How the hypersexual trans movement hurts feminism

Jenner’s transformation is a lose-lose for liberal ideology

My women’s studies seminar

Has a woman aborted her baby because it’s a boy?

Feminism’s self-defeating about-face on porn

HeForShe: When are we going to get honest about gender issues?

What the media totally ignored in Emma Watson’s gender equality speech

Emma Watson is right – Don’t take potshots at fathers

‘Barbarities’: Ecuador’s president castigates ‘absurd’ and ‘dangerous’ gender ideology

Matriarchy and Polygamy – a Regression to Primitivism

Marines Delay Pull-Up Requirement For Women

    Christine Rousselle at Townhall: The Marine Corps has elected to delay a requirement that females complete three pull-ups when it was discovered that over half of female recruits were unable to do so. Only one percent of male recruits failed the pull-up test. The requirements for male and female Marine recruits were supposed to be the same starting on January 1, 2014.

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Pakistan: First Female Judge Appointed To Shariat Court

Germany: Topless Feminists Disrupt Christmas Mass to Protest for Abortion

Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues

Daughters and Sex | Mona Charen at NRO

Italy: Feminist Mob Invades Catholic Church, Unfurls Pro-Abortion Banner on Altar

Meet the co-parents

It’s a Man’s World, and It Always Will Be | Camille Paglia at Time

Abortion Is A Mens’ Issue Too, One’s Sex Is Irrelevant

    Peter Hardy at LifeNews: I’m frequently berated with the comment that as a man I’m not allowed to have an opinion on abortion. Occasionally this same sentiment is expressed as a polite suggestion, and we should sympathise where women are worried that this is an attitude that wives should be under their husband’s control. But the overall impression I get is men are dismissed on the basis of their sex as an anti-intellectual manoeuvre to try to shut down critical enquiry on this ideologically-charged topic.

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The Marriage Gap: Think again, men

Feminism Has Reduced Women to Contraception and Abortion

“Access to Contraception Worldwide is Key to Women’s Human Rights” | Center for Reproductive Rights

In a class by themselves: Home-schooled girls easily dispatch both chauvinism and feminism | Robert Knight

Dem women predict birth control mandate will stand

‘Preferred’ pronouns gain traction at US colleges

Wanting Marriage and Pursuit of Happiness | Natalie Angier at NYT

The Changing American Family | Natalie Angier at NYT

Military’s ‘Biggest Problem Is Consensual Sex’

    WorldNetDaily: “The numbers are rising, quite frankly, because an awful lot of women are now serving with men in close conditions. You now have women serving on submarines, which has never been true up until about two years ago. You have a situation where people are under stress, they’re working in very close conditions and things are going to happen,” Babbin said. “The biggest problem is not the offensive nature of sexual assaults. The biggest problem is consensual sex.”

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1st 3 Women Marines Graduate From Infantry Course Out of Class of 15

Church Of England Backs Women Bishop Proposals

Polls find women support the so-called ‘war on women’

“Montana’s Plan to Set Gender Quotas For State Legislature Could Be a Model For the Nation”

    PolicyMic John Marshall of Hot Springs, Mont. wants more women in government. In fact, he wants 50% of his state legislature to be comprised of women, and submitted a constitutional amendment for the 2014 ballot that would require a 50-50 gender split in each house of Montana’s state legislature.Montana’s Plan to Set Gender Quotas For State Legislature Could Be a Model For the Nation

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Topless Women Interrupt Anti-abortion Rally In Spain Chanting ‘Abortion Is Sacred’

New book reveals devastating impact of ‘abortion’ on women

Primer from a Conservative Winner: Future candidates can take a page on “women’s issues” from Barbara Comstock’s playbook.

Cuccinelli Beat McAuliffe 51% to 42% Among Women—Who Are Married

Polling Data Consistently Shows Women are Pro-Life on Abortion

Kuwaiti woman arrested for driving sick father to hospital

Dear President Obama, This Is Why Judges Matter | Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick at Slate

O’connor Performs Same-sex Wedding At High Court

Support for Saudi women drivers spooks the government

Obama wants Marines to wear ‘girly’ hats

Five Ways Lenin’s Propaganda Destroyed Marriage And The Family In Russia

    Monica Showalter at Investor’s Business Daily: The focus was on family, not what Marxism could do for the working class. But unlike economic classes such as Kulaks or aristocrats who had fallen into his disfavor, women couldn’t be liquidated. Their favored institutions could, however, and that’s why Lenin specifically targeted marriage and family in his effort to build a “New Soviet Man.” Five elements stand out in how Lenin and his Bolsheviks used propaganda to get women to support his revolution.

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Saudi Arabia warns it will use force if campaigners protest against female driving ban

Woman Describes Abortion Drug Experience: Agonizing Pain, Massive Bleeding, Severe Depression

EU: While 1.3 Million Sign The Pro-life Petition, Radical Pro-abortion-politicians Don’t Want To Learn The Lesson.

Pregnant Women Go Undercover in India to Expose Sex-Selection Abortions

Sweden Elects Its First Female Archbishop

Baby girl targeted for gendercide is … a boy!

European Parliament condemns gendercide

NOW praises Yellen nomination

Attorney General to be questioned over CPS decision not to prosecute sex selection abortions

Australian Doctor Investigated for Refusing to Do Sex-Selective Abortion

Sex-selective abortion allegations unprovable, says top prosecutor

Number of Female Harvard Law Review Editors Nearly Doubled in First Gender-Based Affirmative Action Cycle

UN Abortion Groups Set Sights on African Women

Top female judge attacks failure to appoint women to Supreme Court

Thomas More Society Argues In The North Dakota Supreme Court For The Catholic Conference: No State Constitutional Right To Abortion

“The End of Abortion Funding Restrictions?” | The Nation

Pennsylvania to re-think rule allowing students to play on opposite-gender sports teams

Gender balance at issue with Supreme Court vacancy

End ‘heinous’ sex-selection abortion now: Catholic Women’s League to Canadian Prime Minister

Man Jailed for Tying Up His Girlfriend, Forcing Abortion Drugs Into Her Vagina

11 things pro-choicers don’t get

Did You Know 200 Million Girls are “Missing” Thanks to Abortion, Infanticide?

Gendercide in the Caucasus

“Why women have a right to sex-selective abortion” | Sarah Ditum at the Guardian

Tasmanian Archbishop says no to women altar servers, gov’t minister says unlawful discrimination

    ABC.Net.AU: But Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner is suggesting the Archbishop’s position on women as alter servers may not comply with the Act . . . “There’s a defence that says a religious institution can discriminate on the basis of gender if it’s required by the doctrines of the religion,” Ms Banks said. “It gets down to the question of is it consistent with the doctrines of the religion to exclude people on the basis of gender. If it’s not then the exception wouldn’t apply.”

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India Gender Crisis: Mortality Rate for Girls 75% Higher Than Boys

Obama Nominee for Judge Says Abortion Frees Women From “Conscription Into Maternity”

Since When Did Abortion Trump the Rule of Law? | Peter Smith at Bell Towers

D.C. Circuit Nominee Pillard’s False and Deceptive Testimony—Part 1 | Ed Whelan at NRO

Bro-Choice Men Prove Abortion is the Ultimate Exploitation of Women