On the liberal marriage hypothesis

    The New York Times: The theory that the falling divorce rate (among other indicators) among college-educated Americans is evidence that marriage has been successfully reinvented in the wake of the sexual revolution; that progressive ideas — the acceptance of premarital sex and cohabitation, an egalitarian vision of gender roles in parenting and breadwinning, a stronger emphasis on romantic compatibility and personal fulfillment — have basically been responsible for that reinvention; and that the main cultural force (setting aside economics) preventing working class Americans from embracing this successful reinvention is the unfortunate persistence of traditionalist norms and attitudes about sex and gender roles.

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    Time: Modern marriage presents something of a conundrum for sociologists. The benefits of marriage have been widely studied; they include better health, better finances and a leg up for children raised in a stable environment. Some studies have even suggested that the legally wed have more sex. Marriage is an attractive enough proposition that people have marched and protested to allow a new subset of people to have access to it. Yet marriage rates are in decline.

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    First Things: Like the increase in abortions after Roe v. Wade, divorce rates increased significantly with the onset of the policy. As with Roe, there were other contributing factors, especially the sexual revolution, which multiplied the “liberating” effects of the new legal regime. The clear losers in both were children—aborted in ever increasing numbers after Roe, and wounded socially, economically, andspiritually in the wake of no-fault divorce.

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