of transgender 1st-grader file complaint over restroom ban”

ACLU demands PA school remove sex site Internet filters

Chicago Proposes Sex Ed For Kindergartners

Florida: Shirt Promoting Abstinence Gets Girl in Trouble

Pickens County School Board Voted On New Policy To Replace The Prayer

Legislation Promotes Use of Religion to Discriminate, Says ACLU-TN

“Conn. school, under pressure, OKs anti-gay shirt”

Prep Wrestler Penalized For Acknowledging God | World Net Daily

Why lawyers can’t write | ABA J.

    Bryan A. Garner at ABA Journal: I’ve been trying, in other words, to say that lawyers on the whole don’t write well and have no clue that they don’t write well. Now, thanks to an erudite lawyer friend of mine in Atlanta, Scott Killingsworth, I’ve discovered that there’s a scientific explanation for this phenomenon: the Dunning-Kruger effect. In 1999, two Cornell psychologists—David Dunning and Justin Kruger—conducted a series of studies . . .

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North Carolina official penalizes prep wrestler for pre-match prayer | Yahoo News

N.C. wrestler is warned after prayer | Charlotte Observer

NC: High School Wrestler Penalized for Prayer | Todd Starnes at Fox News

Student Fees Gone Wild | David Hacker at Speak Up Movement

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Schools Seeking Religious Accommodations In Complying With Federal School Nutrition Rules

Middle School Censors Graduation Speech | Missouri Family Policy Council

German homeschoolers get day in U.S. court

(More) confusion about “discrimination” | Rick Garnett at Mirror of Justice

    Rick Garnett at Mirror of Justice: In my view, the expressed concern about “taxpayers” is something of a red herring. The issue here (as in the Christian Legal Society case) is one of recognition and equal access; any financial “subsidization” is almost certainly de minimis. The bigger problem with the Pilot’s complaint — as I try to explain in this paper — is that there isn’t necessarily anything wrong (there isn’t necessarily any reason for “taxpayers” to worry) with groups “discriminating” or being “exclusive” in their membership.

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AK: School vouchers, abortion on agenda as Legislature hits halfway mark

Muslim students to sue British university for ‘restricting freedom of expression’

Harvard Law Review Increases Online Presence

Forbidding or Allowing Student Religious Speech | JDSupra.com

Letter pins down legality of NC wrestler’s prayer | Alliance Defending Freedom

Georgetown University May Elect First Openly Homosexual Student Body President

Pro-Choice Motion defeated yesterday at Edinburgh!

When does student prayer cross the line? | Charles Haynes at the Jackson Sun

German Home-school Parents Appeal Asylum Ruling

8th Grade Student’s ‘God Bless’ Grad Speech Ruling Needs Rehearing, Says ADF | Christian Post

Students Who Refuse to Affirm Transgender Classmates Face Punishment

The Right to Offend | Kevin Theriot at Speak Up Movement

UK: Free school applicants’ religious affiliation revealed

Religious freedom group says Jesus portrait can stay | Vinton Daily

    Vinton Daily: In Tuesday evening’s Jackson Board of Education meeting several business matters were discussed, but the focus of the meeting seemed to be what the Liberty Institute would disclose about the investigation they conducted regarding the portrait of Jesus Christ hanging in the Jackson Middle School foyer . . . The following morning Howard did not have too much to add to the numerous comments made by Liberty Institute, but was able to say that the demands of the FFRF and ACLU was not the only battle the district was facing. He said he had received a letter that morning from a group of attorneys representing Hi-Y Club members.
    In that letter the attorneys of the Alliance Defending Freedom, for Faith, for Justice, requested that the school district resist FFRF’s unreasonable demand to censor the private religious speech of the Hi-Y Club, a student led Christian Club, simply because it is included in the forum for honoring important historical figures at Jackson Middle School. [more]

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“Indiana Teacher Suspended Over Anti-gay Remarks” | AP