Is Hobby Lobby imposing its religious beliefs on its employees?

Polygamy and the future of religious liberty

Illinois B&B owner says he won’t host same-sex “weddings”

Pennsylvania could tip the scales nationally on marriage

VA emerging as key state in marriage fight

OR: Bakery unlawfully discriminated against same-sex couple, state finds

United Methodist Church charges clergyman for presiding at same-sex “marriage”

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Legal appeals will delay same-sex “marriages” in Oklahoma | The Oklahoman

Judge strikes Oklahoma marriage amendment; 2004 ballot garnered 76% voter approval | Baptist Press

PA: Gov. Tom Corbett, Kathleen Kane dropped from marriage case

Mass. to recognize same-sex “marriages” from Utah

SC: Bill would allow same-sex couples to file joint tax returns

“Same-sex newlyweds in Utah can file joint state taxes”

Ohio appeals same-sex “marriage” death certificate ruling

Utah AG picks outside counsel in same-sex “marriage” fight

Utah and Oklahoma marriage cases put 10th Circuit in spotlight

OK: “Same-sex marriage foe not surprised” | Tulsa World

Heritage Report: Adoption, foster care, and conscience protection

“Utah marriage of same sex couples valid in Delaware, AG Biden says”

Judge weighing challenge to Ky. marriage laws

US judge hears challenge to Mich. marriage amendment

“U.S. judge strikes down Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriage” | The Oklahoman

President Obama’s policies undercut importance of fatherhood

“Oklahoma same-sex marriage ban struck down by federal judge” | LA Times

“Colorado gay marriage tax bill passes first hurdle” | 9News

Federal judge rules against Okla. marriage amendment

US judge strikes down Okla. same-sex ‘marriage’ ban

Lawmakers: Same-sex couples must file separate Idaho taxes

Myanmar politician preparing to seek legal limits on interfaith, interethnic marriage

Is Eric Holder making up marriage law as he goes along?

IN: South Bend council passes resolution opposing ban on same-sex “marriage”

Indiana House panel delays vote on same-sex “marriage” ban

No judiciary committee vote today on Indiana marriage amendment | Evansville Courier & Press

AG Holder’s lawless action on marriage in Utah | Ed Whelan

“Lawmakers delay vote after gay marriage ban debate” | Indianapolis Star

Mohler: The end of morality laws? Not exactly

Robert Gates: Obama emotionless on military, except for DADT policy

South Bend City Council to vote on same-sex “marriage” resolution

Outgoing Cuccinelli issues opinions on same-sex “marriage,” abortion

“Federal recognition of Utah same-sex marriages shows need for State Marriage Defense Act”

Bishops lament federal disregard for state marriage laws

Maryland AG: “Utah same-sex marriages are valid in Maryland”

Mormon church: “Lay bishops cannot perform or permit same-sex marriage on church property”

USCCB subcommittee chairman strongly endorses State Marriage Defense Act

If You Really Care About Ending Poverty, Stop Talking About Inequality | W. Bradford Wilcox at the Atlantic

‘Gays’ move over – here come polygamists

Federal government to recognize same-sex marriages in Utah

ADF: Gov’t seeking to impose ‘new belief system’ on client | One News Now

Presidential power case before court hinges on history

“Advocacy Group Asks U.S. and 18 States To Recognize 1300 Utah Same-Sex Marriages”

Wedding Bills Ring on Capitol Hill | FRC

    FRC Washington Update: Of course, the Obama administration has tried to fill in the blanks by ordering states to recognize all unions, regardless of what their individual constitutions say. In doing so, the Obama administration has created what the Supreme Court specifically condemned: “two contradictory marriage regimes within the same state.” While the court didn’t strike down every state marriage law, the President has tried to — using the power of his federal agencies to offer Social Security, veterans, Medicaid, and other benefits to every couple (regardless of where they live) in a backdoor attempt to expand same-sex “marriage” to every state in America. But, as Rep. Weber points out, that doesn’t jive with the Supreme Court’s opinion, which insists that states have the “historic and essential authority to define the marital relation.”

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