Lawyers warn of global push for “gender identity” language | Catholic News Agency

American courts using foreign law that incorporates religious law

    Eugene Volokh at The Volokh Conspiracy: “While American courts cannot and should not decide what sharia calls for (as I argued in the preceding post), and thus cannot enforce contracts that call for the application of sharia, American courts rightly do consider the law of foreign countries that apply sharia. In doing so, courts don’t purport to decide what Islamic law actually requires, or risk taking sides in intradenominational debates (or other debates) within a religion (which would potentially endorse one or another religious view, or discriminate among religious observers). They simply try to identify what law would be applied by the courts of the foreign country, whether that country is Saudi Arabia, Israel or Greece.”

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Three international courts and their constitutional problems | Cornell Law Review

Ted Cruz criticizes DOJ for arguing international treaty can trump the Constitution

Southern Baptist Leaders: Criteria for ‘just war’ not met

Would Bombing Syria Be a ‘Just War’? | Robert George at WSJ

    Robert George at Wall Street Journal (via Google): Elshtain recognized, however—as have just-war theorists going back to St. Augustine through the modern popes—that even when force is used in a just cause there are additional requirements that must be met. Critically in the current debate, these include the likelihood of improving, and not worsening, the situation for the people of Syria and other potential victims of undeterred tyrants or violent extremists. Another concern is “proportionality”—the requirement that the collateral damage inevitably caused by the use of force not be so great as to render the use of force disproportionate and unfair to the innocent.

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President Obama and Compliance with Domestic Versus International Law

European churches welcome EU move to link aid to religious freedom

Missouri Governor Vetoes Anti-Foreign Law Bill

‘Evolving standards’ of international law should overturn anti-sodomy law: Belize lawsuit | Piero Tozzi

Analysis: European Leaders Use Laws of War to Pressure US to Fund Abortions in Africa

Why the Court unanimously jettisoned thirty years of lower court precedent (and what that can tell us about how to read Kiobel)

Attorneys: Dismiss claim by ‘gays’ against pastor

U.S. Support for the Hague Courts and Tribunals on the Rise

The growing threat of international treaties

Columbia law profs urge SCOTUS look to other countries on marriage

Pro-Life Groups Ask General Assembly to Reform UN Treaty Bodies

Russia’s Foreign Minister Defends Law Restricting Homosexual Propaganda

Family law dispute not moot after child’s return

SCOTUS: Hague Convention Appeal Not Mooted by Return of Child to Foreign Jurisdiction in Custody Dispute

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity are Not Human Rights | Austin Ruse at C-FAM

Who Decides the Laws of War?

D.C. Federal Judge Orders Russia to Pay $50K Per Day in Contempt Sanctions

Liberty Counsel Defends Pastor in Court for Speech in a Foreign Country Regarding LGBT

U.N. Human Rights Panel Says France Violated Sikh Student’s Religious Freedom Rights In Banning Turban

Internet Restrictions Across The World

US says it won’t ratify UN telecom treaty

Custody Case in Scotland Goes Before U.S. Justices

U.S Senate Defeats CRPD Treaty That Would Promote Abortion

“Panel debates gay rights vs. religious liberty” | Baptist Press

Iowa joins Texas in warning international observers of arrest

Texas AG Tells International Election Monitors to Butt Out

Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Ruled by Others? Wins ISI Award

    Turtle Bay and Beyond: Today’s “globalistas” rarely expose their material interests to public debate, but rather couch their aims in terms of “universal human rights.” At first these seem noble enough, ridding the world of slavery and genocide, but the system of global governance by its nature ever expands its reach. Forty percent of the UK’s parliamentary agenda simply rubber stamped laws already set by the EU, a legislator told Fonte, and the figure was some 60-70% in Austria. The European Union is both the world’s best example of global governance, and its most powerful proponent at UN conferences.

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Warsaw Pro-Life Gathering Strengthens Legislative Efforts to Defend Life | Piero Tozzi at C-FAM

Divine Immanence: The Evangelical Foundations of Modern Anglo-American Approaches to International Law | John D. Haskell at Chinese J. of Int’l L.

At Supreme Court: Can US courts be venue for human rights cases from abroad?

SCOTUS considers whether U.S. Court have jurisdiction over foreign human rights violations

Law Prof.: International Law should override Constitution to Regulate Religious Hate Speech

Draft Republican Party Platform Opposes Law of the Sea Treaty

UN in midst of campaign to normalize homosexual behavior in international law

Disability Treaty Loses Support Over Abortion Worries

“American Laws for American Courts” and Civil Jury Trials

DeMint: U.N. Treat threatens homeschoolers

U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear international jurisdiction child custody case

UN Human Rights Council Scraps Universal Values In Favor Of Special Interests

“Is international justice finally finding its footing?”

Sovereignty or Submission? Treaties sapping the lifeblood of democratic nations

    C-FAM: The US Senate may vote this week on ratification of the latest UN human rights treaty, this one on people with disabilities. Does it really matter whether the US ratifies such treaties? A new book published by a long-time Washington DC scholar says it matters a great deal. John Fonte of the Hudson Institute argues that each treaty saps the very lifeblood of democratic nations by arming a legion of advocates who would replace popular sovereignty with global governance.



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51 senators voice grave concerns with arms treaty

GOPers approve UN disabilities pact despite abortion concerns

CCR and ACLU Charge That Killings Violated the Constitution and International Law

Senate GOP now has enough votes to scuttle the Law of the Sea treaty

UN Treaty Threatens Families — Senate Considers Dangerous United Nations Treaty Undermining Parental Rights

Russian parliament passes Russia-US adoption law

Opposition to UN arms treaty heats up

Liberty Counsel Asks Court to Dismiss International Lawsuit Against U.S. Pastor

Fed Circuit Judges Attend Historic Intellectual Conference in China

US drone strikes ‘setting very dangerous precedent’

Donald Rumsfeld: Why the UN Shouldn’t Own the Seas

The Movement for Global Taxation

DOD looks to foreign allies for help passing Law of the Sea treaty

Kissinger, Shultz, Baker, Powell And Rice: Time to Join The Law of the Sea Treaty

Treaty on the seas is in rough Senate waters

House to hold hearing on international control of the Internet

Law of the Sea Treaty Is Found on Capitol Hill, Again

Obama Admin pushes for sea treaty

Jeremy Waldron: What is Natural Law Like?

Analysis: A Strong Note of Caution on Reproductive Health and Family Planning

Defense Secretary Panetta favors United Nations oversight of world oceans

Argentine Supreme Court Falls Prey to UN Treaty Monitoring Bodies

Suit Based on International Law Filed Against Christian Pastor for Speech on LGBT

Supreme Court opens the door to abortion in Argentina in an embarrassing failure