Egypt’s New Coptic Pope Opposes Religious Constitution

Shariah Courts Role Expands In Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Girl killed in Pakistani-administered Kashmir acid attack

Islam and Extremism: What Is Underneath

    William DiPuccio at Gatestone Institute: Islamists seem to be driven not only to establish the hegemony of Islam by supplanting secular governments and legal systems, but also by enforcing religious purity according to their own standards. Muslims in America – most of whom were undoubtedly fleeing abuse, not trying to bring it with them – should of course be treated with the same respect and deference extended to people of other religions But our civility should not blind us to the potential for extremism – a concern shared by 60% of Muslim Americans – or to the religious connections between Islam and terrorism.

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Christians persecuted throughout the world

Egypt’s Brotherhood: Shariah must be charter base

Serb detained after Quran burning photos posted

Jews seek succor at matriarch’s tomb

Muslim Candidates Vow Islamic State After Belgium Win

Iran’s Sunnis demand greater religious freedom

What Will Become of the Middle East’s Christians? | Andrew Doran at First Things

    Andrew Doran at First Things: In the fall of 2010, a few months before revolution swept the Muslim world, I happened to be in Yemen for work. The trip coincided with the start of the Eid holiday, which provided ample free time to see much of the capital, Sana’a. One afternoon, en route to the hotel from the historic Old City, the driver pointed out the window at a group of men standing on a vacant corner. “Look!” he said with the excitement of happening upon a rarity. “Those are Jews.” They were some distance away, and whatever distinguished them from other Yemeni, I could not see it through the window of an SUV. In the blink of an eye, they were no longer visible. At the start of the last century, there were tens of thousands of Jews in Yemen; today, there are perhaps hundreds

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Rep. Wolf: State Dept. ‘Unable or Unwilling’ to Address Concerns of Vulnerable Christians in Middle East

Ethiopia Files Terrorism Related Charges Against Muslim Demonstrators

Egyptians In Hajj Divided Over Islam In Politics

The ‘Naked Face’ of Secular Exclusion: Bill 94 and the Privatization of Belief

Economics, security forcing Christians out of Mideast, Christian leaders say

Suicide bomber kills 7 in Nigerian church

Thousands of Muslims gather in prayer at Angel Stadium

More Jews praying on site also sacred to Muslims

Myanmar strife victims flee to already packed camps, UN say latest unrest displaced 22,000

Survivors Criticize Myanmar Gov’t Over Clashes

The ‘triple jeopardy’ facing Britain

Massive Desert Prayer Gathering Draws Together Egypt’s Christians

56 dead, almost 2,000 houses torched in latest ethnic violence in Burma: Report

Orthodox priest kidnapped, tortured, slain in Syria

Sixth Circuit: Michigan Can Ban Anti-Islam Ads from Buses

Most French see Islam too influential in society: poll

War of words rages over church sign

Iran Judicial Branch Chief Fires Back At President

Germany: “I Will Answer Only to Allah”

Police: 30 people killed as Muslim herdsmen attack Christian village in central Nigeria

Venice Commission Opinion Criticizes Azerbaijan Law On Religion; Government Responds

Pakistan Held, Freed Militant Before Girl’s Attack

Pakistan: Muslim mob vandalizes St. Francis Church Karachi

UN General Assembly to condemn blasphemy as hate speech?

Islam Making Inroads in Haiti after 2010 Quake

Salafists blamed for destroying historic pagan petroglyph in Morocco

Egyptian Father: Daughter Punished For Not Veiling

Drafts Of Proposed Egyptian Constitution Released

Egypt’s top court criticizes draft constitution

Obama Urged to Cut Ties With Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Over ‘Jihad’ Statements

10,000 Muslims gather at Google UK headquarters demand YouTube video removal

Kenyan Court Upholds High School’s Ban on Hijabs

Canada: Officials say Saudi immigrants hiding polygamous marriage status not welcome

Report: hundreds of Christians arrested in Iran

West’s free speech stand bars blasphemy ban: OIC

Buddhist monks march in Myanmar to thwart Islamic office plan

Pakistani teen shot by Taliban becomes ‘daughter of the nation’

New Threats to Free Speech

Iran: seven Christians detained following raid on prayer meeting

Wounded Pakistani Girl Lands In UK For Treatment

‘Iran To Prosecute Detained Christian Converts’

    Christian Persecution Info: Five Christian converts will be tried in southwestern Iran on charges linked to their Christian activities, after spending eight months in prison, an Iranian Christian news agency reported. Mohabat News said Mojtaba Hosseini, Mohammad-Reza Partoei Kourosh, Vahid Hakkani, Homayoun Shokouhi and his wife Fariba Nazemian face the feared Revolutionary Court in the city of Shiraz on October 17. They have been charged with “creating illegal groups”, “participating in house church services”, “propagation against the Islamic regime” and “defaming Islamic holy figures through Christian evangelizing, the agency said.

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Egypt’s liberals, Islamists clash, 110 reported injured

Thousands Sound Off On Obama’s ‘Islamic Ring’: Establishment Media Ignores

‘Koran Burning Site’: Signs seized from anti-Islam pastor Terry Jones during failed Windsor border crossing

In Pakistan, Christian teen accused of blasphemy

Obama family busted in Shariah scheme: Foundation funding training for Kenyan Saudi-style government

Video: Muslim Trafficking Networks Target Coptic Women

The Muslim Takeover of the ACLU | Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine

German Court Refuses To Excuse Muslim Girl From Co-Ed School Swimming Classes

US Pastor Terry Jones Denied Entry Into Canada

Backers, Critics Of Egypt President Clash In Cairo

The Christian Exodus From Egypt: For Copts, a persecuting dictator was preferable to the Islamist mob.

Obama’s ring: “There is no God except Allah”

Gunmen kill U.S. embassy security chief in Yemen

Egypt’s Christians: Distraught and Displaced

Malaysia Transsexuals Lose Challenge Against Law

Indian Police Say 3 Muslims Were Planning Attacks

MI: Limits of free speech tested as anti-Islam pastor is coming back to Dearborn

Egypt’s radical preachers enjoying freedom of airwaves

“Islam appears to spread in Haiti, a country where Christianity and Voodoo hold sway”

Outrage after Taliban shoots Pakistani schoolgirl in the head

Girl who defied Pakistani Taliban shot for ‘promoting Western culture’

Church attacked in Egypt; altar demolished