MSPs to debate petition calling for ban on teaching of creationism

Arizona biology teacher mocks Jesus, Biblical creation in lecture slide

Atheists prompt investigation into history teacher for ‘preaching’ Christianity in class

Secular group seeks to ban Biblical creation from public schools in Scotland

Religion in the age of evolution: Shaking the pillars?

The ‘New York Times’ publishes an ignorant, condescending anti-Christian op-ed

‘We will not tolerate your religion!’ School fires scientist for questioning evolution

David Harsanyi: Vouchers are not about Creationism

David Harsanyi: How the media uses “creationism” to attack school choice

Louisiana Senate kills attempt to remove “creationism statute” from state law

Indiana lawmakers query Ball State on intelligent design

“The evolutionary puzzle of homosexuality”

Texas board approves textbook review rule changes

One-third of Americans reject evolution, poll shows

Evolution Debate Again Engulfs Texas Board

Atheism And Creationism Course Content Sparks Holy War At Public University

Discovery Institute Demands that Ball State University Investigate Class for Teaching that “Science Must Destroy Religion”

‘Education, Not Indoctrination’: Atheists Protest Texas Homeschool Convention as Promised

FFRF praises Ball State U. on Intelligent Design decision

Freedom from Religious Foundation vs. Intelligent Design

College Draws Fire for Hiring Creationism Advocate

More than 7,000 Urge Ball State University to Protect Academic Freedom of Professor Eric Hedin

Atheist group fights “creationists” in Ohio school

“Creationism Follies: The 2012-2013 Edition” | ACLU

Ohio school district may still teach creationism

ACLU Opposes Creationism in Ohio Curriculum

Ball State U. prof accused of preaching Christianity

ACLU objects after school invites creationism group for assemblies

ACLU protests creationism group’s Kansas event

Ohio High Court Hears Oral Arguments On Fired Science Teacher’s Rights

Larson’s Creationism in the Classroom: Cases, Statutes, and Commentary | New Book

    This casebook explores fundamental legal issues relating to how scientific and religious concepts of biological origins should be presented in public-school biology courses. Although numerous legal arguments are invoked, the Establishment Clause typically stands at or near the center of most disputes: Does teaching Darwinism or creationism, or disparaging them, in public schools promote or hinder religious belief in violation of the First Amendment? In grappling with this question in various forms as presented in differing fact situations over the past half century, American courts have examined the meaning of the Establishment Clause and sharpened their interpretation of it. This is the first and only casebook devoted to this topic, and it is ideal for use in education law programs, constitutional law seminars, and legal history courses.

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UK: Debate on Islam and evolution has to be called off after revolt by student societies

Indiana Legislator Wants To Require Science Teachers To Prove Truth of Their Teachings

British “Free Schools” Must Teach Evolution In Science Classes

Montana legislator’s bill would require teaching intelligent design in public schools

Marco Rubio: Earth’s age ‘one of the great mysteries’

Fame Daddy: Celebrity sperm donor service gears up for launch

Many Christians do not see same-sex marriage as an issue of ‘fairness’ | Steven Douglas at MinnPost

    Steven Douglas at MinnPost: The argument over same-sex marriage does not start in the political realm but in the philosophical. Many of the proponents of same-sex marriage with whom I speak assume that we agree on who we are on a basic level and therefore the way we should plot our political course forward. That’s where they’re wrong. Many Christians still hold to the truth of Scripture, often called inerrancy, and believe that God created humanity in his image (Genesis 1:27). These Christians reject the theory of macro evolution as an explanation of human origins. We see the role of image-bearing, generally called imago Dei, to be what defines us.

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DNA shows no genetic difference between 80,000 year old human and modern

Ohio High Court To Review Science Teacher’s Firing

Computer specialist contends his views cost him his job at JPL | LA Times

Ex-NASA worker says fired over intelligent design

Tennessee Law Opens Door to Creationism In Science Classes

TN: ACLU asks Gov. Haslam to veto evolution bill

Tennessee Legislature Passes Bill On Teaching of Evolution and Similar Topics

Evolution bill back in TN legislature

Former Jet Propulsion Laboratory worker claims discrimination over creationism belief

Professor says evolution unpopular in Muslim world

ACLU says teaching creationism unconstitutional

Survey: U.S. Protestant pastors reject evolution, split on Earth’s age

He ‘dared to question’ evolution

Atheists work overtime to battle over half of Brits who think intelligent design and creationism should be taught along with evolution

Global Warming, Evolution, and Presidential Politics: The Long Shadow of Galileo

NC: Brunswick schools’ creationism debate resurfaces

Robert Knight: When Science Is a Matter of Political Faith

Ann Coulter: Liberals’ View of Darwin Unable to Evolve

California Science Center invites intelligent design program, will pay $110K to settle discrimination lawsuit

“New Anti-Creationism Campaign Being Launched”

Ohio: Creationism debate dropped by Springboro school board member

9th Circuit rules for teacher who called creationism ‘superstitious nonsense’

Huntsman on Twitter: ‘Call me crazy,’ I believe in evolution, warming

VIDEO: Rick Perry says evolution theory ‘has some gaps’ and nobody knows the age of the earth

    The Hill (includes video): Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) told a young boy on the campaign trail Thursday that he thinks the theory of evolution “has some gaps” in it. “It’s a theory that’s out there. It’s got some gaps in it. In Texas we teach both creationism and evolution, because I figure you’re smart enough to figure out which one’s right,” Perry said during a meet and greet in Portsmouth, N.H.

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New Yorker piece on Michele Bachmann: “Leap of Faith: the Making of a Republican Front-Runner”

Suit Challenges Florida’s New System For Review of Textbooks

Ohio – Official: Vouchers could be creationism option

ADF-allied attorney rebukes Colorado professor, a high priest of Darwin, with Galileo primer

Fight over teaching evolution in Texas fizzles

Texas education board to rekindle evolution debate

Texas Board of Education Will Debate Evolution In Selecting Supplemental Science Materials

NY Times: “Marriage: How Moral Norms Evolve”

“Teaching creationism: Louisiana law that skirts US ban survives challenge”

UK’s Gove Bans Creationism From New Free Schools