Religious Freedom and Marriage in Federal Law | Heritage Foundation

    Thomas M. Messner at the Heritage Foundation: “Legal recognition of same-sex marriage will increase the potential for conflicts with religious freedom. The recent Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Windsor intensifies these concerns by characterizing traditional marriage policy as a form of irrational prejudice. Public policy should value, not condemn, those who uphold the ideal of a mother and father for children. Even public officials who support same-sex marriage, however, should support religious freedom. At the federal level, policy should protect religious freedom and rights of conscience in areas that include tax exemptions, deductions for charitable contributions, conditions attached to government programs, federal spending in educational and social service programs, and accreditation of higher education institutions.”

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100,000 French protest gov’t “family-phobia”

Court upholds Hawaii law permitting same-sex “marriage”

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Utah: “Sen. says anti-discrimination bill should be heard”

Patrick J. Deneen: Corporatism and same-sex “marriage” are natural bedfellows

Maine Supreme Court rules in favor of transgender student in Orono school bathroom case

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Blue Cross of North Carolina to offer family policies to same-sex couples

Kansas: Measures introduced to end ban on same-sex “marriage”

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SD: Senate Bill 66 would protect clergy who refuse to officiate at same-sex “marriages”

9th Circuit won’t revisit California “gay conversion therapy” ban

Nebraska: Sarpy County extends benefits for same-sex couples

SD: Brookings County clarifies policy on same-sex “marriage” benefits

Judge denies adoption to avoid undermining N.Y. same-sex “marriage” law

Utah bill would let residents support marriage amendment on tax form

ACLU suit against Utah’s marriage amendment moves to federal court

Hearing to go forward Thursday in constitutional challenge to Virginia’s marriage laws

Oklahoma marriage appeal will be put on fast track

Illinois lawmaker files bill protecting consciences of religious organizations

Idaho: Proposed bills would help secure religious freedoms and beliefs

9th Circuit grants 30-day rehearing extension in “sexual orientation in jury selection” case

Indiana House amends HJR-3, possibly delaying referendum

Prince William clerk part of same-sex “marriage” case | Prince William Times

Leah Farish: A handful of people should not decide the future of marriage

CBS airs same-sex “weddings” during Grammy awards

    LifeSiteNews: “‘Same Love’ was nominated for Song of the Year at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, but lost out to Lorde’s ‘Royals.’ But it’s the on-stage performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that had people talking Monday morning, after 33 couples – many of them gay and lesbian – got legally ‘married’ during the performance, with rap artist Queen Latifah presiding.”

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“Gay-rights movement in uncharted territory” with Judge Reinhardt’s “heightened scrutiny” decision

Church of England’s bishops defer marriage decision

Second Circuit to hear same-sex custody case in Conn.

Utah: Religious freedom and anti-bias bills announced at pro-traditional marriage gathering

Kansas lawmakers seek conscience protection for individuals, businesses

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Conservatives react to Herring’s stance against protecting marriage

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Costa Rica: Presidential candidates reluctant to endorse same-sex “marriage”

Catholic school CEO resigns over ousting “gay” administrator

“Second sentence” becomes focus in Indiana marriage fight

Conservative turned down by photographer but says it’s OK

Attorney general wants court to strike down Virginia marriage protection amendment | Washington Post

Kellie M. Fiedorek: Let Hoosiers vote on marriage amendment | IndyStar

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“Utah governor says he’s open to civil unions, but must defend same-sex ban”

Attorney accused of defending Utah marriage amendment to impose religious viewpoint

Lyle Denniston: Did Windsor already settle the fate of state marriage protection amendments?

Virginia AG won’t defend “unconstitutional” marriage amendment

Judge consolidates challenges to Oregon’s marriage amendment

OK: Edmond lawmaker files bill for second vote to uphold traditional marriage

Equality Florida files suit challenging Florida law upholding marriage

ACLU sues Utah for not recognizing same-sex “marriages”

9th Circuit: Jurors can’t be dismissed because of “sexual orientation”

ADF attorney testifying Wednesday in favor of letting Hoosiers vote on marriage

The theological stakes of sexual difference

    Stephen H. Webb at First Things: “That sexual difference is a created good, a gift that serves multiple religious needs, does not necessarily mean that all same-sex relations have no theological rationale. Nevertheless, Roberts’ argument puts the burden on the theological defenders of same-sex marriage to articulate how a gay marital bond can still do justice to God’s gift of sexual difference. Here is the thought his book leaves us with: ‘To be what we are, we must find ways of life that thank God for having made us male and female.’ Can gay marriage do that?”

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Tulsa County Court Clerk wants expedited hearing on Okla. marriage appeal

PA State Rep. seeks conscience protection for businesses

VA: “Bill cracks down on conversion therapy for gay minors”

Polygamy and the future of religious liberty

Illinois B&B owner says he won’t host same-sex “weddings”