Why voters in seven states should choose their children over gambling

GOP donors back Adelson on online gambling

    Associated Press: “Govs. Rick Perry of Texas and Nikki Haley of South Carolina have submitted letters in recent days to congressional leaders stating that gambling in the virtual world compromises the ability of states to control gambling within their borders. Weeks earlier, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana wrote that he would do everything he could to stop Internet gambling from spreading in his state.”

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Stakes high as U.S. Supreme Court hears Michigan tribal case on gaming dispute

Christie will take sports gambling fight to the Supreme Court

Expansion of Gambling in New York Is Approved

Mexico Bans Slot Machines, Limits Casino Licenses

NY: Reports warn of potential social toll of casino expansion

NJ’s Casinos To Launch Internet Gambling Nov. 26

NJ Asks Third Circuit to Make Sports Betting Legal; Ted Olson vs. Paul Clement as Counsel

Nevada Bill Would Expand Sports Gambling In State

NJ’s Christie Committed To Sports Betting Fight

NJ: Christie signs bill legalizing Internet gambling

Hawaii Family Forum on Current Legislation: ‘Same Sex Marriage, Gambling, and other Bad Bills’

Christie again vetoes NJ’s Internet gambling law

Mississippi Legislature may take another look at state lottery (Other Views)

Opponents sue to block Ark. casino proposal

Illinois governor rejects plan to expand gambling

The State Gambling Addiction

Md. General Assembly Oks Gambling Expansion Bill

UK: MPs’ plan to weaken gambling laws come under fire

“Gays worry Gov. O’Malley is gambling with marriage equality”

Delaware to allow online gambling

States’ Approval of Internet Gambling Predicted

Casino developer: Pols can’t keep approving new casinos

Congress pushes to legalize online gambling

States should fold on Internet gambling

    Christian Science Monitor: California and New Jersey, each seek more revenue, are leading the states toward Internet gambling, starting with online poker. But this all-too-easy form of gaming would come with at a high cost to society – and government . . . Californians should especially worry about the undue influence of money on lawmakers. Six online-gaming operators have spent $7.7 million on political contributions, gifts to officials, and lobbying in Sacramento over the past two years, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Robert Reich: We’re turning America into a giant casino

Gingrich rejects dropping out; focuses on Ala., Miss.

Feds seize gambling site Bodog, indict founder

Ky. Baptists’ effort helps defeat casino bill

Casino for York Co? Catawba Tribe to sue SC for gaming rights

KY: Pastor Under Fire For Prayer Before State Legislative Session

NJ governor signs sports betting bill into law

More States Look to Legalize Online Gambling

    NYTimes.com: It has been more than four decades since states first began putting numbers runners out of business by starting their own legal lotteries, which now yield them about $18 billion a year. Now several states are thinking about trying to plug budget gaps by profiting . . .

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Eastern Pennslvania Citizens Against Gambling Opposes Proposal for Table Games at Valley Forge

NJ casino regulators say strip club would be OK at Taj Mahal; Scores still needs a license

MN: “One more issue in stadium debate: human toll of gambling”

Foxwoods files appeal to Pa. high court to save casino project

Group files initiative to legalize Arizona casinos

4 South Dakota casinos sue state Department of Revenue over tax on promotional dollars

UK: Labour welcomes proposals to teach kids how to gamble

Mass. lawmakers OK 3 casino, 1 slots parlor bill

Lawmakers to explore legalized Internet gambling

Maine casino proposals a bad deal | Christian Civic League of Maine

Massachusetts leaders agree on casino bill

Rasmussen Reports: Support for State-Run Lotteries Is Declining

States considering online lottery sales

Illinois House approves bill allowing casino in Chicago

Rasmussen: Americans Send Mixed Signals On Online Gambling

NY: Crash highlights Chinese-American gambling market

NV considers Internet poker bill, but casinos balk

Alberta Archdiocese: School funding can’t come from gambling

SC senators to debate allowing poker

NJ governor signs bill allowing 2 smaller casinos

NJ: $115K in casino fines for cheating, underage cases

    Associated Press: “New Jersey casino regulators are set to hand out $115,000 in fines Wednesday to Atlantic City casinos who failed to immediately catch a cheating dealer and customer, had a malfunctioning alarm system that let a robber walk away with $8,000 after holding up a cashier, allowed someone other than the winner to fill out tax forms for five slots jackpots, and allowed underage patrons to gamble and drink.”

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Casino owner, state senators, lobbyists indicted in Ala. vote buying scheme

A bid to not mix welfare, gambling

    USA Today: “Welfare recipients have long been banned from using their benefits for alcohol and tobacco. Some state lawmakers are eyeing the vice of gambling, a move some advocates for the poor see as unnecessary and unfair. Michigan legislators are debating a ban on using public assistance debit cards at ATMs in casinos. In June, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, issued an executive order banning the practice. Minnesota and Arizona also ban it.”

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Washington Supreme Court upholds Internet gambling ban

    The Olympian: “In a unanimous ruling issued this morning, the Washington state Supreme Court denied a challenge to the state ban on Internet gambling. Two lower state courts came to the same conclusion . . . Justice Richard Sanders wrote the 9-0 opinion which is posted here. Seattle lawyer Lee Rousso, who the court said had played poker online, ad challenged the state law on grounds it violated a part of the federal commerce clause governing interstate business.”

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Philadelphia to become largest US city with casino

Canada: Edmonton archdiocese bans casino fundraising

Wall Street “casino” spooks small American investors

    Breitbart (AFP): “‘Wall Street is, in my view, a bunch of greedy people who control a lot of money with large investment companies who can manipulate the market,’ he says. ‘I don’t have that ability, I am at the mercy of these people and with their automatic trading and the other things they can take advantage of, I don’t know what can happen to the market because, you know, it can happen in milliseconds with the automatic trading,’ he said.”

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DADT, other bills, await Congressional action this fall

Developer: Gettysburg, casino can work together

Casino proposed near battlefield splits Gettysburg

    AP: “The town where the Civil War’s tide-turning battle was waged is fighting dissension in its own ranks, with even hard-core preservationists split over a proposed casino that would rise near the historic battlefield and be named for the line that divided North and South.”

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Arkansas panel hears complaints on lotto machines

Bring back Atlantic City as a beach resort: poll

Preservation group backs Gettysburg casino

Will pornography rule private domains or will online gaming get its own domain as well?

RI lawmakers won’t return on casino gambling issue

Alabama’s biggest casino closes as raid looms

California: “Place your bet, help the debt”

Blame game begins after Mass. casino bill failure

House Financial Services Committee approves legislation to legalize internet gaming

    Committee on Financial Services Press Release: “Today, the House Financial Services Committee passed legislation to enable Americans to bet online and put an end to an inappropriate interference with their personal freedom. H.R. 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act of 2009 would establish a federal regulatory and enforcement framework under which Internet gambling operators could obtain licenses authorizing them to accept bets and wagers from individuals in the United States. The legislation comes in response to the enactment of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which restricted the use of the payments system for Americans who gamble online.”

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Legislative leaders meeting on Mass. casino bills