4th Circuit to follow expedited schedule for Virginia marriage case

Obama should not be afraid to talk about marriage

Arizona senators still don’t back same-sex “marriage”

Judge: Michigan marriage ruling within two weeks

Canadian same-sex “marriage” to be recognized in Britain

The Atlantic: “The real polygamous, feminist wives of Salt Lake City”

Same-sex “marriage” tests state Attorneys General

Indiana couples file federal lawsuit to recognize same-sex “marriage”

Fate of Michigan marriage amendment now rests with federal judge

Nigeria vows to resist same-sex “marriage” pressure

Priebus: March for Life a wake-up call for GOP

How gender-neutral Bible translations prepared the way for Christian acceptance of same-sex “marriage”

WaPo poll: “Support for same-sex marriage hits new high”

Wyoming couples sue to overturn marriage amendment

Rand Paul: “I believe in the historic and religious definition of marriage”

Illinois: Kane County won’t license same-sex “marriages” before June

Conor Friedersdorf: “Refusing to photograph a gay wedding isn’t hateful”

Judge refuses to block Wisc. marriage amendment, proposes speedy trial

Colorado governor endorses redefinition of marriage

NM: Curry County judges stop performing marriages, others step in

Illinois AG: County clerks can issue same-sex “marriage” licenses

Western U.S. Republicans to urge 10th Circuit to redefine marriage

Kentucky AG explains refusal to defend marriage amendment

Mark Regnerus testifies in Michigan marriage case

Al Jazeera’s The Stream: Christianity’s culture clash over homosexuality (video)

Indiana Senate bill clarifies same-sex tax filing language

Gov. Beshear: Kentucky to pursue appeal in marriage case, will hire outside counsel

Mike Gonzalez: The marriage imperative

Kelly Bartlett: Gender, discrimination, and marriage

Loyola University (Chicago): Only Catholic weddings can be celebrated on university campus

Elane Photography religious liberty case heads to Supreme Court | Washington Post

Ross Douthat: The terms of our surrender

Entrusting marriage to liberals/progressives

Mona Charen: The traditional family structure isn’t obsolete

Jonah Goldberg: Celebrate same-sex “marriage” — or else

Denny Burk: Does this look like Jim Crow to you?

Ilya Somin on implications of Texas marriage ruling

Kentucky ordered to recognize out-of-state same-sex “marriages”

“Gay marriage debate hits critical mass with judge tossing Texas ban” | Denver Post

“Notice of appeal in Va. gay marriage ruling filed” | AP

Same-sex “marriage” advocates file brief in Utah case

Eric Holder: Actually, somebody does have to defend marriage amendments

Judge strikes down Texas marriage amendment; AG to appeal

Pro-family leaders defend true marriage against lawsuits in Oklahoma and Michigan | LifeSiteNews

MO: Boone County to accept out-of-state same-sex “marriage” licenses

Mohler: Caesar, coercion, and the Christian conscience

Briefing set for Virginia marriage appeal in 4th Circuit

County clerk asks 10th Circuit to uphold Okla. marriage amendment

Holder says state attorneys general not obligated to defend marriage amendments

“Lawyers: Gay marriage a detriment to children” | AP

Trial may redefine Michigan’s marriage amendment, adoption laws

Brief in Okla. marriage amendment lawsuit expected | AP

Kay Hymowitz: As nonmarital births rise, women becoming more likely to plan pregnancies

    Kay Hymowitz at Family Studies: “Liberals presume structural forces—poverty, a dearth of marriageable men, and limited access to contraception and abortion—explain the rise in unmarried childbearing of the past half-century. These factors matter, but only up to a point. There’s no way to understand what’s happened to the family without looking at cultural changes as well. A growing number of Americans view having a child and getting married as two entirely unrelated life choices. We shouldn’t be surprised to find that people actually act on their beliefs.”

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R.R. Reno: The enduring appeal of marriage

California Methodists move to allow same-sex “marriages” despite church doctrine

Russell D. Moore: Are Christians hypocrites on weddings and consciences?

Advocates of same-sex “marriage” seek ballot measure to repeal Ohio marriage amendment

Couple married in UK’s first ever Scientology wedding

Where the courts are on Nevada’s marriage amendment

Setting the stage for the Loving of our time | Charleston L. Rev.

Attorneys on both sides of Oklahoma’s marriage case work for free | The Oklahoman

Same-sex couples allowed to wed in Cook County, Illinois

Same-sex “marriage” lawsuits exploding in U.S. courts | NBC

Vaughn Walker’s “rational basis” decision in Perry now embraced by courts

Uproar over McConnell challenger’s comments on legal implications of same-sex “marriage”

UK Supreme Court judge Lord Wilson backs same-sex “marriage”

Pa. lawyers defend state’s marriage amendment

Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum won’t defend marriage amendment

Maxie Dunnam: Can we trust the United Methodist Church on marriage?

    Maxie Dunnam at Canon & Culture: “Can we trust the church in its understanding of marriage? If we can’t, then what can we trust the church with? . . . In his teaching, Jesus Christ underscored the importance and sacredness of lifelong marriage between one woman and one man. . . . This is the corporate, and continuing witness of the Church throughout history. We need to keep in mind that how we think must not be restricted to random feelings and even individual interpretation of Scripture. We need to be in harmony with the whole Body of Christ and all the saints now and forever.”

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Alaska AG: State will continue to defend marriage amendment

Federal civil rights lawsuit seeks to overturn Ohio’s marriage amendment

Same-sex “marriage” advocates denied marriage licenses in Philadelphia

Idaho couples ask judge to rule on same-sex “marriage”