Maryland county to churches: Preach environmentalism and get a tax break

Obama orders government to prepare for impact of global warming

Debunking the Myth of Overpopulation

UN Abortion Groups Set Sights on African Women

Al Gore: ‘There needs to be a political price’ for climate ‘denial’

UN Secretary General and IPCC climate report: human impact is ‘unequivocal’

Boulder Colorado to Pass “Nature Rights Law” Giving Flowers a “Right to Life”

Children Causing Climate Change?

Obama’s new Energy chief: Climate change ‘not debatable’

Climate change included in US science teaching guidelines for the first time

“Obama To Congress: Act On Climate Change Or I Will” | AP

Gas prices likely to top $4 per gallon again

Population Questions Enliven UN Debate on Development | Stefano Gennarini at C-FAM

The EPA vs. State Economies

After Obama reelection coal company CEO reads prayer to staff, announces layoffs

Bloomberg issues surprise endorsement of Obama

Obama’s Great Alaska Shutout: Interior bans drilling on 11.5 million acres of ‘petroleum reserve.’

Cal. Gov. temp. waives environmental regs to ease gas prices

Gas shortages start to plague California, prices at $4.32 moving toward $5

U.S. coal stocks jump on Romney comments: analysts

Gov’t Gas Mandates Reduce Competition: Phoenix and Tucson have different blends

Increasing Fuel Price Volatility Tied to EPA Mandated Market Balkinization

Lifting Drilling Restrictions Could Increase U.S. Reserves by 30 Percent, Study Finds

Coal Miners’ Union Sits Out Presidential Race

Eliminating People to Help People?

Midwest ranchers, lawmakers protest EPA flyovers

Senate votes to uphold job and coal killing EPA regs

Two Women and Two Trajectories in China

One Way Government Makes Families Poorer – CAFE standards and rising car prices

Rio + 20: The Future We Want And Population Control

‘Forced abortion’ picture causes uproar in China

Donald Rumsfeld: Why the UN Shouldn’t Own the Seas

Video: Ted Turner, Reduce population by five billion people

Report Posits Population Control As Solution To Poverty In World’s Least Developed Countries

Europe’s Green Energy Suicide

China warns foreign embassies publishing smog readings is illegal

UK: £30bn bill to purify water system after toxic impact of contraceptive pill

Clinton Era Roadless Rule Headed to the Supreme Court?

Oil Production: United States Is Capable of Out-Producing World

    NCPA Policy Digest: However, a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) undermines the president’s assumption. Focusing on the Green River Formation in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, GAO Director of Natural Resources and Environment Anu Mittal told Congress recently that just one small part of the United States is capable of out-producing the rest of the planet.

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Phyllis Schlafly: Defeat Law of the Sea Treaty — Again

Free Market Environmentalism for Religious Leaders

    Acton Institute Power Blog (video included): Our friends at the Foundation for Research on Economics & the Environment (FREE) in Bozeman, Mont., have put together another strong slate of summer programs for clergy, seminary professors and other religious leaders with the aim of deepening their understanding of environmental policy. In its description of the program, FREE notes that many in faith communities “see an inherent conflict between a market economy and environmental stewardship.”

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“Scalia Turns Advocate Against Obama as Queries Criticized”

Environmental Groups Collecting Millions from Federal Agencies They Sue

    NCPA Policy Digest: Deep-pocketed environmental groups are collecting millions of dollars from the federal agencies they regularly sue to enforce conservation measures. The payouts, which aggregate to tens of millions of dollars, even allow for reimbursement of legal fees, further encouraging enterprising environmentalists to take on the government in court, says Fox News.

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Defense Secretary Panetta favors United Nations oversight of world oceans

EPA official resigns over ‘crucify’ comments

Kids think we’re better off dead: Environmentalism’s challenge to a culture of life

Salazar: GOP living in energy ‘fairy tale’

Hatch looks to free up House-passed energy bills in Senate

Reid draws line against Keystone

Mine union boss: Coal industry could suffer same fate as bin Laden

E.P.A. putting U.S. at disadvantage

Michelle Duggar: ‘We’re not anywhere near being overpopulated’

Supreme Court: Citizens have right to sue EPA upon receipt of objectionable order

Pastor’s campaign says don’t be fruitful and multiply

Gas prices trigger Obama scramble

“How Engineering the Human Body Could Combat Climate Change”

“The Case for Non-Human Personhood Rights” | Huffington Post

    Erik Michael Johnson at the Huffington Post: It was just this understanding of rights as obligations that governments must obey that formed the basis for a declaration of rights for cetaceans (whales and dolphins) at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held in Vancouver, Canada last month. Such a declaration is a minefield ripe for misunderstanding, as the BBC quickly demonstrated with their headline, “Dolphins deserve same rights as humans, say scientists.”

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Senator Inhofe’s theological conundrum

Video — Obama Energy Secretary: I don’t own a car

Environmentalists claim contraception, Agenda 21 will end global warming

Activists: Birth control can fight global warming

Gingrich says Obama should fire energy secretary for remark about gas prices

White House Wants to Keep Gas Prices High

Carney: GOP cancelled Keystone, not Obama

House Dems to Obama: Be ready to tap emergency oil reserves

Santorum challenges Obama’s worldview

“Evangelical group holds firm on ‘pro-life’ link to EPA rule”

Canada Pledges to Sell Oil to Asia After Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline

Obama administration to reject controversial Keystone pipeline

“Why We Need a Global Environmental Organization” | Huffington Post

Supreme Court takes up Idaho wetlands property rights dispute