Islamist-led Assembly Votes On Egypt Constitution

Hijab Allowed in Turkey Islamic Schools

Malaysia: Puteri Umno calls for stern action against belittling of Islam

Egypt Court Sentences 8 to Death Over Prophet Film

Court: American Arab Chamber of Commerce Can Be Named in Suit by Christian Missionaries

Egyptian Court Suspends Work To Protest Morsi Move

Nigeria car bombs kill at least 11 at church

Polish Court Nixes Ritual Animal Slaughter

Saudi ‘Propaganda Center’ Opens in Vienna

Catholics imprisoned in Mali for refusing to listen to Muslim sermon

Saudi-Backed Interreligious Center Opens In Austria

France To Recognize Palestinian State At UN

“Thousands rally to say no to religious extremism in Mali”

Egypt’s Morsy to meet with top judicial body days after claiming new powers

Egypt’s President Moves Toward Dictatorship

Tunisia will not allow Islamists to impose vision: PM

Tel Aviv bus hit by bomb; Hamas celebrates

Christian Convert from Islam Beheaded in Somalia

Pakistan Court Acquits Christian Girl Of Blasphemy

Religious violence feared after bus bombing in Kenya (+video)

Family killed in attack on Christian community in Nigeria

Brussels Bans Annual Christmas Tree Display As It May Offend Muslims

Obama Speaks In Burma About Religious Freedom

Imprisoned Christian Pastor in Iran ‘Likely to Die’ If Plight Is Ignored

Sudan religious groups meet under Arab Spring pressure

USCIRF Urges Obama To Raise Religious Freedom Issues On Visit To Burma

Christian Employee’s Title VII Objections To Ramadan Accommodation Dismissed

Germany to Offer Syrian Christians Asylum

Hamas military chief killed in Gaza air strike – “gates of hell” opened

Egyptian Lawyers File Complaint With Prosecutor Against El Baradei Over His Criticism of Islamists

Tunisia Battles Over Pulpits, and Revolt’s Legacy

“Belgium Will Become an Islamic State”

Ethiopia abusing religious freedom of Muslims: U.S. body

A conversation with OIC secretary general about Egypt and Islam

Egyptian Islamists Rally For Shariah Law

Islamists occupy church land in Egypt to protest Coptic pope’s comments

Islam Overtaking Catholicism as Dominant Religion in France

Egypt prosecutor orders ban on online pornography

Saudi sharia judges decry Westernizing “stench” of legal reforms

Egypt’s Brotherhood Won’t Join Islamic Law Rally

Pakistani Christian Pastor Jailed for ‘Blaspheming’ Against Islamic Feast

UK: Court denies Dad who wanted his children raised as Muslims

Turkish Women on Trial for Protesting Plan to Restrict Abortion

Merkel’s ‘Christian Persecution’ Comments Draw Ire

Egyptians protest for applying Islamic laws

Islamic radicalism a real threat in Malaysia

Egypt’s New Coptic Pope Opposes Religious Constitution

Shariah Courts Role Expands In Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Girl killed in Pakistani-administered Kashmir acid attack

Islam and Extremism: What Is Underneath

    William DiPuccio at Gatestone Institute: Islamists seem to be driven not only to establish the hegemony of Islam by supplanting secular governments and legal systems, but also by enforcing religious purity according to their own standards. Muslims in America – most of whom were undoubtedly fleeing abuse, not trying to bring it with them – should of course be treated with the same respect and deference extended to people of other religions But our civility should not blind us to the potential for extremism – a concern shared by 60% of Muslim Americans – or to the religious connections between Islam and terrorism.

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Christians persecuted throughout the world

Egypt’s Brotherhood: Shariah must be charter base

Serb detained after Quran burning photos posted

Jews seek succor at matriarch’s tomb

Muslim Candidates Vow Islamic State After Belgium Win

Iran’s Sunnis demand greater religious freedom

What Will Become of the Middle East’s Christians? | Andrew Doran at First Things

    Andrew Doran at First Things: In the fall of 2010, a few months before revolution swept the Muslim world, I happened to be in Yemen for work. The trip coincided with the start of the Eid holiday, which provided ample free time to see much of the capital, Sana’a. One afternoon, en route to the hotel from the historic Old City, the driver pointed out the window at a group of men standing on a vacant corner. “Look!” he said with the excitement of happening upon a rarity. “Those are Jews.” They were some distance away, and whatever distinguished them from other Yemeni, I could not see it through the window of an SUV. In the blink of an eye, they were no longer visible. At the start of the last century, there were tens of thousands of Jews in Yemen; today, there are perhaps hundreds

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Rep. Wolf: State Dept. ‘Unable or Unwilling’ to Address Concerns of Vulnerable Christians in Middle East

Ethiopia Files Terrorism Related Charges Against Muslim Demonstrators

Egyptians In Hajj Divided Over Islam In Politics

The ‘Naked Face’ of Secular Exclusion: Bill 94 and the Privatization of Belief

Economics, security forcing Christians out of Mideast, Christian leaders say

Suicide bomber kills 7 in Nigerian church

Thousands of Muslims gather in prayer at Angel Stadium

More Jews praying on site also sacred to Muslims

Myanmar strife victims flee to already packed camps, UN say latest unrest displaced 22,000

Survivors Criticize Myanmar Gov’t Over Clashes

The ‘triple jeopardy’ facing Britain

Massive Desert Prayer Gathering Draws Together Egypt’s Christians

56 dead, almost 2,000 houses torched in latest ethnic violence in Burma: Report

Orthodox priest kidnapped, tortured, slain in Syria

Sixth Circuit: Michigan Can Ban Anti-Islam Ads from Buses

Most French see Islam too influential in society: poll

War of words rages over church sign