Growing share of U.S. immigrants have no religious affiliation

US Immigration exam replaces ‘freedom of religion’ with ‘freedom of worship’

Why the ACLU is suing over Catholic groups and abortions for unauthorized immigrants

Supreme Court rejects appeal by US flag-wearing students

Banned? ‘Hope,’ ‘Stand with Rand’ and ‘Christ is Risen!’

ADF to Supreme Court: Uphold free speech of students in US flag T-shirt case

Marital demography: The immigrant difference

“Gay widower renews call for marriage-based green card”

    Emma Margolin at MSNBC: “On Monday, 39 years to the day after the two were married, Anthony Sullivan asked the Los Angeles Field Office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to reopen his late-husband’s petition for a marriage-based green card. The 72-year-old has lived in the shadows without lawful status for years – unable to travel outside the country, and always with the threat of deportation hanging over his head. But now, Sullivan is requesting that USCIS retroactively approve his green card application and automatically convert it to a widower’s petition, allowing him the opportunity to live out the rest of his life legally in the place he calls home.”

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UK raids target Indian religious immigration scam

UK population growing faster than any other EU country, 33% from immigration

Obama rallies faith leaders on immigration

You Haven’t Proved Your “Gay” – Immigration Judge Rules, Bd. of Appeals reverses

Evangelicals and Immigration | Betsy Woodruff at NRO

    Betsy Woodruff at National Review: The lesson of all of this should be that any sentence that says “Evangelicals believe [fill in the blank] regarding immigration [or just about any other political issue]” is seriously fraught. There are approximately 90 to 100 million Evangelical Christians in America (per Wheaton College’s Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals). That number is big, and one might expect a certain diversity.

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9th Circuit mulls high school’s ban on US flag T-shirts to avoid Cinco de Mayo trouble

9th Circuit Considers Calif. School’s May 5 U.S. Flag Ban

MI5 chief Andrew Parker warns of Islamist threat to UK

9th Circuit refuses to allow enforcement of AZ law restricting transport of illegals

“ICE to recognize gay marriage from other states as valid in AZ”

IL: “Gay Marriage Push Looking To Unions, Immigrants” | AP

‘Islam destroys democracy in France’

Sebelius: Pass Immigration Bill to Boost Obamacare Enrollment

Dallas County commissioners agree to sue Texas Gov. Rick Perry over voter ID

Kansas, Arizona sue to change voting forms

ACLU: Muslims Face More Scrutiny For Citizenship

“State Dept. Panel Advises Gay Foreigners in Civil Unions to Get Married”

The Longer Hispanics Experience U.S. Culture, The Less Socially Conservative they Become | Barna Group

Heritage Action says House shouldn’t pass any immigration bills

Immigration Minister: Canada will ‘seriously’ consider refugee claims by Russian homosexuals

German homeschooling family closer to deportation: Would illegal status have been better option?

US Eases Process For Same-sex Couples To Get Visas

“Immigration Review Panel Announces Same-Sex Marriage Recognition Rule”

“Demographic Change Amplifying Racial Inequities” | AP

Ice Arrests 255 People In Child Exploitation Cases

Why The Reagan Democrats Departed | Patrick J. Buchanan at Human Events

“GOP Fault Lines Emerging On Social Issues” | AP

“Gay Couple May Be 1st To Win Green-card Petition”

“Gay couples can immigrate under DOMA ruling”

Senate Roll Call on Immigration Vote

Immigration reform passes key test in Senate vote

Social Issues Still Fire Up GOP Despite 2012 Loss

Cruz offers voting amendment after Supreme Court nixes Arizona law

Rubio: If same-sex marriage provision is in Senate immigration bill, ‘I’m gone’

‘They don’t want to integrate’: Fifth night of youth rioting rocks Stockholm

“Obama Ok Punting Gay Immigration Idea” | AP

UK: 1 in 10 under 25 now Muslim, rapid decline in Christianity

“Democrats look to President Obama on gay rights in immigration”

Influx of Christian and Muslim immigrants changing Canada’s religious makeup

Patrick Leahy proposes same-sex amendments to immigration bill

“Evangelicals: Keep Gay Issues Out Of Immigration”

Same-Sex Immigrant Debate Set in the Senate

How America Can Deal With Militant Islam | Patrick Buchanan at the American Conservative

Holder: Amnesty Is A ‘Civil Right’

“A Risk Including Gay Partners In Immigration Bill?” | AP

Rubio pushes back on Politico immigration report

Immigration reform could be bonanza for Democrats | Politico

Cal. Federal Judge Rules Lesbian Immigrant Can Challenge DOMA

What We Want Is The Head Of The Friar | New Yorker

Who killed the new majority? | Pat Buchanan at Human Events

    Pat Buchanan at Human Events: What killed the New Majority? First, there was mass immigration . . . Second came party acquiescence in dropping half the nation off the income tax rolls, while making half dependent on government . . . Third, to accommodate its K Street bundlers, the GOP embraced globalism, empowering Corporate America to shed its U.S. labor force . . . Fourth, rather than bringing the troops home after our Cold War triumph and telling our allies the free rides were over, Bush I and II went crusading for a “New World Order” to “end tyranny in our world.” . . .

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Australia: Call to quell rising tensions over Islam

RNC rolls out controversial roadmap, firestorm brewing on marriage and other issues . . .

    AP on Google: “The idea that a major political party must accept the practice of homosexuality as normal so as to remain relevant will prove the contrary and lead to disaster,” said John Horvat II, a Catholic scholar. And Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, faulted Washington GOP establishment leaders for the November losses, saying they strayed from the conservative message. “Americans and those in the tea party movement don’t need an ‘autopsy’ report from RNC to know they failed to promote our principles and lost because of it,” she said.

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Retired Supreme Court justices still judge — and get judged

Justice Kennedy Notes Power Shift To High Court

Appeals Court Rules Arizona Day Labor Solicitation Law Is Unconstitutional

Christian homeschoolers losing deportation fight

“Leahy Wants Immigration Benefits For Gay Couples”

Huizenga bill would halt most abortion services for women held by immigration officials

Christian Churches Call For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

President all in for the homosexual agenda in the second term

Hijacking Immigration?

“Catholic Bishops Conflicted Over Gays, Immigration” | AP