SC Teacher Who Stomped Flag Gets $85,000 Payment

The Rule of Lawyers | Richard A. Epstein at WSJ

    Richard A. Epstein at WSJ: Law schools are under siege. Applications have dropped to around 54,000 annually, from around 100,000 in 2004. First-year enrollment has slipped to under 40,000 students, from 50,000 in 2010. Jobs are scarce—especially for students coming from lower-tier law schools. The average annual tuition has risen to just over $40,000 per year, from about $23,000 in 2001. Average debt on graduation has followed suit, jumping to about $125,000 in 2011, from $70,000 in 2001. No wonder many experts expect perhaps a dozen schools to close their doors within a year while other schools slash their class size, faculty and staff to stay open.

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Pro-Life Students Face Increasing Harassment on Campus | LifeNews

Swedish court rejects homeschool family’s desperate appeal | LifeSiteNews

GA: Can High School Students Pray Instead Of Going To Class?

Florida: ACLU sues Lake schools over gay-straight middle school club

Bishop: Teacher at Catholic school fired for immoral behavior not sexual orientation

NM: Employees breaking away from unions at two different colleges

Conservatives wanted: Colorado University seeks intellectual diversity at liberal bastion

Carnegie Mellon unsure if naked woman mocking pope violates ‘our community standards’

ADF challenges school’s ‘right to censor’ student speech | One News Now

Another appeal to Sweden re: home-schooling family | One News Now

Atheist Material To Be Available To Florida County’s High Schoolers

Swedish Court Rejects Homeschool Family’s Desperate Appeal | HSLDA

Prom dress code has New Jersey moms up in (bare) arms

WV: Principal reverses dress code decision

La. Teachers’ Union President: School Choice ‘Taking Our Children From Us’

Is Law Faculty Tenure In or Out? ABA Can’t Decide

National Association of Evangelicals Supports Tax Credit for Businesses

Smith Women’s College Targeted After Saying No to Sexually Confused Student

    Edge Boston: trans woman won’t get to fulfill her dream of attending Smith College, a private women’s university in Massachusetts, because on government federal financial aid documents she is registered as a male . . . “We have a petition of over 3,700 signatures,” Schwartz said of the petition, noting plans to present the petition with the signatures to the school’s administration sometime this week. “We have a list of demands created as an organization

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“Federal Student Loan Decisions To Include Gay Families”

First Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic

Minnesota school says it has ‘every right to prohibit’ 6th graders’ pro-life speech

Texas AG: Same-sex “marriage” benefits unconstitutional

ACLU: Red Lion transgender student allowed to attend prom with girlfriend

ABA Panel Struggles for Answers on Law School Reform

Judge: Firing teacher who called homosexuality a sin reflects ‘modern British values of tolerance’

Ohio teacher fired for same sex relationship will file complaint against Catholic school

School facing lawsuit after banning student’s anti-abortion flyers | UPI

St. Paul dad sues school over anti-abortion fliers | Marshall Independent (AP)

Family sues St. Paul school over ban on student’s anti-abortion fliers | Duluth News Tribune

School Claims Right To Censor Pro-life 6th-grader | WorldNetDaily

St. Paul family sues Nova Classical Academy over anti-abortion fliers | Star Tribune

School Sued for Denying Pro-Life 6th Grade Student’s Free Speech | LifeNews

Suit Challenges School’s Ban On 6th Grader Handing Out Anti-Abortion Flyers | Religion Clause Blog

The Decline Of Men In One Word – Porn – And How Colleges Aid And Abet It

NJ suit questions the line between offensive speech and harassment

TN: Charter schools win $91 million for facilities

SCOTUS: No action on Elmbrook again – high school graduations in churches

ACLU Warns High School Principal Who Removed Transgender Pennsylvania Student From Prom King Ballot

New Changes to Military Enlistment for Homeschool Graduates | HSLDA

Utah school rescinds, revises anti-religious policies | One News Now

Minn. school says it has ‘every right to prohibit student speech’ | Alliance Defending Freedom

Pennsylvania district may become first in the nation to switch to all charter schools

MS: Suit Challenges High School’s Assemblies That Promoted Christianity

Former Yale President: What happened to Academic Freedom? | WSJ video

Scalia challenges notion of Constitution as “Living”

School forces girls to ask for lesbian kiss

“Transgender Red Lion High student denied chance at prom king”

    York Dispatch: That was Sierra Stambaugh’s realization growing up in Red Lion Area School District. About three years ago, she came to another realization, one that explained the nagging feeling. “It was that I identified as a male,” Sierra said of being transgender.Sierra cut her hair short, and her mom bought her men’s pants. She changed her name to Issak Wolfe and has used it ever since, with full parental support.

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Swedish School Opens Gender-neutral Changing Room

Florida: Chaplain offers $1K scholarship for St. Johns students to pray at graduation

EMU Student Government changes mind on exhibit | Eastern Echo

State officials keep boy “captive” for four years | MercatorNet

Homeschoolers’ request for asylum questioned by judges

To Serve Women: Do female Ivy League graduates have a “duty” to work outside the home?

Dozens of Afghan schoolgirls taken to hospital after ‘poison attack by Taliban’

Florida: “Lake School Board stalls on new rules affecting gay-straight club”

Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut

U.S. Christians Rally Around Home-Schooling Romeiki Family Facing Deportation

The Fight Against Gender Stereotypes And Parental Rights: The Case In France And Other European Countries

Supreme Court refuses case on school vaccinations

Utah’s Snow College Changes Policies to Restore Students’ Religious Freedom | Citizen Link

Christian schools received $20M from infrastructure fund

Female Education Has Completely Changed Marriage In America

PA: 9 fired employees sue Imani Christian Academy

YaleWomen conference unites alumnae

ACLU objects after school invites creationism group for assemblies

Supreme Court of Sweden asked to free abducted homeschooled boy | Alliance Defending Freedom

Christian Club Drops Lawsuit Against Utah College After School Agrees to Protect Religious Freedom | Christian News Network

OH: “Watterson’s firing of gay teacher may violate city law” | Columbus Dispatch

Sweden: Homeschool Parents Have 1 Shot To See Son Again | WorldNetDaily