How the Supreme Court went online

The Power of Drudge (Infographic)

U.S. online ban of militant Muslim preacher ends

Second blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

Emerging countries say internet is bad for morality, study finds

Behold! What Shakespeare’s words on mercy can teach us about Internet shaming

Major changes could be in store for law firm websites

Your Facebook gender can now be anything you want

Pope to families: Learn to talk to one another again

More governments using internet to enforce blasphemy laws

Parents failing to protect their children online, survey reveals

RESOLVED: Comments sections need to go

    The Washington Post: As someone who has spent almost the entirety of the last decade writing online, I’ve dedicated vast amounts of time trying to find a way to make the comments section of The Fix the sort of edifying conversation I always imagined it could be. And I am here to report that, at least when it comes to politics, comments section are not now (and likely won’t be any time soon) anywhere close to that ideal. In fact, eliminating comments entirely — a prospect I have always blanched at — may well be the best thing that could happen for the average reader of political news.

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School blocks NRA, GOP, Christian websites – but not Dem, Islam sites

Is the internet killing religion?

Democrats want the government to monitor the Internet for “hate speech”

New “hate speech” attack targets Internet | WND

Media, rights groups urge court to revisit takedown of anti-Muslim YouTube video

Online porn seen by 200,000 UK kids in one month, study says

Southern Poverty Law Center dropped from FBI’s hate crime web page

UK: Pornographic sites should protect kids or be prosecuted, MPs warn

L. Gordon Crovitz: America’s Internet surrender

Google loses bid to keep anti-Islamic video online during appeal

FCC won’t appeal ruling on internet neutrality

Sexting common, linked to sex among high-risk youth

“Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality” pulled from Amazon

House GOP takes fresh aim at ObamaCare

Hundreds Of Thousands Support Boycotting A&E Following ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Suspension

25 Years Later, PACER, Electronic Filing Continue to Change Courts Twenty-five years ago, computers were hurtling America into the Information Age. From 1987 to 1989, the nation’s PC sales tripled, as consumers gained unprecedented power to process words, crunch numbers and print documents at home. The World Wide Web was still being invented, but early adopters were discovering personal email.

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Abortion Activists Attack Pregnancy Centers With Fake Negative Yelp Reviews

FBI: We’ve Not Made ‘An Endorsement’ of Southern Poverty Law Center

Intel chairman: Shut down to fix security issues

9th Circuit: Court of Appeals to Open En Banc Proceedings to Internet Viewing

A Fight Over Contraception Won’t Help Obamacare

Obamacare online enrollment for small businesses delayed a year

“NSA Reportedly Sought to Discredit ‘Radicals’ By Disclosing Online Sexual Activities, Visits to Porn Sites” | ACLU

David Cameron welcomes family-friendly internet filters

Google could end China’s web censorship in 10 days – why doesn’t it?

Conservatives Fight Back Vs. Facebook Censorship

    WorldNetDaily: The conservative news aggregator, which bills itself as “a wise choice for those looking to expand their news experience outside the liberal mainstream media,” is beta testing a new cooperative venture called Social PostUp, which is designed to give conservatives their voice back on Facebook.

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“Dick Cheney daughters Liz and Mary in gay marriage spat”

Google to warn users of 13,000 search terms associated with child pornography

Google: Searches For Child Abuse Sites Blocked

Canada Says 386 Kids Rescued In Child Porn Bust

Atheist Takes Over Evangelical Leader’s Twitter Account, Gives Ultimatum Twitter nixes account of folks injured by Obamacare

Dutch Group Calls For Action On Child Webcam Sex

The Teenage Brain on Porn | ABC video

Muslim Brotherhood ‘just Like Evangelicals’

Texas Court Strikes Criminal Ban on Sex Communications to Minors

“Florist Sued for Refusing to Decorate Gay Wedding Demands End to Attacks” | Charisma News

Virginia Supreme Court holds that advertising rules may be applied to a lawyer’s blog

Chinese authorities block internet access to bishop’s pastoral message

HHS sets deadline of Nov. 30 for fixing ObamaCare site

Academy May Drop Religious Reference From OathStates get sued for enforcing ‘gay rights’

Pornography on mobile devices fueling addiction, brokenness

GOP: Did Obamacare site hide prices?

British Tribunal Requires Conscience Exemption From Online VAT Filing

Barna Research: 3 Trends Redefining the Information Age

    Barna Research: Twitter, Facebook, eBooks, news feeds, mobile apps are all information sources that didn’t exist just a few years ago, and they are changing the way the modern consumer processes information. These digital mediums have introduced to reading and to information a whole new level of scrolling, skimming and synopsizing. All of this has vast implications for the future of content and communication, including the future of books. Barna Group’s new study uncovers three of the trends that are redefining the information age.

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GOP presses Sebelius to explain ObamaCare rollout

Obama Romneyizes the Republicans | Daniel Henninger at WSJ

Elena Kagan: Not all government is dysfunctional

Obama ‘Crashing Health-care Site On Purpose’: Fear that public would be terrified if people knew true cost

Justice Kennedy On Law School, Blogging, And Popular Culture

The New Narcotic

Wolf Blitzer: Delay Obamacare

Supreme Court Declines to Decide When Online Speech Becomes an Illegal Threat

“Some Businesses Balk at Gay Weddings: Photographers, Bakers Face Legal Challenges After Rejecting Jobs on Religious Grounds” | WSJ

How to battle revenge porn? Calif. lawmakers pass law; prof sees no-nude-photo solution

Austria: Catholic Church Fined For Phone Texting

New Google Website Simplifies Comparative Constitutional Analysis

Quarter Of Americans Using Social Media For News

The Low-Tech U.S. Supreme Court

4th Circuit: Clicking ‘like’ On Facebook Is Free Speech