Ivy league admissions officer – White middle class and east asians least favored for admissions

Thousands call on Ontario minister to resign over ‘no pro-life in Catholic schools’ comment

Battle against abortion mandate now includes SBC ethics entity

Pro-life students peacefully band together to silence abortion | Alliance Defending Freedom

“North Carolina’s Elon University bans Chick-fil-A from campus after gay row”

Pakistani teen shot by Taliban becomes ‘daughter of the nation’

Silent Day Returns for 2012, 60 Girls Canceled Abortions in 2011

University of Texas Hiding Partnership With Planned Parenthood

Deafening Silence: The 2012 Pro-life Day Of Silent Solidarity | Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

MD: Same-sex marriage supporters condemn action against petition signer

WI: School Drops Cross From Football Helmets After Parent Complains

    The New American: It took the complaint of just one parent to induce the school district of Shorewood, a suburb of Milwaukee, to drop a new student-designed logo from the high school football team’s helmets. The reason: The logo included a cross, along with a bishop’s hat (similar to the design on the traditional chess piece). The district’s superintendent, Martin Lexmond, no doubt feared that the religious symbols, particularly the cross, might raise the ire of the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, or some other secular group which have used the First Amendment’s supposed “separation of church and state” clause to intimidate schools and municipalities into removing all signs of religious faith from public facilities.

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TN: Sumner Co. School system goes to mediation over teacher prayer, ACLU wants $284,321 for attorney’s fees

The Role of Faith in Academic Pursuits – Mark Regnerus | Mark Oppenheimer at NYT

Ontario Education Minister: Catholic schools can’t teach abortion is wrong – that’s ‘misogyny’

Individual, Community, and State: How to Think About Religious Freedom | Mathew J. Franck at Imprimis

Here’s Where the University of Texas Loses in Fisher | David Bernstein at the Volokh Conspiracy

Bus Driver Tells 12 Year-Old He Should Have Been Aborted Because of Romney Yard Sign

Scotus Likely To Strike Racial Preferences In University Admissions | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

Florida School’s Ban On Student Invitations to Church Easter Egg Hunt Is Unconstitutional

Professorial Liberal Bias Metastasizing to High Schools | Kevin Theriot at Speak Up Movement U. Blog

Yale, In Self Denial | David Hacker at Speak Up Movement University Blog

Students Say A Prayer And Defy Anti-Christians | One News Now

ACLU Declares Web-Filtering Campaign a Success

Harvard Students Celebrate ‘incest-fest’

School districts in California and Florida recognize LGBT Month

MN: Canadian panelists say same-sex marriage there has had costs

PA: Tuscarora School Board considers dropping prayer from meetings

Southern Poverty Law Center Pushes Homosexual Tolerance to Elementary Students with ‘Mix It Up’ Day

India: Religion-based education schemes violate Constitution: Guj HC

Symposium Revisits Landmark Student-Speech Cases

Your Professor Made You Do What?!?

FPC of WV, ADF Stand with Students Praying Before Football Games

    WDTV.com: “Christian students have the right to peacefully express their faith at school. They do not shed their constitutional freedoms at the schoolhouse gate or in the stadium parking lot,” said Jeremy Dys, president and general counsel of the FPCWV. “Misinformed public school officials should not cater to pressure from activists who demand that religious students be silenced; rather, they should understand that the Constitution permits students to pray—and pray publicly—before football games.” . . . “Our government and courts have already spoken: students have a constitutionally protected right to participate in peaceful, public expressions of prayer and worship. Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Policy Council of West Virginia stand with students across West Virginia as they exercise their religious liberty,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Matt Sharp.

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Fields of Faith 2012: Preparing Students for the Harvest | Matt Sharp

The Family Policy Council of WV, Alliance Defending Freedom stand with students praying before football games

Democrats starting to break with teachers’ unions

German Judge: Homeschooling “Damages” Kids; Parents Lose Custody of Children for Sake of “Integration”

School polygamy poster causes controversy in Canada

Faith leaders sound off on role of church in public education

    CNN Blog:  Rev. DeForest Soaries, Jr., a senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey, laid out what he believes are three roles of the church in education. “One is programs. Some churches have their own schools that would be on the programmatic level, after school programs and literacy programs. The second is political dealings with the various political forces that impact and control public schools: Making sure people run for school board, making sure people vote for school board, and monitor what’s happening. And, the third is policy: Advocating for policies that enhance the likelihood of success.”

