Cranston custom restored; no classes on three religious days

Cranston Teachers Alliance sues city for religious discrimination

New York City adds two Muslim holidays to public school calendar

Howard County school’s religious practices questioned

Why Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be all about sex (week)

Arkansas bill defends Christmas greetings in schools

Indiana Senate panel passes bill allowing Christmas in the classroom

Christmas season brings Christianity under renewed attack in India

O Little Town of Litigation: A holiday lawsuit roundup

Three things Christmas tells us about human life and dignity

And the 2014 Ebenezer Award & Eggnog toast goes to….

American Atheists launches anti-Christmas billboards across the country

The night before Christmas when astronauts read from the Bible as they orbited the moon

Pew Research poll: Nativity scenes OK on gov’t property, most say

Americans mostly OK with religious displays on public property

Do they know it’s Christmas in Sierra Leone? Ebola cancels celebrations

How many Americans are OK with nativity scenes in government buildings?

Third of kids don’t know Christmas is about Jesus

‘Tolerance doesn’t mean apologising for Christmas’

Christmas censorship and the Apollo moon program

The Chinese celebrate Christmas, whether the Communist Party likes it or not

Council declines to reconsider Nativity removal

American Atheists’ ‘Skip Church’ This Christmas billboards aimed at non-believers in religious households, says AA president

‘Teachers avoid the true meaning of Christmas’

ADF educates school districts on constitutionality of Christmas

ADF sends memo to school districts, reminding administrators Christmas expression is a constitutional freedom

School nativity plays ‘pushed aside’

Satanic Temple allowed to display Satan descending into hell holiday display for first time at Florida capitol

Reminder: It’s okay to celebrate Christmas at school

American Atheists’ billboard campaign in Bible belt: ‘Skip Church’ this Christmas and stop listening to ‘Fairy Tales’

ADF to 13,000+ school districts: First Amendment protects Christmas expression

ADF to 13K+ school districts: 1st Amendment protects Christmas expression

Thanks giving

Ten things evangelicals can be thankful for in 2014

Public schools in US state removing religious holidays from calendar

Maryland school district to strip references to religious holidays on school calendars

In appreciation for our ‘Day of Deliverance’

Norwood, MA voters approve measure to rename winter vacation as “Christmas vacation”

State employees, students could take off religious holidays under Wash. bill

Bill shields Tenn. school religious displays from suits

MA: Northborough K-8 School Committee leery of nixing religious holidays

Hindus in New Jersey school district want a day off for Diwali

PA: Students’ right to free expression spelled out in new policy | PennLive

de Blasio: NYC public schools to close for Muslim holidays

GA Senate approves bill allowing religious holiday displays in schools

MA: Northboro, Southboro school boards debate change on religious holidays

VA will not respond to caroling demand | Augusta Chronicle

Ga. bill would allow Christmas decorations in schools

Indiana lawmaker seeks to protect Christmas spirit in public schools

PA: Ruling on student speech spurs policy review | Valley News Dispatch

Veteran’s Affairs committee wants review of policy on VA’s anti-Christmas acts | Augusta Chronicle

Defend right to sing carols | Augusta Chronicle

Christmas Carols and cards prohibited for U.S. military veterans! | Medium-Presse-Info

Veteran hospital’s ban on Christmas carols draws criticism | CNA/EWTN

Public uproar arises after religious songs halt Wausau choir

Two House Members Object To VA Hospital Christmas Celebration Policies

Let school kids sing Christmas carols | (Gannett)

VA hospitals nix Christmas to ‘protect’ veterans | World Magazine

12 songs approved by Uncle Sam: VA blasted for censoring Christmas music | One News Now

WI: Wausau works toward policy on religious music

Legal group demands Augusta VA welcome all caroling | Augusta Chronicle

Group demands religious carols be allowed at Augusta VA hospital | Atlanta Business Chronicle

Group asks VA medical center to lift ban on religious Christmas carols in public areas | Fox 19

ADF: VA hospital should lift ban on Christmas carolers

Who Took “Christ” Out of Christmas? | Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Effectively confronting the speech and religion Nazis

Merry Christmas to all | Orlando Sun Sentinel

Christmas censors aren’t taking the holiday off | Jordan Lorence at Washington Examiner

NY: Parents Upset After L.I. School Removes Religious References From ‘Silent Night’

Nativity Scenes At Guantanamo Spark Protest

Survey Finds Most Americans Think Christmas should be “More about Jesus” and “Celebrated in public schools” | “Public schools’ confusion about this issue and the legalities of celebrating Christmas in other ways has been largely caused by inaccurate information about the Establishment Clause spread by certain groups opposed to any religious expression occurring in public,” noted the Alliance Defending Freedom in a letter sent last month to thousands of school districts. ADF Senior Counsel, Kevin Theriot added, “The Constitution both allows and protects the celebration of Christmas in public schools. We hope the materials we are providing to school districts will help clear up the misinformation that groups attempting to cleanse all traces of religion from the public square have spread for far too long.”

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