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A defense of Ryan T. Anderson, marriage’s Don Quixote

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Fourth attempt to redefine marriage at Stormont

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PS, Justice Kennedy: Same-sex marriage isn’t good for kids

Children raised by same-sex couples may do worse when the couples marry

Preview on same-sex marriage — Part IV, Supporting the states

Preview on same-sex marriage — Part III, Supporting the couples

Preview on same-sex marriage — Part II, The states’ views

Preview on same-sex marriage — Part I, The couples’ views

State: Striking marriage would ‘undermine’ liberty

Opposing the sexual revolution requires freedom

The jujitsu of same-sex marriage

    First Things: There has been no want of “writing on the wall” about the upcoming cases on marriage. Justice Clarence Thomas could not help but remark on the point that a majority of his colleagues had already, and gracelessly, signaled their “intended resolution of that question.” And yet, writers and lawyers on both sides continue to expend their genius in writing briefs for the Court, clinging to the possibility that the words they set down may yet tip the balance.

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Chart: Amicus briefs from opponents of same-sex marriage

The right finds a fresh voice on same-sex marriage

Azucar Bakery found not discriminatory against Christian by Colorado

Numerous briefs defend marriage against judicial activism

Broad support for marriage laws reflected in numerous briefs at Supreme Court

Redefining marriage would put kids of heterosexuals at risk

Guam attorney general orders same-sex marriage to move forward

How your marital status affects your taxes

Judge cuts legal fees in Alaska same-sex marriage case

Florist: “I’m a little grain of sand”

“Conservative’ judicial activism for same-sex marriage: With amici like these, who needs enemies?

The right ‘not to be offended’ does not trump the First Amendment

    Charisma News: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco agrees: “We commend the commission for reaching the right conclusion that these cake artists should not be forced to violate their conscience, but clearly the commission should have done the same for Jack Phillips. The commission found that these three cake artists have the freedom to decline creating unique cake creations because the artists found the requests offensive, but all Americans should be alarmed that the same commission determined that Jack doesn’t have that same freedom. Like the other bakers, Jack happily serves all people but declines to use his artistic talents to create cakes that violate his conscience. The commission’s inconsistent rulings mean that the owners of these three cake shops may run them according to their beliefs, while Jack cannot. He risks losing his life-long business altogether if he continues to run it consistent with his faith. Such blatant religious discrimination has no place in our society.”

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Colorado debates where religious freedom ends and discrimination begins (audio)

The Christian baker’s conscience

Denver bakers cleared of bias for refusing to make Bible cakes

Q&A with Washington florist on religious freedom

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So it’s OK for a baker to refuse – unless he’s a Christian?

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Gordon College accuses activists of discriminating against its Christian students

No right to Bible-themed cake, court rules

Naive young evangelicals and the illiberal DNA of the gay rights movement

Religious freedom under siege

Colorado justice: Bakers can refuse Christian messages, not same-sex weddings

City responds to ex-fire chief’s suit

Between conflicting cake rulings in Colorado, baker’s livelihood still at risk

Chaplain Alliance defends conscience at Supreme Court

Gay leader to churches: support homosexuality or be taxed

Supporters of Christian florist who declined same-sex wedding raise $104K from crowdfunding

Flood of Christian cash rescuing florist

Here it is: complete catalog of same-sex marriage conscience cases

Food fight rages over Colorado panel’s split decision on gay-themed cakes

Colorado religious freedom double standard revealed after ruling defends refusal of ‘anti-gay cake’

Colorado double standard: Bakers should not be forced to make anti-gay cakes

Florist fined in same-sex-wedding case, raises $100,000

Over $100,000 in donations pour in for Christian florist punished for declining same-sex wedding

Cyberbullying is wrong – but so is adultery

Supreme Court asked to look abroad for guidance on same-sex marriage

Mormon leaders laud ‘traditional families,’ warn against ‘counterfeit’ lifestyles

Tell this Christian Colorado cake artist states don’t need religious freedom laws

Washington florist fined, ordered to create same-sex wedding arrangements

Alabama AG Luther Strange urges Supreme Court to uphold marriage law

Hitching Post suit at a standstill

Alabama among 22 states fighting for traditional marriage

Masterpiece Cakeshop lawyers say case exemplifies why religious freedom laws needed