Boise State demands unconstitutional warning signs for pro-life events

Federal Judge: Forced removal of Christian materials from classroom was legal

Canada: Trans kids referred to as ‘xe’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’

Bowdoin College encourages non-Christians to lead Christian groups

School blocks NRA, GOP, Christian websites – but not Dem, Islam sites

Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal over graduation ceremonies held in evangelical church

Costs mount for NC school in discrimination case

Supreme Court won’t wade into fight over graduations in churches

Calif. grad defies high school order and cites ‘my Christian faith’ in speech

Elmbrook and religion as ‘hazardous waste’

Junior high goes condom crazy

Colleges and evangelicals collide on bias policy

Hawaii to make middle school sex ed class opt-in

North Carolina House passes bill protecting students’ rights to religious expression

Judge refuses to toss suit against Catholic school that fired teacher for ‘marrying’ gay partner

ADF letter prompts Minn. school to allow Bible verse in graduation speech

Unisex school bathrooms in Ariz. miss the point

How not to talk to your kids about sexuality and sexual orientation

AZ school district latest to cave on either-sex bathroom policy

AZ school district latest to cave on either-sex bathroom policy

ACLU urges South Dakota school district to rescind approval of Bible distribution

School district apologizes for same-sex marriage video

Christian high school club wins equal access

Transgender controversy prompts Atherton to rethink policy

Alleged rapes, flawed data, official with Planned Parenthood ties brings scrutiny to Tempe sex-ed decision

Sexual orientation lessons could change in Montgomery

Notre Dame uses cops to shut down students’ traditional marriage table

University reverses professor’s ban on thanking God at graduation

Policy change over Bible ban mooted lawsuit

Churches meeting in public schools: A wise (and legal) decision

Obama unleashes the Left

Florida school superintendent offers apology after Bible controversy

Teacher tells student he can’t read the Bible in classroom

Upper Arlington can block Christian schools from site, judge rules

Suit voluntarily dismissed after school district changes rule on distribution of religious material

School district revises policy after student banned from distributing Christian flyers

Acclaimed baseball coach under fire from atheists for pre-game prayers

Beyond equal access: fair and equal treatment for churches

ADF lawsuit prompts Kan. school district to end ban on religious speech

Wrestlers’ team motto criticized: first the shirts, and now the gym wall

University of Hawaii students prevented from distributing copies of U.S. Constitution

Clemson football coach lives out faith, under scrutiny

In Hawaii, atheists “lei” in wait for churches meeting in public schools

Catholic teacher’s union to march in pride parade, Cardinal critical

ACLJ files lawsuit on behalf of student denied admission due to religious beliefs

Yale to open on-campus ministry center, will host Bible studies and prayer meetings

Student told by teacher not to bring Bible to class; school district responds

Judge sides with Upper Arlington in Tree of Life lawsuit | ThisWeek

Wrestling shirt that quotes scripture subject of controversy

Public school teacher puts up religious message on school marquee; complaints abound

Catholic schools asked to be more inclusive of non-religious students

New Jersey lawsuit seeks to ban Pledge of Allegiance

Nazareth Area lawsuit over Valentine’s Day cards brings questions of free speech rights

Pro-life protests near schools concern Vancouver parents

Suit over sale of former public school to Orthodox Jewish schools is settled

ADF appeals decision against churches meeting in NYC public schools

Bible study after school ban overturned as NY Superintendent reverses decision | Christian Post

Delaware to decide on charter school applications

No legal recourse for Gallaudet University official demoted because she signed anti-same-sex-marriage petition

Okla. school district approves Hobby Lobby president’s Bible course

N.H. education tax credit challenge draws national interest | AP

Lawsuit filed after teacher throws away child’s Valentine’s Day message | Christian Today

The Romeike home-school conundrum

Ohio school board debates teacher sexual orientation rule

Orin Kerr: Legal scholarship in the lean years

    Orin Kerr at The Volokh Conspiracy: “In the last five years, legal education has witnessed a dramatic reduction in demand. Applications are down, forcing many schools to shrink class size and discount tuition to attract students through “merit” scholarships (and more recently, in rare cases, across-the-board tuition cuts). With income down, schools must cut expenses, the largest chunk of which are faculty salaries. Many schools have encouraged senior faculty to retire, and faculty hiring across the board has been sharply curtailed. As I see it, we’re seeing a return to the period before the boom decade of about 1999-2009. In that window, many law schools had lots of extra cash that they spent on new buildings, better amenities and more and better-salaried professors. The boom is over, and a lot of schools are trying to adjust.”

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NH Supreme Court to hear education tax case