Study: Opposition to same-sex marriage may be understated in public opinion polls

Can You Defend Traditional Marriage? These Arguments Will Stump You Unless You’re Prepared

Airmen say U.S. Air Force punishing Christians

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Brazilian Legislator Speaking At Evangelical Rally Orders Arrest For Lesbian Kiss In Audience

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Gov. appeals marriage ruling to NJ Supreme Court

New Jersey lawmakers call on state Supreme court to uphold lower court’s ruling redefining marriage

Marriage Advocates Confident Illinois’ Current Definition Will Be Upheld

Scotland: “Call for right to remove kids from gay marriage lessons”

“Gay Pride March Again Banned In Serbia”

Exxon To Offer Benefits To Same-Sex Couples In U.S.

Court Dismisses Three Of Five Claims In Chicago Marriage Lawsuits

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DOMA and Dignity | Dale Carpenter at the Volokh Conspiracy

Legal-Courts Attorneys take sides, prepare to debate marriage before NM justices | One News Now

“At UN meeting, countries commit to protect gay rights, combat discrimination”

State universities dole out medically inaccurate, biased advice on homosexuality: Investigation

“Minnesota’s gay marriage allies are at odds”

“Italian pasta brand Barilla in gay advert row”

    BBC: “We have a slightly different culture,” he replied. “For us, the concept of sacred family remains one of the fundamental values of the company. Ours is a traditional family. If gays like our pasta and our communication, they will eat our pasta. If not, they can avoid it and eat another brand. You can’t please everyone in order to displease no-one. “I wouldn’t do an ad with a homosexual family not because I disrespect gays – they have their right to do whatever they want without disturbing others – but because I don’t think like them and I think that the family we try to address is anyway a classic family.”

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“Alabama’s First Gay Lawmaker Marries In Massachusetts, Will Sue For Recognition”

21 same-sex couples sue to redefine Pa. marriage

Windsor and the Problem with Rights of Recognition

“IOC ‘fully Satisfied’ Over Russia’s Anti-gay Law”

Suit Challenges Pa.’s Non-recognition Of Mass. Same Sex “Marriage”

Republicans file brief against marriage equality in New Mexico | Watermark Online

George H.W. Bush is witness at same-sex marriage in Maine

WI: Outagamie approves same-sex benefits

USA, New Mexico: Briefs Filed in Marriage Equality Case | Gayapolis

Factions line up for fight over same-sex marriage in N.M. | ABQ Journal

N.M. GOP lawmakers oppose same-sex marriage in court filing | LGBTQ Nation (AP)

SBC Seminary Leader: Immorality, when celebrated, is ominous

Australia: Tony Abbott will test legal grounds for ACT same sex marriage bill

“Craig James: Fox Sports firing for gay marriage comment a ‘terrible mistake’”

IN: Same sex marriage ban opponents tout new poll showing Indiana voters split on issue

Pa. Pastor Says He Was Fired For Same-Sex Wedding

“Poll: Should N.J. legalize gay marriage? And how?”

“Rubio Withdraws Support for Gay Black Judge’s Nomination to the Federal Bench”

Texas won’t sue city over NDO

“Groups file briefs in gay marriage fight” | KRQE (video)

“Illinois Needs Money, Legalize Gay Marriage”

“GOP lawmakers submit legal arguments to NM court in opposition to gay marriage” | The Republic (AP)

Bi advocates seek visibility through White House roundtable

    Washington Blade: Bisexual advocates are hailing an upcoming roundtable at the White House as an opportunity for greater discussion about their issues — despite the closed-door nature of the panel. For the first-time ever, the White House Office of Public Engagement is set on Monday to hold a meeting on bisexual issues at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The roundtable, which is closed to the press, will take place on Celebrate Bisexuality Day on which bisexual visibility is observed.

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Missouri National Guard Providing Military Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

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Pa. Board Nixes Transgender Homecoming King Entry

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Italian ‘anti-homophobia’ bill passes lower house

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CDC: 2% of Population Are Men Who Have Sex With Men

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County clerks on front lines of U.S. marriage battle

Legislators to NM Supreme Court: Marriage is societal bedrock, presumed valid | Alliance Defending Freedom

Religious freedom denied by New Mexico Supreme Court

B&B Christians suffer hate in name of tolerance, says writer

Let’s not just talk about sex — what Pope Francis really said to the Jesuit Interviewer

“MN: Political action committees continue same-sex marriage fight, groups on both sides working to re-elect or unseat legislators”

“Federal Retirement Plan Revises Rules to Include Same-Sex Marriages”

“Alaska personnel board makes same-sex partners ‘family’”

“Driver’s license names are latest jam in Tennessee gay marriage debate”