Voters will decide marriage in Maryland: Referendum measure validated

Florida AG won’t rule out suing feds over stonewalling noncitizen voter hunt

NC Supreme Court candidate speaks at local forum

Tony Mauro: Why top court is a key 2012 issue

No Democrat on November Congressional Ballot, Though Democrats Are the Largest Party in the District

November referendum blocks Wash. same-sex “marriage” law

NY Times: North Carolina, Meet Citizens United

2 California cities voters embrace public union pension cuts

GOP holds 3 seats, but Wis. Democrats appear to take Senate with one victory

Walker trounces public unions in Wisconsin recall

California’s new political reality, explained

WI: Dems cry foul early into Election Day; Sen. Taylor demands investigation

200K Washington marriage referendum signatures to be submitted Wednesday

Daniel Pipes: Twenty Years of Illusion about Islamism

Florida to defy DOJ in continuing purge of ineligible voters

Egypt: Elections – a Choice Between Islamic Dictatorship and Military Authoritarianism

Wisconsin Unions See Ranks Drop Dramatically Ahead of Recall Vote

Holder to black leaders: ‘Sacred’ right to vote under attack

DOJ to brief group of black pastors on campaign 2012

Judge nixes Montana filing deadline for independent candidates

Missouri Religion Amendment Moved To August Ballot

Signature count makes a Maryland vote on same-sex marriage a near certainty

Prayer Amendment to Appear on August 7th Missouri Ballot

WI: Turnout for recall election expected to exceed 2010 race

Islamists Blame Copts For First Round Election Results In Egypt

Egypt’s Islamist candidate woos women, Christians

4 in 10 Democrats desert Obama in Arkansas, Kentucky primaries

Arizona verification of Obama’s birth

Arizona Flooded By Emails On Obama Eligibility

Barack Obama’s Arkansas primary problem: Only 7 pts ahead of challenger

Federal Judge Strikes Down Montana Campaign Regulations

53,000 Dead Voters Found in Florida

Hawaii says AZ Obama birth certificate request is defective

Erik Stanley: Biblical Truth Equals Voter Intimidation?

Putin election result cast into doubt; said to be statistically impossible

Oklahoma: “Blocked: Openly gay Fallin appointee turned down by Senate committee”

AZ Secretary of State: Obama won’t be on ballot absent verification from Hawaii

Is Campaign Disclosure Heading Back to the Supreme Court?

Sen. McCain huddles with Dems on campaign finance reform

“Why Young Voters Won’t Tip the Gay Marriage Debate Anytime Soon”

    The American: Therefore, any strategy of waiting for demographics to realize the maximalist position of gay marriage advocates across the country looks to be, at the very least, a lengthy endeavor. States on the margins, like California and Washington, where initial bans commanded marginal majorities, might support gay marriage in the near future. But on a wider scale, movement on the issue, though real, is likely to be far too slow to bring about dramatic change nationally anytime soon . . . The gay marriage movement might have other reasons to be a little less optimistic. Young voters change their political views as they age, and the overwhelming liberal tendencies of college campuses are not reflected in the American electorate.

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Iowa Justice says he’ll defend same-sex “marriage” vote in campaign

“Four ways to improve Michigan Supreme Court elections”

Judicial independence: The new threat from within

West Virginia: 88% of Pro-Life Candidates Win Primaries

NC becomes 31st state to pass marriage amendment: Vote is 61% to 39% with 90%+ of counties reporting

ADF comment on approval of NC marriage amendment

    “Once again we see that Americans are married to marriage, the fundamental building block of a healthy, thriving society. The people of North Carolina, like 31 states before them, recognized that marriage should be strengthened and protected from legal attacks. ADF applauds the people of North Carolina who’ve followed in the footsteps of diverse cultures and faiths, throughout history and across the globe, in upholding marriage as the ideal.”

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“Same-sex marriage debate: Many of Obama’s top fundraisers are gay”

AP: Lugar loss has lessons for Republicans, Democrats

Wis. recall is rematch of 2010 governor’s race

Six term Lugar loses to tea party favorite in Indiana landslide

Jordan Lorence: Why Voters Should Approve the N.C’s marriage amendment

Three candidates vie for open Oregon Supreme Court position

David Cortman: Rep. Pelosi Wants to Amend the First Amendment (And Silence Opposition)

Ron Paul wins majority of delegates from Maine GOP

Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency

Judd Gregg: Vote in French presidential election should be a warning for America

“State party wins by Ron Paul backers could hurt Romney in general election”

Voters File for Anchorage Election Recount: Move Could Delay Election Certification

OH: DeWine defends allowing ballot petition on same-sex “marriage”

Will SCOTUS Stamp Out Montana’s Constitutional Mischief? – Corporate Campaign Expenditures

Democrat leaning poll shows wide margin of support for NC marriage amendment

ACLU to challenge Pa. voter ID law in court

Muslims Urged To Vote In French Presidential Runoff

Planned Parenthood Loses 100K Targeting Legislative Candidate

Gallup: Religiousness a Key Factor for Romney and Obama Support

Maryland same sex marriage prevention the task for Catholic group

Hatch falls just short at Utah GOP convention, will face primary

An $8 billion trick? Toying with Medicare to fix election

9th Circuit: Arizona can demand voter identification, but not proof of citizenship

Anchorage delays certification of election

Planned Parenthood spends big in Pennsylvania special election to send GOP a message