Methodists in crisis over same-sex “marriage,” church law

Justice Department will give nation-wide recognition to lawful same-sex “marriages”

Peter Sprigg: States should retain power to define marriage

Chevy Olympic ads feature same-sex couples

TN lawmaker under fire for religious liberty bill

State AGs shirk their duty to defend state laws

Liberty Counsel petitions Supreme Court on life change counseling ban

Harvard Law professor: “Legal lions Boies and Olson set back gay marriage”

    Noah Feldman at Bloomberg: “What there isn’t is room for Olson and Boies, two accomplished, intelligent and perfectly charming people who have lumbered into an extremely sensitive and complex area of legal activism in which they are, frankly, newcomers. Their Proposition 8 efforts substantiate this problem. Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the Ninth Circuit wrote an opinion in the Prop 8 case that was designed to avoid Supreme Court review — because he himself, a former colleague of Kennedy’s and the maestro of pushing the constitutional envelope, judged that the Supreme Court was not quite ready. When the case went before the Supreme Court anyway, Olson and Boies pushed the claim for universal gay rights instead of emphasizing Reinhardt’s narrow holding. They had to — because they were in it for the historic judgment, not to win a one-off case for their clients.”

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Google makes statement about Russian homosexual propaganda law

Senator says attorney in Utah marriage case has conflict of interest

Alabama Chief Justice pushes for marriage protection amendments

    AP: “‘The moral foundation of our country is under attack,’ Chief Justice Roy Moore said in an interview with The Associated Press. He mailed letters Wednesday to all 50 governors urging them to get their legislatures to call for a convention to add an amendment to the U.S. Constitution saying the only union recognized by state and federal governments is ‘the union of one man and one woman.’ He also is setting up a website to rally public support.”

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Proposal would bar California judges from Scout participation

Same-sex “marriage” legal arguments heat up in Virginia, Utah | CBS

Defense of marriage amendment expected to be issue in Wisc. AG race | OneNewsNow

Kansas House panel to protect religious choice

Same-Sex Divorce | California Law Review

“Judge vows quick ruling on Va. gay marriage ban” | CBN

Idaho: House panel keeps religious freedom bill alive

Idaho AG: Bill to shield faithful’s professional licenses likely unconstitutional

UN panel: Russia should annul homosexual “propaganda” law

Olympic sponsor AT&T condemns Russia’s law banning “homosexual propaganda”

Protecting religious freedom in Oregon | Oregon Catalyst

Arguments heard in federal challenge of Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban | NYT

“Virginia wedding ban builds illegal way for gays, Olson says” | Bloomberg

Olson: Judge in Virginia marriage ban case says she’ll rule “soon” | Keen News Service

Utah tells court children threatened by same-sex “marriage” (Virginia case) | Malay Mail

Court hearing in constitutional challenge to Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban | Daily Press

Case challenging marriage amendment heard in Va. | WRIC

Judge hears Virginia same-sex “marriage” ban case | CBN

Judge promises quick decision on Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban | WVEC

Judge says to rule soon on Virginia same-sex “marriage” ban | Reuters

Arguments in Virginia marriage fight are familiar, but Southern setting for case is new | Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Utah files first arguments in marriage appeal

Federal judge pledges quick ruling on Virginia’s marriage amendment | Washington Post

Scotland’s marriage redefinition bill is passed

Olson and Boies seek role in two same-sex “marriage” cases

Virginia same-sex “marriage” case gets class action status | WORLD

Race on same-sex “marriage” cases runs through Virginia | Washington Post

Court hearing set over Virginia’s marriage protection amendment

9th Circuit puts hold on California’s life change counseling ban

W.Va. Senate President Jeff Kessler introduces “gay and lesbian non-discrimination bill”

French gov’t retreats on family policy reforms after big protests

Indiana: Senate panel schedules marriage ban hearing

“10th Circuit rejects request from 3 gay couples”

Ranking Oregon House Republican supports redefinition of marriage

Minnesota: Supporting redefinition of marriage brings in campaign cash

Va. House OKs measure to defend marriage protection amendment

ACLU suit challenges legality of Wisconsin’s marriage protection amendment

Religious Freedom and Marriage in Federal Law | Heritage Foundation

    Thomas M. Messner at the Heritage Foundation: “Legal recognition of same-sex marriage will increase the potential for conflicts with religious freedom. The recent Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Windsor intensifies these concerns by characterizing traditional marriage policy as a form of irrational prejudice. Public policy should value, not condemn, those who uphold the ideal of a mother and father for children. Even public officials who support same-sex marriage, however, should support religious freedom. At the federal level, policy should protect religious freedom and rights of conscience in areas that include tax exemptions, deductions for charitable contributions, conditions attached to government programs, federal spending in educational and social service programs, and accreditation of higher education institutions.”

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100,000 French protest gov’t “family-phobia”

Court upholds Hawaii law permitting same-sex “marriage”

Marriage debate takes new twist in Oregon: religious exemption | Metro

Suit against VA marriage amendment gains class action status

Marriage shift has Kansas right scrambling for legislative solutions

Study: “Steroid use much higher among gay and bi teen boys”

Scottish Catholic adoption society wins legal victory

Ed Whelan: The Maine Supreme Court’s bathroom mess

Mass. to appeal decision that murder convict Michelle Kosilek is entitled to sex change surgery

Ind. Gov. Mike Pence wants voters to decide on same-sex “marriage” ban

Utah AG joins other states in defending Nevada’s ban same-sex “marriage”

Arkansas seeks to toss federal lawsuit challenging voter-approved law banning same-sex “marriage”

Utah: “Sen. says anti-discrimination bill should be heard”

Patrick J. Deneen: Corporatism and same-sex “marriage” are natural bedfellows

Maine Supreme Court rules in favor of transgender student in Orono school bathroom case

SD: Bill protecting clergy dies in committee

Blue Cross of North Carolina to offer family policies to same-sex couples

Kansas: Measures introduced to end ban on same-sex “marriage”

Judge: Most of suit challenging WV marriage protection amendment can proceed

Court to allow Utah lengthier brief in same-sex “marriage” appeal

VA: “Bill banning gay conversion therapy fails in House”

“MA man files discrimination complaint, claims job offer rescinded over same-sex spouse”

“President Obama selects gay athletes for Sochi delegation”

VA: Herring explains decision to fight marriage protection amendment

SD: Senate Bill 66 would protect clergy who refuse to officiate at same-sex “marriages”

9th Circuit won’t revisit California “gay conversion therapy” ban