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New law school dean at Catholic U.

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College: Students Can’t Sell “Christmas” Trees | Todd Starnes, Fox News

Teacher test fraud opens the door to school choice in Arkansas

Montana legislator’s bill would require teaching intelligent design in public schools

Pro-life student group rejected at B.C. university: threatens to sue

Nova Scotia would be ‘worst place in Canada’ for homeschoolers if gvmt heeds new report

Alberta School Boards Association rejects ‘sexual orientation’ policy

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Forced unionism is rearing its ugly head in D.C.

UK: Teaching of Christianity ‘lacks intellectual development’

Indiana School Voucher Program On Trial

Court temporarily halts Texas school’s student RFID chip requirement

Good grief! Atheist group disgruntled with ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ | Alliance Defending Freedom

Are Charters Enough Choice? School Choice and the Future of Catholic Schools | Nicole Stelle Garnett, Notre Dame Legal Studies Paper

    Garnett, Nicole Stelle, Are Charters Enough Choice? School Choice and the Future of Catholic Schools (January 19, 2012). Notre Dame Law Review, 2012; Notre Dame Legal Studies Paper No. 12-50. Available at SSRN:

    This contribution to a Notre Dame Law Review symposium on “Law and Educational Innovation” critiques the oft-repeated assertion that private-school-choice programs, such as tuition vouchers or tax credits, are unnecessary because charter schools provide sufficient educational choices. Arguing that policy makers have failed to come to terms with the profound, unfortunate consequences of Catholic schools’ rapid disappearance from urban neighborhoods, the essay builds a case for a shift in education policy that embraces both charter schools and private-school-choice mechanisms.

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Indiana State Supreme Court Considers School Vouchers

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