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Christian cake artist Jack Phillips labeled a ‘Nazi’ by Civil Rights Commissioner due to same-sex marriage stance

Judge rejects mayor’s demand in transgender fight

City, mayor of Atlanta playing with constitutional fire

Washington judge rules that florist who refused service for same-sex wedding can be held personally liable

Judge’s ruling against Christian florist who refused to provide flowers for same-sex wedding could have major ramifications

The Atlanta fire chief fired

    First Things: The story of Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran’s dismissal is circulating widely around the web, and for what looks to be good reason. The affair has been reported widely, with stories and follow-ups here and here and here and here. Rather than rehearse all the details of his firing, I’ll point you to Ryan Anderson’s article and analysis. There are disputes over what exactly happened: Was Cochran fired for failing to follow municipal guidelines for publishing a book? Or, were the views expressed in the book (which deemed homosexuality immoral) the true pretext for his dismissal? It seems the answer is yes, to both.

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Grotesque double standards on religious liberty in Atlanta

Christian cake company’s refusal to bake pro-same-sex marriage cake compared to slavery, holocaust by colorado commissioner

Christian florist can lose personal assets for declining same-sex wedding due to ‘relationship with Jesus,’ judge rules

Same-sex marriage warning as Florida introduces redefinition

Irish PM ‘happy to campaign strongly’ for same-sex marriage

CO civil rights commissioner compares baker who refused to service gay weddings to Nazis

Atlanta mayor dismisses fire chief over Christian book

Atlanta mayor accused of religious bias after dismissing fire chief over book

Fire chief terminated for Christian view of marriage; hires attorney to vindicate right to free speech

Commissioner compares free speech to slavery, Nazism

ADF files court brief in CO over ‘slave owner’ comment

State compares Christian baker to Nazis

Fired for his faith

Baker compared to ‘slave owners and perpetrators of the holocaust’ by gov’t officials, lawyers claim

Cautious about marriage, but not cohabitation

‘Gay Christian Network Conference’ features “Third Way” pastor

Cake maker who refused to bake for same-sex wedding labeled a ‘Nazi’ by Colo. civil rights officials

Revealed: Colo. commissioner compared cake artist to Nazi

Judge rules South Dakota’s marriage law unconstitutional

City officials might say “I’ve got to put my Bible under my desk and keep my mouth shut about what I believe,” says ousted Atlanta fire chief

Judge O’Scannlain’s dissent from denial of en banc review in marriage cases

    National Review: Late last Friday, the Ninth Circuit issued an order denying the petitions for rehearing en banc in the Nevada and Idaho marriage cases. The order includes a strong dissent from Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain, joined by Judge Johnnie B.Rawlinson and Judge Carlos Bea. (It’s possible that other judges voted for rehearing but chose not to register their votes publicly, but, given the composition of the Ninth Circuit, I doubt that the vote margin was close.) Rawlinson is a Clinton appointee. Given the dissent’s discussion of Loving v. Virginia, I’ll also note that she is African-American.

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Over 40,000 sign petitions calling on Atlanta’s mayor to reinstate Christian fire chief Kelvin Cochran who was fired for his Biblical beliefs

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America awaits justices’ action on same-sex marriage