DOMA Ruling: As Violent Anti-Gay Marriage Protests Rock France, Will the Same Happen in the U.S.? | Des Moines Register

Authorities Detect Homeschoolers; Family Flees to Austria

KY: Despite objections, prayer goes on at Lincoln graduation

TX: Lindale school play modified following complaint by Freedom From Religion Foundation

The academy’s war on free thinking

    Joel Alicia at Washington Times: f our elite law schools are to serve their students and the country well, they must actively seek out the best minds representing all points of view. That does not imply giving conservative candidates preferential treatment when making hiring decisions; all candidates must be held to the same academic standards. It does mean, though, that law schools should be eager to hire scholars who represent perspectives that are absent from their faculties. Law school campuses would have a richer and more vibrant intellectual life as a result, and the country would be the primary beneficiary.

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Christian Fired from State University for Expressing Her Views on Homosexuality in Op-Ed; U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Review Case

ACLU Opposes Creationism in Ohio Curriculum

NYC Council Passes Equal Access Resolution

Iowa’s School Choice Program Expands

‘Yes’ to worship | World Magazine

NYC Council Passes ‘Right to Worship’ Resolution to Give Churches Access to Schools | Christian Post

Texas Legislature Passes Bill On Winter Holidays In Schools

NYC Council resolution gives churches hope | Alliance Defending Freedom

Fla. lesbian cheerleader charged for underage girlfriend

Ball State U. prof accused of preaching Christianity

Harvard Law Opens Applications to Juniors

    National Law Journal: Harvard Law School has announced a pilot program under which Harvard undergraduates may apply and gain acceptance during their junior year, provided they agree to work for two years in between graduation and beginning their legal studies. If the pilot program succeeds, the law school might expand eligibility to juniors at other universities, assistant dean and chief admissions officer Jessica Soban said.

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School official thankful for ADF’s legal advice | One News Now

China: Tight state controls on religious education

    Forum 18: China does not allow religious communities to run schools for children, even though regulations do not forbid the provision of religious education to minors. Nor is religious education provided in state schools. For students beyond school age, only state-approved religious groups affiliated with China’s five state-backed monopoly faiths are allowed to apply to set up institutions for the study of their faith or training of clergy, Forum 18 News Service notes. Restrictions are especially tight in Tibet and Xinjiang. The state limits the number of such institutions and their size. Establishing new colleges is cumbersome and long drawn out, even when successful. Their curricula must include “politics” and “patriotic” education, as defined by the state. The state also discourages religious activity on general university campuses. These restrictions reflect the authoritarian state’s desire to control religious groups, including by intervening in the training of their leaders and the level of education of their members.

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MO: Humanists threaten to sue Missouri school officials over teacher-led prayer meetings

“Family Denied Asylum In Us, They Should Have Said They Were Gay”

Candidates for Oregon board want to purge Planned Parenthood from school curriculum

Headed to Law School? Lower Your Expectations

Some parents oppose Gideon Bible distribution at Tennessee Elementary School

Asylum and Homeschoolers | Eugene Volokh

FIRE, ADF addressing nationwide epidemic on college campuses

Benefits restored to Montana’s disabled children of faith | Alliance Defending Freedom

Elementary school’s ‘blessing of the fleet’ canceled for violating First Amendment

6th Circuit upholds denial of asylum for persecuted German homeschoolers

Oklahoma: Muldrow board approves removal of 10 Commandments

“California Assembly OKs two bills related to transgender residents”

Indiana expands school voucher program | Patheos

“Calif. moves to comply with 2011 gay history law”

The Administration Says Universities Must Implement Broad Speech Codes

Texas House passes ‘Merry Christmas’ bill

ACLU seeks records tied to $11 million in state grants to religious schools

Arkansas School District Cancels Graduation Rather Than Allow Prayer

NYC City Council to Vote on Permitting Worship Services in Empty Public Schools | Jordan Lorence at the NYC info

Pro-Life Students Increasingly Face Free Speech Limits on Campus | LifeNews

Free speech for conservatives? | The Journal

Oregon: Colleges might ask about sexual orientation

Student debt delays spending, saving – and marriage

GA: School Bans Religious Graduation Songs

Minnesota Case Asks: Do Your Children Have Rights? | CBS

KY: Lincoln County High School grapples with prayer at graduation

Indiana expands school voucher program | DFW Catholic

Free Speech for Conservative Students? | L. Brent Bozell at the Patriot Post

Teens Decide to Fight Back Against Anti-Christian Bullies

Maine Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics Joins Other Child Welfare Organizations on Brief Sup

North Dakota School Allows Pro-Life Poster After Initial Censorship | Life News

Texas Trial Court Says Cheerleaders Can Use Run-Throughs With Religious Messages

Education Dept. eliminates ‘father,’ ‘mother’ from student aid forms

Loveless Marriage And The Spectre Of Engineered “Singularity”

LLM: Lawyers Losing Money

NC: Senate to debate abortion ‘risk’ bill

Swedish homeschooler persecution challenged | Baptist Press

The First Amendment Doesn’t Have An Age Limit | Matt Sharp

Student’s pro-life poster returns to walls of ND school | Alliance Defending Freedom

Kountze Cheerleaders Granted Victory in Bible Banner Case

NC Senate advances bills for student prayer

AR: Grade school graduation canceled following prayer controversy

Final Ruling Expected In Bible Banner Case; Kountze Cheerleaders Hold Press Conference

DMACC reaches agreement with student in free-speech suit | Des Moines Register (AP)

Congress Tackles the Common Core National Standards and Databases

Louisiana Supreme Court Invalidates State School Voucher Program

Louisiana Voucher Remains Legal, AFC Urges Legislature To Resolve Funding Issue

Iowa college’s free speech table folds | Alliance Defending Freedom

Another step in saga of Swedish home-schooling family | One News Now

Some New Jersey Legislators Question State Construction Funding Award To Jewish Rabbinical School

SC Teacher Who Stomped Flag Gets $85,000 Payment

The Rule of Lawyers | Richard A. Epstein at WSJ

    Richard A. Epstein at WSJ: Law schools are under siege. Applications have dropped to around 54,000 annually, from around 100,000 in 2004. First-year enrollment has slipped to under 40,000 students, from 50,000 in 2010. Jobs are scarce—especially for students coming from lower-tier law schools. The average annual tuition has risen to just over $40,000 per year, from about $23,000 in 2001. Average debt on graduation has followed suit, jumping to about $125,000 in 2011, from $70,000 in 2001. No wonder many experts expect perhaps a dozen schools to close their doors within a year while other schools slash their class size, faculty and staff to stay open.

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Pro-Life Students Face Increasing Harassment on Campus | LifeNews