Bahrain court shuts down religious council

Malaysia police boost police presence around churches

Christians in Turkey fear increased persecution

China official seeks tougher rules on religion after Xinjiang blasts

Malaysia: Petrol bomb attack on Christian Church in Penang

Untangling the Debate on Sharia Councils and Women’s Rights in the United Kingdom | Journal of Religion and Society

Formation of parliament standing committees for religious minorities proposed in Pakistan

Muslim couple arrested in Sweden for “smacking son when he refused to pray”

Ohio Islamic Center files religious zoning variance

MI: Federal judge tosses Thomas More Law Center free speech suit against Muslim group

Apostasy ban overshadows political debate in Tunisia

Russian Patriarch wants Geneva 2 to focus on religious freedom

Malaysia: Court freezes action on mosque site pending developer’s challenge

Tajikistan: Muslim clerics to be paid salaries by state

Maldives president refuses to sign sexual offenses bill that conflicts with Sharia law

Kosovo political leaders challenge Islamists

Malay group wants lawyers investigated over argument that fatwa do not bind non-Muslims

Quebec MNA leaves Liberals amid dispute over prohibition of religious symbols

Malaysian king backs court ban on non-Muslims using Allah

Egypt approves post-coup constitution; Muslim Brotherhood vows protests

USCIRF: Religious minorities need a voice at Geneva II Peace Conference

Egypt’s Christian minority rally behind charter

Islamic law and Saudi law in American courts

    Eugene Volokh: “The American legal system generally does a good job of dealing with arguments for consideration of foreign and religious law (including Islamic law). Sometimes it does take into account foreign law and parties’ felt religious obligations, and sometimes it doesn’t — but indeed our legal system sometimes should take such things into account, and sometimes shouldn’t. There’s no need for broad new bans on such consideration, whether as to foreign law, religious law, or Islamic law in particular.”

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Afghan atheist given asylum in Britain

Young Muslim in Mauritania convicted for criticizing Mohammed

Malaysia: Hearing on Catholic use of “Allah” does not warrant a full bench, says chief justice

Christians in Libya cast anxious eye at religious freedom

N. Korea Tops Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan as Worst Place to Be Christian

One in 10 babies in England are now Muslims: census

Archbishop warns: even ‘moderate’ rebels want to turn Syria into Islamist state

Western Leaders Abdicate Vast Field by Failing To Defend Christianity

    NY Sun: Our secular leaders, whatever their own religious views, should cease to appease these forces of the anti-Christ; should unsheathe the great moral sword in their scabbards, and have some thought for the more than 1.5 billion practicing Christians whose votes they seek, while pretending that any acknowledgment of Christianity is an affront to all other faiths and a forced march on seven-league boots back into the Dark Ages.

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Priest’s Use of ‘Allah’ Brings Malaysia Sedition Probe

Tunisia’s Islamist Prime Minister Resigns

Turkey Takes Steps To Tighten Grip On Judiciary

Soldiers Join Slaughter of Christians in Nigerian Village, Survivors Say

Christian martyrs double in 2013

Persecuted Christian Pastor Released in Iran Following Christmas Day Arrest

Frenchwoman Fined After Muslim Veil Prompted Riots

Kazakhstan: Fines for “extremist” books

Once Widowed Christian in Nigeria Loses Second Husband to Muslim Extremists

Security Tight As Egypt Christians Mark Christmas

Malaysia: Muslim group insists war only against Catholic priest, not Christians over use of Allah

Iran Tries To Reverse A Slumping Birth Rate

Tunisia’s National Assembly Approves Constitutional Provision Making Islam Country’s Religion

Death Threats Delay Tunisian Constitution Vote

After Fleeing Violence, Many Indian Muslims Refuse to Return Home

Iran Steps Up Its Campaign Against Christians

Malaysia: Bible Society on a wing and a prayer

Egypt Police Clash With Muslim Brotherhood

Nun: Slain Christians’ blood drained and sold: Vials from beheading victims ‘going for $100,000′

India Schools Ban Friday Prayer

EEOC Wins Settlements In 3 Religious Discrimination Cases

New Egyptian constitution gives greater freedom to Christians

Pakistan: First Female Judge Appointed To Shariat Court

Can Muslim lands learn to tolerate Christianity? | Michael Gerson at Washington Post

Egypt Seizes Brotherhood, Islamist Leaders’ Assets

Death Penalty Order Deepens Hard-line Islamist Trend in Pakistan, Critics Say

Attacks on religion, liberty | Robert George and Katrina Lanto Swett of USCIRF

Moroccan Convert from Islam Sentenced for 30-Month Prison Term

Islam to become Ireland’s second religion by 2043

Russia bombings kill 31, raise concern on Olympics

Malaysia: Church Can Sue Jais For Banning ‘Allah’, Say Lawyers

Maldives Parliament Sends Penal Code Back To Committee Over Concerns About Consistency With Sharia Law

Nigerian Opposition Win Despite Islamic Uprising

Extremists Kill 12 In Nigerian Christian Villages

Pastors in West Java, Indonesia Struggle with Church Closures

Egypt Arrests Al-jazeera Tv’s 4-member Crew

Dutch gov’t condemns Wilders for Islamic insult

Israel: Christian group plans 100-foot-tall Jesus statue in Muslim-dominated Nazareth

Syria: Bishop calls on Christians to fight Islamists

Azerbaijan: Fined for praying for deceased