Christian article written for Ohio National Guard newsletter removed

‘Offending’ Christian article removed from Ohio Air National Guard newsletter

The military and marriage

Commander of the 180th fighter wing: ‘No Christian messages allowed”

Air Force to allow atheist to omit ‘So Help Me God’ from oath

Putting it in writing

Air Force strikes “So Help Me God” from oath requirement for airmen

Air Force to allow airmen to omit “So Help Me God” in oath after atheist threatens lawsuit

ADF hopes Penn States follows U.S. Navy over Bible removal

Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty to testify before Congress

Humanists may sue military for requiring atheist airman to accept “So Help Me God” in oath

Atheist airman who refuses to swear ‘So Help Me God’ in reenlistment oath has until November to comply or leave

“So help me God”: Military practices face scrutiny from non-believers

Mr. Weinstein, meet Rocky Raccoon

ADF signs letter to Pentagon regarding Navy Bible policy

Onward Christian soldiers? Not likely

World Magazine: “Bibles on Base”

Navy reverses decision to remove Bibles from rooms, reviews policy

Navy tells lodges to put removed Bibles back into rooms

Navy reverses course, puts Bibles back in hotels during policy review

Bibles are back in Navy Lodges, for now

Navy makes the right call on Bibles in Navy lodges

Chaplain Alliance urges Navy to reverse decision on removing Bibles from rooms following atheist group’s complaint

ADF to Navy: Don’t surrender to atheist group’s push to purge Bibles

Bibles booted from U.S. Navy guest rooms following atheist complaint

Navy ‘caves’ to atheists, yanks Bibles from hotels

Missouri National Guard under atheist attack

Soldier forced out of Army for serving Chick-fil-A, reading Hannity book

“Chick-Fil-A” soldier forcibly retired from Army

Military says “No” to Bible camp, “Yes” to “gay pride”

Secrets leaker Manning to begin gender treatments

Conservative groups demand religious freedom for cadets at Air Force Academy

Government union wants Duck Dynasty fans fired

Sex change we can believe in?

Navy rejects request for first humanist chaplain despite recent recognition of religious category

Worth the price: Remembering the 70th anniversary of D-Day

Chaplains commend Navy for decision on ‘atheist chaplain’ application

If you serve your country, do you have to serve God?

Same-sex military spouses get in-state UNC tuition

Annual Defense authorization bill passes the House with religious liberty provision

Military opens door to religious accommodation

Pentagon OKs Manning transfer for gender treatment

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is ‘open’ to lifting ban on transgender students

‘Humanism’ now recognized as religious preference by the U.S. Army

Chaplains encourage Va. legislators to override governor’s veto

U.S. Military won’t back out of National Prayer Day

Group calls for Department of Defense to withdraw from Prayer Day event

Air Force’s restrictions on religious expression under review

    CBN News: “Religious restrictions in the Air Force are coming under review after a cadet at the Air Force Academy was forced to remove a Bible verse from his personal message board. Top officials, chaplains, and legal officers will meet to make sure current policies don’t prevent service members from expressing their religious beliefs.”

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President Obama to military brass in 2010: Back DADT repeal or resign

Chuck Norris: US Air Force airbrushes religious liberty again

Religious freedom group puts billboard in the middle of military’s “So help me God” controversy | BizPac Review

Billboard confronts Air Force censorship of religion | WND

Why does Air Force Academy encourage atheism, prosecute Christianity?

Air Force Academy challenged over censorship of Bible verse | The New American

Ken Klukowski: Christians in the U.S. military told to forfeit First Amendment rights

Bible verse removal mobilizes conservative legal groups to prepare for battle with Air Force Academy | The Blaze

Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition offers legal aid to Bible verse cadets | ChristianNewsWire

Bible verse cadets call out Air Force Academy for violating constitutional rights | Charisma News

Is Air Force losing its religion?

Zac Crippen: The sorry state of religious liberty at the Air Force Academy

What’s going on at Air Force Academy? God’s word vs. Pentagon’s word

Commission finds no reason to exclude transgender Americans from military

Air Force Academy removes Bible verse from cadet’s whiteboard

Congressmen ask DoD to issue stronger religious liberty instructions

“Gay, lesbian troops perform in drag at Kadena Air Base fundraiser”

New legislation seeks to affirm religious freedom in military

VA will not respond to caroling demand | Augusta Chronicle

Pentagon sets new waiver policy to allow religious clothing, observances

Lawsuit: Feds retaliated against Navy chaplain for holding Mass during gov’t shutdown

Veteran’s Affairs committee wants review of policy on VA’s anti-Christmas acts | Augusta Chronicle

Robert Gates: Obama emotionless on military, except for DADT policy

Congress strengthens religious freedom for the military

Defend right to sing carols | Augusta Chronicle

Christmas Carols and cards prohibited for U.S. military veterans! | Medium-Presse-Info