House Committee passes resolution disapproving local act threatening religious freedom in the nation’s capital

Texas chef says feeding homeless in park is protected by state’s RFRA

Oklahoma legislature passes two bills protecting clergy, judges, and churches that object to same-sex marriage

    Religion Clause: The Oklahoma legislature this week gave final passage to HB 1007 (full text) protecting clergy and religious organizations that object to same-sex marriage. The bill provides that clergy shall not be required to solemnize marriages that violate their conscience or religious beliefs. Religious organizations shall not be required to provide religious-based services designed for engaged or married couples or couples where the services are directly related to solemnizing, celebrating, strengthening or promoting a marriage, such as religious counseling programs, courses, retreats and workshops, if doing so would violate the conscience or religious beliefs of an official of the organization. Clergy and officials of religious organizations are immunized from civil liability for refusing to solemnize or furnish services for such marriages.

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Pastors descend on Texas Capitol to support bill protecting them from performing same-sex marriages

Small businesses split on religious freedom laws and marijuana, poll shows

Why every state needs a Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Michigan governor vows to veto religious freedom bill unless civil rights are protected

GA GOP district conventions support religious freedom bill

Senate passes legislation targeting sex trafficking after lengthy delay

Explainer: What you should know about the human trafficking bill

    Acton Institute: The recent human trafficking bill, officially known as theJustice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015, was originally introduced in in the Senate on January 2015 by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). The bill had 34 cosponsors in the Senate, 13 Democrats and 21 Republicans (Sen. Barbara Boxer initially signed on as a cosponsor but withdrew her support a day later.) However, after initially supporting the bill, Democrats launched a filibuster because of language in the bill related to abortion.

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ADF satisfied with protections under Arkansas RFRA

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Persecuting believers doesn’t protect anyone’s civil rights

Indiana abandons religious freedom as Arkansas moves to protect it

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Colorado Senate kills bill to ban conversion therapy for minors

Interview with a Christian

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Troubled by Indiana reaction, Christian leaders stress gravity of religious liberty

RFRA supporter Curt Smith, law firm sever ties

Ohio bill would ban abortion based on a fetal down syndrome diagnosis

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Answer us this, George Stephanopoulos

Tim Cook, mainstream media, and the LGBT brigade

After national outcry, Indiana GOP amends religious freedom law

Analysis: Religious freedom efforts backfire

Dispute over purpose of Indiana religious freedom law

Indiana flap just another skirmish

Arkansas, Indiana lawmakers OK changes to ‘religious freedom’ law

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