Jewish teacher sues Colorado school district over evangelical events on school grounds

Texas judge disciplined for religious-cultural bias

Jewish worker’s suit in Collier alleges religious bias

Judge says MTA must display anti-Hamas ads on NYC buses

Survey: Jews, Buddhists are biggest U.S. supporters of same-sex marriage

Supreme Court rejects appeal in lawsuit over rejection of Litchfield, Connecticut synagogue

Orthodox Jewish school loses RLUIPA zoning challenge

Update: Orthodox Jewish house of worship says Dallas is ‘attacking [our] religious liberty rights’

Five facts about religious hostilities in Europe

Religious freedom win in Texas

The University of Michigan’s tolerance problem

Sweden’s court hearts case for religious freedom, again

Jews, Muslims, Christians tackle religious violence at Davos

Rabbi David Saperstein confirmed as U.S. ambassador for religious freedom

What it means to listen: Free speech from the perspective of the Abrahamic religions

Atheist Zombie Mohammed becomes Christian, complains about schoolteacher’s Star of David

Atheist-Turned-Orthodox Christian parent removes child from school after teacher wears Star of David necklace

Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue terror attack

Germany warns anti-semitism rising on back of Middle East violence

Most Israelis favor greater religion-state separation, new study shows

When Jews are bigoted against conservative Christians

Rabbi says he was asked to leave restaurant for being Jewish

Appeals court revives Connecticut synagogue suit

U.S.T.A. faces suit over Sabbath schedule

Jewish praise of Truett Cathy: Chick-fil-A founder and Sabbath observer

Suit alleges anti-Hasidic conspiracy by two municipalities

Politicians speak out against anti-Semitism

Force alone cannot stop ‘religious cleansing’ in Mideast, custos says

Plaintiff’s statement on US Court of Appeals ruling in metzitzah b’peh case

NYC to Jewish schools: Get smaller Stars of David

Jewish students ‘bullied’ out of class

Suit over sale of former public school to Orthodox Jewish schools is settled

Statement from the President on Passover

Court order allows Dallas synagogue to operate while lawsuit proceeds

11 French local councils to ban no-pork menus in schools

Canada: Judge scolds Lev Tahor families for fleeing before court ruling

8th Circuit sends suit against Hebrew National back to state court

Denmark prohibits ritual Jewish or Muslim cattle butcher

How kosher butchers could decide the fate of Obamacare

Bruce Frohnen: Making religion illegal in Denmark

Lev Tahor children remain with parents ahead of Guatemalan court hearing

Bill to draft ultra-Orthodox into IDF passes Knesset

Arab envoys say no to Israel as Jewish state

UK: End religious slaughter of animals without stunning first, urges top vet

Loud outcry over Jerusalem’s plan to quiet mosques

Danish Jews, Muslims fight for exemption to ritual slaughter ban

Danish government bans kosher slaughter

Dallas man suing rabbi neighbor who uses house as synagogue

The culture war against circumcision

    Spiked: “Of all the forms that the new, cultural anti-Semitism takes, the anti-circumcision movement might be the most pernicious. In the past year alone, several European countries have taken steps towards outlawing religious circumcision. The most remarkable thing about these attacks is not that they effectively aim to end Judaism, by outlawing a practice that has been absolutely central to the Jewish faith since the time of Abraham. . . . the most disturbing and ironic aspect of these attacks is that that they are carried out in the name of human rights.”

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Ontario court orders children from Jewish sect back to foster care

MA: Northboro, Southboro school boards debate change on religious holidays

Israel keeps Arab teachers out of Jewish religious schools

NYC settles discrimination lawsuit against Hasidic stores

Meet key witness in NYC Human Rights Commission case against Jewish business owners

Israel’s Supreme Court Issues Temporary Stay Of Rabbinical Court’s Order Requiring Boy’s Circumcision

New Calls For Jewish Prayer At Jerusalem Holy Site

Obama Putting Squeeze On Temple Mount: Seeks Palestinian rule over Judaism’s most sacred site

Jewish activists want to pray on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, raising alarm in Muslim world

Jewish groups protest US court decision deeming clerical tax breaks unconstitutional

Israeli State Rabbinical Court Fines Mother For Refusing To Have Son Circumcised

Swedish Jewish Activist Applies In Protest For Asylum In Her Own Country

Pew Study: 27% of Jewish Children Live in Orthodox Homes

Norway’s Government Will Propose New Law On Ritual Circumcision

Jewish Leaders Criticize Bush 43′s Decision To Speak At Messianic Jewish Fundraiser

Jordan vetoes Israeli request to allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

“Israel’s civil union bill must apply to everybody, not just same-sex couples”

    Haaretz: There are three bills on Knesset members’ desks that aim to extend the eligibility for civil unions beyond couples who claim to have no religion. Two of them are egalitarian proposals, giving the civil union option to any interested couple: the civil union bill initiated by Yesh Atid, and the proposal the Justice Ministry issued Sunday called the “Joint Living Law.” A third proposal would allow civil unions only for gays, while other voices within the coalition and outside it would specifically exclude same-sex couples from eligibility for civil unions. These last two approaches are unacceptable

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Knesset debate on Jewish prayer on Temple Mount ends in name-calling, walkout

Historic Graves Smashed as Christian Cemetery in Israel Vandalized, Jewish ‘Extremists’ Questioned

13 detained on Temple Mount for Jewish prayer, singing Hatikva

Israeli Settlers Rampage Through Village

Attack On Jerusalem Graves Unnerves Christians

Europe’s Proposed Circumcision Ban: How Far Back We’ve Gone While Making Progress