Illinois Catholic Bishop disallows homosexual protests in church, calls it blasphemy

Wisconsin Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Legal Unions Imitating Marriage | Charisma News

Oklahoma same-sex couple uses tribal law to get marriage license

Governor Christie Surrenders; New Jersey Begins Same-sex Marriage | The New American

Parents group urges Va.: Don’t fund gay-transvestite student centers with taxpayer dollars

Point of View: So pretend you’re a photographer: Your conscience or your livelihood? | Eric Metaxas at Point of View

Should we pull back from politics? | Russell D. Moore at Southern Baptist ERLC

NM Supreme Court to hear arguments in defense of state’s marriage laws | Alliance Defending Freedom

New Jersey “gay marriage” begins with Christian protester, Booker says no ‘substantive and worthy objections”

“Family and medical leave now available for feds with same-sex spouses”

What’s next in the nationwide struggle over same-sex marriage? | PBS

Utah: State attorneys say traditional marriage is best for children, families

Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce opposes marriage amendment

Influential Homosexuals Push To Change GOP Positions On Marriage

British MP to introduce bill to ban ‘gay cure’ therapists

Study Shows Alternate Lifestyles Put Kids at Disadvantage

Local Australian Parliament Votes to Redefine Marriage

The Death of Legal Reason in New Jersey | Matthew J. Franck at NRO

Illinois Marriage Debate Takes Center Stage

NJ Family Policy Council: Christie Administration Drops Same-Sex Marriage Appeal

“Christie’s Gay Marriage Punt and 2016″

“Gay advocates urge Corbett to follow Christie”

Efforts to redefine marriage in Ore., key states

Social-Conservative Leaders Frustrated with Christie

ACT prepares to debate marriage redefinition

“Gay Marriage to Go Ahead in New Jersey; State’s Delay Request Turned Down” | Christian Post

New Lawsuit Challenges Marriage in Tennessee

N.J. Gov. Christie abandons marriage suit

NJ Senator Doherty on marriage: Christie acquiesced to judicial activism, no vote by the people or legislature

“Supreme Court’s DOMA decision driving same-sex marriage efforts in states” | Pew Research

Exclusive: Mexican archbishop defends school that refused admission to child with ‘two fathers’

African-American clergy hold key to marriage in Illinois

“Legal action over gay ads on London buses”

Hawaii: “Same-sex marriage religious exemptions”

“Cory Booker to conduct same-sex marriages in New Jersey”

Lambda Legal Appeals Nevada Marriage Lawsuit To Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals

New Jersey Supreme Court court to allow same-sex “marriages”

TN: Knoxville To Offer Domestic Partner Benefits

“Case Against Michigan Ban on Gay Unions Is Sent to Trial” | NY Times

Two New Essays on Post-Windsor Choice-of-Law Questions

“Court: French Mayors Must Conduct Gay Marriages”

Come Out and Celebrate? At Notre Dame | Michael Bradley at Public Discourse

Carney wears purple tie to promote anti-LGBT bullying effort

Advocates in contest to argue marriage redefinition at SCOTUS | BuzzFeed

‘Transgender’ boy accused of harassing girls in the restroom at Colorado school: school denies

“Ex-Gay Christian Counsellor hounded out by psychotherapist association”

Scotland: School allows boy to dress as a girl – against mum’s wishes

Should We Be Allowed to Choose the Sexual Orientation of Our Children?

    Pacific Standard: In a New York magazine piece, “The Science of Gaydar,” writer David France looks at the growing scientific evidence for innate differences between gay and straight people. France ends by gazing toward the future, and asks the question, “What if prenatal tests were able to show a predisposition to gayness?” Well, France reports, “[Northwestern University psychological professor] Michael Bailey, for one, isn’t troubled by the moral implications any more than he would oppose fetal screens for potential birth defects, though he quickly adds his personal belief that homosexuality is ‘a good’ on par with heterosexuality.”

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“AF clarifies same sex marriage policy”

ACLU brief supports redefinition of marriage in Utah

Oregon To Recognize Marriages Of Same-Sex Couples Wed In Other States

    Buzzfeed (includes text of memo): Oregon Chief Operating Officer and Director of Administrative Services Michael Jordan issued a memo to state agencies Wednesday ordering the recognition of all legal marriages performed outside of the state — including the marriages of same-sex couples. “Oregon agencies must recognize all out-of-state marriages for the purposes of administering state programs,” Jordan states in the memo. “That includes legal, same sex marriages performed in other states and countries.” (includes video): “Same-sex marriage decision leaves Oregon in an ironic spot”
    Based on a new opinion from Oregon’s Department of Justice, a same-sex couple’s marriage outside of Oregon is now being recognized in Oregon.

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Suit Challenges Oregon Same-Sex Marriage Ban | Religion Clause Blog

“Scots gay marriage Bill may be scuppered by IT blunder”

“Transgender woman fights for her marriage and gender identity in European Court”

Mich. judge expected to rule today on marriage amendment

Suit challenges Oregon marriage amendment

Mich. Suit to Redefine Marriage Will Go To Trial

“Michigan’s 2004 Gay Marriage Ban Faces Challenge” | AP

‘She gave her eggs, I carried the baby’: ‘Two-mom’ IVF approach allows lesbian couples to share pregnancy role

“Gay Marriage Does Not Promote ‘Responsible Procreation,’ Says Utah”

“Gay marriage in Michigan: See which county clerks ready to issue licenses if federal judge lifts ban”

WA: Students suspended for wearing Confederate flags to protest gay rainbow flag

“Transgender woman” denied mammogram at taxpayer expense sues

Hawaii’s largest faiths oppose legislation that redefines marriage

Ohio legislation would expand hate crimes, include sexual orientation

Same-Sex Marriage Makes Liberal Judges Irrational | Matthew J. Frank at Public Discourse

Will Discrimination Cost Us Religious Freedom?

NC official to accept same sex “marriage” applications

Kids in California can now legally have three parents