Marquette moves to fire tenured conservative professor for blog post

Students opposed to ideological agenda shamed in classroom

‘Inappropriate’ Ofsted questioning of children revealed

Indiana Senate panel passes bill allowing Christmas in the classroom

Gordon College states its case

College freshmen are leaning away from religion

S.C. Republicans to colleges: Don’t interfere with with campus religious groups

High school senior wins case to keep ‘Under God’ in Pledge

Legislature decides to stay out of locker rooms

Locker-room privacy bill called unfair to transgender people dies

Where does ‘public life’ end for Catholic school teachers?

Religious college presidents agree on ‘calling’ and common threats to their schools

Georgia parents complain about world religion in 6th grade classes

Church responds to NYC’s ban on worship services in public schools

No room for mum and dad in Ofsted families

Back door sex education

Why are sex-shop workers teaching sex ed in a public high school?

The persecution of Gordon College

Students, FIRE go four-for-four as Ohio U. settles speech code lawsuit

Schools watchdog chief denies Ofsted has anti-Christian agenda

Banned? ‘Hope,’ ‘Stand with Rand’ and ‘Christ is Risen!’

Human rights complaint against Ontario school board filed by atheist

Churches wait for SCOTUS to attend to use of school facilities

NYC continues fight to keep churches from meeting in public schools

Nicky Morgan ‘unapologetic’ over ‘British values’ rules

Sweden’s court hearts case for religious freedom, again

Parent voices concern over religious sign in public school

D.C. mayor signs bills curtailing religious freedom of Catholic schools, colleges

Gilbert school board votes to keep controversial novel

Activists have freedom to distribute fliers on college campus, federal court rules

Christian school facing closure defended by unlikely supporter

Mayor de Blasio refuses to drop church worship ban in NYC public schools – but this congregation isn’t backing down

Battle still rages for churches that want to meet in NYC schools

Oklahoma to reconsider bible classes in public schools

ADF to Supreme Court: NYC’s arguments to throw out churches fall short

Christian school: Parents appalled by Ofsted report

No worship services in public schools, New York mayor tells Supreme Court

Illinois Bible Colleges sue to get state to grant students full degrees

Short sighted? School halts Bible study for blind kids

The future of Catholic schools and the future of America

Why pro-life students deserve our support and gratitude

ADF to Supreme Court: Uphold free speech of students in US flag T-shirt case

ADF continues ‘equal access’ fight in Missouri

The cross examined college prep course

Ofsted tells best performing school ‘You’re the worst’

At issue: State regulation of a religious program

School district requires parental permission to join a pro-’gay’ club; ACLU reacts

Illinois Bible colleges file legal challenge for right to issue degrees to students

Parents oppose district’s policy of ‘interrogating’ homeschoolers on religious beliefs

Duke vs. Franklin Graham: Which Christian spaces are off-limits to Muslim worship?

Illinois Bible colleges sue for right to issue degrees

Oklahoma bill seeks to protect rights of schools offering elective Bible courses

Duke University moves Muslim chant, call to prayer outside following outcry

Duke won’t broadcast Muslim call to prayer after all

De Blasio asks high court to uphold ban on churches in schools

High School teacher accused of promoting Christianity, giving ‘Bible cookies’ to students

Bible classes in Oklahoma public schools would be protected from lawsuits under proposed legislation

California ‘Bible cookies’ teacher under investigation for violating U.S. Constitution

Ofsted quiz kids at Christian school on ‘what lesbians do’

University of Chicago’s new free speech policy actually protects free speech

    Tech Dirt: Free speech and higher education seem to be at odds. The notion of expanding minds, exposing prejudices and encouraging critical thinking has taken a backseat to a bizarre “offense-free” ideal in recent years, something that can partially be traced back to our own government’s insertion into the (stunted) conversation. Tying federal funding to sexual harassment policies is definitely part of the problem. The other part appears to be a misguided thought process that equates inclusion with the elimination of any speech that might negatively affect someone. Rather than actually deal with speech issues on a case-by-case basis, universities have instead enacted broadly-written bans on campus speech.

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