Gary Johnson Files Anti-Trust Lawsuit To Get Into Presidential Debates

U.S. security at stake? LA Times cover up alleged, offers $100,000 for Obama Khalidi tape

Why It Matters: 1 New Justice Could Change A Lot

Majority, but not all, of ’47 percent’ likely to back Obama, exit polls suggest

Michigan Secretary of State: 4,000 noncitizens on voter rolls

Pa. high court wants review of voter ID access

9th Cir. tosses ban on partisan endorsements in Montana judicial elections

Federal Court of Appeals in D.C. Reverses Ruling On Campaign Donors

Re: Judical Elections Campaign Spending: NYT vs. Empirical Evidence

“NY voters’ gay marriage reaction a caution for GOP”

Some black pastors are telling their flocks to stay home Election Day | NY Daily News

Kansas panel delays ballot decision on Obama, seeks birth records from Hawaii

NY Primary Results Close for 2 G.O.P. Legislators Who Voted to Redefine Marriage

New poll/coalition emerge in effort to save embattled Iowa Justice who voted to redefine marriage

Pennsylvania Top Court Set to Hear Voter-ID Law Case

Sebelius’s political comments at Charlotte event violated Hatch Act

Leahy Scraps with Jones Day Lawyer Over Citizens United

Presidential election will shape Supreme Court for decades

RI: Marriage vote still set for 2013 despite Senate losses for redefinition advocates

Maryland: Both sides gear up for marriage fight

Several Groups Opposing Prop. 8 Fined

Personhood amendment won’t make Colorado ballot in 2012

MN: Planned Parenthood working to defeat marriage, voter ID amendments

Marriage, Voter ID Amendments Appear Poised to Pass in MN

Judical Elections Campaign Spending: NYT vs. Empirical Evidence

    Carrie Severino at National Review: Last Friday the West Virginia Supreme Court stopped Allan Loughry, a candidate for the West Virginia supreme court, from receiving additional public funding — funding that was triggered after the campaign expenditures of Mr. Loughrey’s opponent, Justice Robin Davis, crossed a certain threshold. The court found, in part, that because Mr. Laughrey’s additional public funding could neutralize Justice Davis’s campaign expenditures, the funds would violate Justice Davis’s political speech rights.

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A Tight Election May Be Tangled in Legal Battles

With Senate at stake, GOP waits on Akin’s next move, McCaskill goes on offense

“Minnesota Board Exempts Catholic Organization Employee’s Pro-Gay Marriage Contribution From Disclosure”

Costs to defend Texas voter ID law already top $2 million

Marriage group grapples with Washington campaign rules

Anonymity Granted to Catholic Donor Opposed to Marriage Amendment, But Amendment Supporters Object

    Dale Carpenter at the Volokh Conspiracy: In Minnesota, pro- and anti-gay marriage activists are fighting over political campaign disclosure laws, though this time the usual roles are reversed. On August 17, the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board ruled that the group working to defeat a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage does not have to disclose the name of a Catholic contributor to the “No” campaign. ”John Doe,” who works for a Catholic organization in Minnesota, gave $600 to Minnesotans United for All Families, the main group opposing the amendment.

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Public outrage may trump judicial independence in referendum on judges’ salaries New Jersey will be the stage for what’s likely to be a brutal campaign this fall, but it won’t have anything to do with the presidential election. For the first time in the state’s modern history, the New Jersey Supreme Court — an institution meant to be isolated from politics — will be subjected to a popular referendum reeking of politics.

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Bisexual Candidate Wins Arizona Congressional Primary: Kyrsten Sinema

Bishop Tyson from the Diocese of Yakima: “We’re not collecting the money”

Pray for Obama’ sign stirs controversy over Biblical verse; SS investigation

Leftist Presidential Candidate Refuses To Recognize Mexican Election

Over BBQ and Beer, GOP Lawyers in Tampa Warn of ‘Stolen’ Election

ACLU is wrong: Texas Voter Photo ID Law Blocked by Federal Court

WA: Catholic churches can’t collect donations to fight marriage redefinition

Federal Court: Discrimination In Texas Voting Maps

MN Supreme Court: Ballot photo ID requirement will go to the voters

Do Law Schools Consider Applicants “Holistically”?

