Chilean girl who asked to be euthanized now wants to live, father says

Kara Tippetts, a woman who wrote an open letter to Brittany Maynard, is about to die

Report examines bias against life-preserving treatment in advance care planning

French parliament passes ‘deep sleep’ bill for end of life

Study: Euthanasia cases more than double in northern Belgium

The great Terri Schiavo divide

Law permitting assisted suicide in Belgium enters new controversy

French Parliament debates legalization of terminal sedation

This Super Bowl champion is urging his state to reject right-to-die legislation

Strasbourg Court looks at Belgium euthanasia case

In a world of hurt, ADF International is working to protect life

Margot Bentley appeal to stop feeding denied by B.C. court

Canada’s Supreme Court creates right to assisted suicide, leaves details up to Parliament

Even CBS sees a relationship between assisted suicide and murder

One in five Dutch doctors would help physically healthy patients die

Activists: She was already “at death’s door” so that makes euthanizing her alright

Rescind Jahi death certificate request coming

One in three Dutch doctors would kill patients with dementia in assisted suicide

Patients’ care endangered by assisted suicide Bill, say docs

Alex Schadenberg: A very dangerous euthanasia ruling

Isle of Man Parliament rejects assisted suicide

At least 1,000 Californians would commit assisted suicide each year if it matched Oregon’s rate

Doctor-prescribed suicide: Devastating, dangerous

NPR host Diane Rehm emerges as key force in the right-to-die debate

“Am I an executioner or am I a surgeon?”

Europe’s increasing acceptance of euthanasia and assisted suicide

Don’t be fooled: ‘Aid in Dying’ IS assisted suicide

Stockland: Court’s assisted-suicide ruling raises prospect of ‘kill at will’

Physician-assisted death in Canada: Carter v Canada (AG)

Why assisted suicide is the wrong choice for Christians

Supreme Court rules Canadians have right to doctor-assisted suicide

Canadian court kills ban on doctor-assisted suicide

Canada’s highest court has overturned ban on assisted suicide

Assisted suicide law ‘could create a Dr Shipman’

Hospice, defend yourself!

Canadian Supreme Court opens very narrow door to doctor-prescribed death

Lawsuit seeks to legalize doctor-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in New York

Texas boy in coma starts breathing after doctors insist he’s ‘brain dead’

New life, new hope for youngster in coma

Canadian disability rights activist implores Supreme Court not to strike down Canada’s laws prohibiting assisted suicide

Colorado’s ‘death with dignity’ bill is a lie, bishop warns

Combating a culture of death

The death penalty is ‘cruel and unusual punishment,’ but you can starve patients to death

Protecting doctors’ freedom of conscience

Et si le débat sur l’euthanasie était relancé?

PBS documentary glamorizes ‘right-to-die’

Debate on death with dignity begins to churn in Colorado

“Suicide By Doctor”: A policy brief for Centennial Institute

The case of Tom Mortier shows how euthanasia advocates will never stop at the terminally ill

Son challenges Belgian law after mother’s ‘mercy killing’

What we don’t know just might kill you

Euthanasia: A personal perspective

Hospital sued after denying treatment to two developmentally disabled patients

ADF: U. of Wis. Hospitals shouldn’t let disabled patients starve

Dutch euthanasia clinic has knuckles rapped over tinnitus death

Protecting the vulnerable: Why we must fight for the inviolability of life

Concerns growing as Canadian Supreme Court set to rule on assisted suicide

The right to die in Belgium: An inside look at the world’s most liberal euthanasia law

The historical Kevorkian

Europe’s euthanasia craze

Should a Belgian murderer be allowed euthanasia?

Doctor euthanizes this man’s mother, he had no idea until the morgue called to claim her body

Doctors killed his mom because she was depressed; now he speaks out against euthanasia

Killing has taken its toll: Abortion’s slippery slope has turned into euthanasia

Bioethicists debate should severely disabled infants be euthanased?

Religious nonprofits challenge health law

10th Circuit to hear Christian universities’ challenge to abortion-pill mandate

Pope Francis deplores ‘false compassion’ of abortion and euthanasia

    Catholic Voices Comment: There is no doubt that, in our time, due to scientific and technical advancements, the possibilities for physical healing have significantly increased; and yet, in some respects it seems the ability to “take care” of the person has decreased, especially when he is sick, frail and helpless. In fact, the achievements of science and of medicine can contribute to the improvement of human life to the extent that they are not distanced from the ethical root of these disciplines. For this reason, you Catholic doctors are committed to live your profession as a human and spiritual mission, as a real lay apostolate.

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