New “hate speech” attack targets Internet | WND

Brandeis University withdraws planned honorary degree for Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“DOJ trains cops to work with transgender people”

John Fund: Hate-crime laws and the expansion of federal power

Should Ohio’s hate crime law include sexual orientation and gender identity? Question of the day

Baby Jesus Stolen From Two Nativity Scenes

FBI: We’ve Not Made ‘An Endorsement’ of Southern Poverty Law Center

FBI report: 19% of hate crimes motivated by religious bias

Many Things Rotten in Denmark

OSCE Hate Crime Report Shows: Hate Crimes Against Christians a Serious Problem in Western Europe

Irish Constitutional Convention Recommends Replacing Blasphemy Offense With Ban On Inciting Religious Hatred

Army says it never endorsed AFA as hate group claim

Historic Graves Smashed as Christian Cemetery in Israel Vandalized, Jewish ‘Extremists’ Questioned

Ohio legislation would expand hate crimes, include sexual orientation

Israeli Settlers Rampage Through Village

Attack On Jerusalem Graves Unnerves Christians

Japanese Court: Anti-korea ‘hate Speech’ Illegal

It’s a Crime to Say This About Muslim Men in Denmark | Eugene Volokh

Spanish Anarchist Group Claims Small Church Blast

10 Commandments Monument Toppled In Washington

NJ: Religious Statues Decapitated Outside Church in Gloucester County

Convicted Anti-Christian Domestic Terrorist Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison

Pig’s Blood Smeared on Canada Mosque

Man Who Shot Up Pro-Life Office “Wanted to Kill Conservative, Right-Wing Christians”

UK: Police probe guard for barring trans man from female toilets

FRC’s Leo Johnson: Showing The Love

Southern Poverty Law Center: ‘Our Hate Map Doesn’t Cause Anybody to Attack’

5th Circuit hears challenge to Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Prevention Act

VA: Century-old Danville church vandalized with Satanic message

“Support for gay marriage is behind vandalism of church, say Minn. police”

Lincoln Memorial vandalized with green paint

Rabbi Shot And Wounded In Russia’s Dagestan

UK: Criminal law to be changed to protect marriage beliefs

FBI To Expand Religious Groups Covered By Hate Crime Reports

Gender Identity Bill in Delaware Receives Big Endorsements | HRC Blog

Justice Department to Hold Seminar Warning Against the Legal ‘Consequences’ of Anti-Muslim Speech

US Attorney Warns of Prosecution for Religious Intolerance

Nevada Assembly approves addition of gender identity to hate crimes bill

Thrown in Prison for Shredding the Koran

Southern Poverty Law Center Linked to FRC Shooting in Chilling New Interrogation Video

Poland: “Walesa Avoids Hate Crime Charge for Anti-Gay Words”

Observatory Submits 67 Cases to OSCE Hate Crime Report 2012

Last 2 Amish defendants appeal convictions in Ohio

NJ: Muslim accused of beheading 2 Christians in U.S.

“D.C. Announces Partnership with Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Community”

Colorado: At least 17 cars vandalized at prayer meeting

France: Nativity Scene Burnt Down in a Church in Savoy

Austria: Three Churches Set on Fire in Amstetten

Uncensored: European ‘hate speech’ laws exposed | Alliance Defending Freedom

FBI Releases 2011 Hate Crimes Data; 19.8% Are Motivated By Anti-Religious Bias

Baby Jesus, donkey stolen from Frostproof nativity scene

Police investigate vandalism to 3 religious statues at Catholic shrine in Portland

Toronto nativity scene vandalized for fifth time in six years

SC: Holiday decorations snatched from Spartanburg yards

CT: Baby Jesus stolen from nativity scene

Chapel Spraypainted with Insults in Haßfurt

“Maine church that opposed gay marriage vandalized”

Ky. Voices: Hate-crime trial revealed deep dysfunction

FRC Shooter Receives First-ever Domestic Terrorism Indictment In DC | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

New Terrorism Charge in Attack on Family Research Council

Vandals deface Jerusalem church with anti-Christian graffiti

Ohio Amish sect leader, followers convicted of hate crimes

Senate Hearings On Hate Crimes Included Focus On Sikh Temple Shooting

CT: Should Replacing a Virgin Mary with a Gnome Be a Hate Crime?

    Findlaw: It happened several weeks ago when Fraga woke up to find her Virgin Mary statue sitting headless in the front yard. A week after that a gnome was placed on the statue where the head used to be. Needlessly cruel mischief? Likely. But hate crime? The police don’t agree. Although there are no leads and no suspects, police don’t think it was a hate crime, reports NECN. They think it was vandalism rather than motivated by bigotry.

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Nebraska lesbian who claimed hate-crime attack charged in hoax

NYC: Bacon left in park for Muslim prayers labelled ‘hate crime’

Chicago: Muslim graves desecrated at Evergreen Park cemetery

“Family Research Council head puts blame on Law Center” | Politico

Southern Poverty Law Center not to blame for its FRC “hate” designation | LA Times

Guard Shot at Family Research Council Headquarters

FRC shooting suspect carried Chick-Fil-A bag, volunteered at DC LGBT Community Center

MN: Pro-Life Candidate Gets Death Threats for Airing Graphic Abortion and Islam Ads

Hate Crimes vs. Hate Speech: What Universities Can Learn From The Attack On The Sikh Temple | Jordan Lorence

MD: “Chick-fil-A vandalized with gay marriage stickers, image of gay pride flag”

RI: Mosque vandalized in North Smithfield