    Volokh Conspiracy: Prof. Mike Dorf has a post at Dorf on Law describing the brief he coauthored on behalf of the Association of American Law School in Fisher v. University of Texas. The gist of the brief is that if the Supreme Court reasons that Texas may not engage in affirmative action preferences because its race-neutral ten-percent plan already created a “diverse” class, this could mean that all institutions of higher education, including law schools, that seek racial and ethnic diversity would need to replace their current admissions policies with a rote, percentage-based admissions system to comply with the Constitution and federal law.

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“In Maryland, Gay Marriage Seeks a ‘Yes’ at the Polls” | NYT

GOP officials accuse Romney of ‘power grab’: Say he’s trying to rig rules for 2016 delegate selection

    Washington Times: Senior GOP officials are accusing the Romney campaign’s chief attorney, Ben Ginsberg, of pushing through a rules change for delegate selection that would give Mitt Romney enormous power over the primary process should he win the White House and seek re-election in 2016. “It shifts the power to select delegates from the state party to the [party’s presidential] candidate,” Republican National Committee Vice Chairman Jim Bopp told The Washington Times on Sunday. “And it would make the Republican Party a top-down, not bottom-up, party.”

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Mobile lawyers drop write-in bids for Alabama Supreme Court chief justice

Fate of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law rests in the hands of 6 state Supreme Court justices

Another Iowa ‘Gay Marriage’ Supreme Court Justice to Face Voters

In Defense of Judicial Retention Elections

    his weekend the New York Times weighed in to defend Justice Wiggins. According to the Times, Republicans are “stoking intolerance and further politicizing a retention election meant to weed out incompetent or corrupt judges.” The paper’s editors apparently forgot to read the Iowa Constitution, which does not guarantee a right to gay marriage. On the other hand, the accountability mechanism that the Times deplores, the retention election, appears explicitly in the text of Article V, Section 17 . . .

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Federal Court: Florida can’t eliminate 4 days of early voting without Federal approval

Aging Justices Give New Life To High Court As Campaign Issue

PA judge won’t stop state voter ID law

“The Conservative Takeover of State Judiciaries” | Center for American Progress

“Wisconsin Senate battle features possible first: An openly-gay Senator”

When 1,099 Felons Vote In A Race Won By 312 Ballots

Washington: Sanders, McCloud advance in Supreme Court race

Alabama: Democrats may oust chief justice candidate for homosexual comments

Ohio justice race no easy win for GOP: Democrats’ have incumbency advantage

“Judges for Sale” | Jeffrey Toobin at the New Yorker

In Defense of Meaningful Retention Elections

    Carrie Severino at National Review: Iowa’s supreme-court judges are initially selected by an unaccountable lawyer-dominated commission, via the system known as the Missouri Plan. As in other states, that method of selection has tilted Iowa’s judicial branch to the left on a range of issues, including gay marriage. And just as the people of Iowa demand more accountability, Justice Wiggins and his allies at the Times make the case for less.

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Iowa Supreme Court’s Wiggins must go, too, foes say

Pro-Life Justice Fighting Off Liberal Attacks to Regain Seat on Washington Supreme Court

The 2012 election: Why abortion trumps other issues when voting

Kansas’s Conservative Rebellion

Judge dismisses lawsuit trying to throw 3 Florida Supreme Court justices off ballot

Missouri Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Religious Expression Amendment

Colorado Personhood Coalition Concludes Third Consecutive Successful Signature Campaign

Washington high court justices Owens, Gonzalez retain seats

Tea Party-backed Rep. Akin wins Missouri GOP Senate primary to take on McCaskill

Conservatives Win Big In Kan. Senate Primaries

Focus on the Family, Right to Life to Register 5 Million Pro-Life Voters

California: Prop 8 marriage committee faces election fine