Iraqi women protest against proposed Islamic child marriage law

Syrian rebels release kidnapped nuns in prisoner deal

Permissive Constitutions, Democracy, and Religious Freedom in India, Indonesia, Israel, and Turkey | World Politics

Muslim group to get own caucus on Capitol Hill

Malaysia: court adjourns trial on the disputed use of the word Allah

Philly schools accused of religious beard bias

UK: End religious slaughter of animals without stunning first, urges top vet

France: National Front to cut public funds to religious groups

Supreme Court grants review in Muslim prisoner’s challenge to grooming rules

Tajikistan: State control of Islam increasing

Muslim family fights Washington town in court for religious exemption

Loud outcry over Jerusalem’s plan to quiet mosques

Google loses bid to keep anti-Islamic video online during appeal

Muslim-American man wins nearly $1.2 million in job discrimination case

Islamists demand levy from Christians in Syrian city

Bombs target church, restaurant in Zanzibar

9th Circuit: Court should order removal of “Innocence of Muslims” from YouTube

UK: Muslim inmate loses Gartree Prison drug test claim

Israel: Knesset passes bill distinguishing between Muslim and Christian Arabs

Indonesian university suspends controversial regulation limiting religious freedom

Danish Jews, Muslims fight for exemption to ritual slaughter ban

Judge tosses suit challenging NYPD surveillance of NJ Muslims

India Supreme Court: Religion no bar for adoption

PA: Zoning board approves NP Mosque plans for apartment, religious instruction

Nigeria’s Boko Haram targets Christian town and fishing village in latest attacks

Dozens of Christians killed in South Sudan

Eugene Volokh on sharia law in American courts

    The Volokh Conspiracy: “In my experience, much of the criticism of the use of Sharia in American courts has come from the political Right. And I myself am generally a political conservative, and one who shares some of the concerns about the use of Islamic law in certain contexts. . . . Nonetheless, I think many other complaints about incidents of alleged ‘creeping Sharia’ in American law are misguided, partly because the complaints miss the way those incidents simply reflect well-settled (and sound) American law.”

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Palestinian Authority to remove religion from ID cards

Malaysia: AG’s decision on seized bibles in two weeks

Central African Republic Christian fighters criticized

Lynching of Christian man by Muslims is sign of chaos in Central African Republic

The future of Egypt’s Copts

    Samuel Tadros at Defining Ideas: “The promises of January 2011 soon gave way to the reality of May, when the churches of Imbaba were attacked, and October, the time of the Maspero massacre. The complete collapse of the police and the state’s repression apparatus liberated Islamists from any constraints. On the national level, Islamists soon swept elections and dominated the political sphere, and on the local level, Islamists, much more emboldened by the rise of their brethren nationally and the collapse of the police were asserting their power on Egyptian streets and villages and enforcing their views.”

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de Blasio: NYC public schools to close for Muslim holidays

The Rise of Islamic Finance | Council on Foreign Relations

    Council on Foreign Relations backgrounder: “Prime Minister David Cameron announced in 2013 that the United Kingdom will issue a £200 million ($327 million) Islamic bond, or sukuk, making it the first non-Muslim country to tap into Islamic financing. Companies in the United States are also considering Islamic finance to fund business ventures and infrastructure projects. Demand for new Islamic investments is expected to outstrip supply by as much as $100 billion by 2015, an imbalance that could translate to much-needed liquidity in some tight markets. But the industry remains small and will need to expand considerably to have a significant impact on global financial markets.”

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Nigeria’s north hit by religious violence, bomb attack

Bahrain court shuts down religious council

Malaysia police boost police presence around churches

Christians in Turkey fear increased persecution

China official seeks tougher rules on religion after Xinjiang blasts

Malaysia: Petrol bomb attack on Christian Church in Penang

Untangling the Debate on Sharia Councils and Women’s Rights in the United Kingdom | Journal of Religion and Society

Formation of parliament standing committees for religious minorities proposed in Pakistan

Muslim couple arrested in Sweden for “smacking son when he refused to pray”

Ohio Islamic Center files religious zoning variance

MI: Federal judge tosses Thomas More Law Center free speech suit against Muslim group

Apostasy ban overshadows political debate in Tunisia

Russian Patriarch wants Geneva 2 to focus on religious freedom

Malaysia: Court freezes action on mosque site pending developer’s challenge

Tajikistan: Muslim clerics to be paid salaries by state

Maldives president refuses to sign sexual offenses bill that conflicts with Sharia law

Kosovo political leaders challenge Islamists

Malay group wants lawyers investigated over argument that fatwa do not bind non-Muslims

Quebec MNA leaves Liberals amid dispute over prohibition of religious symbols

Malaysian king backs court ban on non-Muslims using Allah

Egypt approves post-coup constitution; Muslim Brotherhood vows protests

USCIRF: Religious minorities need a voice at Geneva II Peace Conference

Egypt’s Christian minority rally behind charter

Islamic law and Saudi law in American courts

    Eugene Volokh: “The American legal system generally does a good job of dealing with arguments for consideration of foreign and religious law (including Islamic law). Sometimes it does take into account foreign law and parties’ felt religious obligations, and sometimes it doesn’t — but indeed our legal system sometimes should take such things into account, and sometimes shouldn’t. There’s no need for broad new bans on such consideration, whether as to foreign law, religious law, or Islamic law in particular.”

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Afghan atheist given asylum in Britain

Young Muslim in Mauritania convicted for criticizing Mohammed

Malaysia: Hearing on Catholic use of “Allah” does not warrant a full bench, says chief justice

Christians in Libya cast anxious eye at religious freedom

N. Korea Tops Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan as Worst Place to Be Christian

One in 10 babies in England are now Muslims: census

Archbishop warns: even ‘moderate’ rebels want to turn Syria into Islamist state

Western Leaders Abdicate Vast Field by Failing To Defend Christianity

    NY Sun: Our secular leaders, whatever their own religious views, should cease to appease these forces of the anti-Christ; should unsheathe the great moral sword in their scabbards, and have some thought for the more than 1.5 billion practicing Christians whose votes they seek, while pretending that any acknowledgment of Christianity is an affront to all other faiths and a forced march on seven-league boots back into the Dark Ages.

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Priest’s Use of ‘Allah’ Brings Malaysia Sedition Probe

Tunisia’s Islamist Prime Minister Resigns

Turkey Takes Steps To Tighten Grip On Judiciary

Soldiers Join Slaughter of Christians in Nigerian Village, Survivors Say

Christian martyrs double in 2013

Persecuted Christian Pastor Released in Iran Following Christmas Day Arrest

Frenchwoman Fined After Muslim Veil Prompted Riots