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University of CA Student Association condemns entire country of Israel of ‘racism’ in secretive vote

Lucky 36: What It Takes to Land a Supreme Court Clerkship

Texas Cheerleaders Stand for Their Religious Freedom

Kagan offers a view of a Justice’s working life (video) | Harvard Law

    Harvard Law School (includes video): During the event, their discussion touched on many topics ranging from Kagan’s current reading group at HLS on the Supreme Court’s 2011 Term to courtroom issues—including the role oral argument plays and the use of cameras in the courtroom. Said Kagan when asked about the role of the justices’ clerks: “They’re a fount of ideas, they’re a fount of information. They wander around the building and find out a lot about what other people are thinking. There’s a kind of clerks gossip network, and I encourage them to schmooze.”

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Today (9/27) Was Annual “See You At The Pole” Events | Religion Clause Blog

“Notre Dame staff seek gay, lesbian protection”

Alliance Defending Freedom stands with ‘See You at the Pole’ participants

‘See You at the Pole’ Calls for Spiritual Awakening

Romney says teachers’ unions should be barred from making political contributions

Wales considers forced registration for home schoolers

Prayers offered Wednesday at school flagpoles

The 1L Summer Job Search (Unofficially) Starts Now

Justice Thomas Says Law School Rankings Lead to Discrimination

West Virginia school stops prayer before football games

Ontario Catholic school to open Muslim prayer room: ‘One more nail in the coffin of Catholic’ ed

Catholic schools in Central Java threatened with closure for not teaching Islam

ADF: Free speech victory at Palm Beach State College

“Saudi billionaire did help Obama into Harvard”

Clarence Thomas: Ivy-Leaguers no better than UF law students

Parents not told NYC schools dispensing morning-after pill

U. of Northern Iowa: Evangelical ‘extremists’ exercise free speech, say sin requires repentance

    Northern-Iowan.org: Although Brother Jed was trying to convert students to Christianity, he said, “Well, we do turn most people off. Jesus turned most people off. He angered most people.” He also disagreed with the Christian students present, saying, “People don’t want to forsake their sin and follow Jesus. That’s the bottom line. A lot of these people that talk about God’s love, they’re claiming they’re still sinning! So they want God’s love, and they want salvation and they want heaven while they continue to sin. And you can’t have both.”

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“Same-Sex Marriage Will Change Culture” | Virtue Online

Law Schools Suffer Deep Loss in Lawsuits

    Balkinization: Of the dozen-plus misrepresentation lawsuits filed against law schools by their former students, in recent months three have been dismissed (several have survived motions to dismiss and are in discovery). The core basis for the dismissal is the same in all three: prospective students cannot reasonably rely upon employment data posted by law schools . . . These three law schools, and others facing similar suits, undoubtedly count these decisions as victories. But I cannot shake the sense that they mark a deep wound to the standing of law schools.

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“Texas school bans football bible banners” | FFRF

See You at the Pole … one week from today

U. of Tenn. will not stop prayer at football games & other events

“2 groups support Ind. teacher fired over in vitro”

Paulsen and Koppelman Debate: Religious Liberty in the 2012 Election at St. John’s on Sept. 27

Defending Virginia’s School Religious Exemption

Kansas Board of Education Leaves Homeschool Regulation off Its Agenda

    HSLDA: Despite an earlier threat to discuss new legislation to create homeschool regulations, we are happy to report that the Kansas State Board of Education’s agenda for its coming September 18–19 meeting contains no reference whatsoever to homeschooling or private schools. This saga began on Tuesday, August 14. The Lawrence Journal-World reported Board Chairman David Dennis as saying that perhaps the board should propose legislation to increase state reporting requirements for homeschoolers to ensure that children are being taught. The board agreed to discuss the issue further at its September meeting.

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Ohio City Determines To Block Development Of A Christian School | Alan Sears at ADF Blog

Persecution Of Christians On Rise – In U.S.

Ontario: Broten approves of Muslim prayer rooms in Catholic high school

Christian School Won’t Be Zoned Out, If ADF Can Help It