Temple, Gilbert Public Schools board among top 2014 newsmakers

Va. school district policy respects all children’s privacy, safety needs

Union lawsuit against Florida school choice programs dismissed, but the battle continues

Marquette professor banned from campus after criticizing classroom same-sex marriage discussion

District won’t revise abortion content in textbook

Marquette University suspends professor for conservative blog

Behaving badly at Marquette University

District won’t revise abortion content in textbook

Gilbert board on biology textbook redaction: nevermind

Georgia mother threatens lawsuit because of Bibles in elementary school

Faith schools top latest primary league tables

Unfree speech on campus

Govt in partial climbdown over school standards

Atheist activist group threatens lawsuit over school Bible distribution

Arizona biology teacher mocks Jesus, Biblical creation in lecture slide

Virginia attorney wants public schools to stop renting to churches

Catholic higher education in ruins

Schools warned of lawsuits over gender accomodations

Helping moms be moms

Bible passages banned from Irish religion class

High school bans student prayer during school day

Planned Parenthood exposed at UNC

Wheaton’s “gay celibate Christian”

Student privacy and safety concerns remain with bathrooms in schools

ADF to schools: Respect, protect all students’ privacy rights

Gloucester School Board OKs policy protecting students’ bathroom privacy

‘This will not end well’: School board allows males to play on girls’ teams

Dear pregnant student: Don’t be afraid

Gloucester schools face challenge with proposed restroom policy

Cardiff University students back free speech on abortion

School board drops Hobby Lobby president’s proposed Bible course following complaint

ADF recommends policy to protect student privacy in restrooms, locker rooms

Gender-bending proposal a threat to Minnesota high school sports, say critics

‘Teachers avoid the true meaning of Christmas’

Texas conservatives boldly reclaim textbooks

    One News Now: The controversial changes were highly contested by the five Democratic board members who voted against adopting the conservative changes. They argued that global warming should be portrayed as a scientific fact and that Islam should be shown in a positive light as a religion of peace – while playing down or altogether avoiding any discussion of Moses as a historical figure that helped shape America’s democracy through the adoption of his laws and principles written in the Pentateuch of the Bible.

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Prayer, locale at center of 5th-grade graduation squabble

Court orders school district to pay $75,000 for denying boy use of girls’ restroom

Atheists still urging educators to ban God from public schools

ADF educates school districts on constitutionality of Christmas

ADF sends memo to school districts, reminding administrators Christmas expression is a constitutional freedom

School nativity plays ‘pushed aside’

Irish school withdraws worksheet on Bible’s teachings on homosexuality over complaint

Reminder: It’s okay to celebrate Christmas at school

Pro-life group launches new resource for pregnant college students

Proposed Minnesota policy would allow student athletes to choose teams based on ‘gender identity’

Alliance Defending Freedom targets atheist attach on Ohio schools as discrimination

ADF to 13,000+ school districts: First Amendment protects Christmas expression

Colorado school lets students text but not pray during free time, lawsuit says

ADF to 13K+ school districts: 1st Amendment protects Christmas expression

In Arizona, a textbook fuels a broader dispute over sex education

Atheist Zombie Mohammed becomes Christian, complains about schoolteacher’s Star of David

Student has no right to discuss same-sex marriage in Marquette ethics class?

Law school deans question sharp drop in bar exam scores

Atheists prompt investigation into history teacher for ‘preaching’ Christianity in class

New York student gets OK to start Christian club ‘Dare to Believe’ on campus after she was told it would be illegal

Gilbert Public Schools delay outline of textbook redactions

Atheist-Turned-Orthodox Christian parent removes child from school after teacher wears Star of David necklace

Millennials miss the mark on free speech

Publisher withdraws controversial textbook in Texas

Rethink new ‘British values’ school rules, say MPs

Gilbert schools postpone biology textbook debate

School district gets ‘attaboy’ for smacking down atheist activist group

FIRE, ADF file ‘amici’ brief in Eighth Circuit for student expelled for Facebook posts

Colorado high school bans prayer meeting during ‘free time’

Long Island teenager who was told she couldn’t have Christian club at high school fights back

School tells students to stop praying, singing

Controversial plan to remove abortion from science book stalls

Schools ban student prayer group and Christian-led anti-bullying program

Sex ed controversies in Gilbert, Tempe an anomaly

Colorado high school tells students they can’t pray during free time