48-hour abortion waiting period signed into Tennessee law

Religious Objections Bill to get hearing

Gay-conversion therapy ban to be introduced in House

Bobby Jindal stands against big business to protect religious liberty

La. Marriage and Conscience Act protects freedom of Louisianans

Tennessee Gov. signs 48-hour waiting period into law

Missouri House passes, Senate fails to pass Women’s Protection Act requiring annual inspection of abortion facilities

Obama promises to veto bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks

House passes bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

The effort to include non-discrimination language in the religious liberty bill takes shape

House OKs bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks

Hillary Clinton slams House for passing bill to protect babies from late-term abortions

The power elite

Will the U.S. Congress enact a late-term abortion ban?

House OKs GOP ban on late-term abortions after dropping rape provisions that angered women

House passes pro-life bill banning late-term abortions after 20 weeks

In Illinois, Bishops and pro-life groups differ on ACLU Conscience Bill

Professor George: An open letter to the Illinois Legislature

States seek high court review of abortion restrictions

Late-term abortion: What about Wisconsin?

House passes bill to protect unborn babies from pain

House GOP revives bill to block late-term abortions, armed with new preemie viability data

Student religious freedom bill signed into Alabama law

35 Louisiana businesses sign open letter opposing religious freedom bill

House to vote on 20-week abortion ban

The nation is about to debate late-term abortions. Where does your state stand?

House will vote on bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks near anniversary of Kermit Gosnell conviction

Religious groups vow to break D.C. anti-discrimination law

Virginia school district bans discrimination against transgender students

NARAL sees Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act as “major, nationwide threat”

State Senate moves first to pass first Pro-Life bill of the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature

House GOP, pro-life groups plan continued fight of D.C. law

Eight pro-life groups to DC: We will not obey your abortion hiring law

Staff admits to being disturbed by dismemberment abortion method

Proposed Va. school policy violates children’s privacy, invites lawsuits

Washington D.C. is making pro-life groups hire abortion activists, they’re refusing to comply

House advances effort to overturn abortion ‘non-discrimination’ act

Connecticut threepeat: Assisted-suicide bid shut down

These thirteen Republicans case pro-abortion votes last night

Michigan approves bills that allow adoption agencies to refuse service based on sexual orientation and religion

Proposed religious freedom bill in Michigan generates heated debate in committee

Senator delays Texas religious freedom bill

NRLC letter to U.S. House urging nullification of D.C. law (RHNDA) that attacks pro-life movement

Major abortion bill provides partisan bookend to Colorado session

Congress should stop D.C. Council’s war on pro-life conscience

Pro-lifer praises Kansas governor for new state law

Kansas Gov. Brownback travels the state in symbolic reenactment of signing SB95

NC allies of religious act press on

Grassroots movement for NC religious freedom grows

Proposed zoning changes would restrict abortion clinics in Manassas

Compromise ‘bathroom bill’ defeated in Nevada legislature

Michigan adoption agencies may soon be allowed to refuse some applicants applicants on religious grounds

North Carolina House passes 72-hour waiting period for abortions

House Committee passes resolution disapproving local act threatening religious freedom in the nation’s capital

Texas chef says feeding homeless in park is protected by state’s RFRA

Oklahoma legislature passes two bills protecting clergy, judges, and churches that object to same-sex marriage

    Religion Clause: The Oklahoma legislature this week gave final passage to HB 1007 (full text) protecting clergy and religious organizations that object to same-sex marriage. The bill provides that clergy shall not be required to solemnize marriages that violate their conscience or religious beliefs. Religious organizations shall not be required to provide religious-based services designed for engaged or married couples or couples where the services are directly related to solemnizing, celebrating, strengthening or promoting a marriage, such as religious counseling programs, courses, retreats and workshops, if doing so would violate the conscience or religious beliefs of an official of the organization. Clergy and officials of religious organizations are immunized from civil liability for refusing to solemnize or furnish services for such marriages.

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Pastors descend on Texas Capitol to support bill protecting them from performing same-sex marriages

Small businesses split on religious freedom laws and marijuana, poll shows

Why every state needs a Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Michigan governor vows to veto religious freedom bill unless civil rights are protected

GA GOP district conventions support religious freedom bill

Senate passes legislation targeting sex trafficking after lengthy delay

Explainer: What you should know about the human trafficking bill

    Acton Institute: The recent human trafficking bill, officially known as theJustice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015, was originally introduced in in the Senate on January 2015 by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). The bill had 34 cosponsors in the Senate, 13 Democrats and 21 Republicans (Sen. Barbara Boxer initially signed on as a cosponsor but withdrew her support a day later.) However, after initially supporting the bill, Democrats launched a filibuster because of language in the bill related to abortion.

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