PA: Court Requires Street Preacher To Stay Back From School Bus Stops

Leading Canadian newspaper calls for HPV vaccinations at Catholic schools

Bipartisan Victories Fuel Strong Election Night Performance For Arizona Educational Choice Champions

How Strong Are U.S. Teacher Unions? A State-By-State Comparison

Florida Voters Defeat Religious Freedom Amendment; Anti-Abortion Amendment

WH Undermining Successful Voucher Program

UK: Survey to make pre-school classes ‘gay friendly’

McGuinty weighs in on Catholic school trip controversy: ‘As a Catholic, I’m pro-choice’

Australia university blocks pro-life group: worried group would ‘target women’

Sweden and Germany: Parents shed tears over homeschool-crackdown horrors

The Coming Age of Austerity | Pat Buchanan at Townhall

College allows transgender student in women’s locker room | ABC30 (includes video)

“ADF: Transgender Issue Putting Youngsters At Risk” | One News Now

“Who You Are Is in the Mind, Not the Genitals” | Matt Driscoll at Seattle Weekly

4 Yrs at Private College = $130,468; Median-Priced Existing Home = $173,100; U.S. Debt Per American Under 18 = $218,676

No Florida Schools Have Used New Authority For Student-Led Inspirational Messages

Fight brewing over transgender person in Evergreen College locker room | MyNorthWest

Texas Pastors applaud Senator Patrick on AG opinion request over domestic partner benefits

College under fire for allowing transgender female to use women’s locker room | LGBTQ Nation

    LGTBQ Nation: In its letter sent Friday, David Hacker, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom group, warned Evergreen, “The fact that this individual was sitting in plain view of young girls changing into their swimsuits puts you and Evergreen on notice of possible future harm.” Joseph Backholm, director of the conservative non-profit Family Policy Institute of Washington, an anti-gay group leading efforts to overturn the state’s marriage equality law that voters will decide on Tuesday, said “(parents) have the reasonable expectation that there are not going to be naked men or people that their daughters believe are naked men — however they see themselves — in that restroom.”

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Transgender Student in Evergreen’s Locker Room Draws Ire of Arizona Religious Group | Seattle Weekly

    Seattle Weekly: Evergreen officials say the school’s policy of allowing transgender individuals access to locker rooms based on their stated gender – in this case, Francis identifies as a female – is in accordance with state law . . . Despite this stance, the Alliance Defending Freedom is mad as hell. “Little girls should not be exposed to naked men, period. A college’s notions about ‘non-discrimination’ don’t change that,” says Senior Legal Counsel David Hacker in a press release distributed by the Alliance Defending Freedom, which says it is acting on behalf of parents concerned for their children’s safety . . . “The idea that the college and the local district attorney will not act to protect young girls is appalling,” Hacker continues in the Alliance Defending Freedom press release. “What Americans are seeing here is the poisoned fruit of so-called ‘non-discrimination’ laws and policies. Placing this man’s proclivities ahead of protecting little girls is beyond unacceptable.” . . . If the question comes down to bowing to the Alliance Defending Freedom and the organization’s claims of “emotional distress and harm” being inflicted on youth swimmers encountering transgender genitalia in the sauna, or protecting the civil rights of people like Colleen Francis, the Evergreen State College, predictably, sides with the civil rights and state law. “Frankly, the issue has been addressed,” Wettstein says of the installation of privacy screens. [more]

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Pro-Life Student Sues Louisiana State University | Citizen Link

Wash. college OK’s exposure of young girls to naked man | Alliance Defending Freedom

TX: Birdville school district defends prayers on PA system before football games

PA: Citizens group keeping Connellsville Ten Commandments issue alive

Private Religious Colleges and Free Speech | Greg Lukianoff of FIRE at the Volokh Conspiracy

Only a Few Examples of Censorship on Campus? | Greg Lukianoff of FIRE at Volokh Conspiracy

Germany: Crack Appears In Opposition To Homeschoolers

Free speech boxed in at LSU | Alliance Defending Freedom

The Reality of College Censorship, Part 2: Speech Codes | George Lukianoff at Volokh Conspiracy

Massachusetts High Court Grants Direct Review In Pledge Case

ADF Inviting Students’ Religious Expression | One News Now

Tufts Christian group fighting bias claims

Idaho: Suit seeking to reveal education-funding donors back in state court

“Claims disputed in spot opposing same-sex marriage” | Baltimore Sun

Air Force Academy explores religious respect

Indiana School District Bans Youth Pastor From Speaking to Students at Lunchtime

200 Christian College Students Protest at Planned Parenthood

Idaho: Judge rules Students Come First supporter group must disclose donors

Tufts evangelical group faces ‘de-recognizing’ for requiring leaders to adhere to ‘basic biblical truths’

Religious Symbols Not Allowed At LSU

Liberty Institute Encourages More U.S. School Districts To Permit Students’ Free Speech

Self-Appointed Bully Police Resort To Name-Calling In Critiquing Alliance Defending Freedom’s Policy Yardstick | Jeremy Tedesco

The Liberty Prevails: Ninth Circuit Rules in Favor of Student Newspaper | David J. Hacker at the Speak Up Movement University Blog

ACLU calls out Region 15 board for pledge push

FFRF to Marbury High School: Stop displaying illegal religious banners

Iowa: Judge Calls Mistrial On 1 Claim in Law Prof. Bias Trial

St. Thomas’ new dean recognizes the challenges

    National Law Journal: The University of St. Thomas School of Law has named Robert Vischer as its new dean, effective on January 1. Vischer, now associate dean for academic affairs, has taught at the Roman Catholic-affiliated law school since 2005. He replaces Thomas Mengler, who stepped down in May to assume the deanship at St. Mary’sUniversity School of Law. Professor Neil Hamilton has been serving as interim dean.

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Christian Groups Treated Differently | One News Now

ADF Lawyers Defend 5th Grade Student’s Right to Hand Out Christmas Fliers

Court tosses ban on Easter egg hunt invitations | Alliance Defending Freedom

Pocono Mountain School District lawsuit heard on federal appeal

“Audit: Us Oversight Of Charter School Funds Lax” | AP

Paul Ryan: Keep Homeschooling Free

Suit Challenges Utah College’s Treatment Of Christian Student Group | Religion Clause Blog

3rd Circuit hears appeal over church party fliers | Times Online (AP)

Religious freedom tested in lawsuit against Snow College | Deseret News

Jurors Deliberate For 3rd Day In Law School Trial

Christian club sues Snow College over alleged free speech issues | Salt Lake Tribune

9th Circuit rules in favor of student newspaper trashed by OSU | Alliance Defending Freedom

Snow College ices religious freedom | Alliance Defending Freedom

CA: Parents fear school yoga program teaching religion, consider legal action

How will 3rd Circuit rule on Christmas party invitations at school? | Alliance Defending Freedom

TX: Schools’ lawyers, state argue over state funding system

Bible Club’s Equal Protection Claim Dismissed For Lack of Standing

Obama DOJ Decides Not To Support Religious Liberty in NYC

“Gallaudet asks same-sex marriage opponents to pull ad”

Washington D.C. group calls for Loudon, Lenoir City schools to stop prayer