“Gay-marriage momentum comes to a sudden halt after Illinois”

“Gay marriage will be legal today; business owners may face dilemma” | BND.com

“Texas National Guard refuses to process military housing allowance for gay couples”

ADF: Italian Catholicism teacher has freedom to convey church teaching on sexuality

“Gay & Lesbian Consumers Had $830 Billion to Spend in 2013″

“United Methodist jury convicts Pa. pastor who performed son’s same-sex marriage”

Dimensionality of the military chaplaincy | ABP

Mo. Governor Jay Nixon Thumbs Nose at State Constitution

WI: Discrimination proposal voted down by Fond du Lac City Council

“Dick Cheney daughters Liz and Mary in gay marriage spat”

Prince Edward Island: Justice Minister introduces ‘gender identity’ bill

Bishop will lead prayers of exorcism as Illinois governor signs gay ‘marriage’ bill

“Marriage amendment roils Indiana GOP”

“Gay Indians wed as more tribes give blessings to same-sex unions”

“Gay rights activists praise Kentucky for allowing same-sex benefits”

“United Methodists Try Pa. Pastor Over Gay Marriage”

Weighing Free Speech in Refusal to Photograph Lesbian Couple’s Ceremony | Adam Liptak at NYT

“Photographers Ask High Court to Reverse Gay Discrimination Ruling” | Jacob Gershman at WSJ

English Lessons: A defence of personal liberty and coming assault on the First Amendment | Paul Diamond at Christian Concern

Missouri governor allows same-sex couples to file joint tax returns

About that pedophile-sexual ‘orientation’ description: Whoops, just a typo

    One News Now: The APA created an uproar when it decided to classify pedophilia as a “sexual orientation” rather than a mental disorder in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM. Now, the APA is saying in effect it was just a mistake – equivalent to a typographical error or omission.

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“What the Gay Community Lost While It Was Winning Gay Marriage” |

Transgender Texas Student’s Tuxedo Photo Banned

10,000 rallied against marriage redefinition in Hawaii

RI: House speaker Gordon Fox “marries” long time partner

“Russian Newspaper May Face Gay-propaganda Case”

Federal lawsuit challenging Pa. marriage survives first legal challenge

Suit challenges marriage redefinition in Hawaii

English Catholic Bishops discuss dropping legal weddings

ACLU: New Department of Taxation policy discriminates against LGBT Virginians

Lesbian couple to sue NHS after hospital ‘refuses them IVF’

When Government Keeps Teens from Seeing the Therapist | Robert Carle at Public Discourse

Hawaii Governor signs legislation redefining marriage

Texas county policy allows “transgender” inmates to choose the sex of cell mates

Hawaii judge refuses to block marriage redefinition law

“Why is job discrimination the last piece of the gay-rights puzzle?” | San Jose Mercury News

Attractions vs. actions: homosexuality and God’s story

    John Jonestreet at LifeSiteNews: Gay activists make much of allegedly “cured” individuals who relapse into homosexual lifestyles, and use these stories to strengthen their narrative: “We didn’t choose to be gay,” so many insist. “We’re born this way, and no amount of ‘reparative therapy’ can change that.” But it’s the argument within that argument that’s the most problematic: that unchanged dispositions automatically justify acting on those dispositions.

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U.S. Bishops: DOMA ruling ‘renewed our determination’ to defend true marriage

US: Legal group defends photographers who refused same-sex wedding on basis of ‘artistic freedom’ | Pink News

“Statement by the President on Marriage Equality in Hawaii” | White House

How People Lie About Gay Sex and Homophobia | Cass R. Sunstein at Bloomberg

Baylor retains ban on homosexual behavior

Federal Lawsuit Challenges Idaho’s Refusal To Permit or Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

‘Amorphous Federalism’ and the Supreme Court’s Marriage Cases | David Cruz at Loyola L. Rev.

Christian Photographer Who Refused Gay Wedding Gig Pays ‘Price of Citizenship’ | Charisma News

Hawaii Senate approves redefinition of marriage

Same-sex Marriage, Religious Liberty Collide In Case Presented To Supreme Court | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

    Ken Klukowski at Breitbart: On Friday, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), representing Elane Photography, filed a petition for certiorari at the Supreme Court of the United States, asking SCOTUS to reverse the New Mexico court. ADF specifically challenges the New Mexico ruling for violating the Huguenins’ First Amendment right of free speech, since it compels Elane and Jonathan to convey a message approving of gay marriage which is contrary to the Huguenins’ beliefs. The petition begins by quoting a recent U.S. Supreme Court case where the justices wrote, “At the heart of the First Amendment lies the principle that each person should decide for himself or herself the ideas and beliefs deserving of expression.” . . . Jordan Lorence is ADF’s lead counsel on this case. The New Mexico court found that Elane Photography is a “public accommodation,” like a restaurant or restroom that could not turn away a black or Hispanic person. Reacting to that declaration, Lorence told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement, “The First Amendment protects all Americans from government coercion forcing them to promote ideas they don’t support. Those in power should not misuse public-accommodation laws to punish those who decline to affirm the prevailing liberal orthodoxy on marriage.”

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A ban on the faith-based workplace | Robert Knight at Washington Times

Christian Photographers Ordered to Shoot Homosexual ‘Weddings’ Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court | ChristianNews.net

Attorneys will take New Mexico religious freedom case before U.S. Supreme Court | One News Now

Photo studio case may go to top U.S. court | ABQ Journal

Supreme Court asked to rule on “compelled” of lesbian lifestyle | US Finance Post

Group says it has enough signatures for measure that seeks to repeal Calif. transgender law

Colorado College lists five genders, including ‘queer,’ on applications

The House Should Reject ENDA | NRO Editors

Photographer asks Supreme Court: Is abandoning my freedom the ‘price of citizenship’?

Photos as messages: A new constitutional case | SCOTUS Blog

New suit challenges Idaho marriage laws

Over three quarters of Irish voters back same sex marriage | Irish Independent

McCauliffe: First Executive Order Will Address Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Senators McCain & Flake Break Their Promise to Arizona Voters

“After Senate Win, Gay Groups Shift Focus To Obama”

Croatia To Vote On Marriage

Hawaii House to vote on marriage tomorrow, judge refuses challenge for now

Self-sabotage: The Republican Party establishment sunk Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign, conservatives say

“Atheists ‘Have to Follow the Lead of the LGBT Community’” | CNSNews