Utah brief: Marriage ruling “a judicial wrecking-ball”

International Christian School in China bans faculty same-sex relationships

Judge: Tenn. must recognize 3 same-sex “marriages”

Indiana: Same-sex couple denied cake by bakery, owners speak out

Lawyer in common law divorce suit challenges SC marriage amendment

    WYFF: “A lawsuit filed in Greenville this week could challenge the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Cathy Swicegood, of Mauldin, is seeking a divorce from her female partner of 13 years. But because Swicegood was never legally married, she has no legal protections under South Carolina law . . . ‘We are seeking the courts to issue an order that says both South Carolina laws that ban same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, not only under the South Carolina constitution, but more importantly under the United States constitution,’ he said.”

    South Carolina Amendment 1

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Denny Burk: Why the GOP is embracing same-sex “marriage”

South Dakota couple prepares to challenge marriage amendment

Kentucky governor hires outside counsel for same-sex “marriage” appeal

Federal lawsuit challenges Arizona marriage amendment

UK: Registration opens for first same-sex “marriages”

ACLU sues Florida seeking recognition of out-of-state same-sex “marriages”

Stanford Graduate Student Council denies funding for event including Ryan T. Anderson, Kellie Fiedorek

Michael Dorf: Why the SCOTUS should deny cert in Elane Photography

“Heightened scrutiny” law of the land under 9th Circuit

Montana Supreme Court rules on Lutheran Church property dispute

Richard Land: A modest proposal on same-sex “marriage” and religious liberty

    Richard Land: “I would propose no law allowing cafes, restaurants, bakeries, or photographers, etc. to refuse to serve the LGBT community if they offer their services to the public. On the other hand, there should be laws protecting them from being coerced to participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies. Surely, fair-minded people can see the difference between serving a couple in a restaurant or making them a cake and being forced to cater a same-sex wedding reception.”

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Judge: Same-sex couple can’t divorce in Alabama

Utah’s decision to freeze same-sex “marriages” debated in court

Pew: “61% of young Republicans favor same-sex marriage”

Methodist bishop to end trials for ministers who perform same-sex weddings

Albert Mohler interview on the redefinition of marriage

Kansas House bill would ban “discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity”

Oregon AG issues ballot title for religious liberty initiative

Ross Douthat: As goes Andrew Sullivan, so goes pluralism

God and sexuality at Bowdoin

Mary Eberstadt: Progressivism’s war on winners

Pharmaceutical company won’t appeal 9th Circuit “sexual orientation in jury selection” ruling

Doug Mainwaring: The incremental totalitarianism of the push for same-sex “marriage”

Ramesh Ponnuru: The anti-discrimination regime undermines liberty

Hawaii Rep. opposes SPLC “tolerance” training program for teachers

9th Circuit to hear Nevada marriage case next month

4th Circuit to follow expedited schedule for Virginia marriage case

Windsor: the new distortion factor | Walter Weber

Arizona legislators defend support for SB 1062

Judge: Michigan marriage ruling within two weeks

Canadian same-sex “marriage” to be recognized in Britain

Georgia religious liberty bill dies

Senate Bill 1062 debate a political milestone

Lesbian couple accuses Vermont town of discrimination

Same-sex “marriage” tests state Attorneys General

Indiana couples file federal lawsuit to recognize same-sex “marriage”

Santorum: I’d absolutely vote for Arizona religious liberty bill (video)

Heritage event on state AG’s failure to defend marriage laws

Fate of Michigan marriage amendment now rests with federal judge

Sarah Posner and Matthew Lee Anderson discuss religious liberty on Bloggingheads.tv

Damon Linker: “Who are the real gay marriage bigots?”

    Damon Linker at The Week: “[G]ay marriage has gone from being an oxymoron to a lived reality in several states and an institution accepted by majorities or pluralities in most demographic categories. If that isn’t a cultural revolution, then nothing is. . . . And yet, that appears to be insufficient for some gay marriage proponents. They don’t just want to win the legal right to marry. They don’t just want most Americans to recognize and affirm the equal dignity of their relationships. They appear to want and expect all Americans to recognize and affirm that equal dignity, under penalty of ostracism from civilized life.”

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When is refusing service legal and when is it discrimination? | Inside Tucson Business

Transgender athlete sues CrossFit for banning her from competing as female

Florida: federal judge denies motion to dismiss Gay-Straight Alliance suit

Public accommodations provision in Md. transgender rights bill draws outcry

Craig James’ religious discrimination claim to be investigated in Texas

“Boston St. Pat’s parade rescinds invite to gay group”

Nigeria vows to resist same-sex “marriage” pressure

Amnesty International campaign to promote “abortion and homosexuality”

Seattle: Former vice principal fired for same-sex “marriage” to file lawsuit

Priebus: March for Life a wake-up call for GOP

The unintended foreign policy consequences of the homosexual agenda

Ross Douthat: Believers should prepare more for disfavor than for persecution

    Ross Douthat at The New York Times: “The reality . . . is that there are all kinds of ways that church and state can tangle . . . that don’t fall into a ‘Canossa or the catacombs’ binary. I don’t know what religious life in the United States will look like in fifty years if current trends . . . accelerate, but I do know that beliefs can be pressured without being persecuted; disfavored without being explicitly discriminated against; challenged without being subjugated. And preparing for that complexity, rather than for a perfectly clarifying, ‘all priests to jail’ moment, seems to me to be the task facing believers now.”

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Three reasons religious liberty laws are nothing like Jim Crow

How gender-neutral Bible translations prepared the way for Christian acceptance of same-sex “marriage”

    Louis Markos at The Imaginative Conservative: “I would propose a third cause for why so many Bible-believing Christians are embracing, or at least not openly opposing, the eventual legalization of marriage between people of the same sex. They are doing so because the ground has been carefully laid and watered by a subtle but pervasive change in our cultural perceptions of men and women. Rather than identify, nurture, and celebrate masculinity and femininity as distinct but complementary God-given realities, our culture has been coaxed—by forces within the public school system, the media, the academy, and (alas) the seminary—to view boys and girls, men and women, husbands and wives as ultimately interchangeable.”

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Rod Dreher: A culture war Versailles

Michele Bachmann pans SB 1062 veto

Center for Arizona Policy: “We’re not going anywhere”

UK: High Court judge wants more evidence from Boris Johnson over ex-gay bus ad ban

WaPo poll: “Support for same-sex marriage hits new high”

Portland cabby violated lesbian couple’s rights, state finds

Wyoming couples sue to overturn marriage amendment

Rand Paul: “I believe in the historic and religious definition of marriage”

Illinois: Kane County won’t license same-sex “marriages” before June

Conor Friedersdorf: “Refusing to photograph a gay wedding isn’t hateful”

Judge refuses to block Wisc. marriage amendment, proposes speedy trial

Colorado governor endorses redefinition of marriage

NM: Curry County judges stop performing marriages, others step in