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11-year-old boy played in his yard, CPS took him, felony charge for parents

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Tales of two social scientists

    First Things: Of course I have been talking, in the first story, about the beleaguered but unbowed Mark Regnerus, the sociologist whose New Family Structures Study was published in Social Science Research in 2012. (Full disclosure: Regnerus’s NFSS was funded in principal part, but uninfluenced by, the Witherspoon Institute where I work.) And the second story, which broke this week, is about UCLA political science doctoral student Michael LaCour, whose co-author, Donald Green of Columbia, has asked for the journal Science to retract their much-ballyhooed December 2014 article.

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“There must be a reason”: A father’s final gift to his same-sex attracted son

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PS, Justice Kennedy: Same-sex marriage isn’t good for kids

Children raised by same-sex couples may do worse when the couples marry

Redefining marriage would put kids of heterosexuals at risk

How your marital status affects your taxes

Progressives spurn science in denying emotional harm caused by same-sex parenting

    Aleteia: When a British science journal published an American study in January showing that emotional problems are more than twice as prevalent for children with same-sex parents than for children with opposite-sex parents, nobody expected the author, or the journal editors, to escape criticism. The “consensus” within the social science establishment is that the kids being raised by same-sex couples are doing fine, and will do even better if these parents are allowed to marry. Any researcher who finds anything different must be wrong, incompetent and homophobic.

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Pope Francis: “Children are never a mistake”

Sex education in Europe turns to urging more births

Cyberbullying is wrong – but so is adultery

Mormon leaders laud ‘traditional families,’ warn against ‘counterfeit’ lifestyles

When families fragment, honor the suffering

    Family Studies: If we want to empower young people like Toby, we have to start by honoring their suffering. By that I mean that someone has to know Toby’s name, create a safe space for him to tell his story, and connect him to other communities with webs of belonging, as well as to professionals (for instance, therapists, clergy, and substance abuse counselors) that can help. This process gives a person the experience of “feeling felt,” in psychiatrist Daniel Siegel’s phrase.

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Millennial motherhood: Connected but lonely

“I was a transgender woman”

ADF grateful for ruling on ‘fit’ parent

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When orphan care goes bad: Russell Moore on why adoption is not for everyone

Dear Dolce & Gabbana: A letter of support

Dolce & Gabbana: “The only family is the traditional one”

“I miss my daddy. Divorce stinks.”

First comes love, then comes marriage… tying the knot before first baby is a key ingredient for marriage success

Kids’ time with parents matters, but not in the way you might expect

    Family Studies: In 1965, American mothers spent an average of eight hours a week on paid work and 10 hours a week on child care. In 2011, they worked 21 hours a week—and spent 14 hours on child care. That is, even as they became much more likely to spend a significant amount of time at work, moms came to devote more time, not less, to their kids. Do you think children benefited from that change? Restricting the question to today, are kids who spend more time with their moms more likely to do well on standard academic and behavioral measures?

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Project Relate Oklahoma: A proven strategy for strengthening families

We live in an age of irrational parenting

Woman gives birth to her son’s IVF baby

Alabama Supreme Court: School-choice tax credits for parents legal

‘Unsubstantiated’ child neglect finding for free-range parents

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The tension at the heart of adoption

The law and children

    America Magazine: The one subject guaranteed to start fireworks today is children. Hence the pyrotechnics whenever Pope Francis talks of rabbits, sterility or contraception. Judging from my 16 years teaching family law, the law struggles with children too, for reasons similar to why individuals do. A church trying to figure out how to speak about marriage and family needs to understand this struggle, given that lawmakers are now considering redefining marriage—the last and most basic “place” where family law safeguards children.

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Family income more apt to impact kids’ well-being than marital status of parents

1-parent families hurt kids, but what can we do?

Marriage as a springboard to the middle class

    Ed Excellence: As I explain in Education Next, a more holistic approach would also take seriously what Isabel Sawhill and Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution call the “success sequence”: get at least a high school diploma, work full time, and wait till you are at least twenty-one and married before having children. They estimate that 98 percent of individuals who follow those three norms will not be poor, and almost three-quarters will be solidly middle class. On the flip side, three-quarters of young people who fail to follow any of those norms will be poor, and almost none will be middle class.

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